November VOL 28 # 11


OR H 443- 3184, FAX 609-443-1713, AND EMAIL:
Allen Katz, K2UYH



HALSKESTR.35, D-12167 BERLIN, (49-30-7955467), E-Mail:
Klaus Tiedemann.



*** NA EME BBS: 704-284-4854 ***




Reports are mixed for the contest weekend, and range all the way from good to poor. There was definitely a change on 70 cm in pol characteristics between the 1st and 2nd day. However, I felt that overall conditions were pretty good. WX was good in my area, as it was in many places. Parts of Eur had rain and frog, which did not help. Comments on activity were also mixed. I again felt that the contest turnout was good. There is much more activity on 23 cm then a few years ago. If you consider the numbers on these two bands, there is no question that participation is up not down. Nov will be the real test with everyone hunting for that additional section and QSO!


The big leaders on 432 are DL9KR 97x33 followed by OH2PO 91x33. On 1296 OE9XXI is as usual far in the lead with 70x28. The next closes report is K2DS with 60x? On 13 cm ZS6AXT so far has the highest reported score with 7x7. No reports have yet been received from N2IQ or HB9Q who appeared to have been doing very well.


The Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) League Inc. is planning to use 1296 EME Signals to help calibrate the sensitivity of their members receiving system. This project was conceived by Paul Shuch, N6TX, SETI League Executive Director and supported by a grant from the American Astronomical Society. Tests are planned to begin in Feb. The NL will have more details as they develop, but hams are definitely encouraged to get involved with these tests.


To maximize the chances of QSOs on 13 cm the following plan has been agreed upon by many of the stations active on 2300 EME. Operate on 19 Nov on 2304.1, 2320.1 and 2424.1 (+-20 KHz) from 0830-1030 Eur and ZS6 to USA, 1800-1900 US to JA, and 0200-0330 Eur and ZS6 to JA. When working cross band, reply on the exact difference frequency, ie, if you hear G3LTF on 2320.09 then reply on 2304.09. Constraints to watch for are W5LUA's window starts at 0900, ZS6AXT window ends at 0945, F2TU only operates 2304-2306, and UK stations can only TX on 2320.

Mike was fighting the clock up to the last minute trying to get his new dish ready for operation during the 1st contest weekend, but did not quite make it. He got the dish mounted on 9 Oct and the last 2 dish panels in shortly after. He trying to get his AZ and EL drives operating, but the WX did not cooperate. He wind and rain on Saturday and Sunday. He says "This thing is a real monster, but the amazing thing is the fantastic mobility with this crane bearing. Today it was not tied down in the wind and this huge 7,000 pound thing was whirling around like a wind vane. Finally got some chains on it."

Bernhard was QRV in the Oct part of the ARRL Contest on 23 cm only -- I enjoyed the 1st contest weekend very much. Conditions were fine, despite lots of very wet fog with the moon only seldom visible. But nevertheless it was big fun even with my small 3 m dish. I CWNR the following but could not get them for several reasons: JA7BMB, W1QC, WA4OFS, JA8IAD, F2TU, OK1UWA, JF3HUC, K4QI and W1ZX. Due to tree blockage my windows to JA and NA are very short, but I hope to work the above stations and many more in Nov. Besides the dish, I had a TH327 PA at full output and preamp with 0.32 dB NF. After the contest I also worked EA8/LA8LF on 1296 EME on random during a thunderstorm. Look for me on 18 Nov 0000-0900 and on 19 Nov 0000-1000. I can be reached by e-mail at:

Bernard, DJ5MN

or telephone at +49 8122 7585.

Gerald's report for the 1st leg of ARRL contest on 432-- Conditions were quite good and produced good signals. My QRV time was only 4.5 hours due to family commitments and my 41st birthday on Sunday. I was not QRV during the JA windows. I worked on Saturday OH2PO (559/539), DL9KR (579/569) - loudest signal ever heard, N2IQ (559/549), G3SEK (O/O), K1FO (549/439), HB9Q (549/429) for initial #56, PA3CSG (549/449) and K5AZU (549/449) #57, and on Sunday OZ4MM (449/449), SM2CEW (549/549), K2UYH (549/559) and OE5JFL (559/549) - hard work because of DL9KR´s tropo signal on his signal. I heard also DJ3FI, N9AB, G4ERG, DF3RU, G3LTF, KA0Y and K0RZ. I hope to meet them all during the 2nd leg. My equipment was TS-850 xvtr, GS-23B 600 W PA and 4 x 29 el BV horz yagis. He can be reached at e-mail:

Gerald, DL4KG for sked requests.

Jurgen had initials during the Oct contest weekend on 70 cm with RZ3BA/1 (single yagi), LA9NEA, K4EME and HA5BDJ to bring him to #376. He ended with a score of 37x21 on 432.

Carsten's story about his debut on 23 cm EME during the 1st part of the contest - I had small score, but big fun! I want to thank those 22 stations that worked me over the weekend. I was running 75 W from my driver because of a flash over in my YL1050 amp to my new 4.5 m dish. I took over DD1XF's equipment for 23 and 13 cm EME a few weeks before the contest. On Saturday morning Frank and I were busy with the finishing touches on the station. Frank spent quite a lot of his spare time at my house. I would have not been QRV without his Help. Saturday around noon we found that the final would arc. As there were many readable stations, we decided to give it a try with only the driver. And guess what - I could hear my own echoes! The 1st station and was OZ4MM followed by K5JL, OE9XXI, K4QI and G4CCH. Heard were F5PAU, K0YW, W5LUA, K4RLE, K2UYH, W6HD, F6CGJ and K2DH just with the loudspeaker. Unfortunately we could not fix the amp this time. I decided anyhow to get up early and find out who can hear well. I QSO'd HB9Q, G3LTF, SM3AKW, DJ5MN (fantastic signal for a 3 m dish, OE5EYM, OH2AXH, DF4PV, HB9SV, ZS6AXT, OE5JFL, K2DH, N2IQ, OZ6OL and K2UYH. F6CGJ, PA3CSG and K0YW were kind enough to answer my CQ call. I also called F5PAU, F1ANH and HB9BHU but 'only' got some QRZs. New stations heard but not called on Sunday were JH5LUZ, DF9QX, JF3HUC, JA6CGD, DK0ZAB, JA6CZD, CT1DMK, K2AH, F5AQC (SSB), K9BCT, VE9DM, IK2MMB, WA9OUU, W2UHI and F2TU. If all goes well I should have a 10 dB louder signal in the final leg, and even might try 13 cm with 200 W. My grid is JO53cf and the e-mail address is:

Carsten, DL6ALU

Bernd lost his race with time and ended up operating with his old 8x11 wl 9BV yagi array with coax feed – Klaus, DL4EBY joined me for the contest and helped put up the array. We were ready 1 hour after contest start. The new PA gave us 750 W at feed and the new preamp with 0.28 dB NF seemed to work well. Most of the time we could copy good echoes. On Sunday morning during the NA window most of the stations were copied better on our 4x21 el vert (extra RX) array. The 2nd night we found conditions better, but activity was very low for some hours, especially on Saturday. We ended with 37x20. We missed some stations, but with an improved system we hope to catch them all next month.

