x 432 and Above Newsletter for July (26) 1997 (W6/PA0ZN)


JULY 1997 VOL 25 # 8


OR H 443- 3184, FAX 609-443-1713, AND EMAIL Allen Katz, K2UYH


HALSKESTR.35, D-12167 BERLIN, (49-30-7955467), E-Mail: Klaus Tiedemann.


*** NA EME BBS: 704-284-4854 ***


14.345 KHz at 1600 Z SAT/SUN

Signals were good, but the pace easy during the end of June SW - a typical summer weekend. Bad weather in many parts of the world did not help the turn out. The only "edge cutter" was the presence of skeds for 9H1ES. Fortunato is new to EME and trying to put the island of Malta on the 1296 EME map - see Netnews in this and the April '97 NLs. Only nil copy was reported this time, but there is always next.


Klaus, DL4EBY, our Skeds Coordinator writes:

Hello folks,

I have been arranging the (NL) skeds for quite a while, and want to let you know what I am actually doing.
First, I am collecting sked requests via multiple paths:
I go through Al's NL
Joe's Netnotes (2 files weekly)
e-mail related to skeds, letters
phone calls
FAXs, etc.
I prefer a list of calls wanted instead of global requests. There is no way I can know which stations you have worked before, and I don't have the time and space to keep lists of worked stations for everybody. Please clearly state the band of interest! I know most stations have preferred bands. But there are many multiband stations. Often I can only guess which band is to be skeded. I collect reports in order to have a database on activity.
I wrote a program which reads text files (i.e. the NL and Netnotes) and extracts call signs. These are stored in my database as active, if reported as heard or worked that particular month. Many thanks to Darrell, VE1ALQ, and Rick, NU7Z, who helped design this utility. (Darrell is now doing all the typing each month.)
I think this database is much more accurate than the information from the stations, because this normally doesn't reach me. People seem too lazy. If a station was not reported worked or heard for more than 3 months, he is considered inactive. I don't arrange skeds for such a station.
This data are fed into the scheduling program Easy-Sked, originally written for 2 m EME by W9HLY, AF9Y and N1BUG. Though designed for completely different procedures, this program allows me to calculate all necessary data for each sked (AZ, El, spatial angle, etc.) and simultaneously shows additional data as station window limits. It also shows the activity status of each station per my database, and marks those who are known to be reading the NL.
It is impossible to confirm all skeds! In my opinion, the best way to minimize 'no shows' is to always pass on information of your status/activity plans to either K1RQG via the EME Net, or to me directly. I often hear or read 'not QRV until further notice', but nothing if they get back on. I try to arrange most of the 70 cm and 13 cm skeds on the 1st night, and 23 cm skeds on the 2nd night (as was agreed on at one of the EME Conferences). But it is difficult to define where the night begins, and where it ends around the globe. I also try to arrange 70 cm skeds for the best spatial angle since 95 % of the stations use fixed linear pol. (What about pol on 10 GHz?)
Sked frequencies are organized as follows:

432.040 and up every 5 kHz,

1296.050 plus 25 kHz steps,

2304/2320/2424.100,3456.100, 5760.100, 10368.100, and up every 50 kHz,
if this is ever needed.

No skeds below 432.040, except for expeditions. I also won't arrange skeds for the major EME contest weekends (ARRL and REF/DUBUS). A sked is very time consuming compared to a standard contest QSO, and don't forget the sked penalty in the REF/DUBUS contest.
Before the skeds are printed, they are passed to Joe for the Saturday and Sunday EME Nets, and they are distributed via e-mail. Remember that changes are made on the list during EME Net.
The deadline for sked requests or changes is Thursday 2 weeks before the next SW. This is when Al prints the NL. These skeds are arranged for distribution via the NL by K2UYH, although you will also find them listed in various other places on the Internet (see PA0ZN's NewsKiosk), the EME BBS and DUBUS BBS, etc.
This is done to concentrate activity on the designated SW. If you don't want to be scheduled please tell me. You can reach me via e-mail, snail mail, phone, fax (see the on top of the NL). By the way, despite all the scheduling, the best way one can accomplish a contact via the Moon is without a sked! Support random activity!

