February 2002 VOL 31 # 3


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Conditions were again very good during the sked weekend (SW) on 1296, but bad weather (WX) in Europe (Eur) lowered activity levels and unfortunately some stations' antennas as well. The continued success of WA6PY with an 8' dish on 432 was probably the biggest news. Paul has shown what can be done with a small antenna on 70 cm. There is still no definitive word on the mystery station, TA4SAT, worked by SM2CEW on 432 in Dec. On 1296 many SSB QSOs were made. Hopefully this will be a warm up for the 1296 SSB Contest schedule for this month


If you can operate 1296 EME, whether you can operate SSB or not, you will want to participate in the EME SSB Contest. This contest is meant to be a fun event. The big signals do help the smaller stations get in on the fun, so the top scoring station will receive a hansom framed certificate. This year the SSB contest starts on 23 Feb at 1230 Z and continues to 24 Feb at 1230. (The intention is to give everyone one common moon pass.) Operation is on 1296 only. Scoring will be contact points times number of Grid Sectors (IO, JM, FN, ...). SSB to SSB contacts will count as 2 points. SSB to CW (or CW to SSB) 1 point. The exchange is your Grid Sector. Only the 2 sector letters need be sent. Operation may be by single or multiple operators. No distinction for scoring will be made. CW only stations are encouraged to participate. Log should be sent to the "432 and Up EME NL" c/o K2UYH by email a.katz@ieee.org ASAP.

Frank lost his array -- I want to inform the community that my antennas did not survive the heavy storm in DL during at the last SW (26/27 Jan). I am thinking what to do next, but that will not be before summertime. Thanks to all so far, it was always big fun!

Bernd reports on his storm damage -- After a closer look at my EME antenna I saw that some of the open feedlines are broken. I have also have to replace a rotor mast clamp. So I will not be on for the Feb SW. The house is now repaired, the broken trees are cut and moved to the fireplace, and WX is now like in spring. I hope to be back for the March SW. Regarding the ARRL EME Contest. I feel that 2 weekends helps to give more QSOs for the smaller stations. Not every station has good condx on one weekend. Bad Faraday, storms, broken cables, burned out preamp or family affairs can keep stations out of business. A 2nd weekend will give them a 2nd try. The big guns work about 80% in the 1st leg, but the smaller stations make less QSOs in the 1st leg. To give the smaller stations more of a chance, it is necessary that we have a contest with 2 weekends. I believe that we should move the dates earlier to have better WX (95% are on the Northern hemisphere). In Nov we are too close to the winter. Storms and snow every year will keep some guys QRT. I vote for Sept and Oct with high north dec.

Peter says his moon activity has been a bit restricted recently due to WX -- In December I worked, on 1296 on the 28th ZS6AXT and on the 29th F6ETI and F2TU on CW and SSB. On 432 I worked OZ6OL (44) on SSB. On 4 Jan I tried with ON5RR on 2320 but heard nil both ways. This was strange as I did hear him last year. Echoes were good, and with 0.4 dB moon noise, I was spot on the moon. The next day I worked F6KHM on 432 and had a partial QSO on SSB as well. I think this is an initial. The 2nd Jan weekend was a washout with severe gales and driving rain. On the 27th I worked only DF3RU and SK0CC for an initial (#) and CWNR EA3DXU and UA3PTW. This was during a lull in the storm. On the 29th I listened for GM0ONN on his skeds with HB9BBD and copied him (T) level. I've been busy improving the systems. I now have the DJ9BV DUBUS PANFI working really well and was able to improve the 1296 system by replacing the isolation relay with a better device. The NF change of 0.05 dB was very visible and translates into about a 0.5 dB system improvement. On 432 I rebuilt the 7213 PA to get better thermal stability and more consistent output. I should now be louder on 70 cm. I have also built a system, which automatically drives the polar axis of my dish at a rate that can be varied to suit the moon's change of 14.5 degs/hr or earth rate of 15 degs/hr. It is wonderful to not have to manually drive it anymore. If you think there would be interest, I could write it up for the technical column, but I'm told only eccentrics use polar mounts nowadays! [Not true, please send it in.] I can't be on for the Feb SW, but I can take skeds pretty much any time that the moon is above 0 degs dec. A word on the ARRL contest, for me the challenge has always been multi-band operation. With single band operation you can pretty well know where you will end up. Multi-band has the element of strategy in it that makes it real fun. There is also the challenge of keeping all that multi band junk running for 24 hours!

