NOVEMBER 1996 VOL 24 #11

ENGR DEPT., TRENTON STATE COLLEGE, TRENTON, NJ 08650-4700 (W 609-490-2817 OR H 443- 3184, FAX 609-443-1713, AND EMAIL Allen Katz, K2UYH


HALSKESTR.35, D-12167 BERLIN, (49-30-7955467), E-Mail: Klaus, DL4EBY/DK0TU


*** NA EME BBS: 704-284-4854 ***


14.345 1600 Z SAT/SUN;

  • EUR NET: JOE, K1RQG (207-469-3492).
  • THE WEB VERSION OF THIS NL IS PRODUCED BY W6/PA0ZN AND AVAILABLE AT: http://www.nitehawk.com/rasmit/em70cm.html

    To repeat W2CRS's comments on 70 cm during the Sept SW: "There was pretty good activity and conditions on 28 Oct, and less activity on the 29th." I pretty much felt the same. Active was down on 1296 on Saturday, but this was probably due to bad WX which hit parts of the US east coast hard, and also was a problem in Eur. Lets hope WX is better for the BIG ONE comings up this month. Everyone seems to preparing for the contest. One thing that I can guarantee is that activity will be high regardless of the WX and conditions during this month's SW!

    Howie, 4X6UJ (KM72mt) will be QRV on 23 cm on 1296.020 with a 3 m dish and YD1270 PA. Serge (Howie) Svedcen ko can be reached at work at 972-4-8381180 (A.T.R. Inc.), at home 972-4 838-42870, or FAX 972-4-360889. Ralph, 4X1IF will also be QRV on 70 cm during the contest, on random, on 432.045 (30 sec periods) with elev restricted to angles from 45 deg thru apex down to 45 deg. Ralph will take skeds by phone. His tel number, which is new, is 972 9 7717831.

    Hoppie's report is as follows -- I worked on 10 Aug W2UHI and N2IQU, on 23 Aug WD5AGO (DF6NA was visiting WD5AGO at the time), on 31 Aug W2UHI, KB2AH, OE9XXI, HB9BBD, IK3COJ and WD5AGO, on 1 Sept OH2AXH, EA6ADW (EA6/DF5JJ's new call), VE1ALQ, W2UHI, YL3AG/A for initial #104, SM2CEW, CWNR F5PAU, HB9BBD, YL2KA #105, OE9XXI on SSB, HB9BHU, and again CWNR F5PAU on SSB, and on 2 Sept W2UHI, N2IQU, and CWNR WA4NJP. I'll be out of town during the Sept SW, but will try to be back in time for the Oct EME contest weekend.

    Luis writes -- I'm now QRV on 1296 with circular pol and with a new preamp. I'm using a VE4MA type feed with 90 deg coupler, with very nice results. The preamp employs a FHX35 + MGF1203 to give a 0.3 to 0.4 dB NF. I was surprise by the strength of my echoes,. They have a > 6 dB SNR most of the time, and when they are best on CW, I can also hear my echoes on SSB. And this is with no more than 100 w. Sun noise is about 15 dB for a 68 SFI. I worked on 14/15 Sept on random W2UHI, (559/M), N21QU (559/539) and then on SSB (55/33), OE9XXI (589/449) and on SSB (58/32) and F5PAU (559/0), on 25/26 Sept KB2AH (O/M) and one hour later (58/42) on SSB with his big dish, and on 29/29 Sept SW on random ZS6AXT (O/M), N2IQU (569/529), KB2AH (579/449) and on SSB (58/42), OE9XXI (559/439), OK1KIR (M/M), ZS6AXT (429/M), EA6ADW (549/339), OZ4MM (559/439), K2UYH (539/O) on sked and SM2CEW (O/O). I will be looking for more QSOs during the contest.

    Gunther found conditions very good during the late Sept SW. He made the following QSOs DL8OBU, DL9KR, JA5OVU, DL3EAG for an initial #234, EA6ADW, K2UYH, NC1I, EA3DXU, VE6TA #234, IK5WJD and DK0BY #235. Heard were JH3EAO and CT1DMK.