Luis may not be getting good summer WX, but he is cer- tainly getting a lot done -- After my last report I improved my 10 GHz system, mainly the preamplifier that is now waveguide mounted with about a 0.7 dB NF using an FHX14, FHX15 and MGF1303 line up. This increased Moon noise by about 2 dB and made Moon tracking much easier. It also made the RX signals more readable. I have good echoes most of the time. The other improvement was to build a radiometer with 5 MHz BW for possible radio astronomy experiments. The radiometer allows me to resolve tenths of a dB of noise - with it the Moon looks like an extremely hot body - Hi. You can't miss it! I worked AA5C (O/M). He had great signals which allowed me to put my echoes on his exact frequency and end up with an easy QSO. The next weekend I worked F6KSX (O/M), also good copy but not so easy a QSO because of QSB caused by winds that were over 70 Km/h. As soon as I received the last RRR's, I switched off and placed the dish in a safer position. I finally tested the dish on 70 cm. I looked around for a good feed suitable for a deep dish (f/d=0.3), and used a suggestion by Peter EA6ADW for a 1 wl loop. Some NEC simulations where done for the maximum illumination. A fair illumination is achieved with about 1/0.08 wl spacing from a 1 wl diameter round solid reflector. The impedance match was not difficult. It was capacitive but the real part was near 50 ohms. I added a small capacitive load on the opposite side of the loop for tuning. This also resulted in wider E pattern that helped to have similar H and E distributions. I obtain 9.5 dB of Sun noise and about 24 dBi of gain. During the SW I worked G3SEK (529/539) for an initial #, SM2CEW (539/439), EA3DXU (O/M) # - a great surprise, I never expected to get a S/N > 6 dB from Jose, KA0RYT (539/429) #, DL9KR (559/559) - peaking S7 to S8! and K1FO (549/439). All stations come in vertical. I had some trouble deciding if I should TX vertical or horizontal. This aspect was totally new. Sometimes I switched several times during my TX's periods. I will keep this band installed for sometime. Skeds are welcome at short notice via e-mail Luis, CT1DMK

Simon is getting back to normal after his recent hospitalization. He says he still hopes to get all his projects going, but it may take a little longer than originally planned. He is now hearing signals on 13 cm (ZS6AXT/OE9ERC), but only has 20 w at the feed. He is working on a 2nd amp to parallel for greater power, and may try mounting the amps at the dish. He is also adding receive capability for the JAs. On 23 cm he still has only 200 w from a pair of N6CA cavities, but is making slow progress on a GS90 HPA. In early June he QSO'd on 23 cm HB9SV and DJ9YW for initial #51. He is also QRV on 70 cm, but has not been too active there lately. He is also planning operation on 9 cm, but plans to concentrate on 13 cm for the next few months.

Peter does not have a lot to report as a result of bad weather -- I found activity low and a concentration on 13 cm. The good news is that I'm now fully operational on 13 cm from the new QTH (same square), and have completed 2 QSOs to date. These were on 5 July with WB5LUA and OZ4MM. Both had good signals and we exchanged "O" reports. I was on 2320 and they were on 2304 MHz. I'm now ready to take skeds. The gear is 30 to 40 w at the feed and NE32684 preamp with 13.5 dB of Sun noise at SF of 70. The antenna is a 6 m dish with 0.38 f/d (see May QST!). I'm working to raise the power and lower the loss of the 50 m feeder! I also badly need a source of 7289 or similar tubes. I ran several tests with ZS6AXT on 13 cm, but though I've heard Ivo several times, we havenít made it yet. On 14 June, on 432, I worked G4ERG and SM2CEW and on 29 June, on 1296, I worked ZS6AXT and OZ4MM, and heard W2UHI, VE3BQN, KB2AH and DJ9YW. The TX mixer failed on me before I could work the others.

Doug is still here, but finds work and personal commitments have stopped him from being QRV recently -- I tried to get on the weekend of 28/29 June. On 28th the problems started with my new Pentium PC. It would not work with my VK3UM board. I took the easy option and hooked up an old 386 lap top which got the dish moving. The problem was then that my 28/144 MHz transverter wouldn't function. On 29 June Sun noise and signals were FB. Heard were VE1ALQ, OZ4MM, KB2AH (SSB) and W2UHI with fine signals. But the station would not go to TX. I didn't have any time to find the fault as the kids needed ferrying about. I am going to be off for a couple of months while I build a room for the PAs and transfer the racks out there. It'll be worthwhile as the blowers will be out of ear shot from the operating shack.