Iain despite the WX problem in some locations did make it on the moon for his Jan skeds, but made no QSOs. He reports nil from SM2CEW, OE5JFL and LX1DB. He sent (O) to HB9BBD but heard no reply. He sent (M) to W2UHI. Iain copied K5JL (O) but could not complete due to tree blockage. He will move his dish to a different location for a better window to the west.

Dominique is back on EME after a skiing holiday -- All EME stations needing a QSL from my side, please go to:


You can get there a personal QSL for our initial QSO. The response I have received for the new WEBpage is over- whelming. The LNA, hydraulics and PA pages were hit many 1,000 times.

Dan has a long list of 70 and 23 cm QSOs made in Jan -- All QSOs were on random. 432 contacts were on 26 Jan at 1550 DF3RU (529H/559), 1609 UA6LGH (429H/569), 2353 K5WXN (429V/559), 0049 KU4F (539V/559), 0111 WA6PY (429H/O) for initial #175, 0126 K1FO (559H/579), 0131 KL6M (539V/559) and 0152 W7CI (549V/559). We were especially looking for LU7DZ, but did not find him. He was on 144. QSO'd on 1296 were on 26 Jan at 1730 SM2CEW (539/569), 2109 ZS6AXT (549/569) 2119 HB9BBD (579/589), 2125 IK3COJ (529/559) and 2153 G4CCH (549/589), and on 27 Jan at 0256 NL7F (529/569) for initial #110. We will be QRV again during the Feb SW and plan to participate in the SSB EME Contest on 1296 MHz. If you would like to get details about our activity just before it happens let us know and we'll drop you an update by e- mail.

Bruce reports much random activity on 23 cm in Jan. He QSO'd W7SZ (539/539), OZ6OL (569/579) and (56/56) on SSB, W7SZ (53/55) on SSB, W7BBM (55/55) on SBB and W1ZX (579/579). Bruce heard NL7F calling W1ZX.

Cowles ran with RA3LE during the Jan SW on 70 cm but only heard (T) copy -- I was successful in completing with K9SLQ on 31 Dec 31. K9SLQ has an outstanding signal and was easy copy. Everything seems to be working FB here. I am interested in skeds for the Feb SW. I particularly would like to QSO CA. I am planning to send some QSLs out in the near future. Sorry but I got a little behind. A friend of mine is showing some interest in EME. His name is Victor Alger, KE4LKQ . I tried to talk him into 70 cm EME but his interest lies in 23 cm. He has a Yaesu 736R with the 1296 module. I think he has a 10' or 12' satellite dish. He is looking for information on feed horns, LNAs and power amps for 1296.

Jeff is QRV on 432 EME with 2 x 9 WL yagis and 350 W. He hopes to be soon up to 700 W as he is buying a dual 4CX250B PA from K6PF. Thus far he has QSO'd with DL9KR without a preamp. In Jan he tried with KL6M, but may have been in the wrong sequence and had some problems computer noise right on the sked freq and heard nil. He wants to try skeds with other well-equipped stations. He also wants to try 1296 with his 10'dish and 30 W.

