MAY 1996 VOL 24 #6>

ENGR DEPT., TRENTON STATE COLLEGE, TRENTON, NJ 08650-4700 (W 609-490-2817 OR H 443- 3184, FAX 609-443-1713, AND EMAIL: Allen, K2UYH.

*** NA EME BBS: 704-284-4854 ***

EME NETS: 14.345 1600 Z SAT/SUN;


EUR NET: JOE, K1RQG (207-469-3492).



Generally good reports were received for 70 cm and 23 cm and above conditions in April. EME interests in the next few weeks should focus on both the May SW and the up coming ARRL June VHF Contest. This contest is scheduled for the weekend of 8/9 June, and does not discriminate between EME and terrestrial contacts. The exchange is the short (4 character, FN20, etc.) locator (FN20, etc.) Look for activity on both 432 and 1296 during this contest. WD8ISK will be QRV on 70 cm EME from >WVa during the contest.


YL3AG, Vitauts is reported to be planning operation on 23 cm. 3V8BB is reported to be QRV on 70 cm with 200 w and 2 x 38 el yagis (1 KW soon).

Shu's report for the April NL -- I worked during the Eur contest KD4LT for initial #16, JA5OVU, K1FO #17, JA4BLC, NC1I #18, JA2KRW, JL1ZCG #19, SM4IVE #20, PA3CSG #21 and DL9KR for a score of 10x7. On 6 April I added W9QXP #22. I worked on 21 April G3SEK (O/O) for initial #23, G4RGK (M/O) #24, and on 22 April W7FN (O/O) #25. I will replace my HPA, now a 2004A with an LA-70B in the near future. I am interested in skeds.

Hoppy's April 23 cm EME activity report follows -- I still had YL1050 bias supply problems which prevented high power operation. QSO'd on 21 April were KB2AH, OH2AXH and EA6/DF5JJ. These contacts were made with 71 w at the feed (single 7289!) and my 3.7 m dish. I had fun listening to G4DZU work a number of stations on schedule. Others heard were VE1ALQ, HB9SV, KD5RO, VE4MA, WB5LUA, DF9QX and HB9BBD. The HPA bias supply problems were finally fixed AFTER the SW!! Hopefully next SW I'll be QRV with a better signal. Conditions seemed quite good even though the moon was close to apogee.

Joe's report on his recent Moon activities -- We were QRV in the 1st leg of EUR Contest on 23 cm and on 2 m. All of the equipment was installed temporarily at the site of a club mate. For 2 m a telescoping tower with 4 x 5 wl M2 yagis was mounted, and for 23 cm, we used a 3.3 m dish and 300 w. As a result of limited operating time, (we were QRV only one night, Saturday/Sunday), and sharing time between bands, only 4 contacts on 2 m and 6 QSOs on 23 were completed. We worked on 23 cm OE9XXI (559/549), OZ4MM (549/539), OH2AXH (559/549), F1ANH (O/O), SM3AKW (O/O) and F6CGJ (549/449). After removing all [low band] equipment, the next weeks were spent preparing for 3 and 6 cm operation. I build a movable double band feed system for 5 and 10 GHz. A pair of VE4MA type feeds, one for 10 GHz and one for 5 GHz are mounted together. By pulling on a string, the desired one can be located in the center of the dish. Both the relays and preamps are installed directly to the feeds. The 10 GHz system is fed by a waveguide hook from the rear of the dish. The 6 cm PA (20 w out) is mounted on the pole holding the feeds in place. We worked on 6 cm, on 23 March, SM4DHN, OE9ERC, OE9YTV, I6PNN CWNR, VE4MA CWNR and WB5LUA. On 10 GHz, 2 days before the contest, we checked everything. Echoes were pretty good and even the capability on SSB was OK. But in the morning of 23 March, just after checking the equipment, the TWTA blew up. What could we do? Give up? After the shock, I drove home to my flat and carried an old TWTA to the dish location. It took 1 hour to drive and another half hour to install the TWTA. The output was now about 7 to 8 dB lower than usual, approx. 10 to 14 w. Despite the low power, we worked the following stations: G3WDG (O/O), G4KGC (O/O), I4CHY (O/O), GM4ISM heard (O) - he heard nil from us, WA6EXV CWNR, VE7CLD heard (O) - he could identify only the existence of a signal, WA7CJO (O/O) and WB5LUA (O/O).

