MAY 1998 VOL 26 # 5


OR H 443- 3184, FAX 609-443-1713, AND EMAIL:
Allen Katz, K2UYH



David Dibley, G4RGK

HALSKESTR.35, D-12167 BERLIN, (49-30-7955467), E-Mail:

Klaus Tiedemann.


*** NA EME BBS: 704-284-4854 ***




1296 took the spot light for the 2nd month in a row due to the TM8EME tests which greatly enhanced 1296 SW activity - see below. There was also May SW activity on 903 promoted by NU7Z, see Rick's report. All this other activity took its toll on 432 where the conditions were poor (libration fading made copy difficult) and active stations few.


The TM8EME Moon tests were a great success -- F1EHN reports that in all 66 QSOs in the 3 40 minutes periods (i.e. 2 hours) of activity were made. This means better than 1 QSO every 2 minutes, which is rather unusual for EME. Among the 66 QSOs, 8 are dups. Of the 58 different calls probably not more than 53 different stations were worked. Our attempts to work additional weak stations were frustrated by QRM and attempts by larger stations to work us multiple times. We thank the big guns who were on, but did not call, and apologize to the small stations who called for a long time with no response. Just for fun, we arranged an FM contact with F1ANH for possibly the 1st ever FM QSO off the Moon. [VE7BBG and I exchanged reports on FM on 1296 EME many years ago. I believe there have been other FM exchanges as well.] Libration oddly pulsed the signal, making the audio quite strange, but we completed easily. We made audio and video recordings, which will be available at the Paris EME conference, as well as QSLs. If you do not attend the conference, please send your QSL requests to Jean Jacques MAINTOUX (F1EHN), 30 Rue de Villacoublay, 78140 VELIZY. If you pay a visit to our web pages:
EME98 WEB Page

you will find information about TM8EME activity, and the Nancay Radiotelescope.
QSO'd were on 1 May on SSB exclusively at 1632 EA6ADW (55/57), 1633 W2UHI (55/57), 1635 OZ4MM (58/59), 1636 PA3CSG (57/58), 1638 CT1DMK (56/59), 1639 HB9SV (58/59), 1640 HB9BBD (56/57), 1641 DJ9YW (54/58), 1642 F5PL (57/58), 1643 F6CGJ (58/59), 1644 LA8LF (57/57), 1645 F1ANH (58/59), 1646 SM2CEW (57/59), 1648 DD1XF (53/58), 1648 KD4LT (55/59), 1653 G3LQR (56/56), 1657 DL6YDH (56/57), 1658 HA5SHF (57/57), 1659 VE1ALQ (58/59), 1701 HA6ZB (57/57) - (same HA5SHF?), 1702 DH0OAH (57/57), 1703 VE1XYL (58/58) - (same VE1ALQ?), 1705 HA5BGL (57/57) - (same HA5SHF?), 1706 HB9CW/P (58/54), 1708 OE9XTW (59/59), 1709 HA5BIE (57/57) - (same HA5SHF?) and 1711 OH2DG (58/59), on 2 May on CW exclusively at 1723 ZS6AXT (579/599), 1723 G4CCH (549/569), 1725 ON5RR (549/569), 1727 N2IQU (589/599), 1728 DF3RU (559/579), 1730 DL8OBU (529/549), 1733 W4OP (579/589), 1735 S59DCD (569/599), 1736 OE9ERC (589/599), 1738 F5PAU (579/589), 1739 F6CGJ (599/599) dup, 1743 DJ5MN (569/559), 1746 K3HZO (559/599), 1748 OH2DG (569/579) dup, 1750 K9BCT (569/579), 1751 W2UHI 579/589 dup, 1753 KD4LT (579/599) dup, 1756 EA6ADW (569/589) dup, 1757 LA8LF (589/599) dup, 1759 WD5AGO (569/599), 1801 DK5MV (559/559) and 1803 DK0ED (569/559), and on 3 May also on CW except for one QSO on FM, at 1811 OH2AXH (569/599), 1813 G3LTF (569/589), 1814 DF4MAA (559/559), 1815 F5AQC (589/599), 1819 SM3AKW (519/589) - on QRP, 1821 G4DZU (559/569), 1823 DL0DYW (549/559), 1825 PA3DZL (529/529), 1829 IK1MTZ (529/539), 1832 DF6NA (549/559) with 1 yagi, 1834 WA9FWD (529/559), 1836 VE4MA (569/579), 1839 IK1YWB (529/539) - (same IK1MTZ?), 1845 DF3RU (579/599) dup, 1848 partial IK3COJ and 1852 F1ANH (49/49) on FM.