Mike plans to be very active on the SWs for the next few months -- I'm looking forward to both DUBUS weekends and I plan to be QRV 23 cm by April. I am also looking forward to the Italian Contest in May. I am designing a new positioning system from scratch and it is coming along very well. I hope to use it, at least for azimuth, this month. I am also significantly redesigning my feed mount and plan to publish the designs for both projects on my website. Thanks to WA6PY (O/M), I am now at initial #111 on 70 cm and welcome any skeds. The last SW was almost a complete failure for new ones. Skeds were nil with SP6JLW, OE3JPC, PA3DZL (canceled), G3HUL, G4ALH, LU7DZ (may have been outside his window), W2WD (canceled), K7XQ (canceled), JS3ISM, JR1RCH, JH7PAV, JH1XUJ and JA2KRW. After the SW I had a partial with K7XQ. I think we can make it next time. I had many very nice QSOs with some of the regulars: W7CI (449/449), N4GJV (549/569), K5WXN (559/559), UA3PTW (549/559), RA3LE (549/559), JA6DZI (O/M), HB9Q (559/539), KU4F (569/569) and K1FO (569/559). Heard very loud were EA8FF, K2UYH and W5AZU.

Ron reports -- During the Jan SW I QSO'd WA6PY and KL6M - both had good sigs. I was amazed by the strength of the sigs from Paul's 8' dish! I am definitely interested in skeds. I need 45 deg. of elevation to avoid the trees, not just blockage wise, but physically!

Steg has not much to report this month because of bad WX in Jan -- High winds stopped operation from me during the Jan SW as a huge storm passed through. I can see no damage to the dish. I had hoped for EME operation this weekend as winds also kept me off the moon last month. I am hoping for better luck in Feb. In the meantime we are again doing some major house rebuilding that is sucking up all my free time. I am looking forward to seeing everyone in Prague. It is shaping up to be a very FB Conference!

Jan was not QRV in Jan because of travel -- I was in Asia on a business trip. While there I joined the "year-end" society party of the CTARL in Keelung, north of Taipei. Many BV stations joined this meeting. I had a very good conversation with a university professor. He is Jelly, BV2OL, and is now working on a AO-14 setup and is very interested in EME. He is in a position to promote my initial project of some years ago to promote BV 432 and 1296 EME operation. I also visited Malaysia for the 1st time, but no chance to setup an amateur meeting. When I returned on 2 Feb, I found one section of my 432 array misaligned due to our stormy WX. I hope to have the array aligned and checked out for the Feb SW.

Alexi had bad WX - high wind and rain in Jan and completed none of his skeds. He heard only I5CTE weak and possibly G3HUL. On random he heard K4EME (539) and QSO'd K5WXN for initial #162.

Peter's NL report -- I have spent a lot of time improving my station. First I installed a new tracking system that G8MBI developed. This has greatly improved my tracking and signals are now more stable. I see a tremendous difference on 23 cm and operating is indeed much more fun. I have also rebuilt the transverter/switching rack to get rid of some annoying gain drift and excessive noise in a post preamp. Furthermore I rebuilt the 23 cm YL1050 cavity input to give a better input match and more efficient power transfer. Recent QSOs on 432 were on 30 Dec K1FO, G4ALH, UA3PTW, K9SLQ for an initial (#) and TA4SAT (#). Does anyone know anything about this station? I thought it could have been K4SAT, who was listed as satellite operator but he told me in an email that he was not on and is not ready for EME. The operator was not using normal EME procedure. He sent a lot of QSLs, OK OK, etc but it was a good QSO. I am puzzled. I worked on 2 Jan PA0BAT (#), S52CW and UA3PTW, on 4 Jan WA6PY with excellent signals., and on Jan 20 during the ARRL's Jan VHF contest K1FO, S52CW and K5WXN. On 1296 I worked on 29 Dec ZS6AXT, F6ETI and IK2MMB, on 30 Dec W2UHI, G4CCH, K2UYH and K5JL, on 20 Jan W7BBM for an initial (#), on 26 Jan HB9Q, ZS6AXT, G4CCH and HB9BCD (#), and 27 Jan F5HRY (#), DL4MEA, F/G8MBI, DJ5MN, OE9ERC and HB9BBD. Tracking with my 28' dish is now very accurate and I am considering getting on 2304. As I have no gear for that band I will have to start from scratch and possibly I can be QRV later this year.