Herve expresses regrets that he will not be able to make it to the 96 EME Conference in Baltimore, but his wife is expecting at the end of July, and mid Aug is just too soon for such a trip. He repeats that his group is still very interested in hosting the 1998 conference in France, but is concerned that they will be represented. [F5FLN is definitely planning to attend the conference.]

Doug had a good SW -- Everything worked OK, hi. Sun noise was the lowest I've seen it, that is without having RX problems. The Solar Flux was only 68 - the lowest I've experienced. On 13 April, with the moon near perigee, I QSO'd on skid AA4TJ. No other stations were heard, but as you'd expect echoes were good. On 20 April, I QSO'd N2IQU (559/439), HB9BBD on sked for initial #17 and OH2AXH (559/539). Heard were EA6/DF5JJ and KB2AH. On the 21st, I added (all skeds) OK1KIR (O/O), partial K3EAV (O/nc), nil VE4MA - no window, KD5RO (O/O), WB5LUA (O/O), and QSO'd on random HB9SV (449/559). I heard other stations trying to 'tail end', but I had to keep tending to our 4 year old son with a game on the PC. This was the 1st time I've tried using my MFJ 784 DSP filter in real anger. I do prefer 2 KHz bandwidth and let my ears do the work. But when the signals get weak, I agree with Jorge, EA2LU, that it's good when the bandwidth is screwed right down, as it doesn't ring as much as some of the other filters. But at 30 Hz bandwidth, the CW needs to be slow so that the dots don't merge. I did found that my echoes were the strongest on Saturday 20 April. I'm now up to #21 initial on 23 cm. My E- mail address is: Doug, G4DZU

Keith writes -- I've been QRV again on 432 EME for a couple of months, running 4x8 wl yagis with full el and a 3CX1500 PA. I have added 51 initials in the last 4 weeks with all but 3 on random. I'm looking for skeds, and am particularly interested in SA and VK. Please no sked from 2300 to 1300, if possible, as I have some TVI problems. Weekend and weekday sked are OK.

Stu was QRV on 13 cm during the April SW on both Saturday and Sunday. Unfortunately he found 2300 had the post contest blues! The only signals heard were his own echoes. The 2304/2320/2424 did not help. Stu continues work on his 10 GHz dish. If performance is not satisfactory, he will use the dish for C-band TVRO and Oscar phase 3. Stu expects to be QRV on 70 cm for the May SW.

Tokuichi's had good results during the April SW. He worked on 20 April W7FN (449/439) for initial #90, N4GJV (559/449), K1FO (559/559), JA4BLC (539/439) and JA9BOH (449/O) - heard were WA4NJP, who answered JA9BOH's CQ, and on 21 April K5GW (549/549), KA0RYT (O/O), JS3SIM (O/O), W7HAH (539/529), DF3RU (449/559) and PA3CSG (449/449) - heard were JA3IAF and JA6XED. Tokuichi"s on e- mail and can be reached at JA2KRW

