AUGEST 1998 VOL 26 # 9


OR H 443- 3184, FAX 609-443-1713, AND EMAIL:
Allen Katz, K2UYH


HALSKESTR.35, D-12167 BERLIN, (49-30-7955467), E-Mail:

Klaus Tiedemann.


*** NA EME BBS: 704-284-4854 ***




Reports are good for both 70 and 23 cm, but 1296 activity was something else. Some stations report "contest like" activity. There is no question that plenty of BIG signals were present during the SW. I am at a loss to explain the high activi- ty. Summer time usually is a time of low turnout, but not this weekend. Possibly there is a connection with the up coming Paris EME Conference. 10 GHz also produced a spurt of activity. This activity is documented in the Netnews more than actual NL re- ports. I hope this is not indicative of a trend, and that sta- tions will take the time to submit the more detailed reports needed for the NL.


K8GP is looking for skeds during the September 1998 ARRL VHF contest. They will be operating 432 EME from Spruce Knob, WV in FM08. They will accept skeds during the hours of 0500 to 1100 on 13 Sept, and run 15 min skeds with 2 m 2 minute sequencing. The exchange is your grid square. If signals are strong enough they will break sequence and complete the contact. The station will consist of 8 X FO22 yagis, 1500 w from an 8938 PA and a .4 dB NF MGF1302 LNA. Contact Jim K3LFO to set up skeds. His e-mail address is:

Jim, K3LFO

and his work phone is (800)288-5086 x18. Leave a voice mail if there is no answer.

Luis writes -- I was not active in the May and June SW's. In April I worked on 23 cm during the REF/DUBUS Contest the usual stations plus VE9DX, OK1CA, DD0SB and HB9DGX. On 1 May I added TM8EME on SSB with excellent signals. I am now up to initial #66 on 1296. I've now changed feeds to 10 GHz. I have also made a revision to my local oscillator to fix a frequency drift problem. My latest check on 10 GHz gave me 16.5 dB of Sun noise and 1.8 dB of Moon noise, a little bit less than last time. I think the near 40 Celsius outside may have some impact on the system performance - Hi. It has on me!!! On 19 June I ran skeds with PE1KHX/PA3CSG and with VE4MA, but I was about 100 kHz low in frequency. I only noticed this after I heard W5LUA. I worked W5LUA (M/O) but had no luck with CSG and MA. PE1KHX was heard well, but I could not find him easily from period to period. (I probably still have a drift problem.) VE4MA was heard during a few periods, but no report and then I lost the moon. One week later, I tried again and made easy QSOs with PE1KHX (M/M), PA3CSG (M/M), and after the 20 m Saturday net, VE4MA (M/M). I am now at initial #9 on 10 GHz... waiting to make #10 soon. Nothing was heard on my 26 July sked with NU7Z - my 1st attempt with Rick. Some months ago I received a readable signal, but we didn't complete. I will be taking my S.M. TWT power supply to show in Paris. I have now made the final adjustments and it is working OK. I think some folks are interested to see it. I will also take my log, QSL cards and photos, for 'a la minute' QSLing. Hope to see you all there.

Guenter (JN49) is now QRV on 23 cm as well as 70 cm EME. On 1296 he has 6 m dish and 600 w. Sun noise is 19 dB at flux 120. He worked in July F6CGJ (55/44) on SSB, DF9QX, OZ6OL, W2UHI, LA8LF, DJ9YW and OE9XXI on SSB.

