DUBUS / REF EME Contest '97

Sender: MOON-NET From: DL4EBY, Klaus Tiedeman.
Subject: DUBUS / REF EME Contest '97

Hi Folks,

Here are the dates and rules for the European EME contest 1997 sponsored by REF and DUBUS.

Please note that the date for the *first part* has already been moved to take place *one week earlier* than announced previously.

Have fun, Klaus, DL4EBY.



Sponsored by REF and DUBUS

This contest is intended to encourage worldwide activity on moonbounce.

Multipliers are DXCC countries plus *** ALL W/VK/VE STATES *** << NEW! This gives equal chances for stations from North America, Europe and Oceania.

The rules reward random QSOs, but do not penalize skeds on 2.3GHz or above.

1. Contest Dates & Periods

      The contest happens during two full weekends: 144 and 1296MHz on the
      March weekend, and 432MHz and all other bands on the April weekend.

Each leg of the contest begins at 00:00 UTC on Saturday and ends at 24:00 UTC on Sunday.

2. Bands and dates

      First leg:       144MHz and 1296MHz           15/16 March 97
      Second leg:      432MHz, 2300MHz and above    12/13 April 97

3. Categories
      QRP       144MHz    <100kW EIRP
		432MHz    <400kW EIRP
	       1296MHz    <600kW ERP
	    >= 2300MHz    no separate QRP/QRO categories

QRO       EIRP equal to or greater than stated above.

PRO       Non-amateur equipment or antenna.
	  PRO stations will not be ranked.

4. Exchange

     Callsigns, TMO or RST.

5. Scoring

     100 points for each random QSO completed.
      10 (ten) points for each sked QSO completed on bands below 2.3GHz.
     100 points for each sked QSO completed on 2.3GHz or higher bands.

6. Multipliers

      Each DXCC country (except W/VE/VK), plus EACH INDIVIDUAL STATE worked
      in W/VK or province worked in VE.

      Multipliers count only if worked by RANDOM (except on 2.3GHz or above).

      States and provinces can be determined after the contest using address
      lists in recent Newsletters or in DUBUS.

7. Total per band
      Sum of points multiplied by sum of multipliers.

8. Final score for multiband entries

      (Total sum of points on all bands) * (total sum of multipliers on all bands)

9. Classifying
      Top score defines one winner per band and one for multiband class.
      Multiband stations will also be classified on each separate band worked.

      There are no separate multi-operator classes. Multi-operator and QRO
      stations will be highlighted in the general classifications.

10. Reporting

       Copy of the log for each band with details on points, multipliers and
       total points.

       The following information MUST also be included:

       1.  Output power, transmit cable loss, antenna type and gain.
       2.  Working category: QRO/QRP
			     mono/multi operator
       3.  Name(s) and signature(s) of all operators
       4.  Locator/State.

    Other information is welcome: Comments, conditions, grid locator,
    station details, photographs, etc...

11. Awards
     A certificate will be sent to each entry. All (multi-)band winners
     will receive a trophy.

12. Logs

     Log entries MUST be postmarked no later than 30 days after the end of
     the second leg (i.e. in the mail by 9 May), to the following address:

	DUBUS Verlag
	EME Contest
	P.O. Box 500368
	D-22703 Hamburg

	Fax: (++49)40-8508972
	E-Mail: dubus01@ibm.net

13. Referee

	Responsible for rules and general questions is:

		  Ian White, G3SEK 
		 52 Abingdon Rd.
		 Drayton, Abingdon, Oxon OX14 4HP
		 Tel.: (++44)1235-531559
		 E-Maill: g3sek@ifwtech.demon.co.uk

		 Good Luck in the Contest !

		 For REF:   Philippe Martin, F6ETI
		 For DUBUS: Rainer Bertelsmeier, DJ9BV
		 Referee:   Ian White, G3SEK
   tklaus@berlin.snafu.de      AX25: DL4EBY@DB0GR.DEU.EU   On the air: DL4EBY
   klaus@afutub.extern.tu-berlin.de  Klaus Tiedemann       In the air: D-6156
   DUBUS Magazine, News & Comments   Moonbounce Sked Coordination 432MHz & up

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