Yoshiro's results -- During the 2nd weekend of the EUR/DUBUS EME contest, on 432, I worked W9QXP, KA0RYT for initial #229, 7M2PDT, SM3AKW, JL1ZCG, DK3WG, K1FO, JA5OVU, N4GJV, K5AZU (nice to work again after ten years), K2UYH, NC1I, W7HAH, UR5LX, 9M2BV, SM4IVE, PA3CSG and DL8OBU. Propagation on 432 was complex. I operated mostly with pol TX-V and RX-H. On 2304/2424, I worked WB5LUA (449/449), W4HHK (O/O), WB5LUA on SSB (44/33), OE9ERC (569/579), OE9ERC on SSB (56/57), OE9XXI (559/569), JH3EAO (M/449), OE9ERC (559/559) and OZ4MM (549/449). Heard were OH2AXH (559), F1ANH (339), HB9SV (439), OK1KIR (339) and GW3XYW (339). I worked on 20/21 April, on 432, K1FO, JA5OVU, JA2KRW, JA3IAF, G3SEK, JA9BOH, G4FUF #230 and W7HAH, on 1296, OH2AXH (569/549) and EA6/DF5JJ (549/449), and on 2304/2424, W4HHK (449/O). I conducted a test with JA6CZD. Shichiro was able to received my 2424 MHz moon signals (M) after a few trials.

Kimio reports on the JA EME Conference -- The 4th JA-EME meeting was held on 27-28 April at Hekinan-city near Nagoya. About 43 active EMEers attended. I compiled the proceedings for the meeting. It is not a true proceedings, but the compilation of station documents. It also contains some drafts of technical talks presented at the meeting. [It's very impressive with lot's of technical info. Unfortunately most of it is in Japanese - I need to improve my ability to read Japanese.] I will use this information to correct any EME Directory errors, and as a source of technical topics for the NL. I was also active during the April SW on 432 and worked on 19 April at 2318 K1FO (569/449), 2329 JA5OVU (459/539) - then off until 0800, on 20 April at 0813 JA2KRW (449/O), 0828 G3SEK (339/449), 0842 JA4BLC (449/549), 0905 G4FUF (O/O) for initial #259, 2332 K5GW (569/569) and 2343 JR9NWC (M/M) - heard was HB9SV (569), on 21 April at 0035 NC1I (449/559), 0053 JA3IAF (339/449), 0907 DF3RU (549/539) and 0949 PA3CSG (449/549) - heard were W7HAH (O) and JA6XED (339), and on 22 April at 0020 W2CRS (O/O) #260 for 13 stations including 2 initials. I am to DXCC 45 and WAS 40.

Dave's Activity Report -- I was able to operate on Sunday of the April SW. After suffering some wind damage in March, I wasn't sure how long it would be before things were operational again. High winds had caused the bolts which pin the azimuth rotor and the main shaft to break, allowing the dish to free-wheel in the wind - (these were Grade 8 bolts, so the winds were serious). The spinning wound all the cables up, breaking them. The preamp cover (a plastic trash bag) also got shredded by the wind. The loss of all the coaxes and control lines prevented me from lowering the dish to re-cover the preamp, which was exposed and getting wet. Well, to make a long story short, the WX was good enough on the Saturday of the SW to fix it all, which I did and got everything checked out in time to be on Sunday. I worked OH2AXH (549/539), G4DZU (O/O) #70, DF9QX (539/439), EA6/DF5JJ (449/339), VE4MA (449/349), HB9SV (579/559), F1ANH (569/549) and VE1ALQ (549/449). NIL was heard in a sked with G4CCH. I plan to operate one more SW (May) on 23 cm, then take a break to move up to 13 cm. The big news is that I have my Varian VA-802B klystron operational on 2304 and making BIG Watts! I don't know why it took me so long to get this thing going- the biggest challenge was building a BIG power supply. With 20 mw in, the klystron is putting out 350-400 w. With the increased activity on 13 cm, I'll be putting in some time there for a while - I will advise when I'm ready for 13 cm skeds, probably the June SW. The 13 cm station (subject to change of course) will be: the VA- 802, 5.5 m dish with VE4MA feed and Narda hybrid coupler, Avantek 36077 PHEMT preamp, and SSB Electronics transverter. I won't immediately be able to listen on 2320 or 2424, but will be able to do so later this year. What this means in the big picture is that the 100 w TWT I've been using on 2304 for years will be moved up to 3456, so I will be on that band this year, as well.