Heinrich was QRV on 23 cm during the SW and worked on 18 July HB9BBD on SSB, N6BQ and W7CS, on 25 July DD1XF, DF4PV and WA9FWD, and on 26 July DF4PV, DL6YDH and OZ6OL. Heinrich has a new e-mail address:
Heinrich, DJ9YW

Peter is very much alive on EME -- Since my March return to Mallorca I have added the following new call signs on 1296: VE9DX (same as VE1ALQ), I2FGT, HB9SUL, TM8EME, DF4PV (his #1 with only a 3.7 m and 70 w), K3HZO, OZ6OL, HA5SHF for the 1st EA6/HA - on lin pol, PY5ZBU for the 1st EA6/PY and DXCC 31 and W6HD for initial #137. I am QRV on 1296 for skeds at +34-971-534498 tel/fax. (This is a new number with an additional "9" to "971"!!!.) E-mail is:
Peter, EA6ADW

Michael writes -- No activity to report, in fact I have not been active on EME this year due to antenna damage last winter. The antennas are now down and rebuilding is underway. I hope to be QRV on 432 again by next spring.

Csaba's last activity weekend results on 1296 were as follows: On 17 July DJ9YW (O/O), W7CS nil, W7GBI nil - Charlie wrote that he had HV supply problems, SM2CEW (O/M) and N6BQ partial (M/T), on 18 July DJ9YW (O/O), HB9BBD (559/419), LX1DB (O/O), PY5ZBU nil - Don wrote El Ninho, K2UYH (O/O), K3HZO nil, KB2AH (559/529) -random and N6BQ partial (M/-), and on 19 July JA6CZD partial (O/-), ON5RR partial (M/-), JH5LUZ partial (M/-), LA8LF partial (M/-), partial DJ9YW (O/-), PY5ZBU nil, K2UYH nil - [we already QSO'd], K4QI partial (M/-) and K5JL (559/M). They now have a new circular pol feed, which they will try next time.

Dominique's log reads -- On 10 May 9H1ES (419/569) for initial #101, on 30 May OZ6OL (559/569) #102, ON5RR (569/569), partial JR9???, JA6CZD (569/589), DF4PV (529/569) #103, OZ4MM (56/57) on SSB, partial JA9??, JH5LUZ (579/599) and (54/56) SSB, ON5RR on QRP (529/569), G3LQR (549/579) and DF4PV (519/569), on 31 May OZ6OL (52/56) on SSB, OK1DFC (539/559), DJ9YW (569/589), DJ9YW (52/56) on SSB, JR9NWC (429/559) #104 - guess he was the JA9? that called before, ZS6AXT (569/589), OH2DG (549/579), DF3RU (539/579), K9BCT (529/579) #105, K2UYH (579/579) and (54/54) on SSB, N6BQ (579/559), K4QI (569/579) and PY5ZBU (559/579), on 28 June OH2DG (569/569), SM2CEW (569/55) on SSB, DF9QX (52/56) on SSB, F1ANH (55/56) on SSB, LA8LF (579/589), LA8LF (56/56) on SSB, OZ6OL (52/55) on SSB, W2UHI (559/579) and on SSB (52/55), DJ9YW (559/569), K5JL (57/57) on SSB and K2DH (559/579) #106 and on SSB (559/579), on 18 July OZ6OL (559/579), DJ9YW (55/57) on SSB, SM2CEW (579/589), HA8SHF (419/519) #107, DF3RF (529/559) #108 - thought it was DF3RU at 1st, then checked again and again and it remained "RF", K3HZO (539/559), N6BQ (559/549) - through Hoppy's neighbor’s trees (copper nails might solve the problem for next year...), W7CS (539/569) #109, W2UHI (579/579), K5JL (589/579), VE1ALQ (579/589) and SSB (56/57) and K2UYH (56/57) on SSB, on 19 July JA8ERE (539/O) #110, JA6CZD (569/589), ON5RR (529/559) and on SSB (49/59) - Mark was using only 50 w, OE9ERC (57/57) on SSB, S59DCD (54/56) on SSB, OZ6OL (55/57) on SSB, SM2CEW (569/569), HB9SV (589/589) - Rico's mike was not available, G3LQR (569/579), VE1ALQ (579/599), SM2CEW (54/55) on SSB, LA8LF (56/56) on SSB, F2TU (55/55) on SSB, VE6TA (529/559, K5JL (589/589) and (58/58) on SSB, W8WZG (539/599) #111, W2UHI (569/579) and OK1KIR (559/569). I was in Dayton and spent most of the time in the heat looking for test gear and so forth. I also took a cavity as hand baggage to Bill, W4TJ, and hope to hear him off the Moon on 23 cm with a big signal soon!

