NOVEMBER 1998 VOL 27 #12


OR H 443- 3184, FAX 609-443-1713, AND EMAIL:
Allen Katz, K2UYH



HALSKESTR.35, D-12167 BERLIN, (49-30-7955467), E-Mail:

Klaus Tiedemann.


*** NA EME BBS: 704-284-4854 ***




70 cm produced some unusual effects. For much of the contest signals between Eur and NA were twisted by 90 degs. This meant, to be heard stations with rotatable pol had to TX at a pol angle 90 deg from the pol for best reception. Signals when received at the proper pol angle were pretty good on both 70 and 23 cm. DX wise 9H1BN showed up to put Malta on 432 EME for the 1st time - see DL9KR's report for more details.


It appears that DL9KR is the 432 contest leader with a score of 91x35. There are no other reported scores which even come close, although we do not have a score from OH2PO who was last year's winner and very active this year. On 1296 OE9XXI is again in the lead contact wise with 60x32, but Peter has lots of close competition: K5JL with 58x37, HB9BBD 55x32, SM2CKU 52x27, LA8LF 52x26, N2IQU 51x23 ...

The weekend of 7/8 Nov is a go for the 1st Microwave EME Contest - 13 cm and above. The rules are basically the same as appeared in the last NL.

Bernhard writes that his call was used for a group multi-band EME contest effort from JN58. They scored 20x14 on 70 cm, 5x4 on 23 cm and 77x31 on 2 m for an overall count of 103x51. CWNR on 70 cm were JJ1NNJ, VE1ALQ, S51ZO, JL1ZCG, 7M2PDT, KD4LT, KR5V, DJ6MB, W7QX and W7HAH, heard were VE1ALQ, UR5LX, DL9NDD, HB9SV, W7CNK and DL4MEA. CWNR on 23 cm were OE9ERC, F5PAU and HB9BBD. Equipment was set up just for the contest. On 432 they used 4 x 33 el yagis and GS23B PA with a Moon window from 90 deg to moonset, and on 1296 2 x 70 el yagis and a TH327 PA with a window from 90 to 250 degs. They plan to on again for the Dec weekend and will take skeds. QSLs can be sent to (Bernhard Dobler, Breslauer Str. 7, D-85435 Erding, GERMANY).

Ruediger, had the following contacts on 432 during the first leg of ARRL contest: DL9KR, DJ6MB, OH2PO, K1FO, OE5JFL, OZ4MM, DL3EAG and UR5LX. CWNR were F5FLN, N9AB, SM3AKW, OE5EYM, HB9SV and F1ANH. Heard also were N4GJV, SM2CEW, DL9NDD, KD4LT, JL1ZCG and DK3WG. Bad WX with high wind and a not yet detected noise source caused lots of pain.

Stephan generally found the conditions quite good, but also at times strange -- On Saturday morning, I had only 3 contacts, OH2PO, K5GW and N4GJV. Many others were heard, but conditions were unidirectional, loud signal from N9AB (539), K2UYH (529) and W7BBM, but no response to my calls. Heard were also W7FN (?), DL8OBU, DL4KG, DJ6MB and ON5OF. Saturday evening I had some more contacts, (so Eur conditions were good), with JA5OVU, DL9KR, UR5LX, OZ4MM, JL1ZCG for initial #36, DJ6MB #37, SM3AKW #38, OE5JFL, DK3WG, DL4MEA #39 and DK3FB. CWNR were F5FLN, 7M2PDT and OE5EYM. Heard was HA1YA. Sunday morning produced the same conditions as observed on Saturday; loud signals from US, but no response to my calls. KD4LT was extremely loud. When he worked K1FO, he was a real (539) and Steve, K1FO was only (O). An hour later, KD4LT was gone (or not heard anymore), but K1FO came up loud and I worked him (539/439). Finally on Sunday evening I added UT5DL #40 to end with 11x16. Sound samples taken from QSOs with UR5LX, K1FO and OH2PO can be found on my homepage:

Stephan, DL3EAG

Gerald's contest story follows -- I moved my antenna system to a new tower and at the same time I enlarged it from 4x23 el to 4x29 el BV yagis. I finished the work on the Thursday afternoon before the 1st leg of the ARRL contest. During testing the controller for the elevation actuator failed, and I couldn't get it repaired in time for the contest. I have now replaced it and I am ready for EME with full el. Sun noise is up to 12 dB compared to 9 dB before. So it seems that there must have been a problem in the old antenna system. I will be on the Moon during the coming weekends to test the system and make some QSOs.