Willie has joined the ranks of the e-mail users, his address is AIRPORAD.@PT.LU and he writes -- I am working on 10 GHz EME. RX and TX are now OK. Power is 10 w at the feed with an all transistor PA. There is the possibility of going to 20 w with a hybrid and a 2nd amp. The dish is 4 m. On RX, I have a 1 dB NF at this time. I checked out my 10 m dish on 3 cm, but the results were not encouraging. I expect to begin tests with the 4 m dish in June or July.

Frank has been able to spend a bit more time operating since the Eur Contest. He has logged the following QSOs: on 26 March at 0210 JA9BOH (559/449), on 27 March at 0145 KA0RYT (559/549), on 29 March at 2320 W9QXP (549/449) and 2344 VE6TA (439/559), on 30 March at 0237 N9AB (569/559), 0250 WE7P (339/449), 2030 DF3RU (549/59), 2037 HB9SV (569/579), 2044 OM1TL (439/559), 2125 PY5ZBU (539/559), 2135 EA3DXU (539/549), 2142 UA6LGH (549/559), 2150 I5CTE (559/449), 2345 K5JL (569/569), on 31 March at 0005 W9QXP (559/549) and 0018 WI7Z (439/559), on 20 April at 1640 WB6IMC (549/569), 1650 DF3RU (569/579), 1700 OK1KIR (549/559), 1715 UR5LX (579/579), on 21 April at 0010 JA5OVU (569/569), 0032 JA9BOH (559/559), 0042 JS3SIM (539/559) and 1517 W2CRS (439/559), on 27 April at 0318 N4PZ (O/O), and on 28 April W9QXP (439/339) and 0156 W2CRS (549/549). May will be an very busy month for Frank and his operating time will be extremely limited. However he will be active during the ARRL June VHF Contest on 9 June and would greatly appreciate exchanging grids with other EME stations.


Danny is working on 3 cm EME and observes that many stations are looking for HPA for this band -- The timing seems right to start working on an SSPA for 10 GHz. Who would be interested ? I will do the design work and produce either a kit or a ready made unit. How much power do we want or rather how much can we afford? A 10 or 20 w amplifier seems realistic. I'll go after prices and figure out the most economical way. Send feedback to: ON4AOD . It will be appreciated.

Paul is now living in San Diego, CA and writes -- My new address is 5021 Via Papel, San Diego, CA 92122; Phone/fax at home (619) 623 9693, at work (619) 535 9505 ext 2035 and Fax at work 535 8206. My e-mail address is: Paul, SM0PYP . There are many things which I have to arrange in a short time. I do not know when I can be QRV, but I plan to start on 10 GHz. I need to find or make a 2.5-3 m dish, and locate 30-50 w TWTA. All my things (with EME equipment, dish and 144 MHz yagis) should arrive soon.

Darrell says lot's has sure happened since his last report -- Around mid March, we had 3 days of very, very strong wind that caused power surges on the line as the result of falling trees. This wind storm took down all of my VHF/UHF yagis... 11 of them all together on 3 different towers. The power surges took out two computer power supplies and two monitors, plus a couple of SO CALLED surge power protected power bars, these were not cheep ones either... So all beware, you may not be as well protected as you think. My shack smelt as if everything had burned, no smoke just a very strong odor. After I replaced and repaired everything, except one monitor, I discovered all the odor was from the power-bars - what a mess inside of them, every RFI suppresser and Varistor was blown to bits. As I said earlier, these were not cheap power bars, so EMEer's beware. The feed on my dish was also twisted around approx 20 degs. The dish feed was corrected and 2 of the 11 antennas are back up and running. I hope to have the new dual (70 cm & 23 cm) feed installed before the May SW. I have 6 initials to report on 1296 as follows: G4DZU (329/549), DD1XF (429/449), WA4NJP (329/559), WA7BBM (419/559) - I like to hear John's 40' dish with something stronger than 20 w at the feed, SM5DGX (449/559) - thanks to Lars, SM5DCX for his phone call to DXG, K9BCT (M/O) - Randy had only 75 w, and KB3PD (O/O). Nil was heard on the rest of my skeds. This brings my total to initial #66. I found libration a problem again this weekend on moon rise, but it seemed to settle down as the moon started to decline in el.