Shu reports on his May results -- I worked KA0RYT and N2IQUon 30 April and heard K1FO, JA5OVU and JA3IAF. On 2 May conditions were nice, and I worked K7XD for initial #116. Heard were JA9BOH, JA5OVU, JH4JLV, K1FO, NC1I, N2IQU, W7CNK, JH0YSI and DF3RU. I thought conditions were poor the next day, but QSO'd SV1BTR #117.

Bernhard writes: I just found out, that I have missed all of my 23 cm skeds on 3 May because I did not know about them at all. Sorry to all! I am interested in skeds, but I not take skeds for the next SW because I may be in London at that time. I could hear TM8EME (55) on SSB with my MICRO-MOON-array consisting of 2 70 el DJ9BV yagis. My brother, DK5MV, our UHF/SHF mechanic DF4MAA and I worked TM8EME (559/569) easily on CW using the 2 yagis with 1.5 kw at the feedpoint on 2 May. On 3 May I disconnected one of our 2 yagis. Running a SINGLE YAGI we worked them (559/549) using our club station, DL0DYW. Despite the reduced power and the single yagi, we only had to call twice to come through! This is what our group calls NANO-moonbouncing! Many many thanks to the TM8EME-crew, who did a fantastic job!

Guenter brings us up todate on his activity -- My primary interest is working contests, and there was one which paralleled the May SW. This limited my time, but on Sunday evening, I took a break from the contest and listened to the Moon with hope of picking up some additional NA stations. I just heard W7QX (529) in the QSO with DL9KR, and QSO'd DF3RU (539/539) and DL9KR (559/559). I am interested in a sked with K4QI, who I called repeatedly but I failed to QSO during the DUBUS contest. [Russ normally does not take skeds.] I am also interested in some VK and SA QSOs on 70 cm. Completing WAC this year is one of my goals. After many problems, I now have my new GS35b amp working well. You can find a brief description on my homepage:

DL4MEA Home Page

Many of the details are similar to my GS35b for 144 which is also worth a look.

Carsten writes -- I just moved to JO53. I bought a house of my own, and am thinking about returning to 432 MHz EME. I would like to get ideas on an 8938 amp for 70 cm - schematics, design proposals, etc. I have 2 tubes and a socket and could use the power supply from my 8877 2 m PA. My e-mail address is:
Carsten, DL6AU

Simon has succumbed and is now on the internet at:
Simon, G3LQR
[Why not try sending your reports by e-mail.] He had WX problem during the DUBUS/REF Contest, but was able to get on 1296 a bit in April and QSO'd
F1ANH, ZS6AXT, OZ4MM, F2TU, SM3AKW, OE9ERC, W2UHI and N6BQ. He heard G4CCH, G4DZU, HB9SUL, G3LTF, F6CGJ, SM4DHN, LA8LF, HB9DXG, K4QI and I2FGT. Simon feels he is hearing reasonably well, but that he needs more TX power. He is working on a GS90 final. He has also added a TV camera to help with tracking when the Moon is visible. Simon is looking forward to attending the Paris Conference.

Peter says he has been very busy, so not much activity -- On 2 May on 432, I worked SV1BTR for initial #328. He had a good signal despite (?) an aurora in progress at the time. On 1296 on 3 May I worked TM8EME. I measured their signal as 23 to 25 dB over noise in a 500 Hz BW. I also contacted ZS6AXT, G4CCH, K3HZO - on random before our sked for initial #138, HB9BBD and OE9ERC - these last 2 on SSB.