Sven, SM5LE reports poor results during the Jan SW -- I did make one QSO on the 27th with G3LTF with god sigs. I heard some PA/DL stations fragmentarily on Saturday. I am still some having trouble with my azimuth indicator, but as the moon was visible I could find out the correction factor. I am available for skeds on all days but not nights.

Doug QSO'd on 70 cm on 28 Jan myself with the moon at 2.5 degs and a little WA6PY -- I heard nothing from Paul at 1st - (it did not help that at 1st I called W6PY!) He showed up at 1014. I am simply astounded at his signal. We exchanged (439/439). I was pretty conservative in my report suffice to say I have worked many far weaker stations than him on random. What's he running 10 kW? But he is hearing well too as not once did he not come back when 'I dropped the key' - amazing!

Willie was on 23 cm during the past 2 SWs. He worked on 29 Dec at 0110 K2UYH (559/559) and (55/55) on SSB, 0137 KA0Y (569/579) and 0200 VE4MA (449/559) for initial #58, on 26 Jan at 0030 W7SZ (559/559), 0041 K0YW (569/569), 0049 OZ6OL (569/569), 0105 NL7F (449/449) #59, and on 27 Jan at 0030 ZS6AXT (469/479) #60 and 0042 K5JL (579/589). Willie has good echoes most of the time. He will be back on 70 cm in a month or two. For skeds (70 and 23 cm) e-mail to W1ZX

Warren has taken down the EME dish and stored it for the winter, and sends the following information on the interference that frustrated his 432 EME activity -- As usually happens, the interference has dropped dramatically now that I will not be active until spring. Although I am not checking the band as often as before, it is obvious that operating schedules for both the tremendously strong radar and the strongest spread spectrum (SS) signals have been reduced greatly. The strong SS signal causing the most interference was frequency hopping at what appeared to be a random pattern spread across 420 to 440 MHz. The pulses were about 2 MHz wide occurring several times a second. On CW they caused strong popping noise - like popcorn popping.

Frank is still collecting pictures of EME antennas and they can be found at:


He was only on the 2nd night of the Jan SW and QSO'd on 1296 K5JL, ZS6AXT, G4CCH, WA1JOF - switched LNAs, HB9BBD and W7SZ. He heard GM0ONN (T) during their sked.

LArry writes -- For the 1st time in several months, the wind was down for the SW. I worked on 1296 K0YW, HB9BBD, G4CCH and K5JL - all on SSB. On CW I contacted OZ6OL, W2UHI, WA1JOF, W1ZX, ZS6AXT, W1QC and a partial with G3LTF. Conditions on 27 Jan were best that I have ever experienced. Too bad that WX wasn't better on Euro side as high dec provided me a much earlier start to Eur window. It would sure be nice to have this "early" window during a contest! All my contacts on 23 cm and 3 cm are now made with the Software Defined DSP-10 transceiver featuring automatic Doppler correction, integral waterfall and other EME friendly features.

PAul continues his amazing success with his 8' dish on 432 EME - see the picture in the last NL -- During Jan I added KU4F, K2UYH, N4GJV, HB9Q, K5GW and VK3UM to bring me to initial #11. All were very good signals and easy QSOs.

Ivo sends his greetings -- My voice is back after my own treatment by electromagnetic therapy, home made instrument, hi. But my left hand is still lousy, going for some measurements to the neurologist next week. Here is my report for Jan. On 1296 I worked on 26 Jan G4CCH, HB9BBD, HB9Q, SM2CEW, W2UHI, K5JL, IK3COJ, W7BBM, W4OP, HB9BCD #177 and W1ZX - heard were W1QC and WA1JOF and CWNR was W7SZ, and on 27 Jan OZ6OL, OE9ERC, DJ5MN, F/G8MBI, F5HRY, HB9BBD, W2UHI, W1QC, K5JL and W7SZ - CWNR was DL4MEA. Not much activity, signals were mostly very good. My own echoes were up to (569) during both days. The WX was also good so there was no problem with tracking the Moon. I am looking forward to meeting all my EME friends in Prague.