Peter has a new 16 x 10 el 9BV array with polarity rotation going. He is using an open wire feed system with a single 4:1 balun. Sun noise is 15/16 dB and CS/G noise is 5 dB. With it he worked on 7 June CWNR JA2KRW, K1FO (559/439), K4QI (559/339) and heard DK3WG, on 14 June SM2CEW (O/O), DL9KR (569/549), G3LTF (449/339), heard G3SEK and heard KA0RYT, on 15 June partial G3SEK - lost and CWNR SM3AKW, on 28 June DK3WG (O/O), G3SEK (449/339), VE1ALQ (449/339) for initial #66, and on 29 June G3SEK (O/O), DL9KR (569/549) and K1FO (549/439), and heard KA0RYT, SM2CEW, KB3PD, W7QX, NA4N, CT1DMK, K3HZO, SM3AKW, DF3RU and PA3CSG. Peter's TX power was down to about 250 w during the last weekend, but is now back to normal (400 w). Peter is now on e-mail at: Peter, G4ERG

Yoshiro is QRV again on 13 cm -- I was fortunate to be able to replace the damaged heater transformer of 2424 final. Everything was back to normal by mid June. After the repair, I worked JH3EAO (339/559) on 2424 on 29 June. I suffered from heavy wind on 5 July and was QRT as I could not point the dish to the Moon. The next day the weather was better and I worked JA5OVU on 432. No others were heard on 432, 1296 or 2304/2424.

Hiroshi writes -- This Saturday, (28 June), we were struck by a heavy storm, Typhoon #8. JH3EAO could not operate 2424 on Saturday as a result. I managed to work on 23 cm OK1KIR (M/O) and OZ4MM (M/O) before the typhoon arrived in this area. Fortunately no major damage was reported from any active JA EMEers except JR4BRS whose dish pole was tilted slightly. When I played back the tape-recording of my 13 cm contact with W7GBI, I discovered that it was not complete. I plan to try again in July.

Steve found conditions good over the late June activity weekend, especially considering that it was with the Sun at its highest declination. He once again had little time to spend on EME over the weekend. Being a glutton for punishment Steve made a list of projects around the house (including antenna work) that need to get done before the cold weather returns this fall. The list is presently at 69 items, so he expects he will have limited time to operate in July and Aug unless it is raining! Steve has been experimenting with parking positions for his 70 cm array to try to minimize the stress on his polarity rotor. So far positioning the array vertical in polarity (antennas 6 wide x 4 high) with the elevation at 30 to 45 deg appears best. Stations worked this time were on 28 Jun JA5OVU, on 29 Jun W7QX, CT1DMK, G4ERG and SM3BYA. Steve apparently got up too late on Saturday morning as he only heard NA4N being called by SM2CEW. On Sunday morning he was on about an hour and a half earlier and heard quite a few stations on, especially for summer. DL9KR was as strong as Steve has ever heard him. He also notes that he has called NA4N many times over the last 3 skeds weekends and received only 1 QRZ from NA4N. Steve didn't get on over the July 4 weekend due to the new moon conditions and once again perfect weekend weather in Connecticut, but at least his to do list is now down to only 66 items. 70 cm EME totals for K1FO are #511 initials, 49 states and 75 DXCC.

Tim reports on his attempt to operate 70 cm EME during the ARRL's June VHF Contest -- W7KK was to be QRV during the ARRL VHF Contest on moonrise from DN10he in central NV with 4 x FO22 yagis and a Lunarlink amp on 432.025. The operators were to be W7KK (ex-NR6E) and myself, K7XC (ex- NC7K). We ran into problems and never made it on the air. We were blown away by the WX. There was no way we could operate from 8400' Mt. Moses under the severe WX condx that existed: heavy winds (70 MPH+), 100% humidity (We were in the clouds), -20 deg F wind- chill, constant rain, thunder storms, and later snow. Dave, W7KK had a minor family emergency, and Russ, K6KLY impaled his van's transmission on a rock. Needless to say we blew all of our EME skeds, but it wasn't for a lack of trying.