Anders didn't make it on for the contest, but was still highly successful in putting the Canary Islands on 1296. Here is his story -- Unfortunately I was not able make it on for the ARRL EME Contest. Prior to and during the contest I had all the problems you could imagine: hot WX with more than 40 deg C out at my dish and 32 deg in the shadow. You get very "unconsentrated" after a few hours in such heat. On Saturday afternoon when I thought I had all under control, the 2nd LNA started to get weak, not dead and sun noise went from 18 to 7 dB. It was indeed a bad soldering that took me 3 hours to find. When that was fixed, I did some AZ and EL checks and calibration when suddenly I lost the pulses from the EL actuator. The little magnet sensitive reed relay was gone. Had this ever happened before? NO! Who would think of a spare! Impossible! But, fortunately I had a micro-switch in my HPA and I managed to install this plus a small alum. disk on the rotating magnet wheel in the actuator. So that fixed it. Ops, I forgot to tell that on Thursday afternoon I almost lost my dish! I had just started lowering it when my hand slipped operating the winch and the dish was on its way flat nose to the ground. By reflex I threw my arm into the winch handle, which rotated like a propeller, and managed to stop the dish from hitting the ground. The dish was saved but my arm was injured. It took away quite a length of skin on the side of my arm (6 cm long and 2 cm wide) and the arm grew as large as the one on a heavy weight-boxing champion. Saturday evening we got rain and heavy wind, which continued through Sunday. It was not possible to operate EME during these conditions. However, I became QRV on Tuesday 24 Oct and worked 10 stations. On the 25th I worked 12 more stations, and 2 more on the 26th before the moon got so close to the sun that it was not possible to continue. On Sunday 29 Oct I added 7 more stations to give a total 31 QSOs and 28 initials. The conditions were generally very poor. Among the stations worked were OE9ERC, OZ4MM, OZ6OL, K2DH, K5JL, W2UHI, W5LUA, G3LTF, KB2AH, K2UYH and K3AX (smallest). The complete log can be found at my WEB page . Under good conditions I feel I can work stations with 2.5 m dish and 100 W at the feed. PA3DZL was copying me with his tiny 2.5 m dish. I could hear his signal but the poor conditions made it impossible to read them. I had 200 W at the feed of my 3.75 m HB dish. My new linear AZ drive using a TV dish screw actuator, wheel on the AZ mast tube and a large garage door spiral spring to pull the dish in a anti-clockwise direction worked extremely well, and held to within 1 deg. accuracy from 55 to 285 deg AZ. I used an 18" actuator, but with a 24" actuator and 2 springs in parallel one can easily drive a 6 m dish or 16 yagis on 70 cm. As a bonus you will have Pulses for free to drive for example a VK3UM modem/program. A simple drawing of this system will be uploaded on my WEB page later. I also use a 18" actuator for EL and managed to adjust this system to within 3 deg accuracy from 5 to 80 deg. At 30 and 55 deg I load the correct setting of my dish elevation (maximum signal level received) and I get better than 1 deg accuracy also for the EL tracking. One day I hope VK3UM will modify his program to include an offset table to make necessary corrections automatically for a non-linear screw type actuator system.

Jean Pierre has moved. 30 June was the last time he operated from his old QTH in IN98. He is now located at IN88mr in the same grid as he operated under the call sign FIANH/p during the last EME contest with a 1.8 m dish. Thus new QSOs with F1ANH will count as initials unless you worked him /p in the last ARRL Contest. His old 8 m dish was dismantled and given to F5RMK who intends to us it on 70 cm EME in the future. During the contest Jean Pierre used a 2.6 m dish (the same as used for the demo at the French UHF/microwave meeting last April) with 1 kW at his feedhorn. He achieved a score of 35x20 and raise his initial from last year to #36. His next step will be to move up to a 3.3 m solid dish for operation on 23 cm and the higher bands. His new address is (KERBERNES, F.22 470 PLOUEZEC) and telephone is 33-2-96-16-40-01.

Philippe is back in a big way on the moon. I am now QRV again on 13 cm and had very nice results with my new dish. It has a -3 dB beamwidth of 1.1°, Moon noise = 1 dB, Sun noise = 21 dB ( flux 175 ) and no side lobes < 20 dB. During the 1st contest weekend I contacted on 13 cm ZS6AXT (559/579), OZ4MM (559/549), W5LUA (559/559), WA8WZG (539/559) and VE4MA (539/449). I also made on 23 cm 22 QSOs, and on 70 cm 10 QSOs. It is difficult to work on 13 cm without skeds. I can be contacted via e-mail at:

Philippe, F2TU

Francis' Oct EME contest results on 23 cm -- I worked on 21/22 Oct F1ANH on CW/SSB, G4CCH, DF4PV, W2UHI, OH2DG, HB9BHU, VE1ALQ, SM3AKW, K2UYH, OE5EYM, K2DH, F6CGJ, K5JL, DJ5MN, OK1UWA for initial #130, JH5LUZ, IK2MMB, JA7BMB, OE9XXI, HB9Q, OZ6OL, JA8IAD, DK0ZAB #131, OH2AXH, F2TU, OE5JFL, F5AQC, HB9SV, PA3CSG, KB2AH, K5GW #132, K9BCT, CT1DMK, K0YW, W6HD, W1ZX #133, EA3UM, W5LUA, K3AX #134, OZ4MM, WA9OUU, K4QI and WD5AGO for a score of 43x27 with 5 initials.

Dirk was only QRV on Saturday of the contest from his new location in JN33MR on the French Riviera. He QSO on 432 on 22 Oct at 0206 DL9KR (569/559), 0302 DF3RU (559/559), 0426 OZ4MM (559/569), 0507 OH2PO (539/O), 0538 F5FEN (559/ 559) 0515 OE9ERC (559/569), 0704 OH2PO (559/599), 0733 DL7APV (O/O), 0803 DL4MEA (559/O), 0831 N2IQ (549/569), 0859 OE5EYM (449/559), 0923 K1FO (449/599), 0959 K0RZ (549/559), 1040 SM2CEW (559/569), 1058 K2UYH (549/559), 1125 KA0Y (O/O), 1152 G3LTF (559/O) and 1324 partial K8ISK (O/QRZ). 16 stations were worked, one partial and one dupe (OH2PO). Many thanks to all the helpers (F6AOI, F1RFC, F5SMW and F1GRX).