I had found that the moon window times did not fit too well this month. I was active on 432 on 26 Jan and worked at 0030 WA6PY (O/O) for initial #649 without difficulty, then had to go off for a bit of time. When I returned I found activity low and only worked at 0216 EA8FF (559/559) and 0225 W7CI (559/55) before giving up. The following evening I had a social conflict, and arranged for Marc, N2OU to operate my 1296 sked at 2200 with GM0ONN. I was actual present during the sked, but had to leave before it was over. The moon was very low and in the trees, but we were still hearing good echoes. Unfortunately nil was copied from Iain. A number of other stations were heard and conditions seemed excellent, but Marc could not stay around to work them and I was already gone. Partially to make up for the missed activity, I arranged a sked with VK3UM on 432 for the morning, but Doug had WX problems and it was put off until the next day... 28 Jan turned out to be a problem night. After returning from an evening out, I thought I would do a quick switch from 23 cm to 432 and get to bed early. No way! When I switched to 70 cm, there was no noise from my preamp. How could this be? I had been on 70 cm little more than 24 hours ago and all was ok. Up and down the ladder to the dish feed and finally I pulled the preamp. It was ok! It turned out to be the 2nd preamp in the shack. Then I had to make a fix to the supports that guide the chain that drives the dish. I had not had the dish so far west for some time. Changes I had made blocked clamps on the chain at 275 degs. Finally the dish was in place and all was ok. I glanced at the TV monitor that shows my AZ position. It was dark. The light was out at my AZ wheel readout. I used a flashlight for the sked. Anyway VK3UM was on with a big signal from his new QTH and easily QSO'd.




N7AM is assembling the autotrack drive. Next is the feed system. He hopes to be QRV soon.

WA4YGG in NC is working on 23 cm EME. Steve is looking for info on water-cooling a 2-tube amp and can be reached at wa4ygg@dnet.net.

W4AD is presently inactive on 23 cm and is instead concentrating on 3 cm. He is seeing 0.5 dB of moon noise and 9 dB of sun noise with his dish.

KG6FCB is interested in 23 cm EME. He has a 15' dish and a 7289 PA.

DL9KR says that ZL1KA may be active on 70 cm.

WA8RJF in NE OH has a 23 cm station with a 3.6 m dish and a 2-tube cavity amp.

VE4MA's new 24 GHz TWTA is give 100+ W out.

G4YTL is awaiting many QSL cards.

W7CI worked KL6M and EA8FF, but otherwise found activity low during the Jan SW on 70 cm.

WE2Y is becoming active on 432 again and heard K1FO, K5AZU, KL6M and EA8FF during the SW. He should be QRV in Feb.

K5WXN worked KL6M with good signals and 6 Eur stations during the Jan SW. RA3LE was worked for an initial.

W7MEM is QRV on 70 cm, but heard nil in his sked with EA3DXU.

NU7Z is working on 24 GHz and 47 GHz equip and not QRV on 5.7 GHz at the moment.

W5LUA has been playing with 47 GHz NF measurements. He made a couple of filters for 47 GHz. Al is now up to his 10th QSO on 24 GHz.

VE7CLD heard W5LUA on 24 GHz in Jan.

RW3BP has received TWT and will be working on a power supply for 24 GHz.

K5JL reports good signals on 23 cm during the Jan SW. He had a 4-way SSB QSO.

WA1JOF worked on 23 cm during the SW G4CCH, K5JL, W2UHI, HB9BBD and W7SZ. Nil was heard in skeds from DL4MUP and LX1DB.

LX1DB had problems during his Jan skeds with W1ZX and WA1JOF. WA1JOF was copies (549) and 5 kHz low, but not complete.