Rick (FM29) continues to be active on 70 cm -- I had skeds for the 28/29 June SW with 4X1IF NIL, partial HA1YA (- /O) - it took the whole 1/2 hour to copy calls but not enough time to finish up, I5CTE (O/O) for initial #110, IK0EQJ nil, JA2KRW nil, LU4HO nil and VE6TA (O/O) #111, and the next day IK0EQJ nil, HA1YA nil, JA2KRW (O/O) #112 and HP3XUG nil. I need LU4HO for WAC, so I will ask for another sked for July. [Has anyone QSO'd LU4HO - this is a new call?] I also still NEED Arkansas and Nebraska for WAS on 432. I am hoping W5ZN will be QRV soon. I'm looking for skeds with anyone who would just like to try or needs the state of Delaware.

Hoppy's 1296 report -- I QSO'd on 23 cm, on 27 June W2UHI - Sun noise was 11.3 dB with SF of 72 on my 3.7 m dish, on 28 June KB2AH, DJ9YW, K2UYH, HB9BBD and W2UHI - and heard ZS6AXT at moonrise with tree blockage but was 429, and K2DH on SSB with Q5 copy, and on 29 June ZS6AXT, HB9BBD, SM2CEW, VE1ALQ, W2UHI, W4OP for initial #117, DJ9YW and K2DH - and heard F5PL in QSO with HB9BBD at moonrise. Mr. Murphy visited the shack on the 29th resulting in a failed HPA blower which was replaced but cost 45 min of prime Eur window. About an hour after the blower replacement a water leak developed in the 1st stage of my 7289 driver resulting in a HV PS blown fuse, etc. I didn't have the energy left by that time to repair the water leak so I went QRT. I feel like I'm getting too old for these 0230 local time moonrises, Hi! I plan to be again QRV for the July SW.

Tonda, OK1DAI reports on the May and June EME activities of his club -- We worked on 1296 on 3 May at 1043 ZS6AXT (549/559) and 1223 W2UHI (549/539), heard SM3AKW and NP4B nil, on 4 May at 1302 W2UHI (549/539) and NP4B nil again, on 10 May at 2018 partial NP4B (M/nil) - heard were EA6ADW and I5MPK, on 8 June at 1019 JA6CZD (449/449) for initial #140, 1037 JA4BLC (549/549), 1043 DD1XF (549/449), 1531 W4OP (O/O) for initial #141 and 1721 W2UHI (429/439). Nil in skeds with 4X6UJ, DH9FAG, KB0PYO, K9BCT, NP4B and K9ZZH. We heard in June DJ0YW, F5PL, EA6ADW, K5JL, KB2AH, N2IQU and ZS6AXT. We worked on 2304 on 7 June at 0827 and 0927 partial JA7BMB (O/QRZ), 1445 DF9QX (O/O) for initial #33, 1521 partial IK6EIW (O/M) - no R's and 1727 WA8WZG (O/O) #34 and OH state for WAS 9 - heard were ZS6AXT, OE9XXI, OE9ERC, IK2RTI, JA7BMB and IK6EIW, and on 28 June at 0103 JA7BMB (O/M) #35, 0744 IK2RTI (O/O) #36 and 0804 I6PNN (O/O), JH3EAO nil and IK6EIW nil - heard were OZ4MM and WB5LUA. On 10368 MHz, after a problem with water in our TWTA power supply, we worked on 18 May at 2355 AA5C (O/M) for initial #11. Our new e- mail address is: OK1KIR We plan to be activity in July SW on 432 and 1296 MHz.

Peter found conditions good in the June SW ... being close to perigee really makes a difference. Peter noticed that Luis, CT1DMK put the word out on Moon-Net that he was going to try his dish on 432, so he made it a point to look for him. This resulted in a QSO on 28 June at 0745 with (439/539) signals. Luis has indeed improved his signal by putting the dish on 432! After working Luis, there was a big flashover in the PA that took the HV pwr-supply limiting resistor out. It was replaced and things were back to normal again. Also heard was NA4N with (559) signals. On 29 June Peter worked SM3BYA on 432, switched to 1296 and worked W2UHI, VE1ALQ, K2DH, HB9BBD, N6BQ and KB2AH (SSB). Heard was W4OP. All signals were very good, no libration and very little QSB. Every time the SW coincides with perigee one can see what those 2 dB does to signals as compared to apogee. Activity was on the low side, probably due to the unpleasant operating hours in the states. Peter almost lost his dish in a violent thunder storm on 1 July. The dish was untied and pointing to the Sun when a storm suddenly appeared out of the blue, AC power was cut and the dish was hit by 130 km/h gusts. The AC power returned after a while enabling Peter to park the dish without damage being done to it. Just as the dish was parked the AC power went off for a considerable time. This summer has brought Peter more thunder storms already than what is normally seen in a full year.