Peter had a very satisfying time in the contest with many initial QSOs Being retired means I can do with a bit less sleep! The activity was high on 432 and 1296, but 13 cm was disappointing. On 432 the pol was all over the place, non reciprocal and spread everything! I actually worked 4 bands as I had 2 on 144 MHz - on the horizon QSOs on my tropo antenna. On 21 Oct I worked on 1296 OH2AXH, OZ4MM, HB9BHU, JA7BMB for initial #157, OH2DG, JA8IAD #158, JH5LUZ, SM3AKW, DL4PV, OE9XXI, DJ5MN, F1ANH #159, G4CCH, K5JL, W2UHI, K2DH, SM2CEW, W5AGO, VE9DW, K5GW, K2UYH, OZ6OL, DL6YDH #160, K3AX, CT1DMK, N2IQ, W1ZX, WA9OUU, PA3DZL, K4QI and W7QX, and on 22 Oct IK2MMB, DL6LAU #161, DK0ZAB #162, K0JW #163, OE5JFL, WA9FWD, W7SZ and F6CGJ. CWNR were W1QX, OK1UWA, F5PAU, WA4NJP, WA8WZG, HB9SV and EA3UM. Heard were JA4BLC, JA8ERE and F2TU. QSO'd on 432 on 22 Oct were JH4JLV, G3SEK, HA1YA, DL4MEA, OE5JFL, OZ4MM, OH2PO, F6HYE, JA5NNS, DF3RU, OE5EYM, DL7APV, OE9ERC, LA9NEA #352, SM3AKW, DK3WG, K1FO, N2IQ, N9AB, DL9KR, OE3JPC, K8UC, K0RZ, K8ISK, K2UYH, ON5OF, DK3BU, KA0Y, G3HUL, DJ3FI and SM2CEW. CWNR were PA0PLY, PA4FP, EA3DXU, UA6LGH, UT3LL, GW3XYW and G3LQR. Heard were JF3HUC, JR9NWC, IK6EIW and F5FEN. On 13 cm I worked ZS6AXT and heard OZ4MM, but spent about 4 hours on this band listening and calling. My scores so far are on 432 31x16, on 1296 40x21 and on 2320 1x1. Lots still to work. On 13 cm I plan to be active during the 3 one hour time slots agreed for the JA, Eur and US windows – [see start of NL]. On 24 Oct I QSO'd EA8/LA8LF #164, 1st weak but later (449) and also QSO'd K5JL and K2DH.

Iain made a few QSOs on 70 cm during the contest. We worked DL9KR, OZ4MM and OH2PO. It started well on Sunday morning around 0230 with many stations heard, but there was much QRM from stations on top of each other. This made things very difficult for Ron (GM4ILS) and myself. We had flashovers in PA, but had 400 W to the feed for much of the contest. From 0630 on, the band went very quiet. I plan to be QRV in Nov on 23 cm from home. Plans are going well for a large multi-op station from GM for next year's contest. Myself, GM4ILS, GM4TXX, GM4ISM and GM3WOJ are working on this project.

Stu's 70 cm report -- Activity on 70 cm was high on both Saturday and Sunday. Stations worked on 432 were on 21 Oct K1FO, DL9KR, K0RZ, OH2PO, DF3RU, G3SEK, N2IQ, PA3CSG, DL4MEA and VE6TA, and on 22 Oct DK3WG, N9AB, HA1YA, KA0Y, SM3AKW, F6HYE, DK3BU and K8ISK for a total of 19x10. The W2IMU feed has been reinstalled on the dish with a new G3WDG preamp in preparation for activity on 23 cm during the 2nd contest weekend. My e-mail address is:

Stuart, GW3XYW

Alex (IK5WJD) reports on 10 GHz activity in Italy. During the 1st part of the ARRL EME Contest a new Italian station became QRV on 3 cm EME and QSO'd I5PPE [joint effort of I5PPE and IW5WJD]. We QSO'd on 22 Oct at 0815 IW4BTJ (O/O). This is believed to be the 1st I-I 3 cm EME QSO. Our station consists of a 3 m moon 0.28 f/d dish, corrugated horn feed with switchable V/H pol, 20 W to feed Siemens TWTA, 0.9 dB NF PHEMT LNA, DB6NT xverter to 144 and FT202. Moon noise is about 0.9 dB. Moon Tracking is manual with the help of a video infrared CCD camera. IW4BTJ's system is 4 m, 0.43 f/d dish, corrugated horn circular pol feed, 40 W to feed by Hughes TWTA, 0.8 dB NF 2 stage LNA, DB6NT xverter to 432 and IC402. Their moon noise is about 2 dB. IW4BTJ is now at initial #2 and is a team effort of I4CHY, Carlo; IZ4BEH, Roberto; I4JED, Alberto; I4BER, Goliardo and IW4BTJ, Nino. Our (I5PPE) 10 GHz EME initial count is now up to #6.

has sent in information on his tri-band EME feed see the end of this NL and details of his recent activity. He worked on 23 cm using linear pol and 200 W on 23 Sept at 0219 F2TU (439/529), 0228 OZ6OL (429/529), 0250 JH5LUZ (429/439), 0427 G4CCH (559/549) and 0443 ZS6AXT (449/549), on 24 Sept at 0428 OZ4MM (569/549), on 70 cm with 1 kw on 23 Sept at 0048 IN3AGI (459/559) and 0104 JA6AHB (459/559), on 13 cm with 50 W on 23 Sept echoes (539), on 23 cm with cir pol with quad hybrid and 200 W on 21 Oct at 0026 JA4BLC (339/449), 0038 G3LTF (439/449), 0058 OZ4MM (569/549), 0114 OE9XXI (569/559), 0140 SM3AKW (459/559), 0208 OH2AXH (449/559) and 0227 JA5NNS (449/439), on 22 Oct HB9Q (459/549), 0115 F5PAU (459/559), 0202 HB9SV (569/559), 0431 G4CCH (459/559), 1830 partial K2UYH (429/QRZ), 1912 K4QI (439/539), 1940 K5JL (569/559) and 2005 JH5LUZ (429/O), on 21 Oct on 70 cm at 0003 DL9KR (589/569) and 0348 HB9Q (459/559), and on 21 Oct on 13 cm echoes (329) but no one heard.