Doug writes -- I found some midweek 432 activity last night, 5 April. I called and worked KA0RYT for initial #67 and my 1st initial since Jan '94. This was follower by N4PZ #68 and VE6TA #69 - Grant called me on phone saying he was hearing me well. Also heard and called was WB6IMC, but my brick was intermittent for some reason. [During the April SW Doug worked N4GJV, KD4LT, WA4NJP #70, NC1I #71, K5GW #72, DF3RU #73, PA3CSG #74, UR5LX #75 and PY5ZBU #76.] I am using the same 41 el, 14 wl M2 antennas that I used back in 1993-94. My 1994 experiment of placing the four antennas on top of a 40' tower was a failure because of too much wind. I concentrated on 144 EME in 1994 and 1995. My 432 antennas are now on a 12' tower near my house. This blocks the west wind, but prevents me from operation on a setting moon, because the antennas hit the house roof or another tower when aimed west. My 1st 66 initials were worked with a 700 w PA. I am now using a Lunar Link amp at 1500 w out, and hear my echoes well. I am available for skeds, and expect to be active many weekdays and weekends.


Charlie's attention was diverted by health problem during the past 2 years. First he had a bout with cancer and then gland problems. He lost 18 pounds and was very weak. He is now cancer free and slowly recovering, but does not feel yet ready to make the trip to this summer's EME conference. He is, however, back in the ham shack. In March he was on 432 for the 1st time in a year and made initials with W9QXP and WB6IMC. He has also been active on 1296. Although his 5 and 10 GHz projects have fallen behind schedule, now that he is feeling better, he hopes to be QRV on these bands before too long. In response to DL9KR query concerning W6ABN, Charlie writes that Stan was active on Oscar, but has also had some health problems. He is now living with his granddaughter in Sherman Oaks, CA. He is OK now, but weak. Charlie hopes to hear Stan back on the Satellite some time soon.

Shep was active during the Eur contest on 432 -- I did not hear any Europeans, but did work the following stations: KD4LT, JA5OVU, K1FO, NC1I, W7FN, JA2KRW, N4GJV, K5AZU, JO3SBC, JL1ZCG, JR9NWC and JA4BLC. I am working on getting on 1296. I have a 12' dish, 2 1296 preamps, a 250 w PA and a feed horn coming from KB2AH. I expect to be operational by late summer. My e-mail address is: Shep, W7HAH

John is QRV on 70 cm from MN (EN34) and active when time permits. New stations worked since he become active again are DL3BWW, K0RZ, OH2PO, K5GW, W7CI, W9QXP, WA4NJP and W0KJY for initial #41. He recently heard, but did not QSO W2CRS, K5AZU, WA7BBM, JA9BOH, JA5OVU, KB8ZW, G3SEK and KA0RYT. John is also making progress on getting on 1296. He indicates his agreement with KD5RO's comments concerning QSLs, and notes that he may be slow, but that he does QSL. John is interested in skeds and can be reached via e-mail at: WB0GGM or Scott, KA0JWC relays the messages to him.


Terry writes about plans to put WVa on 432 during the ARRL's June VHF Contest -- The Grid Pirates are planning a large multiop contest effort from EM98 in WVa for June. In our plans is 8-19 element RIWs' off the moon with 1500 w on 432. I have a couple of questions since I've been away from EME for several years. Would it be better for us to set up skeds or just set a TX/RX freq and have at it? [I would us a mixture of both. Skeds on your operating freq, listen 5 KHz off for random calls when the sked station is not heard.] If we use skeds, is 15 minutes enough even though we won't have polarity control? [Polarity changes very slowly on 432. Generally the 30 min sked periods used on 70 cm is not long enough to see a significant change in Faraday. I would stick with 30 min periods, if possible.] Also, how successful do you think we'll be getting people to send their grid instead of a TMO report? [Most stations are familiar with grid squares and have participated in ARRL contests. Send GGGGG... repeatedly to request a grid square.] We want to give people WVa, but we want to be able to count these contacts during the contest, for which we need the grid as the exchange.