N2IQ is presently not QRV with his 28'dish due to repair work and the cold WX. It is in need a new drive belt. One is on the way. Marc notes that in snow he parks his dishes at about a 20 deg elevation and sideways to the wind. He has almost finished his new moon tracking system.

W4OP had trouble maintaining constant power from his new PA. He found that the finger stock around the plate of the 2C39 was not making good contact and had been arcing. He has now fixed the problem and is getting 270 W out.

CT1DMK was not active on any bands in Jan.

PA3CSG is reported to be working on a 1 kW amp for 10 GHz!

K9SLQ had a nice QSO on 432 with VK4AFL.

WA9FWD is working on a new 23 cm PA using a GS35B.

KA0Y is temporarily QRT while he makes exciter repairs.

AA5C is trying out a new preamp for 10 GHz and is seeing about 12 dB Sun noise.

F/G8MBI is QRV on 23 cm, but still with low power - only 50 W.

WB0GGM should be on 70 cm for the Feb SW.

OK1DFC has a new e-mail address ok1dfc@tesmail.cz.

N1BUG hopes to be back QRV on 70 cm by the SW. He will take skeds. He has a single FO22 and 600 W and is up to initial #19 so far.

VE6TA will be QRV on 70 cm until the 1st leg of the DUBUS Contest is complete and then will return to 23 cm.

W4ZRZ w4zrz@aol.com is running 16 m2 13 WL yagis (8 V and 8 H) with 1.5 kW.


W1ZX has available 2 AIL 75 NF meters for Parts, best offer, a DJ9BV design NF meter build with cabinet and switch for $US400+shipping (+s), AIL-7514 NF meter $US400+s, HP-8970A working $US1,975+s, MFJ-784 Super DSP filter $US80+s, JPS NRF-7 Noise Remover & audio filter $US35+s, HP 415E SWR meter-brown color unit (a later model unit, not gray in color) $US55+s, Noise Com Noise diodes NC305, glass package $US29+s, and AIL Hot-Cold Load generator, Type 70, (needs some work) $US15+s. Call Willie at 301 645 5584 between 0900- 2300 EST, FAX 301 645 6853, 24 hrs, or email to:

W6EMD has for sale a 1296 MHz VE4MA type feed made of galvanized sheet metal. It is in new condition, never used, and priced at $US250+s from CA. He will send a photo by e- mail. Contact Dave at:

W7MEM is looking for a CX-600N T-R relay.

KA8ABR has quite a bit of EME related equipment (dishes to 16', PAs, etc.) for multiple bands available. He does not presently have a location where he can setup a station himself, but is interested in helping others get started. Mike's tel is (937) 235-1820.

HB9BBD has some test equipment for sale. Make your bid at:

HB9BBD test equipment

W7MEM is looking for 50' of LMR-600.

DJ5MN is looking for 13 cm flexible waveguide as long as 25 m and some short pieces too.

KG6FCB is looking for 23 cm PA. The ND2X WEB page and KD5FZX at mgbpcs@swbell.net were suggested as sources on the 20 m net.

VE6TA is looking for a 23 cm rcv converter or xvtr.


The American Tower Corporation has more than 600 tower sites nationwide currently for sale? These include everything from small guyed towers to large former long haul microwave sites with blast hardened shelters up to 30,000 sq.ft. For the amateur radio enthusiast, these sites could have a whole range of uses, including repeater locations, equipment storage, ham club houses, and a host of others. Click on the link:

Towers for sale

to the American Tower Corporation Sites For Sale web page. You can search the list there, or download it in Adobe or Excel format. If you are interested in any individual or group of sites, or would just like to make a general inquiry, please contact me right away at Jim Innes, jim.innes@americantower.com, 215-482-2600x105 (voice), 215- 482-5481 (fax) and, 267-254-1555 (cell).