Dominique is now QRV with his big 10 m dish -- The 1st weekend with the new station was simply the most exiting experience since hearing echoes on 23 cm in 1993. All equipment worked FB for 3 days except the air conditioning unit which stopped late Sunday evening. The 7 kw of TX dissipation caused the temperature in the shack to quickly go to 35 deg C - something neither the tubes nor the operator appreciated! I logged on 1 May F1ANH (579/569) and on SSB (53/55), HB9SV (57/57), EA6ADW (52/55), OE9ERC (55/58), TM8EME (56/57), SM3AKW (579/589) and LA8LF (579/never rcvd), on 2 May ON5RR (549/559), JA6CZD (559/589) for initial #93 - unfortunately no SSB, DJ9YW (569/589), ZS6AXT (559/589) same - no SSB, F5PAU (589/579), G3LQR (579/579), F6CGJ (589/579) and (56/57), DD1XF (579/559) and (54/54), OH2DG (529/559) #94, DF3RU (529/569), G4CCH (529/549), S59DCD (579/579), K3HZO (529/549) #95, W2UHI (579/589), VE6TA (539/559), OE9ERC (599/579) and SSB (57/57), KD4LT (549/579) #96, N6BQ (569/579) and SSB (52/53), F1ANH SSB (56/56), ON5RR SSB (51/52), WD5AGO (539/559), OE9ERC SSB (55/55), JA6CZD (569/589), DH0OAH (539/559) #97, LX1DB (569/579), OH2DG (539/559), LX1DB SSB (57/57), F1ANH SSB (56/56), OE9ERC SSB (57/57), G3LQR (559/569), F6CGJ SSB (57/56), F5PAU SSB (55/53), SM2CEW SSB (52/55), HB9/K0YT SSB (51/55) - (guess he was HB9BHU (?), if not #98), F5AQC (579/579) and SSB (55/55), SM3AKW QRP (539/579), VE1ALQ (579/599) and SSB (54/57), WA9FWD (519/549) #98, N2IQU SSB (57/58), DJ2YW (559/54) and full SSB (51/54), PY5ZBU (549/55) #99, W2UHI (579/589), G4DZU (449/559) and G3LTF (579/569) and SSB (53/54). The extended weekend brought 7 initials to bring my total to #99. I hope everyone had as much fun as I did.

Ron had a busy weekend due to the 14 day earlier delivery of his 2nd daughter named Gina - Congratulations -- I did give WB4BKC a phone call and cancelled our 432 EME sked. I also want to report the relatively high amount of activity off the moon during the ARRL's Spring Sprint Contest, and say TNX to all there for the contacts. [Who was there?]

Marc reports -- LU8EDR, LU4DHD and myself finally QSO'd on 23 cm OE9ERC on 3 May (O/559). We were running only 15 w into our 3.6 m dish. Unfortunately, the window for TM8EME was not suitable for us, as we have a new building that blocks the Moon at low elevation angles. We are building a 60 w amplifier which combines 4 Mitsubishi hybrid amps. As soon as we have it up and running, we will be ready for additional schedules. If there are no changes in date, I hope to be at the Microwave Update Conference in CO this Oct. Information on our station can be found on my WEB page:


My e-mail address is: Marc, LU6DW

Hoppy writes -- I had 2 23 cm skeds for 3 May with 9H1ES and NP4B. Friday evening of the SW I learned that I had to fly out on business on the 3rd. I really hated missing these schedules since I've waited so long for them. I attempted to phone NP4B, but only got the machine so left a voice message. I was on for about 2 hours on 2 May. HB9BBD was "bodacious" with his new dish. We QSO'd on CW then switched to SSB even though I was still at 6 deg el! I then worked S59DCD, ZS6AXT, W2UHI, PY5ZBU (e-mail sked) - "piece of cake"!! for initial #121 and DXCC #30, ON5RR, DJ9YW, and then S59DCD once again since during our 1st QSO I was calling him HB9DCD even though I knew who he was! Must have been an old age attack once again hi. Others heard were F1ANH and OE9ERC with a very loud signal. I also heard S59DCD QSO PY5ZBU after my contact. Overall conditions seemed quite good. It was a disappointment not to have a common window with the TM8EME operations. I guess I'll have to wait until I move to the East coast! I'm sad to say I finally gave up in frustration with MSN. Please note my e-mail URL has changed to: Hoppy, N6BQ