Alberto di Bene writes that on his WEB page:

Alberto di Bene, I2PHD

you can find the program HAMVIEW which he wrote with IK2CZL. This program is meant for EME use. It is functionally similar to the excellent FFTDSP program by AF9Y, but it is free, and has some extra features, as real-time filtering of CW signals. It uses the Sound Blaster in full-duplex mode, an IIR CW filter, an LMS denoiser, etc. Alberto invites EMEers to use the program and would appreciate comments.

Andrea reports on his July SW results -- I found nice 70 cm conditions for EU and JA, but not so good to the US, with rapid pol changes. I reached my initial 30 with 2 yagis which is more than I expected. I QSO'd on 18 July OE5JFL (O/O) on random, nil ON4KNG and nil F1ANH - is he QRV? [yes, but primarily on 23 cm], on 19 July 7M2PDT (O/O) #29 and my 1st JA and nil GW3XYW, and on 21 July JA4BLC (O/419) #30. Also called were VE1ALQ - many times but only QRZs, GW3XYW - very loud with pile up, and G3LTF. [Andrea is awaiting QSLs from me and K5JL and suggests we bring QSLs to Paris. Mine is already sent.]

Steve again had limited operating time over the SW. He QSO'd on 432 on 18 July KA0RYT, W7CNK and DL9NDD, on 19 July GW3XYW, IK6EIW, G4ERG and DK3FB, on 25 July UR5LX, UT3LL for initial #533 and G4ERG, and on 26 July JA5OVU. Conditions were good on both weekends. Although Faraday rotation was close to 90 degrees, which caused weak echoes, both weekends had the unusual combination of Faraday and spatial polarity that made signals horiz polarized to both Eur and Japan. Steve has a contractor scheduled to start on his house addition on 5 Aug. Since the present shack will have to be completely dismantled and all cables running to the tower removed from the house and dug up, he expects to be off the air for some time. Right now he hopes to be back on for the 2nd ARRL EME contest weekend. His 70 cm EME totals are #533 initial, 49 states and 75 DXCC.

Harry was active on 1296 in July -- During the SW I com- pleted skeds with OK1KIR, OZ6OL, DF3RU and VE6TA. Nil was heard from EA3UM or PY5ZBU. On random initials were made with SM2CEW and N2IQU to bring me to #38. During my sked with W6HD, on the second sequence, I was sending (O) when OE9ERC came on frequency and worked W6HD. He was followed immediately by OZ4MM. As a result I was unable to complete with W6HD and was rather upset. Big stations need to be more careful! As I understand procedure, a station should ONLY be called after you are SURE the sked was completed or BOTH stations have given up. Neither was the case here. Please be more careful! I will be QRT during the month of Aug while I am building a new hamshack. This will also include the HF net, but I will be available via E-mail.

Russ was on 1296 for a couple of hours on the morning of 19 July -- Conditions seemed pretty good and activity was up. I worked S59DCD, K5JL, W2UHI, K9BCT, ON5RR, VE1ALQ, WA8WZG, N6BQ, LA8LF, OZ6OL, K2UYH, OZ4MM, W7CS, W6HD and OE9ERC. Nothing else to report.

Ron found 432 EME condx to be very good during the SW. He worked on Saturday W7CNK, GW3XYW, G3LTF, OE5EYM - loud, K1FO, heard IK5QLO (T-M) and partial PY5ZBU. Unfortunately he overslept on Sunday and missed most of his good Moon window. He is still having a problem with water in the feedline of his horiz array, so he is mainly using his vert array.