Guenter's (JN58jd) results for the Oct part of the EME contest -- I found conditions very good on my 1st pass, 0200 Saturday morning on. Faraday losses seemed very low, in deed I never had my echoes so strong, measured with FFTDSP sometimes around 20 dB S/N. Then rotation losses became higher, but the NA stations still came through. On the 2nd pass, I was mainly looking for JA stations, but only JL1ZCG was heard. I had a visitor at the time, and the band sounded like a crowded tropo CW contest. I ended working on 432 (with 6x33 el yagis, GS35b and ATF35076) CT1DMK, DF3RU, DJ6MB, DK3WG, DL3EAM, DL9KR, DL9NDD, F1ANH, F5FLN, G4ERG, HA1YA, I5CTE, JL1ZCG, K0RZ, K1FO, K2UYH, K5GW, N4GJV, N9AB, OE5EYM, OE5JFL, OH2PO, OZ4MM, SM3AKW, UR5LX, VE1ALQ, W7CNK, W7GBI and W7HAH. I was especially pleased by the activity from NA. It was higher than I ever before. Prior to the contest I was able to spend some time working on my EME array. I originally planned to switch to parallel wire feed and a new OE3JPC style preamp. I was just able to replace the MGF1302 in my BV preamp with an ATF35076 and to connect the 6 port coupler directly to the 7/16 relay with a newly acquired 7/16-to-N adapter. I measured Sun noise at 13 dB on Sunday after moonset. There is still room for more improvements. The material is here, but little time! I was also active on 144 EME, near moonset when my 432 array is blocked by trees, and am available for 2 m skeds during this period.

Jan did very well during the 1st part of the contest despite periods of rain and high winds. Trees now block 3 hours of his western window. Nevertheless Jan is probably in the lead on 70 cm with a score 91x35! A big surprise was the presence of 9H1BN who he worked on 10 Oct at 0130 for country #82. 9H1BN was running 2 x 20 el WU yagis and 700 w from JM75, and also worked OH2PO and heard K1FO. Jan added KB4CNI, NL7Z, S57RA, DL1YMK and G4BRK to bring him up to initial #706. Other new calls were KR5V assumed the same as KN6M, K6DV same as KD6R and DH1NHI same as DL6NAA? [We have no information on any of these call changes.] Other initials since Jan's last report were VK4KAZ #691, KU3T #692, N7LQ #694, UT3LL #695, KA0RYT/0 #696, VK4AFL #697, K8GP #698, IN3AGI #699 and CT1WB #700.

Michel (F5IVP) announces a change to his club's EME contest plans. F5KDK will not be active on 1296, only 432 (and possibly in Dec). They will operate from the QTH of F1CH in JN23vf with 4 x 6 m BV yagis and 600 w.

Francis, who supplied the Chouchen at the Paris Conference, sends the following contest report -- I worked on 23 cm on 10/11 Oct HB9BBD (579/579), OK1DFC (559/549), JA7BMB (569/449) initial #99, DF4PV (569/449), LA8LF (579/569), G3LTF (569/449), ZS6AXT (579/449), G4CCH (549/549), OE9XXI (569/569), OZ6OL (559/449) #100, N2IQU (579/579), OZ4MM (569/569), EA6ADW (449/449), HB9BHU (559/559), OH2AXH (559/559), KD4LT (569/559), SM6CKU (569/559), W2UHI (559/559), OE9ERC (559/559), KB2AH (559/569), VE1ZJ (559/449), WD5AGO (559/559), K5JL (569/559), PY5ZBU (559/549) #101, F6CGJ (569/569), DC6UW (579/569), W7CS (559/449) #102, JH5LUZ (559/559), SM4DHN (569/569), S59DCD (569/559), SM3AKW (559/559), OH2DG (569/559) #103, F1ANH (569/579), ON5RR (549/549), EA3UM (559/559), JA6CZD (569/569), F5AQC (569/569), G3LQR (559/549), OE5JFL (569/569), OE9EYM (579/569) #104, HB9SV (569/579), K3HZO (O/O) #105, K2UYH (559/559), F5PL (569/559) and W6HD (559/549) #106 for a total of 45 QSOs and initial total #106 and DXCC 38.