Rick reports a very nice QSO with WB5LUA (O/419) on 902.1 - - We used 902.1 because there was less in band QRN at that time of the morning, but our tests showed we could have completed on 903.1 as well. I would be more than happy to run with any and all who wish to try 902.1/903.1. W5LUA has some time restrictions due to his work schedule, but I will be available until mid-May. At which time I will put 6 cm back in the dish. I'm ready for another update of the microwave address list. I think we are quite a ways away from having a truly accurate list again. When my computer dumped some time ago, there was no recovery process in place, and I lost all of the updates from my version 4 listing. [Rick also worked K5JL on 33 cm.]

Eino is QRV on EME in a big way after a 5 year silent period. He has completed a new 8 m f/d .5 dish with 8 x 12 sq mm mesh and a weight of 400kg. The dish was designed for the local=20 Finnish conditions of snow, ice and storms. It is composed of 24 primary ribs and 24 secondary ribs. The ribs were constructed from Aluminum and Stainless steel with steel rivets used for joints. Eino believes the dish will be useful for frequencies up to 5 GHz. He has on 432 a dual dipole feed and 500 w, on 1296 an IMU feed and 50 w, and on 2300 another IMU feed and 30 w. Eino is now available for skeds just about anytime and plans to be QRV during the SWs. Eino expresses his thanks to OZ4MM and OE9ERC for their encouragement.

Dirk's DUBUS/REF Contest results for 432 follow: 2000 NC1I (O/O), 2021 OH2PO (579 549), 2052 SM2CEW (569/559), 2115 K1FO (579/449), 2141 K4QI (549/449), 2217 VE1ALQ (O/449), 2240 G4ERG (O/O), 2305 I2COR (O/O), 0022 UR5LX (O/O), 0054 DK3WG (O/O), 1750 partial OE5EYM (569/-), 1805 OE5JFL (569/559), 1820 OE5EYM (O/O) and 2141 N4GJV (559/449) for 13x13 and a score of 16,900 in the QRP class (200 kW EIRP) 500 w at feed maxi +26 dBd gain. High winds Friday and Saturday made it impossible to raise the tower with the 16 yagi array above roof height. Dirk has a new e-mail address:
Dirk, ON5OF

Jack set up a special QRP station for the TM8EME tests to show what could be down with a small antenna. He used a single 23 el F9FT yagis (1.75 m boom) and about 150 w at the feed. The antenna was mounted on a table with a small bench vice used to hold the antenna and provide elevation control. He hear TM8EME on SSB the 1st day but did not try for a QSO with all the big guns on. The 2nd day he missed his chance due to a bad preamp - he can't explain why the preamp failed. On the 3rd day he was successful and QSO, (529/529). Jack is very pleased with his "miniature EME station".

Jimmy writes - I worked during the May SW on 432 G3LTF for initial #36, ON4KNG #37 and DXCC 16, OE5EYM #38 and 7M2PDT #39. The following stations cancelled the skeds via e-mail PY5ZBU, WA8WZG, JA5OVU and K5JL. Nil was heard from KB3PD and JA2KRW who were on frequency. I sent e-mail to confirm my skeds with DL4XX, WA4NJP, W7HAH and KL7HFQ but received no reply. I heard nothing from them on frequency. I will NOT be active on 432 for the 30/31 May SW as I will be away on a 144 MHz dxpedition.