    Jurg worked on 70 cm on 30/31 Aug UR5LX (559/559), JA5OUV, I5CTE (O/M) and G4RGK (539/559), and in the Italian Contest UR5LX (549/559), JA2KRW (539/549), IW5AVM (539/529), I2COR (529/549), JR9NWC (O/O), EA3DXU (O/O), JA4BLC (539/549), UT7VF (529/O), G3HUL (429/449), JH4JLV (O/O), JS3SIM (O/O), PA2CHR (O/O) for initial #311, UA6LGH (429/O) and WA4NJP (439/549). Jurg is await ing QSL cards from 9A2AE, DK1PZ, DK4JN, EA3PL, F5FLN, F5JJI, F8SQ, G0RRJ, G0RUZ, G4ERG, GD4IOM, I5MPK, JS3SIM, K5GW, KD0GS, W0RRY/5 and WA5ETV. Look for Jurg in the ARRL Contest.

    Jose's EME report -- This activity weekend was similar to the last, but with better activity. I spend my time operating on 144 or 432 depending on EA3ADW's 2 m activity as we are neigh bors. I worked on 432, on 27 Sept at 1847 DF3RU (439/439), 2019 LX1DB (439/449), 2029 DF3RU (549/559) - FB sigs and 2145 EA6ADW (O/339) for initial #71, on 28 Sept at 0200 HB9SV (559/549), 0507 DL9NDD (439/O), 1929 DL9KR (549/549), 2015 DK3WG (O/O) and 2043 HB9SV (559/449) - FB sigs, and on 29 Sept at 0426 K1FO (O/449). Activity during the prior summer months was not as good. Most of the time there was nobody calling CQ, except K1FO, the most active station during the NA window. I QSO'd back on 31 Aug K1FO (539/449), WA4NJP (O/O), ON4KHG (O/O), K2UYH (O/549), UR5LX (O/O) and DK3WG (O/O) - the last 6 QSOs in the Italian EME contest. My 70 cm station now consists of 2x38 el M2 yagis, MGF 1302 LNA and GS23B PA at 950 w. My e-mail address is: Jose, EA3DXU I am interested in skeds and will be looking for everyone in the contest.

    Jean-Jacques, F1EHN sends news about the F6KSX crew. We have improved our 3 cm EME station, which consists of 50 w TWTA, 1 dB NF LNA, 3.3 m dish and direct transverter 10 GHz/28 MHz (using an F1EHN designed image reject mixer) and F1EHN automatic tracking, by substituting for our coaxial T/R switch, a waveguide switch. We are also working to put our 3.3 m dish on 23 cm EME. F5HRY is producing the TH338 PA, F1EHN the 1296/28 transverter and F6DLA the antenna. The 1st test is planed for the beginning of Nov. We will be QRV on 3 cm for the 1st part of the ARRL EME contest, and probably on 23 cm for the 2nd part. I now have a new version of my EME Moon Tracking System (Tracking.exe) software for users of the Pentium processor. There was a little bug in version 4.2. The new version is 4.2.1 (see the "About..." menu), and is a 16 bit application, but runs on Windows 95. The software is free -- just send a 3.5" floppy disk and funds for mailing. My e-mail address is: Jean_Jacques F1EHN . You can contact me via e-mail for EME skeds/F6KSX or information about my EME Software.

    Peter is just about ready to go from his new QTH -- I had hoped to be on the moon for last SW, but the WX and a few last minute wiring tasks beat me. I now have the 6 m dish on its polar mount, remotely controlled and lined with 1/2" mesh with fully soldered joints and fully operational. It measured 15-16 dB of Sun noise on 432 with a sun flux of 69. This indicates that I'm getting some additional gain in performance above the expected 3dB, probably from lower ground illumination with the deeper dish. The dish stood up to its 1st gale on Sunday. The mount retracts into the ground with the dish pointing at zenith to lower the windage and the environmental impact. It can be raised so that it can point at the horizon although to the east there are trees. You may be interested in details of the mount for the Tech section. [Definitely!] I took the opportunity to put right a number of small things that were left a bit ragged when I built the original (4.3 m) dish in 1993. I should be louder, although the feeder run is 150', but I certainly will hear well as the f/d is now 0.38. I sure am looking forward to hearing EME sigs again. I also had to build and fit out the shack, but its all done now and looks great. I now intend to get back to the electronics side of the game rather than the metal bashing!! I hope to see you all in the contest on 23 and 70 cm. By the way my phone number got listed incorrectly in the latest Dubus list, it should be 44 (0)1264 738251. My e-mail address is: Peter, G3LTF .