Al's April report follows -- On 3 March, I worked on 2304, HB9SV (449/549) for initial #31 and W4HHK (449/459) for our QSO number 27 and OH2AXH (549/M) #32, and on 23/24 March W4HHK (449/459), JA4BLC (449/449) and on SSB (44/33), JH3AEO (339/449) and F2TU (339/549). On 10368, I worked WA7CJO (559/459), F6KSX (O/O) and DJ7FJ (O/O). On 5760, I worked OE9ERC (449/449), OE9YTV (559/539) and DJ7FJ (O/O) for initial #7. On 30 March, on 1296, I worked W2UHI (549/449), but missed my skeds with F5PAU, DJ9YW and G4DZU because of very common severe spring thunderstorms. I need reskeds with F5PAU and DJ9YW. On 1296 I worked on 27 April JH5LUZ (449/559) for initial #123, SM5DGX (339/439) #124, G4DZU (O/O) #125, KB2AH (55/54) on SSB and EA6/DF5JJ (559/569), and on 27 April WA7BBM O/O #126 - John was running 20 w to his 12 m dish. I think that having 1296 skeds on Saturday and 2304 skeds on Friday works out well, but what about skeds on 5760 and 10368? Judging by the number of no-shows, something else needs to be worked out. What would work best? Does there need to be a weekend or two weekends set aside every couple of months where everyone that has equipment would get on. My life is very busy, as are most, and I like to take maximum advantage of my time on the radio. Any thoughts?


S59DCD QSO'd 30 March VE1ALQ.

W2UHI added only one initial on 23 cm during the contest. Frank is working on a new larger (18') dish.

KA0RYT has a new LNA in operation.

WB7QBS is coming on 70 cm EME soon from Sunnyside, WA (CN96).

W7FN QSO'd W6JKV on 70 cm. Don plans to attend the EME Conf.

VE4MA is working on 10 Ghz.

AA4TJ worked EA6/DF5JJ.

K9BCT/4 was active on both 70 & 23 cm in April, and is working toward 10 Ghz.

K6HXW is not QRV at present. His antennas are on the ground.

W0KJY worked VE6TA & WB6IMC on 432.

VE6TA worked during the April SW W9QXP, W2CRS and W0KJY for an initial.

W6PO's e-mail address is: W6PO

PY5ZBU will be active during the May SW and is looking for 432 skeds.

DL8YHR is QRV with 200 w and 2 x 38 el yagis (1 KW soon) on 70 cm from 3V8BB.

KB2AH reports that 8829s or Y667s work exceptionally well in his single tube 1296 amp. They provide more than 175 w without pushing. He recommends 1800 volts on the plate.


G3SEK, Editor, 'The VHF/UHF DX Book' and 'In Practice' columnist for RadCom (RSGB) is Professionally available through IFW Technical Services for Clear technical English - anywhere.

NL7F is looking for a prop pitch motor large enough to turn a 12' TVRO dish and small enough to fit inside Rhon 25 tower. He is also looking for an ICOM IC-1275 23 cm rig in good working order. Bill can be reached via e-mail at NF7F

W2CRS has for sale an ARCOS 432 amp which runs 700-800 w.

DJ9YW needs help locating data on the USA SHF tetrode, 7649. He needs info on anode, grid 1 and 2, heater, etc. Contact Helnrich at tel +49- 5155/8404 or FAX /8007.

W1SJS has a complete 70 cm K2TKN 7650 cavity amplifier with a brand new 7650 for sale. He also has all the pieces for the 23 cm UPX 6 tube ring amp, a 2 x 7289 amp, and a 2 m plumbers delight available. Contact A.G. Courchene, RR1, Pittsburg, NH 03592.

