Notes on 2 soundcard system with DELTA44 board.


Here it is;


>From: "Dominic Kilbride" 
>To: "Linrad" 
>Subject: [linrad] Alsa drivers
>Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2003 10:05:59 +0100
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>Hi All,
>There seams to be a whole lot of interest regarding Alsa sound drivers, so I
>thought I might add my 2 cents
>ALSA drivers are defiantly the future for Linux sound and are soon to be
>incorporated into the kernel. Until then its always going to be a bit a fix
>to get ALSA working properly, but with a little perseverance it shouldn稚 be
>beyond the capabilities of the average Linux beginner. Part of the problem
>is that ALSA-drivers are very dependant on the many other components within
>a UNIX system and if all these links and files
>are not in the right place then things don稚 work out. Even from a clean
>RedHat 8.0 install there was quite a bit of "adjustment" needed before the
>installation went smoothly.
>I have installed Linrad on several different systems together with
>alsa-drivers and as is usually the case, if you REALLY read the manual you
>get there in the end.
>My favourite system at the moment is a Compact 800mhz via box that is used
>only for Linrad and is never connected to the net. Complete install
>instructions for this system can be found here..
>After consultation with Leif and others it seams that this is not such a
>good system and that the processor (a VIA 800Mhz) is a definative
>underperformer as regards Linrad. So while im not recomending the system as
>a good base for a Linrad box, I still think that the install instructions
>may help someone. I am att this very moment ripping the Delta 44 out of the
>compact PC and putting it back in my P4 2Ghz (AOPEN motherboard with intel
>i845G chipset)
>Please note! I am intending these instructions as a guideline and a starting
>place for people to work from. These instructions are only guaranteed to
>work on EXACTLY the hardware I use. Be sure to check the
>type of soundcard you have installed and make the necessary adjustments.
>Please fell free to get in touch with me with specific problems regarding
>alsa and I will get back to you.
>I am att the moment looking closely at the problems with the Delta 44
>sampleing frequency and its tedency to return to 48000 hz.
>Svenska Antennspecialisten AB