    Aldo has improved his 23 cm receive performance by switching from an ATF 10135 to an NE42484 HEMT. His Sun noise went from 9-10 dB to 11-12 dB. He is using a 4 m, .4 f/d dish with a VE4MA circular pol feed and 150 w on TX. He added initials on 3 Feb with OK1CA and SM2CEW, on 26 May KD5RO, on 31 Aug YL3AG/A for the 1st Italy-Latvia 23 cm QSO, and on 1 Sept EA6ADW [same EA6/DF5JJ].

    Steve found very good conditions with good activity on 70 cm EME during the Sept SW. It was good to see Moon alignment return to near perigee and dec a bit higher than over the summer months. He worked on 432, on 27 Sept W9QXP and W6WE, on 28 Sept DL6WU, YO2IS, F1IKA (339/549) same as F5SDD, K3LFO, EA6ADW, DL3EAG (439/519) for initial #497, K5WXN, K5JL and JA5OVU, and on 29 Sept ON4KNG, G4FUF, DL9KR, VE6TA, EA3DXU, 7M2PDT, JH4JLV, JS3SIM and JO3RNL. There was mass confusion on his DL3EAG sked. 1st PY5ZBU and HB9SV were QSOing on freq. Steve moved down in freq to call EA6ADW and let him know that W8MQW was not QRV. When he returned to his DL3EAG freq, K5JL was calling DL3EAG and DL3EAG was sending RO's to K1FO. Steve called DL3EAG and eventually DL3EAG copied him and sent a (519) RST and they completed the QSO. Also noted was that JS3SIM was much stronger that previously heard. Steve was also called by a weak and unidentified JA or JH as his moon set on 29 Sept. Steve has purchased N2IQU's old 8.7 m Kennedy dish. He has the dish in his yard, but hasn't yet gotten the AZ-EL mount and mounting back- frame. Steve hopes to get the dish up in 1997, but he has a lot of work to do cutting down trees to obtain an acceptable moon window. Although he has intentions to eventually get on 1296 MHz, his 1st interest in the dish is to get it on 432 MHz and compare it to his 24 x 15 el yagi array. On paper (and on the computer) the two antennas are almost identical in performance (temperature and gain when losses are considered) with a slight edge to the dish (+0.5 dB in gain). With both antennas on simultaneously Steve hopes that he will be able to settle the dish vs. yagi debate once and for all. Steve is looking for information on the following stations: SM5DWC - his grid square? S57Q or S57QF - was this call used on 70 cm EME? Is it an initial? Station info and grid square are needed? VI100GM - his grid Square? A QSL card was received from F1IKA. Jean-Michel is part of a "team" that includes, F5IVP, F5SDD, F5IXN, F1LVO and either F1UJC or F1USC. Steve couldn't read the call. Steve has made a number of corrections to his 70 cm EME initial count as follows: DJ2PA - deleted, XYL of DK3FB, OM1TF - deleted, same station as OM1TL. With these changes Steve's 432 MHz EME totals are now #497 initial, 49 states and 75 DXCC.

    Rusty is back in operation on EME. His dish has a new surface with 0.625 Al mesh that comes from a company in Greensboro, NC in a 5' wide roll. The mesh only added 18 lb. to weight of Rusty's 24' dish. Sun noise indicates a BIG improvement on 1296. On 6 Oct he worked WA4NJP (339/449), W2UHI (559/559) and N2IQU (579/579) and (55) on SSB. His Echoes were 15 dB in a 300 Hz bandwidth. Needless to say, Rusty is very pleased with the dishes performance, and is looking forward to giving it a real workout in the ARRL contest. He will be active on both 432 and 1296. Sometime in the future he plans to add 13 cm. Rusty also wants to clarify his comments concerning 7289 ring type amps, as the ones produced by KB2AH. He agrees that it is possible to get power out of these amps without an external tuner, by heavily loading the cavity. The problem with this "sever overcoupling" is that the amplifier loses efficiency. Under these conditions the amplifier will tune fairly broad with good stability, but with very poor efficiency. He feels the best way to couple power out of a UPX4 type amplifier is with capacitive coupling, but the implementation of such a system is a real mechanical nightmare. [I talked to Tom, KB2AH about the efficiency of his amplifiers. He says that he would like to get more efficiency, but that most of his amps run better than 30 percent.]