K5JL has had several requests for info about the 432 MHz GS23B/4CX1600U tube cavity amplifier used by K5GW. Jay says several pictures can be seen at:


These pictures can be enlarged by clicking on the small image displayed. If you have questions please e-mail K5GW at:
K5GW'e email


-- What we hope to do is to capture a greater percentage of the happenings locally and from around the world. If we have them we will publish the web address information so that you can research anything that might be of interest. And if you see something that you think might be worthy of this column, please pass it along. Since the January Newsletter there has been many items on the WEB.
- WA6BKL posted an article on how to machine your own waveguide to coax transitions. See it at:

50 MHz and Up

- A satellite transmitting FSK Morse on 144.1 is MAROC- TUBSAT, a Moroccan spacecraft was launched Jan. 10, 2002. AMSAT is concerned, and considers this to be an intruder as its frequencies were not coordinated with IARU. Amateurs experiencing harmful interference are encouraged to report it to the IARU Monitoring System coordinator. - CALL FOR PAPERS, Central States VHF Society's 36th Annual Conference, will be in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. If you are interested in writing and/or presenting a paper please contact Mark Holdwick at: Mark Holdwick

- An unconfirmed report from Europe tells us that F6BVA and F6DER/F5OKM have completed a contact over a 54Km path on 145Ghz. But no details were provided.

- For those interested in the DSP-aided modes, there is new information on an EME contact between W7LHL and W7SZ at 10 GHz: (follow the link to the 'weak signal page' under the title '10 GHz PUA-43 Mode EME QSO')

- There has been much discussion about offset dishes. Follow this link for more information, as provided by NRAO.

Offset Dishes

- NW1B has acquired quite a few reflectors that could be very serviceable for home brew antennas up to 40 GHz. Most are 24" with an 8" shroud. F/D is ~0.3. Originally built to hold end fed feed structures therefore there is a 3" hole at the vertex. Some still have feeds in them. You can pick out what you want, local pick up only (N. Billerica MA). $10.00 each. For more information please E-mail: NW1B

- Relays available from NW1B, SPDT and 4 pole relays. SMA connectors, some 12 VDC, 24 VDC and 28 VDC he also has various WG flanges and waveguide pieces and antenna parts. Contact Troy via E-mail: NW1B

- David Wrigley, G6GXK passed along the link for a website for amplifier ideas. Amplifier Tubes

Thanks - Rick, NU7Z nu7z@aol.com.


The planned changes in the NL are starting to be come reality. This month we have the standings back after several years of absence. The top 10 or so listing for 70 and 23 cm are shown. The full list can be found at www.hb9q.ch/database/search.htm. You can update and add information online on the site. We also have the first submission from NU7Z of the WEB/Reflector news he has gathered of interest to 432 and above NL readers.

I want to keep beating the drum for the Prague EME Conference this summer. You need to sign up, if you have not done so already at the WEB site at:

Prague EME Conference

I mentioned the SETI Conference last month. Here is the official announcement: SETICon02: The SETI League's second annual Technical Symposium has been scheduled for the weekend of 26 - 28 April 2002, at The College of New Jersey near Trenton, NJ. Papers on a variety of VHF, UHF and microwave topics are anticipated. There will also be an awards banquet, door prizes, hospitality suites, exhibits, Conference Proceedings, and more. For further information, see:

SETI Technical Conference

VE7BQH came out with a last minute request for comments on the dates for the 2002 ARRL EME Contest. Unfortunately the lead-time was too short for a respond from announcement in this NL. It does look like the dates will be the same this year as the announced Oct and Nov SWs.

Hopefully the WX will be better WW for the Feb SW as I am I looking forward to the SSB Contest. I hope to hear your SSB off the moon in Feb.

