EME ( Moonbounce ) Schedule for 432 MHz and Above

for January 18 and 19 1997.

These data are provided by Klaus, DL4EBY.

Hello Moonbouncers,                                        January 4, 1996

Everybody have a happy new year!  ..and fun with the January schedules..

Klaus, DL4EBY.

EME schedules, last update 4 Jan 1997, 12:57

(432 MHz listed here)

Skeds for JAN 18

Time   432.031        432.045        432.055        432.060        432.070        

0000z  N4UK  -CQ      W6WE  -DK3WG
0430z                                                              7M2PDT-W8MQW   
0500z                                JA2TY -K2UYH                  7M2PDT-W7CI    
0530z                 VE1ALQ-NA4N                                  7M2PDT-WI7Z    
0600z                                                              7M2PDT-NA4N    
0630z                                                              7M2PDT-W1ZX    
0700z                                                              7M2PDT-N4PZ    
0730z                                                              7M2PDT-KA0RYT  
0800z                                                              7M2PDT-K6MYC   
1300z                 DK3FB -7M2PDT  
1330z                 OH3LWP-7M2PDT  
1400z                 IK0EQJ-7M2PDT  
1430z                 UT7VF -7M2PDT  EA3DXU-9M2BV   IK0EQJ-JA9BOH  
1500z                 G3HUL -7M2PDT  IW5AVM-EA3DXU  HB9SV -IK0EQJ  
1530z                 EA8/ON-7M2PDT  
1600z                                                              4X1IF -7M2PDT  
1630z                 CT1DMK-7M2PDT  
1700z                 G4ALH -7M2PDT  
2030z  N4UK  -UR5LX   HP3XUG-OK1KIR                 OK1DFC-YO2IS   
2100z  N4UK  -DL9NDD                 KB8ZW -HB9SUL  HP3XUG-YO2IS
2200z  N4UK  -SM2CEW  WD5AGO-EA3DXU  KB8ZW -LU7DZ   W7CI  -YO2IS   
2230z                 NA4N  -EA3DXU  KB8ZW -HA1YA
2330z                 VE1ALQ-IK0EQJ  


Skeds for JAN 19

Time   432.031        432.045        432.055        

0000z                 HP3XUG-VE1ALQ  KL7HFQ-K2UYH   
0030z                 KL7HFQ-IK0EQJ  WA8WZG-K2UYH   
0100z                 KL7HFQ-KB8ZW   
0230z                                NC7K  -VE1ALQ  
0300z                                NC7K  -K2UYH   
0430z                 KA0RYT-KB8ZW   
2100z  N4UK  -DK3WG   
2200z  N4UK  -VE1ALQ  
2230z                 W7HAH -YO2IS   


Skeds for JAN 20

Time   432.031

0000z  N4UK  -K2UYH


(1296 MHz listed here)

Skeds for JAN 19

Time   1296.050       

0000z  VE6TA -PA3CSG  
0030z  VE6TA -VE3BQN  
0100z  VE6TA -G4DZU   
0500z  KB0PYD-K2UYH   
1730z  4X6UJ -OK1KIR
1900z  OZ4MM -4X6UJ
2030z  VE1ALQ-4X6UJ
2100z  W2UHI -4X6UJ


(2304 MHz listed here)

Skeds for JAN 18

Time   2304.050

1530z  OZ4MM -CQ
1600z  OZ4MM -EA3UM
1730z  OZ4MM -DF3RU

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