K4PKV plans to move to new home QTH in the not to distant future. There is no room for the massive antennas which now occupy his back yard. Available for sale are 16 DL9KR Yagis with stacking frame for 432 EME, an additional frame for 8 long yagis (a la F9FT), 4 Cushcraft 3219 antennas and stacking frame and harness, sundry tower sections, some with rotors. 16' polar mounted dish with surface for 4.2 GHz, .25" mesh, aluminum construction. 220 MHz yagis for EME or whatever. All are priced to make it easy for someone to enter the wonderful field of EME. Pick up only from our rural NC location near Winston Salem. QTH is also available - 8 Acres, 2400 Sq Ft home VERY isolated, purchased primarily for its location. Home is contemporary A frame with country atmosphere and modern conveniences, .5 mile driveway, Purchase the house, get all the antennas free (even the tropo system). COAX for sale: 250' new 1 5/8 heliax with connectors on spool, $500, you pick up. He says "NO OFFERS REFUSED, we are interested in moving this stuff, and getting out to our new QTH." Tel 704-634-9499 during the day, 704-634-3751 at night.

SM0PYP, Paul is looking for a solid dish of about 2.4 m dia ('8) for 10 GHz. Can anybody from the W6 area help him? His e-mail is SM0PYP See Paul's report for his address and telephone numbers.

KB2AH is producing VE4MA like 1296 feeds with built-in IMU type circular polarizer. He also has a complete line of 1296 HPAs (6, 4, 2 or 1 x 7289) available, and a new 13 cm design coming up soon.


The ARI has announced the `96 Italian EME Contest for the weekend of 31 Aug/1 Sept. The rules are at the end of this NL. The 432 results for the `95 contest are also included.

The new EME Directories are all out. DL4EBY and company deserve Kudos for a job well done... but Klaus has not stopped there, and has begun work on the next directory. Get your correction forms in!

The G telephone numbers in the EME Directory are incorrect! Since April 1995, all G telephone numbers have a 1 inserted at the beginning (after 44-). For example, G3SEK is 44-1235-531559. This change needs to be made to all the G numbers except for the following, which are already correct: G0GMS, G0RUZ, G3LTF, G4CVI, G4DZU. [Thanks G3SEK for catching this glitch.]

It's time to get your registration forms in for the 96 EME Conference - that is if you have not done so already.
This is one conference which you will not want to miss! A registration form is included at the end of this NL. More Technical Papers are desired for printing in the EME Conference Processings. (Camera ready is a must for printing).
Send all Technical Papers to Bill Lakatosh, AA4TJ, 735 Yorkshire Rd., Earlysville, VA 22936, 804 978 4853, Email wlakatos@nrao.edu; Deadline: July 1, 1996.
Slides of EME Stations are also wanted for the Conference Slide Show, 10 slides maximum, EME Shack, special EME equipment, Antennas/Dish, etc. Please send Slides & 1 page explaination to Willie W1ZX.

Tentative Conference speakers are:

  • Marko Cebokli, S56UUU, TWT Power Supplies;
  • Billy Lunt, KR1R, ARRL: ARRL Int'l EME Contest;
  • Chuck MacCluer, W8MQW: DSP Filters;
  • Al Ward, WB5LUA;
  • Barry Malowaanchuk, VE4MA;
  • Jim Vogler, WA7CJO;
  • Tommy Dinyovsky, KB2AH: Construction of 1296 Mhz & above Power Amplifiers;
  • Paul Comimski, SM0PYP: 1296 Mhz.Dish Antenna Feeds;
  • Dave Hallidy, KD5RO: Getting Started in EME, New EME Operators;
  • Steve Powlishen, K1FO;
  • Frank Potts, NC1I: Construction of 48 yagi array;
  • Harry Price, K3HZO:NEW approach in rotating polarization, 432 Mhz, 8 Yagi array;
  • Jim King, W5LUU, Moon Future EME Conditions.