Darrell thought conditions during the June 28/29 SW were generally excellent -- Activity was very low perhaps due to Field Day, but I was able to add G4ERG for an initial on 70 cm and NU7Z on 23 cm. Heard on 23 cm, but missed was DJ7LJ and DC6UW. They were both very busy when last heard and each with excellent signals. This weekend was my 1st SW with the new YL1050 Cavity from DL land... excellent workmanship, and also now very nice to be able to run 1200 to 1300 w and stay well within tube rating. No running water for the tube, or the floor... which has happened. I only need a bit more drive for good SSB operation, i.e., 1100 V on the 7289 driver rather than 950 V. I must apologize to those I did work on SSB - my processor was on and I did not notice it until I listened to my own SSB echoes - sounded terrible. I will be on again next time, and am always looking for skeds 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week... when ever the Moon is available.

Ivo sends his greetings -- There was poor activity during the SW on 23 cm. I QSO'd on 15 June W2UHI - no other stations around, on 28 June KB2AH, and on 29 June SM3AKW, DD1XF, G3LTF, OZ4MM, W2UHI, DJ9YW, VE1ALQ, WB5LUA, K2UYH (CW/SSB) - I don't dare to work SSB myself, last time it cost me a 2C39, Hi), HB9BBD, N6BQ and F5PL... All with good signals, probably thanks to Moon perigee. CWNR VE3BQN. W4TJ canceled his sked by e-mail. I was looking forward to skeds on 13 cm, but nothing was heard from JH3EAO. On 5 July I heard OZ4MM calling him on sked without reports. I also heard OH2AXH and CWNR DL9EBL. Then on Sunday nothing heard in my sked with G3LTF, also "cross band" 2304/2320. After our sked I checked the Sun noise and it was 13.5 dB on 2304 (about 1 dB down on the original value) and only below 8 dB on 2320! This is something I cannot understand. On 2424 I worked JA7BMB with his 30 w, so the LNA should be wide enough. But on 2320 the basic noise is about 6 or more dB higher than on 2304. In addition I remember that during the initial alignment of my W2IMU feed horn circularity I was getting higher SWR reading for 2320, while on 2304 the SWR was very good. Can anybody perhaps give me some idea what could be wrong? Our postal service is very bad at the moment. Out of three letters from and to me, one gets "lost"! So PLEASE if you don't get my QSL in reply to yours, let me know so I can send another one. I QSL 100%. Even a registered letter from Karl, SM3AKW was "lost". So do not blame me please. I do NOT require SASEs.

I changed my SW operating plans at the last moment and was QRV only on 1296. This was the result of needing to attend a funeral on Sunday morning. There was a new station on 23 cm, DC9UV, Nobert, near Hamburg. I worked him on SSB. He had an excellent signal (55). He worked a number of other stations and should be easily workable by most stations. I only heard him on SSB. All my QSOs were on SSB. I logged on 28 June at 0947 KB2AH (57/56), 0958 DJ9YW (55/53), 1005 DC6UW (55/56), 1025 N6BQ (559/43) and 1110 K2DH (55/56), and on 29 June at 0940 ZS6AXT (559/55), 0959 OZ4MM (56/56), 1013 VE1ALQ (45/56) and 1039 F5PL (45/56). K2DH, Dave told me that several stations (including himself) had skeds with 9H1ES on the 29th at 1296.050. I listened but never heard anything from 9H1ES or anyone working him. Other stations copied were VE3BQN, WB5LUA, W2UHI and DJ7LJ.


WB2VVV has expanded his 70 cm EME array to 8 x 18 el M2/VVV yagis. The array pattern look excellent.

KL7HFQ will not be on for about 1.2 months. Roger is taking a course for this period, and wants to concentrate on this efforts. So no skeds for him until the 2nd week in Aug. [Despite this announcement, Roger has continued to take skeds. What about your studies?]