    Ron is getting setup for the contest from Minn on 23 cm from EN24. His home grid is EN34 from which he is QRV on 70 cm. During the contest he will operate on 23 cm from a portable QTH, which is the same loc as KD0PYO. Look for him on 1296.010 during the pre-contest weekend as well.


    Scott brings us up to date on his activity since March -- I worked on 2 March K5AZU (559/549) for initial #272, on 23 March 7M2PDT (M/O) #273 and OZ4MM (559/569) #274, on 28 April UT7VF (M/O) #275, on 3 Aug JA2TY (449/449) #276, on 25 Aug WI7Z (M/O) #277, on 31 Aug KF0M (O/O) #278 - This was a very expensive contact, on sending 73s my HPA had a flashover and lost the tube, lucky I had a spare - and on 28 Sept F5SDD (O/O) #279, HB9SV (569/559) #280 and EA6ADW. With the contest coming up and several reports of stations calling and not being heard, I took a look at the receive system and found several problems. The most serious was a preamp that oscillates and water in a connector. I decided to do a total re-build of the receive system before the contest. Looking at the dual dipole system with the HP 8754A network analyzer, I found both sets tuned to about 420 MHz, [This is not necessarily a problem.] and decided a total feed system rebuild was necessary too. I have temporarily returned to a single dipole arrangement to allow reception at the same polarity as I transmits. The dual set system was to confusing. The new 6.7 m (22') dish project for 23 cm is moving ahead, but slowly. I hope to have it complete before the 2nd contest weekend; however, this may be pushing things. The frame is now complete and I am awaiting the arrival of material to cover the dish. I am using an expanded aluminum covering. Ray, WA4NJP is building the new mount system, and it is almost complete. The tower section to be used for the mount is in the ground under 8 yards of concrete. The HPA is complete as well. Scott has purchased one of the new 1296 transverters from Ben at Parabolic, that was mentioned in last month's newsletter. Preliminary results look very promising. My 70 cm totals are #280 initial, 45 DXCC and 33 WAS.

    Chris is finally making progress on getting his 28' dish in to the air -- I bought a used crane, a pretty heavy one, it weighs about 50,000 pounds. I got a good deal on it for $1,300. It is a moto-crane so it has wheels and is driveable, but only one problem, no brakes! I had it towed to my house and drove it to the back side of the yard. I yanked the AZ-EL gas motor out of the pedestal part of the crane and replaced it with a large 1000 pound 200 to 1 gear box that I found at a local junk yard. It's output shaft is close to 4 inches in diameter. It drives a quad chain to turn the clutch shaft which allows the azimuth to turn back and forth, or the crane boom to move up and down. It will be a very slow azimuth because the output shaft of the 200:1 reducer must turn around 20-30 or so times to get one turn on the main clutch shaft, which couples into the other gearing. It should go plenty slow enough for steering a 1296 beamwidth.

    Tonda, OK1DAI reports his group was active on 5760 on 4 Aug to work at 0008 I6PNN (O/O) for initial #7, DXCC 6 and the 1st I-OK 5 cm QSO. They used lin pol. They were active on 70 cm and QSO'd on 27 Sept at 2047 JA5OVU (449/439) and 2130 EA3DXU (O/QRZ), and on 28 Sept at 0132 F5SDD (O/O) for initial #316, 0331 W2CRS (539/559) #317, 0406 VE6TA (439/439) #318 and field 42 (DO), 0431 N4PZ (O/O) #319, nil in skeds with K9BCT, WB6IMC, 7M2PDT, and UT7VF. Heard were DF3RU, DF6NA, DK3WG, DL3EAG, DL9KR, EA3DXU, EA6ADW, PY5ZBU, W1ZX, W7HAH, W9QXP and YO2IS. They were also QRV on 1296 and contacted on 28 Sept at 2340 CT1DMK (M/M) for initial #131, DXCC 31 and the 1st CT-OK 23 cm QSO. Nil was re ceived in skeds with K9BCT, WA9FWD and WA7BBM. Heard were DF3RU, DF9QX, DJ9YW, EA6ADW, F2TU, F6CGJ, JH5LUZ, K2UYH, K5JL, OE9XXI, 0Z4MM, W2UHI and ZS6AXT. In the ARRL contest they are especially interested in QSOs on 3 cm, and can be reached at the dish sight at 42601209249.