Pat writes -- I now live in West Jordan, Utah about 20 miles SW of Salt Lake City (DN30). I have been a dedicated VHF/UHF operator for 20+ years, but have never tried EME. I have a small lot, but I think I can get away with a small 432 EME array. I am considering a 4 yagi array and would like to hear from experienced EMEers on what would be a good choice. My e-mail address is:
I have a Kenwood TS811A/ARR Preamp and an MMT 28/432 MHz xverter. I am considering using my HF rig to drive the xverter, and putting a 28 MHz sig out to the array, with the xverter mounted at the array, and possibly use a 300 w TE Systems brick to reduce cable loss. [Many stations are QRV on 70 cm with 4 and less yagis. Some have used only 100 w bricks at the yagi feed point with success. Generally the greater the power the better. FO yagis work very well - the longer the better. No one has been QRV from Utah for some time, so you will be in demand!]
Marc (LU6DW) sends info on 1296 EME from LU land -- Three of us are needed to set up the station. LU4DHD owns the dish, LU8EDR the equipment, and I am at the key. We use a different call sign for every QSO, to keep everybody happy. LU7DW will work K2DH only, as they know each other personally. He will be at the key for that time only. We normally use 2.5 min sequences for sked and do not have problems hearing as we are running around 60 w into a 3.6 m dish. I am planning to assist the Microwave Update 98 convention, as my United Airlines mileage must be used this year. As I have an additional discount with United, I will have the chance to fly to more places other than Colorado, and would like to arrange a visit to NJ/NY, and meet some of the big EME guys personally.

LY2BIL is the op of this club station and available for skeds. He is now on vacation and willing to run skeds during the week, but operation is limited to elevations below 15 deg. They CWNR'd during DUBUS/REF Contest OH2PO, OE5EYM and NC1I. LY2WR's grid is KO24oq. LY2BIL can be reached via e-mail at:
[TNX DL9KR for this info.]

Hoppy's Aug 23 cm EME activity report -- I worked on 15 Aug W7CS for initial #125, on 17 Aug K5JL and SM2CEW but NIL on sked with HA5SHF, on 18 Aug HB9BBD, SM2CEW, K5JL, W2UHI, VE1ALQ, DJ9YW, OZ6OL, KD4LT, K9BCT #126 and NIL HA5SHF - others heard were W7CS, KB2AH, K2UYH, DF9QX, and LX1DB, and on 19 Aug LA8LF, K4QI, OZ4MM, OZ6OL, VE1ALQ, K2UYH, F2TU, N2IQU, W2UHI, OE9ERC, VE6TA, DL6YDH, W6HD, W7CS, WA4NJP and NIL 9H1ES - others heard were HB9BBD, K5JL, G3LQR, DF9QX and WA8WZG. Conditions sounded like 20 m on 19 Aug many strong signals. Sadly I must report that Cher and I are canceling out plans to attend EME 98 due to my continuing health problems. Please give our best to all and we'll be thinking of all of you. [You will be missed!]

Marc hopes to meet all in Paris and sends some remarks on the SW - Myself and my co-operator Michel (ON7EH) had a great time. There were quite a lot of stations active. Sometimes it was like in contests with big guns waltzing over the smaller and inverse. Our power output was 150 to 200 w into our 6 m dish. We made in total of 21 contacts with the following initials: VK5MC, JA6CZD, OZ6OL, DF3RU, G3LQR and W7CS. This brings us to initial #69 initials and 25 DXCC. Other stations QSO'd were HB9BBD (CW and SSB), LA8LF, S59DCD, OE9ERC, LX1DB (SSB), VE1ALQ, N6BQ, W2UHI, OZ4MM, K4QI, K5JL, EA6ADW, K2UYH, N2IQU and KD4LT. CWNR were F2TU, DF9QX, W6HD, KB2AH, SM2CEW and WA8WZG. On skeds we had a partial with HA5SHF - we did not receive complete calls, and Nil was heard from JL1ZCG, 9H1ES, DF4PV, WA8WZG - heard later on random, W3XS, K9BCT and NL7F. Our sked with LU4HDH was canceled.