Victor, now LY2BIG, who headed the 1st ever USSR EME QSO (on 11 May, 1979 on 432 with K2UYH) spotted the NL's WEB site. He writes -- the whole thing was a club effort (building RX, TX , Ant). I was the one who was at the UP1BZZ controls (key) during that QSO. We made some 7 other QSOs after that, before the antenna came down. It was destroyed and never rebuild. I believe (but not 100% sure) those were the only Lithuanian EME QSOs ever made. [LY has been QRV again more recently]. I'm not active these days, but am interested in the 2.4 GHz license free RF band. I am searching for a circuit or source for a simple SWR meter which could be used on this band, and wonder if anyone has any suggestions. I can be reached at tel (370-2)709-808), e-mail:
Victor, LY2BIG

Trevor who is working on an EME station asks about filters -- Since your mention in the NL, I got a reply from VK2ALU, whom I later met in person. Lyle was very helpful. I still have questions about IF & AF filtering. My IC821H has one optional cw filter. The passband width [at -6 dB] is 500 Hz compared to 2.3 kHz for the existing one. I have not ordered this filter as yet. Recently I borrowed a Timewave DSP-9 which will narrow the AF passband down to 100 Hz in various steps, however after some testing including some random CW reception this weekend off the Moon, I felt it was better without it than with! I would appreciate comments on the direction I should be going with regards to filtering? [This is a very controversial area with many different opinions. I have always used a receiver with a 2.3 kHz filter for EME reception. When I have tried filters as the DSP-9 I have not found them of no real help. (I must admit during contests when QRM is the major problem, I can see the value of a narrower filter.) Others have a very different view. Some could not operate EME without a good filter.]

Allan (QG62mp) sends the 1st of what he hopes will be many EME activity reports -- I am now QRV with 100 w (at the feed) to 4 x FO22 yagis and MGF1302 preamp. I worked on 4 April NC1I (O/M) for initial #1, on 1 May VE1ALQ (O/M) #2 and K1FO (O/M) #3, and on 2 May PA3CSG (O/M) #4 and DL9KR (O/539) #5. Since then conditions have not been too good. I have had no luck in my skeds with DL9NDD and W5ZN, having heard absolutely nothing from either of them. I would like to thank those stations I have sked with and apologize for my miserable signal, however we are not permitted to use more than 120 w at the TX end of the coax, here in VK. High power permits are not looked upon favourably in urban areas. I am keen to sked, and am available most `EME friendly' weekends, some Fridays as well. My postal address is(Allan Downie, 17 Leeson Street, Boondall, Queensland 4034, AUSTRALIA), my e-mail address is:
Allan, VK4KAZ

Warren besides his single yagi efforts on 70 cm, is about to dip his toe in 1296 EME. He asks about the polarization sense for a Helix antenna. [You want to TX on right hand and receive left hand pl. However, I do not recommend Helix antennas for EME. Besides the polarization sense reversal problem between RX and TX, on a foot per foot basis Helix's just do not have the gain of yagi. A much better choice would be a loop yagi, which can easily be adapted for circular pol with switched sense.]

Howard is just getting back into 23 cm moonbounce after a slight hiatus - see his Sept 1963 QST article (then W6UGL) -- I have a 6 m dish and am getting a few tenths dB Moon noise and 16 to 18 dB of Sun noise, so my receive is OK. I hear lots of bounced signals, too. I don't really want to get back into tubes and would like to go to power modules or FETS. I wrote JH5LUZ to get reference on his article, but have no reply as yet. Can anyone offer some suggestions? My e-mail address is:
Howard, W6HD
[Motorola has devices from which several hundred watts should be easily attainable on 23 cm. K9BCT/4 developed an amplifier using these devices, but I believe he has returned to a tube amplifier. Other stations have combined Mitsubishi power modules (15 ~ 20 w) using Wilkinson or quadrature couplers. This is a simple but expensive way to go. W2VVV is among those who have worked with these modules, but Chris is currently not QRV on 1296. It is hard to beat the old 7289 as a means to get high power on 23 cm.

Jeremy (DN14wv) expects to be QRV on 432 in the next few weeks with 8 x M^2 432cp42ug yagis modified for 25 dBd V or H pol, 800 w from 2 4CX250R's 800. He can receive in stereo (both H and V pol simultaneously) via FT1000mp's, dual stage preamps and separate feeders. Jeremy notes that he has 222 and 13 cm in the works, but that 23 cm is on the back burner. He can be reached at (J. Alexander, 502 N. 3rd, Suite 132, McCall, Idaho 83636). His tel is 208-634-4466.