Peter writes -- I was away on holiday in Sept, so missed NB and still need that, Wyo and KY for WAS. I enjoyed the 1st leg of the contest, but thought the activity was low, especially on 70 cm. The condx on 70 were strange with spread pol to the US in the night and at the same time sharply peaking to Eur as the Sun rose, and a solid 90 deg on echoes in the daylight hours. I operated on 23 cm the 1st pass and on 70 cm the 2nd. I also tried 13 cm, but heard nil and no echoes either. I took about 4-5 hours sleep both passes, I'm afraid age is begining to tell! My score was 30x24 on 23 cm and 34x19 on 70 cm. OSO'd on 10 Oct on 1296 were ZS6AXT, EA3UM, HB9BHU, G4CCH, F5PAU, JA7BMB for initial #141, LA8LF, HB9BBD, DF4PV #142 (new on 1296?), OZ4MM, OK1DFC, OE5EYM #143, N2IQU, F6CGJ, EA6ADW, OE9ERC, VE1ALQ, HA5SHF, OH2AXH, SM6CKU, SM3AKW, K5JL, WD5AGO, PY5ZBU, W2UHI, NU7Z, OE9XXI, W7CS #144, W6HD #145 and W0JKY. CWNR were KD4LT, DK6UW (mni) and PA3CSG. K3HZO was also heard. QSO'd on 70 cm on 1O Oct were DJ6MB, OH2PO and G4ERG, and on 11 Oct UR5LX, DK3WG, DL9KR, HA1YA, 7M2PDT, JH4JLV, OZ4MM, OE5EYM, UT5DL, G4ALH, ON5OF, S52CW, K1FO, N4GJV, K0RZ, W7CNK, F5FLN, K5GW, K5WXN, W7GBI, OE5JFL, W7QX, I5CTE, VE1ALQ, OE3JPC, N9AB, DJ5MN for initial #332, G3HUL, KD4LT, KB4CNI #333 and W6WE #334. CWNR were SM3AKW, EA3DXU, W7KK/6, WA7BBM and W7HAH (mni), heard were JA2TY, DL1YMK, DL8OBU, DL7APV and S57RA.

Neil's reports -- Just made my 1st EME QSO on 70 cm, so thought I'd better send a report. I heard via Ian, G3SEK, that DL9KR was keen to work me after a failure a couple of years ago using just my tropo yagi. (Jan had my callsign as G4BRC when a TVI complaint forced me to shut down). I fixed up a box of 4x21 Tonna yagis, all old and well contest- abused, and set the elevation to 54 deg, which I reckoned would give me 3 hours of Moon time. I used a DJ9BV preamp at the combiner, 10 m of thick Ethernet feeder on transmit (!), and an RIW amplifier (25 years old but still puts out the watts). I had this set up and ready for the 2nd pass in the ARRL contest on 11 Oct, to start at 0300. The 1st station heard was OH2PO. Had a flashover in the PA, but it came back after the trip timeout, and I then worked OH2PO (O/O) for my 1st EME QSO. Later I worked K1FO (O/M) and DL9KR (539/549) - a QSO with Jan at last and a tremendous signal. I also heard a few others - KA0RYT and N9AB (thought it was N9RB) were identified, but a whole lower layer of other stations were also audible including both sides of some QSOs. I just could not identify these weaker ones, probably partly because of the rapid contest-style QSO exchanges. There were not many callsign repeats. I went QRT at 0515, very happy with my results. Unfortunately the system is not permanent - too little space in the garden - so can't take skeds. It is possible I may set up again sometime. [You can reach Neil at e-mail Neil, G4BRK

Peter (IO93sr) found conditions FB for the 1st morning of the contest -- I worked on 70 cm, (16 x 10 el BV yagis with pol rotation, 2 x 3CX800a7 PA and MGF1302 LNA), OE5EYM (569/559), DL9KR (579/569), SM3AKW (449/449), OH2PO (569/549), OH2DG (549/539) for initial #115, DF3RU (559/559), DL6WU (549/449) #116, DL9NDD (549/449), DJ6MB (549/529), DJ5MN (O/O) #117, HB9SV (559/559), F1ANH (559/559), K1FO (569/559), N9AB (O/O), CT1DMK (439/549), I5TDJ (O/O), N4GJV (549/449), F5AQC (549/549), I5CTE (O/O) #118, DL4MEA (O/O), W7CNK (529/529), UR5LX (559/539), K5GW (569/559), K2UYH (559/549), W7GBI (O/O) #119, W7QX (O/O), OZ4MM (559/549), JL1ZCG (569/449), F5FLN (549/519) #120, HA1YA (O/O), OE5JFL (569/449), JH4JLV (O/O), G3LTF (449/439), UT5DL (449/449), DK3WG (559/549), K0RZ (549/549), W7HAH (O/O) #121, KD4LT (559/549), JA5OVU (449/549) for a score of 39x22. I am looking for skeds in Nov via e-mail at:
Peter, G4ERU

