EME ( Moonbounce ) Schedule for 432 MHz and Above

for June 1998.

These data are provided by Klaus, DL4EBY.

Hi Folks,                                           

Here are the skeds for the June activity weekend.

Regards, Klaus, DL4EBY.

                    432MHz & up EME skeds

        JUN 20

Time   432.040        432.045

0130z  JA5OVU-VK4KAZ
0200z  DK3WG -VK4KAZ  
0230z  SM2CEW-VK4KAZ  
0300z  SV1BTR-JA5OVU  
0800z  SV1BTR-YO2IS   
0900z  KB3PD -SV1BTR  
1000z  KB3PD -RW4AQ   W0KJY -SV1BTR  
1030z  WA8WZG-SV1BTR  
1100z  LU4HO -OK1KIR  KB3PD -HA1YA   
1200z  KB3PD -EA8FF   K7XD  -S52CW   
1230z  KB3PD -S52CW   K7XD  -DL4MEA  
1300z  KB3PD -PY5ZBU  W7CNK -S52CW   
1330z  W7CNK -PY5ZBU  K7XD  -G3LTF 
1400z  KL7HFQ-W5ZN    W7CNK -HP3XUG  
1500z                 W7EME -K7XD    
1530z  KB3PD -KD4LT   N7LQ  -K7XD    
1600z                 KL7HFQ-K7XD    
1830z  K2UYH -VK4KAZ  
1900z  VK4KAZ-KD4LT   
1930z                 K7XD  -K1OR    
2000z                 JJ1NNJ-K7XD    
       JUN 21

Time   432.040        1296.050       1296.075

0300z  OE5JFL-VK4KAZ
0930z                                VE1ALQ-DF4PV   
1000z                 DH9FAG-OK1KIR  VE1ALQ-OZ6OL   
1030z                 DD0SB -OK1KIR  VE1ALQ-HA5SHF  
1100z  W5ZN  -W1ZX    9H1ES -OK1KIR  VE1ALQ-DJ5MN   
1130z                                VE1ALQ-DL6YDH  
1200z                 PY5ZBU-OK1KIR  KB0PYO-DJ9YW   
1230z                 WA9FWD-OK1KIR  K3HZO -F2TU    
1300z                 K3HZO -OK1KIR  VE6TA -DD1XF   
1330z                 K9ZZH -OK1KIR  K3HZO -EA3UM   
1400z                 NP4B  -OK1KIR  K3HZO -GW3XYW  
1430z                 VE6TA -ON5RR   K3HZO -K2DH    
1500z                 VE6TA -KD4LT   K3HZO -PY5ZBU  
1530z                 VE6TA -PY5ZBU  K3HZO -WA8WZG  
1600z                 VE6TA -WA8WZG  
1630z                 VE6TA -W4OP    

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