    Saturday Evening Dinner & EME Speaker, (Vic Michael, W3SDZ).
    EME Forum: K1RQG, Chairman, DL4EBY, KD4LT and K5JL.

    For more info contact Willie, W1ZX at 301 645 5584 between 0100-0330, FAX 301 645 6853 24 hrs, Email: Willie Mank, W1ZX, 7620 Bensville Rd., Waldorf, MD 20603. Please keep the info coming to this NL too. More technical material is needed.

    I was not active during the April SW because of my involvement (as director) with the Trenton Computer Festival - its was our 21st year. I plan to be QRV on 432 and 1296 in May and will be looking for all of you off the moon then. 73, Al - K2UYH

    Sked requests for 25 MAY
    time    432.040         432.045         432.055         432.070         1296.050        2304.050        
    0030   W0KJY  - HP3XUG                                                                                 
    0300                                                                                   JA8ERE - WB5LUA 
    0330   JA9BOH - WB6IMC                                 7M2PDT - K2UYH  JH5LUZ - VE1ALQ                 
    0400   JA9BOH - W8MQW                                  7M2PDT - N4GJV                                  
    1230                                                                   ZS6AXT - JR4AEP                 
    1300   DL8YHR - UR5LX                  OZ4MM  - UA4API G4FUF  - JA2JRJ ZS6AXT - JH5LUZ                 
    1330   G4FUF  - UA6LGH DL4KG  - UR5LX                                  S59DCD - ZS6AXT                 
    1400   G4FUF  - UT5DL                                                                                  
    1430                                                                   G4DZU  - ZS6AXT                 
    1630   G4FUF  - 9M2BV                                                                                  
    1900                                                                 # KD4LT  - ZS6AXT                 
    1930   DK3WG  - KA0RYT DL0UL  - UR5LX                                                                  
    2000   DK3WG  - N4PZ   WA4NJP - G4FUF                                                                  
    2030   DK3WG  - K5GW   K3EAV  - G4FUF  W0KJY  - K3HZO                                  W4HHK  - DF3RU  
    2100   DK3WG  - VE6TA  K9KFR  - G4FUF  W0KJY  - KA0RYT                                                 
    2130   DK3WG  - WE7P   W7GBI  - G4FUF  W0KJY  - K5GW                                   WB5LUA - G3LQR  
    2200   WE7P   - K2UYH  W7FN   - G4FUF  W0KJY  - K5AZU                                                  
    2230   W7HAH  - EA3UM  W9QXP  - G4FUF  WB6IMC - K2UYH                                                  
    2300                   W0KJY  - G4FUF                                                                  
    Sked requests for 26 MAY
    Time    1296.050        1296.075        2304.025        
    0030   W4RDI  - VE1ALQ                                 
    0400   JA8ERE - WB5LUA JR4AEP - VE1ALQ                 
    0430   JR4AEP - WB5LUA                                 
    1700                                   SM3AKW - OZ4MM  
    1730                                   SM3AKW - F2TU   
    1800                                   SM3AKW - DL9EBL 
    1830                                   SM3AKW - LX1DB  
    1900                                   SM3AKW - CQ     
    1930                                   SM3AKW - CQ     
    2000                   KD5RO  - S59DCD SM3AKW - W4HHK  
    2030   VE1ALQ - S59DCD KD5RO  - F5PAU  SM3AKW - VE4MA  
    2100   VE1ALQ - OE5JFL KD5RO  - DF3RU  SM3AKW - W7GBI  
    2130   WB5LUA - F5PAU  KD5RO  - IK3COJ                 
    2200   WB5LUA - DJ9YW  N7ART  - KD5RO                  
    2230   WB5LUA - S59DCD WA7BBM - K2UYH                  
    2300   S59DCD - K2UYH

    More on 1996 EME Conference, updated May 1996.

    This information was obtained from: Scott, KD4LT

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    For comments and corrections: Rein, W6/PA0ZN