    Stig writes -- I found good activity on 70 cm on Saturday, but very low on 23 cm on Sunday. On 70 cm I worked on 28 Sept at 0244 W1ZX (559/449) for initial #82, 0302 K5JL (569/569), 0320 K5WXN (439/449) #83, 0328 W7CI (459/559) #84, 0336 W9QXP (459/559), 0346 W2CRS (549/559) #85, 0350 K2UYH on SSB (44/56), 0433 W7HAH (549/559) #86, 0448 WA4NJP (559/449) #87, 0453 DF6NA (439/559) #88 and 0502 IK5WJD (429/549). On 23 cm I QSO'd on 29 Sept at 0318 CT1DMK (429/559) for initial #109 and DXCC 29, 0333 WB5LUA (569/569), 0347 EA6ADW (559/569), 0351 W2UHI (569/579) and 0356 W2UHI on SSB (44/43) - FB.


    Paul reports -- I am making slow progress on 10 GHz. The transverter is ready. I should have 20 w out very soon. The remaining part is the dish. I am looking for a circuit diagram of a power supply made by: HARMER SIMMONS POWER SUPPLY Inc., Sey mour, CT 06483, Model RD212A. This is very good power supply which I purchased at an auction for $10. The output voltages are +24 V/9.8 A, - 24 V/9.8 A, and 5 V/12 A. This seems to be a very good supply for currently available commercial solid state PAs and TWTAs. These power supplies should be available around the country. This year I will be QRV probably on only 144 during the contest. I do not think that I will get the 10 GHz dish before the end of the contest. My brother, SP5CJT, Mike will be QRV on random during the contest on 70 cm.

    Sergj was active in Aug-Sept on EME. He worked on 30 Aug DK3WG, UT7VF, G3SEK and G4ALH, on 31 Aug F5IVP (449/519) for initial #287, G4FUF, F5SDD (O/O) #288, UA6LGH, IK0EQJ, YO2IS, UT7VF, WA4NJP, K5JL, KD4LT, W2CRS, IK5WJD, DK8VS, WA9FWD, I2COR, DK3WG, JA5OVU, JA2KRW, EA3DXU, JA4BLC, DF3RU, DJ6MB, IW5AVM, JH4JLV, IK2EAD, G3HUL, DK3FB, JH1XUJ, PA2CHR (O/O) #289 and ON4KNG, and on 1 Sept K1FO, NA4N (O/O) #290, DL6NAA, W9QXP and JR4AEP for a total of 35x5. CWNR was DK0NA. In the late Sept SW he added an initial with DL3EAG.

    Grant reports -- We have had some severe weather condi tions this fall, which has make antenna work a bit slower than usual. Several inches of snow has fallen already (in Sept!), but the freezing WX helps keep the moisture out of the connectors HI! I worked back on 14 June 7M2PDT for initial #27, on 22 June DF3RU #28 - on random, on 6 July DK3WG #29, PA3CSG #30 on random and G4FUF #31, on 4 Aug W7HAH #32 on random, and on 31 Aug WA9FWD #33 and JA2KRW #34. Sept produced some was very good conditions and I managed QSOs on 28 Sept with HB9SV #35 on random, OK1KIR #36, DF6NA #37, EA6ADW #38, DL9NDD #39 on random, KA0RYT #40 and JA4BLC #41, and on 29 Sept no luck in skeds but on random W7CI #42 and OE5JFL #43. If mother nature and my work schedule cooper ate I hope to be QRV during the contest on 432 in Oct and 1296 in Nov.