Kouichi reports on his ARRL Contest results. I worked on 70 cm DL9KR (579/559), G3SEK (O/M), DF3RU (O/O), DL4MEA (449/539) for initial #59, DK3WG (O/O), HB9Q (559/519), OE5EYM (559/449), OH2PO (O/O), K1FO (O/O), N2IQ (579/449), KA0Y (559/559) #60, K5AZU (O/O), N9AB (O/M), JA5OVU (559/449), JA6AHB (559/539), OZ4MM (559/549), OE5JFL (559/449), F5FEN (559/449) #61, HA1YA (O/M), F6HYE (O/O) #62, OE9ERC (559/339) #63, JL1ZCG (559/339) and JA5NNS (O/O) for a total of 23x14. Heard were EA3DXU, S57Q, RW1AW, JA7BMB, JH4JLV, JH0WJF, JR9NWC, JA4BLC, G4YTL, VK4AFL, K8UC, K2UYH, VE6TA, DL7APV, SM3AKW, ON5OF/F, DJ3FI, JS3SIM, G3LTF, OZ6OL, K4EME and KJ7F. I am currently running 16 x 13 el FO yagis with 250 W and FHX35LG LNA. My e- mail address:

Kouich1, JJ1NNJ

Bill worked on 70 cm in the contest DF3RU, DK3BU, DL4MEA, DL7APV, DL9KR, F6HYE, F6KHM, G3LTF, G3SEK, G4ERG, GW3XYW, HA1YA, HB9Q, I5CTE, JA4BLC, JA5OVU, JA6AHB, K1FO, K2UYH, K5GW, K8ISK, K8UC, KA0Y, KJ7F, N2IQ, N9AB, OE5EYM, OE5JFL, OE9ERC, OH2PO, ON5OF, OZ4MM, PA3CSG, SM2CEW, SM3AKW, VE6TA, W7BBM, W7HAH, W7SZ and WB0GGM. Initials were KA0Y #288, K8UC #289, KJ7F #290 and state #43. Activity on 70 cm seemed down for the 1st weekend of the contest. Bill will be QRV on 70 cm for the 2nd contest weekend. His score was 40x23.

Bruce is now QRV on 1296 in a big way. He heard his 1st signals 15 Oct. He copied K5JL (579) followed by W2UHI (559), WA1JOF (519) and K2UYH and G4CCH (55) on SSB. During the contest Bruce had 100 W output and worked 39x25. CWNR were W7SZ, WA8WZG, WA9OUU, WD5AGO and WA8WZG. After the contest W7SZ was added to his log.

Russ writes -- I didn't put too much of an effort in the contest this year. Conditions were not the best. I was on 1296 only and worked the following: SM2CEW, G4CCH, OE9XXI, K5JL, K3AX, G3LTF, W7SZ, OH2DG, WA9OUU, DL6LAU, OZ4MM, F1ANH, K0YW, W1ZX, WA4NJP, W7QX, WA5AGO, OZ6OL, K2DH, OH2AXH, VE9DW, DF4PV, SM3AKW, IK2MMB, W6HD, W2UHI, HB9Q, WA8WZG, F2TU, F5PAU, OE5EYM, K5GW, N2IQ, K2UYH, OE5JFL, PA3DZL, WA9FWD, JH5LUZ and JA7BMB for 39x21. I plan to be on next month, probably only on 1296.

Dick was QRV on 1296 during the contest. He tried to work a number of stations with little success. I do not believe he made any QSOs. He asks -- I have been struggling with how to check compliance [FCC regs bulletin 65, supplement B) for a 15' dish in a small yard and I dont see how to calculate it for near or far range emission in the regs. [I would take you output power and divide it by the area of the dish (?r2). This should give you a worst case. Does anyone have any other suggestions?] My e-mail address is:

Dick, K9ZZH

Stefan (LA0BY) reports on the 432 EME contest effort of his group (LA0BY, LA8KV and LA9NEA) from JO59dx. Our 1st operation was on 14/15 Oct when we worked JA5OVU, SM2CEW, JA6AHB, DF3RU, UA3PTW, EA3DXU and DJ3FI all on random. VE6TA was complete on sked. We also heard VK4AFL and W7HAH. Our system seemed to be working fine and we could hear good echoes most of the time. During the 1st part of the contest (21/22 Oct) we worked DL9KR, HB9Q, OH2PO, DK3WG, DF3RU, JL1ZCG, DL4MEA, G3SEK, OZ4MM, HA1YA, K1FO, N2IQ, SM2CEW, OE5EYM, PA3CSG, N9AB, DJ3FI, OE9ERC, K8UC, KA0Y, VE6TA, DK3BU, DL7APV, K5AZU, K5GW, OE5JFL, F5FEN, F6HYE, JA5NNS, G3LTF, UA6LGH, K2UYH and K8ISZ for a total of 37 initials - all on random. We heard JH4JLV, JA6AHB, PA4FP, OE3JPC, G4YTL, K4EME, DF5LQ and others. Conditions seemed variable, but not really bad. Only 2 contacts were made after 0700 on the 2nd day. We can be available for skeds If anybody is desperate for LA on 70 cm EME. Please send your proposals to LA0BY at e-mail:

Seven, LA9NEA

Frank expresses his disappointment at not being able to put any time into the EME contest. I hope the EME contest went well for all. I have had little or no time for ham radio this year. The array is still up and seems to be working fine. Since Feb I have only made a handful of QSOs. I was able to get on this summer to work OX2K. Up until just hours before the start of the contest it looked like I would be able to put in a serious effort, but a family emergency took me away for most of the weekend. I was able to get on for just a few minutes around 0800 on Sunday. I quickly worked DL9KR, K1FO and N2IQ. At that point I opted for some much needed sleep. I apologize to the others who started calling me but I had to shut down. I did not even spend enough time on to evaluate conditions/activity. Unfortunately I have a conflict the 2nd weekend and most likely will not be on unless I can sneak away for the 1st couple hours of moon on Saturday. I do not anticipate my busy schedule to change any time soon and it may be a year or more before I can devote any serious time to ham radio. In the mean time if anyone needs MA (and I doubt it) I am sure I can find some time to get on for them. Please note I have a new address (5 Charles Johnson Rd, Southwick, MA 01077). We have not moved, but several years ago we purchased an abutting lot bordering on an adjacent street. This created a corner lot for us. We are just completing a major addition to our home and have constructed a new driveway out to the other street. We reoriented the front of the house and eliminated the old driveway. Based on this the town mandated the address change.