Charlie has been having problems with his hi voltage and current regulator which is an old Motorola 1566L -- I can't find any more spares so I have had to find a way around the regulator and pass transistors and go to a simple way with a variac. This is the way W6NLZ did it and It works fine. I am now back on with more power than my feed line will safely handle, so am keeping the power down around 750 w. I have not been able to connect with W9IP on his program, so haven't got my hands on it yet. I hope to see all of you in Paris so long as my doctor gives me the OK.

Al worked AF1T on 902.125 MHz on 8 May at 0050. He was (M) copy and my initial #9. He is using a 12' dish and 140 w. I used my 24' dish and 300 w on 902 MHz.

John found condx up and down but generally weak on 70 cm during the SW. I'm not sure if the aurora had anything to do with it. I worked K2UYH, SM2CEW, N9AB and K7XD (M/M) on sked. He was weak. I heard him better a few hours before. Also heard were K1FO, HB9SV and W7CNK.

Ivo reports the TM8EME was a great operation -- I didn't dare to call on SSB (last time it cost me a tube, HI), but made it 1st in the pile-up on CW, quite pleased with that. I played the recordings on our Sunday bulletin and some guys did not believe that it was EME! My SW was quite good, with 2 random initials. I worked on 23 cm on 1 May EA6ADW and W2UHI, on 2 May HB9BBD (great signal), F5PAU, JA6CZD, OH2DG (very weak but later stronger), SM2CEW, N2IQU, TM8EME, S59DCD and N6BQ, and on 3 May LX1DB, F1ANH, PY5ZBU for initial #134, F5AQC, OE9ERC, HB9SV, W2UHI, K3HZO #135 (a quite unstable frequency caused problems with my 200 Hz filter) and G3LTF. To me conditions were up and down, but not bad at all. I made some mistakes in my last report with initials, but the above two brought me back to #135. The 6 cm rig is now completely finished. I only need to test the SSPA and it can go up into the feed. All cables are pulled in and need just one day of windless weather. Plus no 6 m openings, HI. As soon as I'm ready, I will announce it on MOON-NET. Since it is all open construction without waterproofing at this stage, I will have only few days for operation.

I had to leave on a business trip on Sunday which limited my Moon operation to the 2 May. As I had not window to TM8EME due to my tree blockage, I decided to operate on 432. This was a mistake as few stations were active. Signal quality was very poor. It seemed that QRZs had to be sent to just about every station worked before I could copy their call correctly. I QSO'd at 2110 WE2Y (449/449), at 2025 W7QX (459/449), 2053 DF3RU (559/559), 2116 G4RGK (549/449), 2139 KL7HFQ (449/549) and 2150 SM2CEW (559/559). I want to apologize for being behind in my QSLing. I expect to get the cards out soon.


by G4RGK

IK5WJDis working on 10 GHz EME.

K1OR was away on vacation and thus not QRV for the May SW.

KU3T, Joe worked DL9KR (569) on 2 May at 2200, but heard nil from DL9NDD on 3 May.

PA0EHG, Hans is working on 23 cm EME station consisting of a 5 m dish with a TH-308 amplifier and a 0.4 dB NF LNA. Hans planned to be on the moon with TM8EME using a 2.5 m dish.

VE6TA has a new e- mail address: VE6TA

K7XD, Derek made 5 initials over the SW, but heard nil from KL7HFQ and S52CW on sked.

DL/G4FUF is QRT antennas are down, house is up for sale. Will be in DL till July at least.

VE1ALQ is working on 5.7 GHz.

W4HHK QRV for 13 cm skeds.

W8TN is working on getting going again on 23 cm.

KB8RQ's 70 cm antennas are ready go up, waiting till WX gets better.

W5LUA visited with N2CI in NJ.

W0KJY is QRV on 70 cm with good Sun and ground noise - no echoes though.

WA9FWD is picking up new equipment - 12' dish, LA-70, TS-870, and is working on phasing lines for 70 cm array. John is operational on 23 cm.

WA8WZG will be on 903.1. 5760 is operational. Tom is also QRV on 70 cm, 23 cm, 13 cm, 6cm and 33 cm.