Stig reports -- I just got my new W2IMU feed with circ pol up in the dish. So far it works great and gives 1 dB more sun - noise and 0.5 dB more CS/G noise than my old horn, which was very "bumpy" in its shape. It had been in use for at least 25 years, 1st at OZ9CR, then at my dish. We had some very high gale winds during the SW, but at 1000 it was safe to rise the dish. We worked on 1296 W2UHI, K5JL, K9BCT, ON5RR, OZ6OL, W7CS for initial #144, WA9FWD, K2UYH, N6BQ, K4QI and W6HD #145. I plan to have the 432 feed and 2304 feed back up again in Sept. Concerning Hans, OZ6OL. He is running a 5 m dish with 150 w at the feed point. Hans has worked 6 initials during this weekend. He is receiving a copy of the NL from me and is accepting skeds on 1296. CU all in Paris.

Sergei reports that he completed 3 QSOs on 6 cm. His 1st and 2nd contacts were with W5LUA. His 3rd was on 19 July with OE9ERC. Due to freq allocations I must use split operations on 6 cm. I TX on 5670 and RX on 5760. Equipment is my 1.65 m offset dish and 40 w TWTA. Moon noise is about 0.3 dB.

Peter was using his new 23 cm YL1052 cavity amplifier for the 1st time during the SW -- I enjoyed not just the stronger echoes, but QSOs certainly come easier now. The following sta- tions were worked on 23 cm: HA5SHF for initial #98, DXCC 25 and the 1st HA-SM QSO on 23 cm, N6BQ, HB9BBD, LA8LF, K3HZO #99, W2UHI, K5JL, N6BQ, VE1ALQ, K2UYH, KB2AH, W7CS #100!, DF3RU #101, HB9BBD and S59DCD. K3HZO is now one of the handful operators I have worked on 3 bands - 200, 70 and 23 cm. The contact with Chuck, W7CS was a milestone as Chuck was the #100 initial. The WX was very windy so I experienced a lot of QSB as the dish was moving in the wind. On 70 cm N7LQ was worked for initial #350. I have put some pictures of my station on the WEB at .

Jordan wrote -- I was wondering what if any info you might have on the UPX-6 3 cavity [driver] amp? It uses 2C39WA's in a series arrangement. Are you familiar with this equipment and what mods are needed to get it up on 1296. I hope to have 4 yagis with a total of about 23 dBd gain and a DEM Pre-amp. I also have some 6' .375 f/d dishes and was wondering what would be the best feed for them on 1296 and one on 2304/2400. You can reach Jordan at e-mail . [My recollection is that the cavities you reference will not tune 1296 directly, and are not very efficient. You may be better off using the tubes and starting out with a more modern design. Circular polarization is used by most stations on 1296, so you would be better off with the dish than yagis, although 4 yagi stations have worked some of the stronger 1296 stations. A 6' dish is a bit small, but again QSOs can be made with the stronger stations. Because of the relatively deep f/d, I would recommend a VE4MA type feed.]

Barry (DO33) at e-mail writes -- I'm not active on EME yet, but want to get started on 432 and 1296. I've picked up a 16' Andrews (solid) dish last year for a price I couldn't refuse. However, I was planning on building a much bigger dish in the future. The dish I'd like to build would be about 30'+ in diameter. The reason why I'd like to build a large dish is I want to be heard and I want to hear very well too (doesn't everyone?). My question is whether it is worthwhile to build a large dish or will I be happy with the 16' Andrews dish? [A 16' dish is a good sized dish on 23 cm, and definitely usable on 70 cm. But on 70 for a big signal you will probably want at least a 20' dish. The solid Andrew dish is quite heavy. I recom- mend you rig up a "simple" mount, one close to the ground with limited Moon window -- a tower section, auto jack and some ropes will do, and give it a try.]

