EME ( Moonbounce ) Schedule for 432 MHz and Above

for January 10 and 11 1998.

These data are provided by Klaus, DL4EBY.

Hello Moonbouncers,		 			   December 25, 1997

Here are the skeds for January activity weekend.

Since the list of sked weekends was not yet printed due to some
misunderstanding, I decided January 10/11th to be the first in 1998.

Happy holidays, and best wishes for 1998!
Klaus, DL4EBY.

EME schedules, last update 25 Dec 1997, 15:54

               (432 MHz listed here)

  Skeds for JAN  9

  Time   432.040

  2330z  CT1DMK-OK1KIR

  Skeds for JAN 10

  Time   432.040          432.070

  0000z  K1FO  -DF4UE
  0030z  K3HZO -G3LTF
  0100z  K1FO  -DL5FN
  0130z  K1FO  -YL3AG
  0200z  K5JL  -DK3FB
  0400z  W7QX  -K3HZO
  0430z  W7CI  -K3HZO
  0530z  W0KJY -HP3XUG
  0600z  W7QX  -HP3XUG
  0630z                 7M2PDT-HP3XUG
  0730z  JA9BOH-HP3XUG
  1530z                 DL9NDD-JH1EFA
  1600z                 DL9NDD-JA2TY
  1630z                 DL9NDD-JA5NNS
  1700z                 DL5FN -7M2PDT
  2100z  PY5ZBU-IW5AVM
  2130z  K1FO  -DL9EBF
  2200z  K1FO  -LA4GA
  2230z  K9BCT -DL9NDD
  2300z  K3HZO -DK3WG
  2330z  PY5ZBU-DK3FB

   Skeds for JAN 11

   Time   432.040         432.045

  0000z  W1ZX  -ON5OF   K3HZO -S52CW
  0030z  W1ZX  -W5ZN    K3HZO -ON4KNG
  0100z  K3HZO -PY5ZBU  KD4LT -S52CW
  0130z  K2DH  -PY5ZBU  K3HZO -HP3XUG
  0200z  W7FN  -DK3FB
  2200z  K3HZO -G3SEK

              (1296 MHz listed here)

  Skeds for JAN 11

  Time   1296.050       1296.075

  0000z  W3XS  -ZS6AXT  VE6TA -DD1XF
  0030z  K9BCT -ZS6AXT
  0100z  K9BCT -G3LTF   KB0PYO-ZS6AXT
  0130z  KD4LT -G3LTF
  0200z  KB0PYO-G3LTF
  0400z                 VE6TA -WA8WZG
  0430z                 VE6TA -KD4LT
  0500z                 VE6TA -W4OP
  0530z                 VE6TA -W4RDI
  2130z  G3LTF -9H1ES
  2330z  KD4LT -ZS6AXT

  Skeds for JAN 12

  Time   1296.050

  0100z  KD4LT -PY5ZBU

              (2304 MHz listed here)

  Skeds for JAN  9

  Time   2304.050

  2300z  G3LTF -SM3AKW
  2330z  G3LTF -HB9SV

  Skeds for JAN 10

  Time   2304.050
  0100z  K2DH  -G3LTF
  0130z  WA8WZG-G3LTF

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