Peter writes -- On 1296 on 21/22 Oct during the ARRL EME Contest I achieved 70x28 QSOs for a score of 196k. New callsigns were OK1UWA (559/599), F1OAT (439/O) for initial #250, K0YW (559/599), DH0OAH (559/559), DL6YDH (549/559), WA1JOF (O/O), DL6LAU (439/559), DK0ZAB (559/569), VE9DW (569/599) and K5GW (559/579). Possibly not all these contacts count as initials, maybe there are some callsign changes or multiple stations use? [I believe all are new stations.] All contacts were made on random and for several hours linear pol was used. Activity was excellent. This was the 1st time that I have found all US-call- areas present during a contest weekend. On 25 Oct I had a nice random QSO with EA8/LA8LF for DXXC 45 on 1296 EME.

Eino sends his contest results for 21-22 Oct – The WX conditions were great. Initials on 23 cm were HB9BHU for #83, DF9FAD #84, W1QC #85 and CT1DMK #86. Results on 70 cm were 8x8, on 23 cm 29x17 and on 13 cm 2x2. My total score was 105,300 points. My TX power was QRP with only 100 w on 70 cm, 70 w 23 cm and 30 w at the feed 13 cm. I sold my 70 cm PA and the new one isn't ready yet. I am working on GS23B PA. The HV, cabinet and cavities are ready. Perhaps I will have on by Nov.

Jukka's contest groups score on 432 was 91x33 for the Oct weekend. Contest ops were OH2JTE, OH6DD and OH2PO. They can be contacted via e-mail atL

Kukka, OH2PO

Franta reports on his activity during the 1st part of the EME Contest -- I worked on 21 Oct on 1296 OE9XXI (579/559), DF4PV (559/549) for initial #67, OH2AXH (559/559), G4CCH (559/549), DJ5MN (549/O), F1ANH (549/439), OE5EYM (559/559) #68, OH2DG (549/539), DH9FAG (449/539) #70, OK1UWA (549/559) and W1QC (559/339) #71. I heard about 30 stations overall. In Nov I plan to be QRV on 2.3 GHz.

Josef is a new operator on 1296 in grid JN69qt. I am now QRV on 23 cm with 0.7 dB NF LNA, 175 W 8xM57762 SSPA. I am also on 13 cm with 0.7 dB NF LNA and 75 W at the feed, and on 3 cm RX with 0.95 dB NF LNA, 33 W at the feed and 1.8 dB moon noise. I use a 3 m dish for all bands. In ARRL Contest I worked on 23 cm on 21 Oct OE9XXI (599/559), OZ4MM (559/549), OH2AXH (559/449), OK1CA (559/559), G4CCH (559/549), SM2CEW (559/539), K2DH (559/449), F5PAU (559/O), K5JL (579/559), SM3AKW (559/O) and partial F6CGJ (559/?) - not completed due to problem with preamp, on 22 Oct HB9Q (559/529), and on 23 Oct (after end of the contest) OE9ERC (599/549). I was also on 10 GHz on 22 Oct from 0400 to 1000 calling CQ (10368.020). I heard my own echoes, but nobody answered me. I will be active during the 2nd weekend, and can be reached by e-mail at:

Josef, OK1UWA

I also have a WEB page under construction:


Stig is recovering from the 1st part of the contest -- I found very good conditions on both 432 and 1296 from the start of contest at 0000. But on Sunday after sunrise signals were found to degraded on both 432 and 1296 for the rest of the contest. Activity seemed good even on 13 cm. Still I missed many regular stations, whom I hope to work in the last part. Signals on Saturday were sometimes very impressive and several initials found their way into my log. Often I found stations calling 1 to 2 KHz from my own echoes. This made it very difficult, as the band was filled at every KHz and in between. I ended with 7x7 on 2304, 50x26 on 23 and 7x31 on 432. I am still using a 10 m dish with 30 W on 2304, 300 W on 1296 and 700 on 432 (all referenced at the feedpoint). The following new stations were added on 432 LA9NEA (549/559), JH0WJF (549/559), K8UC (569/559), KA0Y (579/559), HB9Q (579/559), GW3XYW (559/569), F6HYE (559/569), OE9ERC (579/579), SM2LKW (O/O), JA3SGR (O/O), F/ON5OF (559/569), PA0PLY (549/599), PA4FP (559/559), YU1EV (O/O), GM0ONN (429/0), S53J (O/O) with 4 yagis and 90 W, RW3PF (O/O), DK0TU (439/519), DL4KG (429/449), F6KHM (439/O), W2WD (539/559) and KJ7F for initial #220. On 1296 the new stations were OK1UWA (539/559), K0YW (549/559), DL6LAU (549/559) and DK0ZAB (559/559) for initial #174. After the contest weekend LA8LF activated EA8 with a great signal. I was lucky to raise the dish from park position between 2 heavy rain showers with high wind gusts (and the battle to get the kids up and going to school). Later on in the day it would have been too dangerous to raise the dish. I would like to thanks Anders for an outstanding effort in putting EA8 on 1296. It has not been easy for Anders to overcome the many problems he has encountered.

Hans found activity very good on 23 cm in the 1st part of the contest. I worked 45 stations(15 from NA) and CT, OH, SM, DL, OE, G, F, HB9, JA, IK, ZS6, PA, EA and OZ. Initials included K5GW, K0YW, DL6LAU, HB9BHU, DK0ZAB and DK7LJ. I worked EA8/LA8lf on 23 cm on 24 Oct at 0550. The only changes since my last report is the addition of a 6 tube OZ9CR PA. I was also on 70 cm, but signals were weak on this band. I think I have an antenna or cable problem, but I was able to work 13 stations. I can be contacted via e-mail at:

Hans, OZ6OL

Jac's 432 and 1296 contest 1st part results -- With my QRP rig on 432 and 1296 MHz I managed to work a good number of stations. I QSO'd on 21 and 22 Oct on 432 using 2 x 21 el 6.6 wl yagis HB9Q for initial #124, CWNR DL4MAE, DL9KR, N2IQ - very strong both days, OZ4MM and K1FO - good ears, only had to call once, and on 1296 with a 2.50 m dish and FHX35LG LNA, OE9XXI - super signals, HB9Q, OH2AXH, F6CGJ, G4CCH, PA3CSG, OE5EYM for initial #22, OE5JFL #24, K5JL very strong, K2UYH, G3LTF #23, K4QI and OZ4MM. Heard and called were F5PAU, SM3AKW, W2UHI, KB2AH, K2DH, HB9SV - super signal, W6HD, W1ZX and N2IQ - very strong. During the contest I made 30 QSOs on 3 different bands. (Also 12 QSOs on 144.) I was not QRV all the time because my wife, Rian, is recovering from surgery and required attention. I was on 1296 most of my available time, and will active again in Nov.