73 Al - K2UYH


22 FEB

Time     432.040

0730z  JS3ISM-KL6M
0800z  JR1RCH-KL6M
0830z  JH7PAV-KL6M
0900z  JH1XUJ-KL6M
0930z  JA2KRW-KL6M
2330z  OE3JPC-KL6M

23 FEB

Time     432.040        432.045        432.070

0000z  I5CTE -KL6M
0030z  IK0EQJ-KL6M
0100z  IK5WJD-KL6M
0130z  IK6EIW-KL6M
0500z  K7XQ  -KL6M
1230z                                RA3LE -JA6DZI
1300z                 RW3PF -KL6M    RA3LE -JJ1NNJ
1330z                 UA4NM -KL6M    RA3LE -JR9NWC
1400z                 UA6LGH-KL6M    RA3LE -JA2KRW
1430z  I5CTE -RA3LE
1500z  IK0EQJ-RA3LE
1530z  IK5WJD-RA3LE
1600z  IK6EIW-RA3LE
1630z  G3HUL -RA3LE
1700z  PA4FP -RA3LE
2100z  K9SLQ -RA3LE   W4ZRZ -DK3WG
2130z  K4EME -RA3LE   LU7DZ -DK3WG
2200z                 KO7N  -DK3WG
2230z  LU7DZ -RA3LE   VE6TA -UT3LL
2300z                 VE6TA -SK0CC
2330z                 VE6TA -K4EME

24 FEB

Time     432.040        432.045

0100z                 K5WXN -N1BUG
0130z  SP6JLW-KL6M
0200z  LU7DZ -KL6M    K5WXN -W7MEM
0230z  IN3AGI-KL6M
0300z                 G4ALH -KL6M
0330z  WB0GGM-K9SLQ   G3HUL -KL6M
0400z  W7MEM -WB0GGM

22 FEB

Time   1296.050

2330z  W5LUA -F/G8MB

23 FEB

Time   1296.050       1296.080

0000z  W5LUA -F5FEN
2200z                 W2UHI -GM0ONN
2230z  W2UHI -F/G8MB  K5JL  -GM0ONN
2300z  WA1JOF-LX1DB   W1ZX  -GM0ONN
2330z  W1ZX  -LX1DB   K0YW  -GM0ONN

25 FEB

Time   1296.080

0000z  W5LUA -GM0ONN

Pos. Callsign   Equipment               Band  Initials          Updated   
1  DL9KR                                432   768       01.02.02    
2  K2UYH 28" Dish 8938 PA               432     648     13.01.02    
3  DK3WG 16x27el LY, kW                 432     385     14.12.01    
4  SM3AKW                                       432     357     22.01.02    
5  G3LTF                                        432     353     13.01.02    
6  K0RZ                                         432     301     28.11.01    
7  JA4BLC 20'dish 2-3CX800A7s,.4dBNF432         261     01.06.30    
8  VK3UM                                        432     236           30.10.01    
9  HB9Q 15mdish 2x8874(450W).3dB NF     432     175     02.02.02    
10 G4ERG 16x10polrot2x3CX800 4dB NF 432         166           09.12.00  

Pos.    Callsign        Equipment                               Band  Initials          Updated   
  1     OE9XXI  10 m dish                               1296    276                    12.12.01
  2     K2UYH   28" Dish                                1296    197                    21.01.02    
  3     G3LTF                                                   1296  187              13.01.02    
  4     HB9BBD          10m Pb                                  1296  175              01.02.02    
  5     WD5AGO                                                  1296  170              15.12.01    
  6     SM3AKW                                                  1296  170              22.01.02    
  7     G4CCH  5.4m dish, W2IMU feed, 500W, 0.31NF1296  164                            16.12.01    
  8     ZS6AXT                                                  1296  163              09.12.00 
  9     EA6/DF5JJ 5.5m dish, 900W, 0.23dB NF, QRT       1296  148                      23.12.01    
  10    HB9Q  15m dish, TH340 (500W), 0.3dB NF  1296  110                              02.02.02    
  11    ON5RR                                                   1296  100              26.12.01    
  12    JA4BLC 20ft dish, YD1336, 0.5dB NF              1296  94                       01.06.30

Netnotes by K1RQG

This information was obtained from:Scott, KD4LT


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