Lunar Prospector heard in CT1..

   From:  Luis Capido CT1DMK 
   Subject:      Lunar Prospector heard in CT1...


   Lunar Prospector was heard 6 to 10 dB above noise (main carrier) on
   2273.0 +/- dopler. Subcarrier 0 to 4 dB above noise on 2274.02 +/-
   dopler  ( both s/n's at 2.3KHz bandwidth).

   Occultation noticed today 18Jan,  from 01:40utc to 02:30utc
   (aproximated times).

   Equipment was:
   Antena 5.6m dish underiluminated (down to 4m)  by an helix feed.
   HB converter at feed, NF=0.9 dB aprox. (MGF1303). IF= 192MHz
   Second conversion to 28.0 MHz, Final rig TS850.

   73 de CT1DMK
   (Luis Cupido)