Jan had everything work for a change during the Oct part of the contest -- With my new 8 x 4.2 WL yagis', which were shorten to just 3 m, I was happy to work my 1st initials on 432 from home - HB9Q for #1, DL9KR #2, JL1ZCG #3, OH2PO #4, and the next day "only" OZ4MM for #5. The 2nd pass initially seemed the same as the 1st, however during the morning signals dropped slightly and then faded out. I thought having problems with my system, but PA3DZL confirmed that Faraday rotation was causing this problem. Anyway I heard several other stations including DL4MEA, G3SEK and F5FEN. I'm sure my audio tape contain more calls, since I need more CW practice. Due to family commitments there was little chance to listen to the west and resulted in the small number of initials with NA side stations. I operated the contest with an 8 x 4.2 WL yagi array, 750 W and a 0.4 dB LNA. I am interested in skeds for more initials and can be reached via e-mail at:


Geert had great fun on 23 and 70 cm during the contest. Initials were HA5BDJ, DK0MM, PA4FP and K4EME (in FM07) on 432. He also worked 3 initials on 23 cm and EA8/LA8LF afterwards.

Frank (JO33bc) notes that he was listed incorrectly in the last NL -(as PA4PF rather than FP) -- I had a great time during the ARRL Contest, although I was only QRV for 4 hours in 2 days. This was my 1st EME contest. I contacted on 432, on 21/22 Oct JA6AHB (559/539), HB9Q (559/559), N2IQ (559/559), DL2KR (559/539), OH2PO (559/549), OZ4MM (559/539), OE5EYM (539/539) and G3SEK (559,539), on 24 Oct RW1AW (559/449), and on 28 Oct nil LA9NEA during sked. In the future I plan to build a 3 or 4 m dish for 23 cm and up. My station is a FT-847 and 4 x 26 el BV- OPT70 yagis, and 2 x 3CX800 PA giving 1350 W out. At present I am still using Aircom cable, so I have only 750 W. I plan to switch to 7/8" Flexwell, which should result in > 1 Kw at the feedpoint. Because of shift work I can be QRV during night or day. For skeds e-mail to:

Frank, PA4FP

Grant was on 70 cm in Oct and scored 25x16 with 5 initials in the contest. This brings him to #78 on 70 cm. He is still waiting on WA4NJP for a 222 sked. The feed is in his dish. He plans to be on 23 cm next half of the contest.

Trevor writes -- I found conditions to be generally good over the 2 contest days, especially on Saturday with mostly stable Faraday conditions - about 45 deg. Sunday was very interesting with much less stability ranging from zero polarity correction to 75 degs, sometimes over a short period of time. There did not seem to be much activity out of the US. I only worked K2UYH, K1FO, N2IQ and KA0RYT, all with good signals. Hopefully I can improve my score during the 2nd leg. JA seemed well represented, although I heard 2 or 3 stations that I was unable to work. New stations were UA3PTW, G4YTL and KA0RYT, but no new countries. I will be on through all of my windows during the Nov leg, which I am looking forward to. My e-mail address is:

Trevor, VK4AFL

Frank has a new gearbox in place but had a problem with the relay contacts in the control circuit welding themselves together. The new azimuth drive is now working fine and sun noise with his 18' dish is up to 19 dB. Frank worked N2IQ, K5JL and DF4PV among others during the contest in Oct. K9BCT was called but disappeared before a contact could be completed. The following week he added EA8/LA8LF.

Warren was active during the Oct contest weekend on 70 cm using a portable 20' stressed dish. The following stations were contacted DK3BU, DL9KR, K1FO, OH2PO, HB9Q, K5GW, KA0Y, N2IQ, K5AZU, OE5JFL, OZ4MM, SM2CEW, N9AB and DK3FU. Heard were SM3AKW, K4EME, K8ISK, K8UC and K2UYH. Warren is planning to experiment with a polar mount in Nov.

Al was active on 13 and 23 cm during the Oct contest weekend despite problems with his TH-327 amp. He worked EA8/LA8LF on 23 cm following the contest. Al will be around only on the 1st night of the contest in Nov. He now has Reaktrak running with a Mendleson A/D board and is working toward auto tracking.
Charlie had some bad luck in Oct --I was unable to get in the contest for both days partly due to Murphy, but mostly because of WX. We had a lot of thunderstorms; lots of rain and lightning that caused me to shut down. I had planned to operate on 13 and 23 cm, and listen on 6 cm. I will try again next month. I did manage to work EA8/LA8LF on 25 Oct with good sigs on 23 cm.
Larry found conditions during the 1st leg of the ARRL EME Contest to be favorable with the 2nd day somewhat better than the 1st. His 70 cm results were 14x12 and included N2IQ, OH2PO, OZ4MM, DL9KR, PA3CSG, HB9Q, K1FO, JA5OUV, JA6ABH, DL4MEA, K0RZ, SM2CEW, N9AB and G3SEK. Polarity from Eur favored horz. The JA came through on vert. His 23 cm was limited by a water pump failure, but he did later manage 22x18 including K2DH, OE9XXI, K5JL, G4CCH, OZ4MM, K4QI, F6CGJ, N2IQ, SM3AKW, HB9Q, W2UHI, W1ZX, OZ6OL, OE5EY, K2UYH, OE5JFL, F2TU, G3LTF, K5GW, K0YW for an initial (#), WA9FDW # and JH5LUZ. Larry will be QRV again in Nov.
Paul had a very upsetting experience -- Three years ago we moved to Rancho Bernardo. During much of this time I have been involved in remodeling my house. This has restricted my time for EME and only allowed some limited activity on 144 MHz and 10 GHz. During most of this period my 10' dish (solid AL) was laying in the back yard on its face. Now that I am ready to start building the shack and antennas, someone has jumped on the dish and made 2 big dents about 2.5" deep and 20" in diameter and third smaller dent. There are still traces of shoes. The dish was performing very well on 10 GHz and I was hoping to use it on 24 GHz. As it is now it is too bad shape for use even at 10 GHz. I have received some advise from the EME group on how to repair the dish including cutting the damaged places and patching with AL foil. One of the suggestions is to make a fiberglass mould of the "good surface" and use as a template to carefully pound the damaged surface. My concern is that if the dish was manufactured by spinning, the AL alloy is probably very soft and it is already stretched. Another suggestion was to talk to homeowner's insurance and file a claim for a new Andrews dish. I personally doubt if this will work. One of the problems is that in my area no antennas are allowed, so I have to be rather quiet and not try to find out who did it. Every suggestion is appreciated. I do not want to damage the dish even more. My e-mail at home is:

Paul, WA6PY

Ivo's Oct contest report -- On the 21st I was only on 13 cm and worked JA4BLC, OE9ERC, F2TU, G3LTF, HB9SV, W5LUA and OZ4MM. CWNR was VE4MA. The weakest heard were G3LTF and VE4MA with (549) copy. The rest were (579) and better! Immediately after moonset the 6 m band opened, so had at least some pleasure by working #120 on six! On Sunday although I had skeds, I only WA8WZG heard and CWNR. Before that I was on 23 cm, with difficulties because we had a 3rd day of heavy rain after 2 weeks of good WX. Water got into the TX line somewhere, and it took an hour to evaporate it with RF! G4CCH must have a good RX setup as I worked him with only 20 W out! Then I QSO'd OE5EYM, SM3AKW, DF4PV, OH2AXH, JA6CZD, OE9XXI, DL6LAU for initial #159, DH9FAG, OZ4MM, HB9Q, DK0ZAB #160, PA3CSG, HB9SV, DK5MN, OE5JFL, HB9BHU and OZ6OL - all in about 4 hours. CWNR were JH5LUZ, F5PAU, DH0OAH and F6CGJ. I hope to make those I missed on 13 cm in the next session; I will accommodate any sked times proposed here. I must say that again the attendance, especially from N. A. was very poor. It was not a good contest for microwave operators at all. On 6cm I need nighttime, so I will be QRV on and before 12 Nov (outside the contest) with my new 40 W PA and circular polarization. So far I have a sked with NU7Z. I hope to work those I missed in my previous operation on 6 cm. I hope for a good weather here, so that can do tracking with my CCTV camera. Please let me know if you are interested in a sked.
I had good luck on 23 cm in Oct. On 15 Oct I had a sked with WA1JOF at 0300, but heard nil. Around 0320, I gave up and went down to .010 to call CQ. After a few CQs, WA1JOF showed up calling CQ. Signal strength was not bad, but he had a big "wuuup". The signal sounded more like aurora then EME. It took a 2nd transmission before I could identify him. We completed a good (O/O) QSO to give initial #178. Afterwards G4CCH appeared and called Don several times, but Don did not reply. I then had a quick SSB QSO with Howard. I had a great time in the contest. My neighbor, KC2TA, assisted me and did about a third of the operating. We QSO'd on 21 Oct, starting on 1296, at 0810 DJ5MN (O/559), 0819 OE5EYM (559/559), 0823 OH2DG (559/569),0832 K2DH (559/569), 0839 F5PAU (559/569), 0846 SM2CEW (559/569), 0901 W2UHI (559/569), 0905 K5JL (569/569), 0910 G4CCH (569/559), 0919 W1QC (559/559), 0930 OZ6OL (559/559), 0938 OE9XXI (579/559), 0954 F6CGJ (569/569), 1009 DF4PV (559/559), 1016 G3LTF (569/569), 1024 DK7LJ (55/44) on SSB #179, 1031 W5LUA (559/569), 1037 CT1DMK (559/559), 1043 WA9OUU (559/559) #180, 1056 OZ4MM (569/569), 1119 SM3AKW (559/559), 1134 OH2AXH (559/559) and 1144 K3AX (559/559), then to 432, at 1217 DL9KR (579/579), 1228 N2IQ (559/559), 1233 OH2PO (549/539), 1243 K8UC (559/459), 1255 SM3AKW (559/559), 1303 KL7HFQ (459/559), 1310 K1FO (579/569), 1315 K4EME (559/559) for initial #632, 1321 W7BBM (559/559), 1333 N9AB (559/559), 1339 DL3EAG (559/539), 1345 KA0Y (569/569) and 1352 VE6TA (559/559), then back to 1296, at 1443 K5GW (559/559) for initial #181, 1453 WA4NJP (449/559), 1500 W7QX (559/549), 1503 K0YW (559/559) #182 and 1541 JA8ERE (559/559) #183, switched back to 432, at 1656 K5AZU (559/579), 1704 JA5OVU (559/559), 1713 JR4NWC (559/559), 1723 VK5AFL (549/559), 1731 JA2JRJ (O/O), 1742 JH4JLV (O/O) and 1751 JA6AHB (O/O). The next day we began again on 70 cm and QSO'd at 0915 G4ERG (549/559), 0919 F6HYE (359/559), 0923 K8ISK (559/559) #633, 0930 HA5BDJ (559/559) #634, 0940 LA9NEA (449/O) #635, 0954 OK2DL (559/559) #636, 1003 G3SEK (559/559), 1007 G3HUL (559/559), 1013 DK3BU (559/569), 1018 G4YTL (559/559), 1023 DL4KG (559/549), 1028 DJ3FI (559/559), 1032 DF3RU (559/559), 1036 DL4MEA (559/559), 1040 K0RZ (559/5559), 1046 DL1YMK (549/559), 1054 F/ON5OF (549/559) #637, 1104 DL7APV (549/559), 1114 IN3KLQ (549/559) #638 and G3LTF (559/569), and finished up on 1296, at 1154 F1ANH (559/529), 1206 WA4OFS (549/559), 1211 HB9Q (559/539), 1233 OE5JFL (559/569), 1244 DL6LAU (449/559) #184, 1248 K4QI (559/569), 1251 W7SZ (559/559), 1301 WA9FWD (559/549), 1308 PA3DZL (549/549), 1319 W1ZX/3 (559/549), 1352 F2TU (559/539), 1434 G4CCH (55/55) dup on SSB, 1601 WA8ZWG (549/559), 1609 WD5AGO (559/559), 1626 K9BCT (559/569), 1640 JA8IAD (559/559), 1747 JH5LUZ (559/559) and 1838 partial JA7BBM (O/-) – by the time I figure out the correct call he was gone. We ended with a score of 40x22 on 70 cm and 45x21 on 1296. A major problem for us was tree blockage. Most of the JA QSOs were made with more than half of the dish blocked by trees. The trees to the west are not thick as they are to the east, so the loss is not that great. The real problem is the increase in noise level. I am looking forward to Nov when must of the leaves should be off the trees. I was away on a business trip after the contest, but made it back in time to work EA8/LA8LF #185.




RW1AW had an initial during the contest in Oct on 432 with PA4FP (449). He had 19 QSOs on 70 cm in the contest.

N2IQ (x-N2IQU)was active on both 70 and 23 cm during the 1st part of the contest. On 70 cm Mark QSO'd UA3PTW andJA6AHB and others.

KA0RYT should be QRV on 432 during Nov with a new yagi array. He recently acquired a 12' dish for K0PW for future use on 23 cm.