KA0RYT copied nil from W7KK. N7LQ was heard off the moon (T). During the last SW he QSO'd CT1DMK (O/429) and called NA4N. His vertical array is now on line. He needs 10 deg on rise & 15 deg on moonset with the vert array.

HP3XUG copied W7QX all morning.

VE3BQN has a new horn for 23 cm and 500 w out. Ted's echoes are good and he is ready for skeds.

9H1ES, Fortunato, is a new station on 23 cm EME located in Mosta, Malta. He has a 2.4 m dish with circular pol and a 500 w HPA. He has only one contact so far (OE9XXI). Nil was heard from him on skeds during the SW.

LA8LF was not QRV during the 2nd SW due to bad WX with Gale winds.

WB5LUA during the recent SW worked on 13 cm IK2RTI. Al had problems with water in his feed line on 23 cm, but still QSO'd several Eur stations. He heard nil from 9H1ES and copied W4OP, OZ4MM and K2DH. After the SW he worked on 13 cm G3LTF and DF9QX.

NU7Z is now concentrating on 23 cm. He asks for no skeds unless confirmed on both sides. During the 2nd June SW Murphy struck. He heard his own echoes good. And copied W2UHI, N2IQU, VE1ALQ and K2DH all with good signals. But then his xmit relay failed and wiped out his preamp. When he made it back on, he contacted VE1ALQ. Then a water hose came off the his PA and Rick decided it was time for his shower. He has to cancel his LA8LF 13 cm schedule for July.

KB0PYO is re-working his 23 cm system. He asks for no skeds until further notice.

W2UHI was on late the 1st day of the SW. Frank over slept. He worked K2DH and N6BQ. The 2nd day he added about 15 more stations including DK7LJ (52/52) and DC6UW (52/52) both on SSB.

W7QX QSO'd on 432 during the 2nd June SW K1FO, DF3RU, SM3AKW and K5JL, but did not complete with HP3XUG. Jerry is running 1.3 kw.

K2DH in skeds heard nil from 9H1ES and found VE3BQN on the frequency, and nil K9ZZH, but did work DC6UW and DK7LJ both on SSB.

DL9KR reports hearing "lots of stuff" during the SW. NA4N had a good signal. Many stations were calling K3HZO. Jan tried to call K7XD with no luck. K1FO was on with his normal big signal.

PA3CSG was also QRV on 70 cm for a short time. At around 1000 Gert was called by a station he could not identify.

W4TJ is getting 11.5 dB of Sun noise on 1296 from his 12' .43 f/d dish.

W4HHK worked during June WB5LUA on 13 cm. This summer marks 33 years that Paul's dish has been in operation. It has been in use on 13 cm EME since 1970. Prior to that he used it on 70 cm.

OZ4MM confirms QSO on 13 cm with G3LTF.

WA8WZG had a good contact with OZ4MM on 13 cm.

KD4LT is on with his new 22' dish. Scott is receiving good echoes, but no replies.


G3LTF is in need of a source for 7289s or similar tubes.

K9BCT has the following extra equipment for sale: Pair of 4CX250R's for $50, Pair of 4CX600JB's for $100, Microwave Modules 23 cm transverter for $350, Hi Spec. 2 x 2C39 23 cm Cavity Amplifier, air or water cooled for $250, and a brand new G4GHP 4 tube 500+ w, 23 cm HPA with water jackets for $750. Contact Randy at 954-472-3846 or email: A HREF="mailto: K9BCT

DL8RDI has for sale The HPAs use TH308, TH328 or TH338 tubes and will provide an output power of 800 w at 2200 V. Drive power for max output is 60 W. The amps are made from brass and polished. All PA's are pre-tuned and tested. Please contact Heiner at tel 09441/28856 or mail at (Heiner Jordan, Nelkenstr. 26, D-93346 Ihrlerstein, Germany). Heiner is looking for a 10 GHz TWTA with 40 w or more output power.

KL7HFQ has 3 water cooled Y-278 tubes available.

NU7Z needs a 2-4 GHz waveguide transition to "N" fitting. He is also looking for a BVL-100 xistr from Pillips for a 903 amp.

