EME ( Moonbounce ) Schedule for 432 MHz and Above

for March 7 and 8 1998.

These data are provided by Klaus, DL4EBY.

                 	 			   February 20, 1997

    Hello Folks,	

    Here are the skeds for March activity weekend.

    Remember, though, that this is the REF/DUBUS contest weekend for 432MHz
    and 2.3GHz and up.

    This means, I only arranged a few skeds near the end of the contest, where
    some if not all of the skeds have become obsolete because you worked them
    all on random...

    Have fun!
    Klaus, DL4EBY.

             EME schedules, last update 21 Feb 1998, 02:59

  (432 MHz listed here)

   Skeds for MAR  7

  Time   432.040
 0130z  LU4HO -DL3EAG
 1430z  EA3DXU-DL3EAG
 1500z  DL3EAG-UT5EC
 1530z  DK3FB -UT5EC
 2230z  LU4HO -DK3FB

   Skeds for MAR  8

  Time   432.040        432.055

 0000z                 KA0RYT-DK3FB
 0030z  VE6TA -DK3FB   KA0RYT-DL3EAG
 0100z  VE6TA -DL3EAG
 1930z  YO2IS -SV1BTR
 2000z  DK3WG -SV1BTR
 2030z  KB3PD -SV1BTR
 2130z  KB3PD -LU4HO   KN6M  -DK3WG
 2200z  KB3PD -S52CW
 2230z  KB3PD -HA1YA
 2300z  KB3PD -G4FUF   EA3DXU-UA6LGH
 2330z                 EA3DXU-IK5WJD

             EME schedules, last update 21 Feb 1998, 02:59

  (1296 MHz listed here)
  Skeds for MAR  7

  Time   1296.050

 0630z  VK5MC -KD4LT
 1330z  ON5RR -VK5MC
 2100z  PY5ZBU-ON5RR
 2200z  KB0PYO-DJ9YW
 2230z  VE1ZJ -DJ9YW

  Skeds for MAR  8

  Time   1296.050       1296.075

 2100z  DH9FAG-OK1KIR
 2130z  NP4B  -OK1KIR
 2200z  9H1ES -OK1KIR
 2300z                 KB0PYO-DJ9YW

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