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The 50 MHz and UP Group of Northern California, Inc.

Volume 4 Number 11                  November, 1999

(Edited by Rex Allers, KK6MK)

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Next Meeting: Tuesday, November 23, 7:00PM - at NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR CREDIT UNION.

PROGRAM:  Using SRD's by Allen Podell

Allen will share some of his knowledge of Step Recovery Diodes and how to use them. For those that don't know, SRD's are most commonly used to create harmonics in frequency multipliers. They are the main active element in microwave "brick" sources like the ones from Frequency West.

With extensive RF and Microwave experience, Allen Podell has designed monolithic and discrete circuits in Gallium Arsenide and Silicon. He has a solid foundation in device-circuit interaction, and specializes in the practical realization of new techniques. An IEEE Fellow, he has authored over 50 technical papers, founded three companies (Anzac Electronics, Podell Associates, and Pacific Monolithics) and he holds 43 US patents in areas ranging from IMPATT diodes, to 3 decade bandwidth microwave components, to food processors. He currently works with Besser Associates, Inc.

DIRECTIONS: The meeting place is National Semiconducto Credit Union. NSFCU is located on Kifer, between Lawrence Expressway and Wolfe. Kifer is located one light south of Central Expressway. From 101, take Lawrence Expressway south to Kifer. Turn right on Kifer. Go past the main National Semiconductor Buildings. On the right just before a park is the Credit Union. Go around to the back entrance. Door is at right side as you face toward Kifer.

Officers for 1999

President Rex Allers KK6MK 408-377-6848 rexa@dnai.com
Vice President Jim Moss N9JIM 408-746-2789 Jim.Moss@nsc.com
Treasurer Will Jensby W0EOM 408-296-6071 w0eom@aol.com
Secretary Bill Ogilvie KQ6FY 650-968-3707 wogilvie@best.com
Board Member Jeffrey Pawlan WA6KBL 408-371-0256 jpawlan@pawlan.com
Board Member Art Lange
408-245-7453 art_lange@trimble.com
Board Member Sam Wood K6MSR 650-941-8000 sam@msr.com


New members welcomed

We are always looking for more people to join and share with our group. Dues are $15.00 per year, or the special rate of $25 for two years. Please encourage anyone who might have an interest to join our group.

Contests and Events

Livermore Swap Meet - First Sunday of each month at Las Positas College in Livermore, CA, 7:00 AM to noon, all year. Talk in 147.045 from west, 145.35 from the east. Contact Noel Anklam, KC6QZK, (510) 447- 3857 eves.

VHF+ WeakSignal NETS

Sunday  8PM  144.240  Southern California WSWSS 
Sunday  8PM  144.250  WSWSS in NCAL
Sunday  8:30PM  432.100  Central California WSWSS 
Tuesday  8PM  144.250  Northern California SWOT, Oakland 
Tuesday  8PM  144.200  Arizona WSWSS 
Wednesday  8PM  144.240  Southern California WSWSS SWAP 
Thursday  8PM  144.250  Northern California SWOT/WSWSS 
Thursday  8PM  432.120  SCAL General, Oceanside, DM13 

Dec 4 Weak Signal get together

From: "Larry Hogue, CM98" w6omf@cwnet.com

To: WSWSS REFLECTOR <wswss@qth.net>, VHF REFLECTOR<vhf@w6yx.stanford.edu>

The Amateurs in the Northern area of California are ready to get together and grip and grin. We will meet on 4 December at 1000L, at the Bakers Square Restaurant, at the corner of HWY. 50 and Harbor Blvd. in West Sacramento, CA. And we invite you all to attend.

This will be the Annual SWOT Recognition and awards Brunch, and the Northern California Chapter Sec/Treasurer Norm Davis, WA6ZFK will be Drawing for the Free Antenna. Remember to be eligible for this drawing you must be current with your SWOT dues paid through WA6ZFK. Last years antennas were a 2M5WL and a two meter HO loop... Remember what ever is in the kitty after the bills are paid goes into buying the antennas...NorCal area members remember to check you membership...

The Door prizes are starting to pile up... From our good friend Gary, K6GLY

1. Panasonic CD Player (this is both a Car and Portable Player)

2. Panasonic Microcassette Recorder

3. Panasonic Mini Cassette Recorder (comes with AC adaptor/Battery charger)

4. Panasonic Stereo Radio Cassette Player

Sue and I have acquired a Kenwood TR-751A in excellent Condition and will have a donation drawing at the Brunch...

Any questions email direct please... Have a great day...



50 MHz & Up Group Minutes

of Oct. 10, 1999 meeting

The 50 MHz & Up Group held its October meeting at the National Semiconductor Credit Union auditorium on April 11, 1999. Executives present were: Rex Allers KK6MK, President; Jim Moss, N9JIM, Vice President; Will Jensby, W0EOM, Treasurer. There were 15 members and visitors in attendance.

The meeting was a general open discussion.

Rex Allers, KK6MK

10 GHz contest re-cap

21stations operated in Northern California and the San Francisco Bay Area during the 1999 ARRL 10-GHz AND UP CUMULATIVE CONTEST.


Best distance was Robin, WA6CDR, @ 832 Km operating from Mt. St. Helena. The farthest north station was K6KLY operating near Arcata, CA at CN70XB. 4 rovers, W6BY, WA6CGR, K6OW, and KK6MK, ran the valley floor with signals until nearly 2330 hours Sunday September 19! The second station from Southern California to join the "exclusive" membership of THE MT. VACA 10-GHz DX GROUP was WA6CDR during the last Sunday of the contest. Dave, K6OW, joined us last year.

Both are SUPERB operators with high performance rigs. It was a pleasure working with both Robin and Dave. This year six stations were out with 24-GHz narrowband rigs: AA6IW, K6GZA, KA6VVE, KF6KVG, W6BY, and WB6CNI. Lars, AA6IW, operated with his new 10/24 GHz dual-band feed.

Last but not least, W6ASL operated from his home in Concord, CA at CM87XX the first weekend using Mt. Diablo as a passive reflector, 7 miles distant. The result was 17 QSO’s; best distance was 98 Km. The bounce signals varied from "nearly moonbounce with QSB" to S9 +40. This puts a new dimension and thought for a 10 GHz home station at 200-ft. elevation.


73…jim W6ASL

Microwave Update '99

At least six members from The 50 MHz and Up Group attended this year's Microwave Update conference; quite a turnout for an event so far away from us. Microwave update was sponsored by the North Texas Microwave Society and was held October 21-24 in Plano Texas.

The event began with a surplus tour on Thursday. Maps were provided to some of the local surplus houses. Friday and Saturday were filled with great presentations on subjects of interest to microwave amateurs. Two of the presentations were given by 50 Up members Will Jensby, W0EOM, and Jeffrey Pawlan, WA6KBL. Saturday night was a banquet. Performance measurements of amplifiers were made on Friday and Saturday. Sunday antenna and feed measurements were made. There was also a fleamarket and a couple of hospitality suites.

I believe everyone in attendance enjoyed the event. An idea of the amount of information shared can be measured from the size of the published proceedings -- over 600 pages! Copies of the proceedings should be available soon through the ARRL for anyone interested. I think the cost is $20 this year.

Measuring preamps

Lars, AA6IW and Gary, AD6FP

-Rex, KK6MK

On the Internet…

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50 MHz and Up Group page: http://www.dnai.com/~rexahttp://www.nitehawk.com/rasmit/50UP.html The official group web page. Hosted by Rein Smit, W6/PA0ZN as part of his Weaksignal News Kiosk. The 50Up page includes an archive of newsletters.

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