K9BCT blew a fuse while working W2UHI.

KD4LT has been busy and was unable to put much time into the contest in Oct. Scott did work EA8/LA8LF on 23 cm. He is unlikely to be on in Nov, but may be on for 2 hours on moonrise before he leaves for CO.

KJ7F will be looking for contacts on 432 during the contest.

K5GW was active on 23 cm in Oct.

WD5AGO was QRV on 1296 during the contest. Tommy also planned to try 70 cm during the contest with 100 w.

VE1ALQ operated the contest using the call VE9DW. Unfortunately Darrell caught the flu and had to limit his operation.

WA9FWD was active on 23 cm during the contest and worked 9 stations. John has a new VE4MA feed mounted and is getting good echoes with 250 W. In the near future he plans to run 1 5/8" line to his dish.

W4RDI was not QRV in Oct. He still has damage from a lightening hit.

WA1JOF worked K5JL, K2UYH, K2DH, WA4NJP, W6HD and possibly others in Oct. Don's tel is 207-628-4380. [I do not believe he has e-mail.]

NU7Z is QRV on 5760 and looking for sked partners.

WA8WZG was QRV on 23 and 13 cm in Oct.

W7QX worked a total of 14 on 23 cm during the contest in Oct.

W5ZN had to work during the Oct contest weekend but hopes to be on for the 2nd leg.

W7MEM (x-N7EIJ) heard a lot of stations on 70 cm during the contest. He CWNR DL9KR, K1FO and N2IQ many times.

WA4NJP had good QSOs with WA1JOF and W7QX on 1296. He hopes to have more power in Nov.

W1ZX/3 was active on 23 cm during the contest.

SM2CEW worked 30 on 23 cm with 4 new ones during the contest.

OZ9AAR's new dish construction is on hold until the spring.

K8UC worked about 20 stations on 432 during Nov.

VE4MA operated 13 cm during the contest in Oct and worked W5LUA and OZ4MM, but reports bad libration on signals.

K2DH had around 60 QSOs on 23 cm during the 1st part of the contest.

DL9KR worked 96x33 with 14 initials in the Oct contest weekend.

W7FN did not make it on for Oct. Don has an intermittent at the his feed.

W0KJY reports poor condx in the contest and that 70 cm activity was down. He is still working on his dish, and not presently QRV on 1296.

W4AD worked 6 during the contest on 23 cm. He feels that his preamp is not working quite right, although he is getting 13 dB of sun noise. Jack can be reached by e-mail at .

ON4UV although getting older (80) and having problems with his wife's health is still interested in EME and working on his 3 cm system. Gilissen expects to be QRV next year with a 3 m dish and 20 W.

K5WXN missed 1st weekend of contest - out of town QRL. He will be on in Nov on 70 cm.

DL9KR has new e-mail address at:

Jan, DL9KR

Jan scored 97x33 in 1st leg on 432.

KL7HFQ made 16 contacts and 1 initial in the contest to bring him to #50.

NL7F has moved to a new QTH. His new e-mail address is wbeam@gci.net. His phone number is 907 457-2727 and his address is 774 Miners Court, Fairbanks, Ak 99712-1340.

LU7DZ hopes to be on 70 cm soon from new grid FF78ra. He is finishing up 4x33 el yagi array and GS23b PA. u will try to be on 23 cm for the Nov contest weekend.

K3AX's score was 28x18 in the contest. Harry also worked EA8/LA8LF.


DL4KG is
looking for a Bird 43 slug 1000D or 1000E (500 MHz/1000 W). His e-mail address is .

ON5RR needs the address for companies selling absolute encoders.

W4TH, Tom Hix reports that he is selling Russian tubes in the US. He says he can get just about any Russian tube you can think of, and that he stocks GS-35b, GU74b/4CX800a, GS36b/4CX400a, GS23b/4CX1600u, GU91b, GU-84, etc.

Tom's Tube WEB site is at:

Tom's Tubes Page

WB4BKC has for sale or trade a 432 kW amp using an 8938 tube with H/V P/S and metering. Contact Andrew at 770-529-6600 or:

for more details.

N1RWY is looking for info on using a 10' or 16' dish on 903 and 1296. Please e-mail info to"


K9BCT has complete "Plug & Play" 400 W 23 cm amplifier in a 12" x 17" x 27" rolling floor cabinet. Contact Randy at:

A HREF="mailto:K9BCT @aol.com"> K9BCT
for more details.

WA6KBL has working 10 GHz TWTs and Power Supplies for Sale. He will have 5 or 6 sets of Hughes TWTs plus their power supplies for sale soon. One set is already spoken for. These will be tested and guaranteed working on 10.368 GHz with a minimum of 150 W output from an input of approximately 10 mW. Price including complete documentation is $US 1500 for the set. There will also be extra power supplies for sale.

Please see my temporary webpage for more complete information and photos at:


or contact Jeffrey Pawlan, WA6KBL at e-mail:


or phone (408) 371-0256 (pse only 1500-0300Z).

VE6TA is looking for plate bypass insulation material for a 4 tube 23 cm PA.


This month we have a diagram of JM7BMB's 70, 23 and 13 cm EME Feed. He starts with a standard IMU feed with circular polarizer tuned for 2424. He flares the end of this to 60 mm and places orthogonal probes 63 mm from the flare to form a 1296 feed (W5LUA). The probes are feed with an OE9PMJ quad hybrid coupler (April 84 NL) to produce circular pol on 23 cm. The plane reflector of a DL9KR Bi Square feed (March 84 NL) is placed approximately 30 mm from the mouth of the 1296 horn for 432 operation.


-- This is another one of those months. So this NL is a bit rushed. I am writing this from the Seattle, WA airport. With luck, I should have it in the mail by Wednesday.

-- There are no skeds this month because of the contest, so if the NL arrives a little late it should not be a problem.

-- It is probably a little early to remind you that the 1296 SSB Contest will be during the Feb SW. Please put it on your calendar.

-- Speaking of calendars, I have the 2001 EME Calendar from G3SEK and will publish it in the Dec NL.

-- I learned from the net that I5TDJ has been in the hospital for more than a month. Piero does have access to his e-mail, but obviously was not QRV in the contest. Lets hope that he recovers quickly. We need him on the moon!

-- K1RQG has a new mailing address, see the NL masthead.

-- That's the news for this month. Please keep the reports and tech info coming. I wish you all good luck in the final leg of the ARRL EME. If we have not QSO'd already, I will be looking for you.

73, Al - K2UYH

Lunar Calendar for 1999 prepared by G3SEK

Netnotes by K1RQG

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This information was obtained from: Scott, KD4LT


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