FP5EK needs mods for REALISTIC HTX-404 to bring it down below 440 MHz. Ron is looking for help to get on one of the UHF/microwave bands from St. Pierre Island. He has a 100 w brick for 432. Contact ARTSCI, phone 818-843-4080, fax 818- 846-2298, PO BOX 1428, BURBANK, CA 91507. His e-mail is: FP5EK and FP5EP ( once a week )

KB2AH has a full line of cavity amps and 1, 2, 4 and 6 tube ring amps, lin/circular feed horns and LNAs for 432 and 1296... And recently he has added mounting blocks for K1FO yagis. For full details see: Tom, KB2AH's 1296 MHzWEB Page for more details and pricing info Per e-mail or phone 908-223-5067, FAX 908-223-0901 (24 hrs) or voice 908- 223-8124


This month we have details of VE1ALQ's new 23 cm Diagonal Waveguide Feed Antenna developed by Russ, N7ART. The idea was originally proposed by W2IMU as a possible small efficient feed for 432, but never implemented by Dick. Darrell is achieving excellent results with this new antenna on 1296.

The N7ART 23 cm Dish Feed as modified by VE1ALQ


The CSVHF Conference conflicts with the July SW this year. This will affect NA participation and is already reflected in the skeds. In addition to skeds deletions caused by the conference other stations have been removed because of lack of confirmation - see Klaus's comments at the beginning of this NL. Some questionable skeds have been left in the list - LU4HO, K3HZO, 9H1ES, etc. Do not take this to mean these stations are necessarily active.

Jim, W0KJY has put out one final plea for up-dates to the 432 & Up EME Standings. I hope to have the new list in the next NL.

WB5LUA has proposed moving 23 cm skeds above 1296.125. Al feels this will reduce QRM and conflicts. There has been quite a bit of discussion of his proposal on the 20 m net. Some of the comments are as follows: WA8WZG agrees and says "At least you will know it is a sked." K5JL says not to move as high, and proposes .075, 085, .095. as an alternate. W2UHI agrees with K5JL and says "Stay below .100." K2DH would like skeds moved above 1296.125. N6BQ likes 1296.075, .085, .095 and says he has local activity on .100 and up. VE1ALQ would like to see skeds moved above 1296.100. NU7Z feels a 10 kHz separation below .100 or above .125 is adequate on 1296. W0KJY objects to moving the skeds frequencies. As you can see there does not seem to be any real consensus for a move. In my area there is considerable 1296 tropo activity. Any EME operation between .080 and .200 could lead to local QRM.

Please keep the news and technical material coming.

E-mail is now the preferred way to submit information. I will be looking for you all off the Moon in July.

73, Al - K2UYH

Skeds for July 26 and 27

26 July

Time   432.040        432.045        2304.100       5760.100       

0000z                                DL9EBL-JA7BMB  
0030z                 G4ERG -JA2KRW  DL9EBL-JH3EAO  
0700z                                               LA8LF -
0730z                                ZS6AXT-DL9EBL  LX1DB -
0800z                 NA4N  -G4ERG   G3LTF -DL9EBL  
0830z                 CT1DMK-G4ERG   LA8LF -DL9EBL  
0900z  KB3PD -HA1YA                  K2DH  -DL9EBL  
0930z  KB3PD -CT1DMK                 W7GBI -DL9EBL  
1000z  KB3PD -LU4HO   K3HZO -G4ERG   
1030z  KB3PD -HP3XUG  
1100z                 KB3PD -G4ERG   

Skeds for JUL 27

Time   432.040        1296.050       1296.075       

0630z                 VE3BQN-S59DCD  K9ZZH -OK1KIR  
0700z                 NP4B  -OK1KIR  VE3BQN-DH9FAG  
0730z                                VE3BQN-DD1XF   
0800z                                K2DH  -DH9FAG  
0830z                 VE3BQN-DF3RU   EA6ADW-9H1ES   
0900z  LU4HO -OK1KIR  VE3BQN-DF9QX   9H1ES -DJ9YW   
0930z                 K2DH  -DF9QX   VE3BQN-DJ9YW   
1000z                 VE3BQN-ON5RR   PA3CSG-9H1ES   
1030z                 VE3BQN-G4CCH   K2DH  -K9ZZH   
1100z                 K2DH  -G4CCH   
1200z                 K9ZZH -VE3BQN  
1630z                 JH3EAO-VE3BQN  
1700z                 JA6CZD-VE3BQN  
1730z                 JA4BLC-VE3BQN  

Skeds for June 7/8 1997

This information was obtained from Scott, KD4LT

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