    Willie was QRV for the SW on 28 Sept and worked at 0231 DF3RU (339/O) for initial #270, OZ4MM (449/O) #271, 0311 KA0RYT (339/559) - also heard were several stations on Saturday morning. Willie is going to be on for the next SW (ARRL Contest). He notes that EME Conference Attendees who have a problem with the center section of the Conference Proceedings, (i.e. printed backwards), should return these Proceedings to him, (Willie Mank, W1ZX, 7620 Bensville Rd, Waldorf, MD 20603). He will see that they are corrected and return. Willie also has some left over conference items for sale - [see the For Sale section for details].

    Doug, DM78 CO writes -- There was pretty good activity and conditions on 28 Oct, and less activity on the 29th. I made the following ten 432 contacts: W9QXP (O/O), K2UYH (559/569), OK1KIR (559/549) for a new country and initial #82, OZ4MM (559/549) #83 an another new country, WI7Z (O/O) #84, W7CI (O/O), W7HAH (O/O), K5WXN (O/O) #85, KA0RYT (O/O) and OE5JFL (549/549). I heard NIL in my skeds with IW5AVM and EA6ADW; so I will have to try again. The JA skeds were canceled. From memory, other stations heard were K5JL, K1FO, KD4LT, VE6TA and W8MQW. During the Italian Contest, back in Aug, I worked G3SEK for #81. Please no skeds during ARRL EME contest as I will be operating both 144 and 432. Also note, I should soon have a new W0?? call.

    Shep, DN26xk reports -- Conditions during the late Aug SW seemed very poor. Station worked were WI7Z (O/O) for initial #173 on random and JR9RWC (O/O) on sked. I added initials on 25 Sept with W6WE #174, and on 28/29 Sept with OZ4MM (579/549) #175 and KA0RYT (O/O) #176 - both on random. Other stations worked were W9QXP, W2CRS, OE5JFL and SM2CEW. K2UYH was heard but not worked (579). It seemed like activity was very low on 29 Sept. I plan also to be QRV on 1296 EME very soon.

    I retuned my post preamp filter to reduce the 10 dB band width from about 25 to 1 MHz. This increased the loss from about 0.1 dB to about 1 dB. The trade appears worthwhile as receiving seems to have improved or maybe conditions were just exceptional during the Sept SW - but I don't think so. I QSO'd on 9 Sept on 432 at 0325 W2CRS (569/559) - impressive signal, 0333 KA0RYT (559/559), 0340 W7CI (559/449), 0350 OZ4MM (56/55) on SSB, 0405 N4PZ (549/439), 0419 DF6NA (449/459) - I though the call was F6NA at 1st, 0429 DL9NDD (559/559), 0515 DF3RU (45/43) on SSB, 0529 EA6ADW (549/559), 0545 W7GBI (559/559), 0553 W9QXP (559/459), 0605 K5WXN (559/559) and 1110 JS3SIM (O/O) for initial #571 - No final R's or 73's were received as the setting Moon was way into the trees. He appeared to be having problems copying me. The next day I switched to 1296. The WX was miserable with high wind gusts and heavy rain. Nevertheless I was able to QSO at 0430 CT1DMK (O/O) for initial #134 and DXCC 30.


    UT7VF, Victor worked on 31 Aug UR5LX, DF3RU, K1FO, KD4LT and I2COR.

    UR4LL can be reached via Packet at uy0ll@uy0ll.kha.ukr.eu, and e- mail at:
    UR4LL or
    UR4LL or

    DL9KR is looking for info on NA4N and KF0M. He had an initial with PA2CHR, who is using 4 yagis from JO22xa.

    EA6ADW is the new call of EA6/DF5JJ.

    IK0EKJ is looking for skeds for Dec on 70 cm.

    W7CI reports lots of activity during the SW. Steve worked W9QXP during Lunar eclipse.

    WA4NJP needs a re-sked with 4X1IF on 70 cm.

    SM2CEW QSO'd on 23 cm VE4MA and CT1DMK. On 70 cm he CWNR KL7HFQ.

    W0RAP has a new dish ready to go up.

    DL8RDI, Heiner is back from a year in China, and working to be QRV on 1296 for Nov. He has a 2 m dish, VE4MA feed, SM0PYP LNA and TH338 PA.