Chuck (x-WA6MGZ) is now QRV on 1296 from AZ -- Until I'm more confident of my availability, and more importantly, the availability of my antenna system please don't make any skeds for me in the NL. [I don't make the skeds, but I will pass the word on.] I'm still fighting my postion readout system. At present I am using a CCD camera for pointing. I've worked since I got on a couple of weeks ago with my flea power (100 w) the following: OE9XXI, N6BQ, HB9BBD, SM2CEW, W2UHI, K5JL, VE1ALQ, DJ9YW, LA8LF, OZ4MM, VE6TA, OE9ERC, K4QI, EA6ADW, ON5RR and N2IQU. I've proba- bly heard another 10 stations, most of whom were CWNR. I've just about qualified for the WABB award (Worked All the Big Boys), HI. I'd love get my power up to about 500 w, so if you know of an amp available let me know. In the mean time I'm going to give a shot at combining a couple of the N6CA amps that I'm using now.

Dave writes -- I got on 432 this weekend after a 4 months absence. I worked on 18 July at 1845 JA5OVU on random with a really great signal, and on 19 July at 1200 W7QX for initial #15 and 1425 OE5EYM on random #16. My apologies to my other skeds. I expect you all heard me fine, but I either had very poor or no copy. I plan on improving my poor RX setup - the preamp is still in the shack ASAP.

I again spent the SW on 1296. This was not because I have lost interest in 432, but the result of efforts to work HA5SHF. Csaba has given me skeds on both days of the SW for the past 2 months. This time I was successful and should be back on 70 cm in Sept. I will not be on either 70 or 23 cm in Aug because of my trip to Eur for the Paris EME Conference. On 1296 I worked on 18 July at 0911 LX1DB (57/57) on SSB, 0930 HA5SHF (O/O) for initial #156 and DXCC 37, 1025 HB9BBD (56/57) on SSB, 1038 K5JL (57/56) on SSB, 1051 W2UHI (56/52), 1115 SM2CEW (559/54) CW to SSB and 1147 OZ6OL (549/449) and on 19 July at 1031 S59DCD (549/579), 1048 LA8LF (55/54) on SSB, 1112 WA8ZWG (559/599), 1142 OZ6OL (549/559), 1155 partial W7CS? - lost before I figured out the call, 1211 OZ4MM (57/54) on SSB, 1222 K4QI (55/55) on SSB, 1234 OE9ERC (57/56), 1249 N6BQ (559/559) and 1257 ON5RR (549/549). I was not QRV during my Asian window as trees have grown to point where operation is almost not possible. I hope to do some tree cutting before the EME Contest.


K5JL had a busy SW on 23 cm. Jay says it was like 20 m CW at times, but hrd nil in a sked with DJ5MN.

WA8WZG wkd OZ6OL for a new one on 23 cm and 11 more, but heard nil from 9H1ES.

DL9KR worked N7LQ (559) for #694 initial.

S52CW hrd W7CNK very well and sent (O), but received nil in return.

W1ZX worked N7LQ, DL9KR and OE5EYM with big sigs.

W5LUA had a bad day in Allen, TX. A big storm put his 24' stress dish out of commission after 18 years of use. The dish took a beating - the tower is bent and part of the dish is buckled. 30 June was the last contact with the 24' dish with HA5SHF on 23 cm. Al reports good echoes with his smaller dish on 2304 and 3 random contacts on 10 GHz where he QSO'd PA3CSG, VE4MA and CT1DMK.

VE4MA was up most of the night working on 10 GHz. Barry worked W5LUA, but could not complete with PA3CSG. He later wkd CT1DMK for #3. He plans to run again with PA3CSG and is looking for NU7Z.

N2IQU worked 12 stations on 23 cm during the July SW. New ones are W7CS and W6HD.

VE6TA had QRM problems trying to work W6HD on 1296.

AA5C had a 10 GHz contact with PA3CSG.

DK3WG wkd VK4KAZ on 70 cm.

KL7HFQ wkd G3LTF and heard VE1ALQ and others. He does not have e- mail.

PA3CSG will be on 10 GHz this month.