DL9KR is still looking for W6ZL.

K5JL worked K2DH on 33cm.

W2UHI worked TM8EME, DJ9YW and OE9ERC on 23 cm to bring him to initial #108.

VE1ALQ worked VK4KAZ (4 small yagis and 300w) on 70cm for his 2nd VK.

WE2Y worked JA5OVU and heard 7M2PDT.

AF1T is now on 33 cm with a 12' dish and 300 w PA.

K3HZO is QRV on 1296 and looking for skeds. He worked 7 stations during the SW with a 3 m dish, VE4MA feed and 200 w. He must scratch all 70 cm skeds. He is presently not active on this band.

PA3CSG worked TM8EME on 1296 and VK4KAZ on 70 cm, he needs grid square.

W7QX finally worked UA9FAD on 70.

K9BCT/4 has got a diagonal horn up on 1296, but is not happy with the results. It appears to be 1 dB down from his old feed.

WA6YDI is not ready for 70 cm skeds yet.

9H1ES is looking for 1296 skeds.

W7CS, Chuck is just about ready to go on 23 cm with a 5 m dish. He also has 4 yagis for 70 cm. His e-mail address is: Chuck, W7CS


KU3T, Joe has a 3CX800A7 PA based on the Henry amp with 700 w out (including manual) available for $800 USD including shipping in US.=20

KB2AH has a full line of cavity amps and 1, 2, 4 and 6 tube ring amps, lin/circular feed horns and LNAs for 432 and 1296. Tom also has mounting blocks for K1FO yagis. For full details see Tom's 1296 WEB page:


for more details and pricing info e-mail:
Tom, KB2AK
or phone 908-223-5067, FAX 908-223-0901 (24 hrs) or voice 908-223-8124.

W4AD is looking for info on GR1216A amplifier.

LX1DB is looking for a waveguide transfer relay for 24 GHz and a coaxial relay for 10 GHz.


We have two pieces this month.

JA4BLC, Yoshiro has sent details of a method he uses to remove GASFETs and HEMTs from microstrip boards without seriously damaging the pattern nor the device. He heats a 3-4 mm brass spacer (or nut) placed around the FET, but on the board, until the solder on the pattern melts. He then moves the nut sideways to remove the FET, see diagram at the end of this NL.

G3LTF has sends info on a simple means for improving the VSWR of IMU horns. Many stations have had difficulty achieving a good match from their IMU horns. Peter has found that by adding a thicker diameter section (sleeve) around the base of the probe, he has been able to improve his return loss by 4 to 5 dB. The dimensions that worked for him are shown at the end of this NL.

OH2DG and his new reflector


PARIS98 NEWS: Things are going quickly now. The conference is about 3 months away and there is still a lot to be done. The 1st part of registration is now closed since the end of March. The following have registered and paid at least 30 % of the conference costs: AA6IW, CT1DMK, CT1FWC, DD1XF, DF6NA, DJ6MB, DJ9BV, DK3FB, DK3WG, DL4EBY, DK4XP, DL6WU, EA3DXU, EA5GIY, F/G8MBI, F1ANH, F1EHN, F1HDD, F2TU, F3VS, F5FLN, F5HRY, F5MZN, F5PAU, F5PL, F6CGJ, F6DLA, F6HYA, G3LQR, G3LTF, G3SEK, G3TSA, G4ALH, G4CCH, G4DZU, HB9AGE, HB9BBD, HB9JAW, HB9JBL, HB9WDJ, I1ANP, I5CTE, I5TDJ, IK5WJD, K2UYH, KD4LT, NC1I, OE5JFL, OE9PMJ, ON5RR, OK1CA, OK1DFC, ON6JY, OZ4MM, PY5ZBU, RW3BP, S50X, S54X, S57UUU, SM2BYA, SM3AKW, SM6CKU, VE1ALQ, VE4MA, W1QA, W2WD, W5LUU, W7CS, W7GBI, W8TN, WA7CJO and ZS6AXT... 72 OM, 28 ladies and 5 children. The organization crew thank these people for having done the registrations and partial payments in time. Among these persons, 11 had not pre-registered. Among the pre-registered people, about 30 persons have not yet registered, and THEY HAVE NOW LOST THE BENEFIT OF THEIR PRE-REGISTRATION. But there is still some room left. Thus, the principle is now a FIFO stack: The 1st who asks and pays gets a place until there is no more room left. People who registered will receive by the 1st days of May a mail confirmation of their registration. It will include several documents, as well as few questions. It will also specify what is still to be paid before 15 June. We insist on this 2nd important date for us, as we have to do some extra payments by late June. Please remember that your articles must be sent to F5HRY as soon as possible, and before the end of May. Don't forget to specify what you need and how long you plan to talk! The WEB pages have recently been updated with your photos. Please continue to send photos (you and your antennas to F1EHN).