    W2UHI is all set for the contest, and has been testing on 23 cm just about anytime the moon is available. DL9NDD worked DK0BY on 70 cm with good sigs. This station is the same as the DL6NAA club station.) PA3CSG will be on during the contest on 10 GHz with 60 w and a 3 m dish.

    HB9BBD was not QRV during the last SW and missed his skeds. He will be active in the contest. He hopes to have a 10 m dish complete by March which he will use 1st on 23 cm and then also on 10 GHz.

    DL3EAG is a new station active on 70 cm with 4x21 el yagis and 400 w. SM4IVE is reported to not presently be QRV.

    F1IKA, F5IXN, F5IVP, F1USC or (F1UJC), F1LVO and F5SDD are all the same station! They use 600 w HPA with MGF1303 LNA and 8x25DJ9BV yagis.

    VE4MA is QRV on 10 GHz with 3.7 m dish and 35 w.

    NU7Z has his HPA running on 23 cm and will be QRV in the contest. He reports 425 w out of TH308 and 110 w out on 5760, but is not yet ready.

    WD5AGO will be on 70 cm and 23 cm for the contest. <{P> DF3RU is QRV on 10 GHz.


    W1ZX has for Sale from the International EME Conference: Official Hats ($US10), Coffee Cups ($US5) and Clocks ($US3) - all of course with the '96 EME logo. Also available are Proceedings for $US12 + shipping ($3 in the States). 105 have been sold to this date. He also has a GR IF Amplifier 1236A for $US150 & shipping, a Bird 43 Wattmeter - call for price, AIL 75 Noise Figure Meter with cabinet for $US275 & shipping, and several Transco "Y" type Relays with "N" Connectors for $US50 & shipping. Call Willie at 301 645 5584, 2000-2230 EST, FAX 301 645 6853, 24 hrs, or e-mail to: Willie, W1ZX looking for 7289s or equivalents at reasonable prices. His e-mail address is: G3LTF

    KD4LT wants a TH331 tube. Contact Scott at 912-890-2506, 912-985- 0864 Fax or at e-mail: Scott, KD4LT to buy an RIW or equivalent PA, or a parts kit, for use on 70 cm EME. WB3CZG has several beautifully constructed 432 2 x 3CX800 PAs capable of 1.5 KW for sale. Call 1-717-663- 2837.

    DL8RDI has 2 TH338 1296 HPAs (PMJ design - capable of 800 w out with 60 w in) available for sale. Price is $US800 each. Contact Heiner Jordan at Nelkenstr. 26, D-93346 Ihrlerstein, GERMANY, Tel 09441/28856.

    KB2AH has 1, 2, 4 and 6 x 7289 1296 HPAs available for immediate sale. He can also provide circular polarized feeds (similar to VE4MA design with polarizer) for 1296. Contact Tom at 908-223- 5067, FAX 908-223-0901 or e-mail: KB2AH


    The big news this month, besides the contest, is that Joe, K1RQG is back as net control of the 20 m net. The size of the Netnews portion of this NL has grown as a result of Joe's reports. I suspect that net attendance will also grow now the Joe is back in town.

    Each month I request help with technical material for the NL. One person who has come thru in a great way is Chuck, W8MQW. This month I have included a piece on 1/f noise by Chuck. In future months you will hear more of his ideas.

    As for activity reports, almost all reports are now arriving by e- mail. This works out very well, and is appreciated. Please keep the reports coming by e-mail, or other media, if e-mail is not available. I plan to be QRV on 70 and 23 cm during the contest, and possibly 3 cm - most likely in Nov. A number of friends will be coming by to help with the operating. We will be looking for you...