SM4IVE is reported to be back on EME and looking for 23 cm random QSOs. [Does anyone have more info on Lars?]

W2UHI reports 16.6 sun noise on 23 cm.

NU7Z had a major failure of his dish’s hydraulic pump, which took some time to repair. Rick is awaiting QSLs from K5JL for 903 and from OE9YTB and OE9PMJ for 5760.

W7EME is QRT on EME.

W7CNK reports condx on 70 cm very good during the SW. He worked GW3XYW, G3LTF, VE1ALQ, KA0RYT, I5CTE, DL4KG, OE5EYM, K1FO and DL9NDD.

K7XD wkd OE5EYM and N7LQ.

VE1ZJ will be back on 23 cm for the ARRL contest.

LX1DB has 20 w at the feed on 10 GHz. He worked on 23 cm SSB during the SW HA5SHF, KB2AH, K5JL, K2UYH, OZ6OL and ON5RR - all in 1 hour.

G4RGK on 70 cm heard SV1BTR every period, but no reply. Jimmy hrd nil.

WA9FWDworked DJ9YW on 23 cm and is looking for skeds.


DH1SBJ, Rolf has available a HB 3-cavity klystron amplifier (24 dB gain, 400 w out on 10.368 GHz) and an associated broadband TWTA for 2 - 7 GHz (for 13, 9 and 6 cm bands with 50 dB gain and 200 w out). Both amps share a common power supply. Contact Rolf for details at :

K4COH, Gene (a friend of K9BCT) has a pair of the ICOM IC- 275H/475H VHF/UHF transceivers for sales. These are in mint condition with microphones and the associated satellite adapter, all manuals and the original boxes. Call Gene at 954-583-5495 for further information and pricing.

K1FO has for sale a Super SCAF digital audio filter, an Icom IC- 271H, a CDE HAM-2 and a TR-44 rotors. Steve can be reached at 203-421-3377.

KB2AH has a full line of cavity amps and 1, 2, 4 and 6 tube ring amps, lin/circular feed horns and LNAs for 432 and 1296.. Tom also has mounting blocks for K1FO yagis.. For full details see:

Tom's 1296 WEB page

for more details and pricing info e-mail:
or phone 908-223-5067, FAX 908-223-0901 (24 hrs) or voice 908-223-8124

K6IBY is not happy with his 4CX400 amp and is still looking for RCA 4634 tubes.

W7CNK needs some 'echosorb' material or a source for it. [What freq? Contact me after 21 Aug.] He is also looking for an HP340B noise figure meter, particularly the power xfmr. It can be non- working. He has 2 20 w 6 GHz TWTs [or TWTAs?] for sale and is looking for power on 3 cm.

NU7Z needs BFR-34As for Microwave Module repairs, and is still looking for HP415A VSWR meter and a small prop-pitch motor.

K3HZO is thinking about the IC-746 and interested in any comments.


As I warned last time, this is another very quick NL. I am leaving for Eur tomorrow and had very little time to prepare the NL this weekend, and also complete the mailing, which is normally done during the week. I will be going to Oslo 1st on business where I am looking forward to meeting with LA8LF. Then on to France for what I am sure will be a truly outstanding Conference. Because of the conference there are not too many skeds this month. Almost everyone will be there. Hope to CU you all in Paris!

73, Al - K2UYH

AUG 15
Time   432.040
0700z  KB3PD -IK5QLO
0800z  K1FO  -UT3LL
0830z  DL9KR -UT3LL
1000z  W7EME -W1ZX
1030z  W1ZX  -KL7HFQ
1093z  W7CS  -ON5RR
1100z  KL7HFQ-W5ZN
1430z  KB3PD -KU3T
1730z  K7XD  -W0KJY

AUG 16
Time   1296.050
1330z  W6HD  -KD4LT

AUG 15
Time   10368.100
0930z  VE4MA -CT1DMK
AUG 16
Time   10368.100
1030z  VE4MA -CT1DMK

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