20 M NET: K1RQG reports that the most of the US is now on DST and by "some" agreement?? with the 2 m net, we are expected to complete our net by 1600 now. So for the time being, the "432 and above EME net" hours will be 1400-1600 on Saturdays and from 1500 or the end of the VARO net until 1600 on Sundays. This does put the "432 and above EME net" at a disadvantage as far as prorogation is concerned, however, we will adhere to these times until further notice. Joe reminds all that from the time he started running the NET (circa 1984) until recently (1995), the NET started at 1600 and finished somewhere around 1730. He notes that we may want to consider an alternate frequency, or suggest that the 2 m net consider another frequency so as not to interfere with each other.


Bad timing for the NL weekend does not seem to stop. This weekend I went to the Dayton Hamvention - what a crowd! I met a number of you there, but spent most of my time in the flea market looking for goodies. Need I say that now I am back home, there is little time to get the NL out. TNX again to G4RGK for helping with the NETNOTES. Please keep the information coming in. I shall be looking for you off the Moon during the coming SW.

73, Al, K2UYH


MAY 23

Time   432.040        432.045       

1130z  HP3XUG-W7CNK   SV1BTR-K5JL   
1200z                 SV1BTR-W7CNK  
1230z                 HP3XUG-SV1BTR 
MAY 30

Time   432.040        432.045        1296.050       5760.050      

0000z                                VE6TA -KD4LT  
0130z  VK4KAZ-N2IQU  
0200z  VK4KAZ-K1FO   
0230z  VK4KAZ-K2UYH  
0300z  VK4KAZ-KD4LT   JJ1NNJ-K7XD   
0930z  VK4KAZ-OE5JFL 
1030z                                               I6PNN -JA7BMB 
1100z                                ON5RR -JL1ZCG 
1130z                                ON5RR -JA6CZD 
1200z                                9H1ES -ON5RR  
1230z                                OK1CA -ON5RR  
1600z                                NP4B  -ON5RR  
1630z                                W3XS  -ON5RR  
1700z                                WA8WZG-ON5RR  
1730z                                WA4OFS-ON5RR  
1830z                                PY5ZBU-ON5RR  
1900z  K7XD  -DL4MEA  KU3T  -PA3CSG  K9BCT -ON5RR  
1930z  K7XD  -YO2IS   KU3T  -K5JL    WA9FWD-DJ9YW  
2000z                 KU3T  -KD4LT   KB0PYO-DJ9YW  
2030z  K7XD  -G3LTF  =20
2100z  K7XD  -W7CI                   W7BBM -DJ9YW  
2200z                 K7XC  -KD4LT   VE6TA -ON5RR  
MAY 31
Time   432.040        432.045        1296.050      
0100z                 HP3XUG-WE2Y   =20
0130z                 HP3XUG-W7CNK  =20
0330z  VK4KAZ-W7BBM  =20
1800z                                DJ5MN -PA3CSG 
1830z                                9H1ES -PA3CSG 
1900z                                EA6ADW-DJ5MN  
1930z                                LX1DB -DJ5MN  
2000z                                VE1ALQ-DJ5MN  
2030z                                KD4LT -DJ5MN  
2100z                                K2DH  -DJ5MN  
2130z  F1ANH -IK5QLO                 W2UHI -DJ5MN  

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