    73, Al - K2UYH

    (** Indicates Sked Weekends)

    At 2400 Sat/   Declination  Signals  Sun offset  Sky temp   Comments *
       0000 Sun       (deg)       (dB)     (deg)    (K,432MHz)
     4 / 5    Jan     -14.0       0.0        -56        29     Moon in South
    11 / 12   Jan      -8.7       1.0        +39        16     Moon in South
    **18 / 19  Jan     16.9      -0.2       +128        27     Night.
     25 / 26  Jan       8.6      -0.9       -154        14     Night.Apogee.
     1 / 2    Feb     -15.3       0.1        -76        29     Moon in South
     8 / 9    Feb      -6.3       1.0        +20        16     Moon in South
    **15 / 16  Feb     17.7      -0.3       +109        34     Day(PM).
     22 / 23  Feb       6.1      -0.9       -174        14     Night.Apogee.
      1 / 2   Mar     -16.6       0.2        -95        39     Moon in South
     8 / 9    Mar      -3.9       0.9         -1        19     Moon in South
    **15 / 16  Mar     18.1      -0.4        +90        34     Day(PM).
     22 / 23  Mar       3.4      -0.9       +167        15     Night.Apogee.
     29 / 30  Mar     -17.6       0.3       -113        91     Moon in South.
     5 / 6    Apr      -1.3       0.9        -20        19     Moon in south.
    **12 / 13  Apr     18.2      -0.4        +71        31     Day(PM).
     19 / 20  Apr       0.9      -0.8       +148        15     Night.Apogee.
     26 / 27  Apr     -18.2       0.4       -130        91     Moon in South.
     3 / 4    May       1.6       0.8        -38        19     Day(AM).
    *10 / 11  May      18.0      -0.5        +51        31     Day(PM).Apogee
     17 / 18  May      -1.6      -0.8       +129        20     Moon in South.
     24 / 25  May     -18.3       0.5       -146        124    Moon in South.
     30 / 1   Jun       4.6       0.8        -55        20     Day(AM).
    **7 / 8    Jun      17.5      -0.6        +33        20    Day(PM).Apogee
     14 / 15  Jun      -3.9      -0.8       +110        20     Moon in South.
     21 / 22  Jun     -17.8       0.6       -163        58     Moon in south.
    **28 / 29  Jun      7.6       0.7        -71        20     Day(AM).
     5 / 6    Jul      16.5      -0.7        +15        20     Sun noise.
     12 / 13  Jul      -6.1      -0.7        +91        20     Moon in South.
     19 / 20  Jul     -16.9       0.7       +175        58     Moon in south.
    **26 / 27  Jul     10.3       0.6        -87        24     Day(AM)
     2 / 3    Aug      15.1      -0.7         -5        14     Sun noise.
     9 / 10   Aug      -8.4      -0.6        +73        20     Moon in south.
     16 / 17  Aug     -15.7       0.7       +159        24     Moon in south.
    **23 / 24  Aug     12.7       0.6       -104        24     Day(AM).
     30 / 31  Aug      13.3      -0.8        -22        13     Sun noise.
     6 / 7    Sep     -10.7      -0.6        +55        26     Moon in south.
     13 / 14  Sep     -14.1       0.8       +141        24     Moon in South.
    **20 / 21  Sep     14.6       0.5       -122        24     Night.
     27 / 28  Sep      11.1      -0.8        -40        13     Day(AM).Apogee
     4 / 5    Oct     -13.0      -0.5        +37        29     Moon in South.
     11 / 12  Oct     -12.2       0.9       +122        20     Moon in South.
    **18 / 19  Oct     16.1       0.4       -141        27     Night.
     25 / 26  Oct       8.9      -0.9        -59        14     Day(AM).Apogee
     1 / 2    Nov     -15.0      -0.4        +19        29     Moon in South.
     8 / 9    Nov      -9.8       0.9       +104        16     Moon in South.
    **15 / 16  Nov     17.3       0.3       -161        27     Night.
     22 / 23  Nov       6.8      -0.9        -79        14     Day(AM).Apogee
     29 / 30  Nov     -16.6      -0.3         -5        39     Moon in South.
     6 / 7    Dec      -6.9       0.9        +87        16     Moon in South.
    **13 / 14  Dec     18.1       0.2       +175        34     Night.
     20 / 21  Dec       4.7      -0.9       -100        15     Day(AM).Apogee
     27 / 28  Dec     -17.6      -0.2        -22        39     Moon in South.
         * SUN OFFSET ...Night  < Day(AM) <  Sun noise  > Day(PM) >  Night...

    This information was obtained from Scott, KD4LT

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