Csaba's group's results on 1296 were on 10 Oct at 0032 OE9ERC (559/559), 0059 HB9BBD (579/549), 0151 LA8LF (449/O), 0221 N2IQU (549/439) #27, 0249 OZ4MM (449/449), 0255 EA6ADW (449/439), 0305 G3LTF (O/O), 0311 F6CGJ (559/339) #28, 0425 OE9XXI (579/549), 0511 PY5ZBU (O/O) #29 and DXCC 16, 0544 K5JL (559/549), 0557 SM6CKU (549/539) #30, 0623 SM3AKW (549/439), 0631 W2UHI (559/449), 0729 PA3CSG (569/539), 2226 OH2AXH (559/339) #31, 2243 SM4DHN (559/549), 2322 HB9SV (569/439) #32 and 2356 S59DCD (O/O) #33 and DXCC 17, and on 11 Oct at 0355 F5AQC (O/O) #34 and 0509 OE5EYM (449/O) #35.

Dominique hopes everyone enjoyed the contest as much as he did -- No Murphy around, all equipment did the job - only the operator fell asleep for about 2 hours during the NA window! Since my blockage to the west is a handicap, this was certainly the wrong time for a nap. I finished the 1st leg on 23 cm with a 55x32 score. Logged were F5PAU (579/579), LA8LF (579/599), HB9BHU (569/579), EA3UM (579/559), JA7BMB for initial #113 (569/569), OK1DFC (579/589) and SSB (52/58), HA5SHF (549/579), ZS6AXT (569/589), DF4PV (569/589), G3LTF (569/589), OE9ERC (589/589) and SSB (59/59), OZ4MM (589/589), OE5EYM (559/559) #114, G4CCH (559/579), N2IQU (589/599), OE9XXI (599/579) and SSB (59/59), OZ6OL (559/569), F6CGJ SSB (59/59), EA6ADW (579/579), KD4LT (579/559), K3HZO (429/569), OH2AXH (579/579), W4OP (569/579), VE1ZJ (559/559), K5JL (589/589) and SSB (58/58), SM6CKU (569/589), K9BCT/4 (559/579), SM3AKW (579/589), W2UHI (579/589), WD5AGO (569/569), W6HD (569/589) #115, WA8WZG (559/599), PY5ZBU (579/579), NU7Z (519/559) #116, W7CS (559/579), OH2DG (569/579), JH5LUZ (579/589) and SSB (52/58), ON5RR (569/599), JA8ERE (539/549), F1ANH (579/339) - trees blocking hi, later SSB (57/57), SM4DHN (589/569), DC6UW (569/569), S59DCD (569/579), IK3GHY (569/579) #117 and SSB (52/57), HB9SV (599/589) and SSB (59/59), DH9FAG #118 (559/559), G3LQR (559/579), F5AQC (579/569), OE5JFL (589/589), K2UYH (589/O) and SSB (58/55), K4QI (589/579), IK6EIW (529/559), 9H1ES (529/559), DF3RU (559/569) and DF5MN (559/579) #119. On 4 Oct I QSO'd LU8EDR (429/569) #112 and a new country.

Piero (I5TDJ) has good news concerning the I2COR dish -- Their 10 m dish has been taken by IZ4AUQ and IK4UQT, a father-son team. It has already been dismantled and moved to the new location, which is in the 4 call area, about 13 km from the former site. EME operations will be made under the IK4UQT callsign. The grid locator is JN45xa and the station address is (Franco Zanoni, via P. Mascagni, 14 I-29010 S. Pietro in Cerro (PC)). They are planning to be in operation next spring. The I2COR operators, I2COR, I2TFI and IK2TLA, together with IZ4AUQ and IK4UQT, who are good CW operators, will man the IK4UQT station on both 432 and 1296 MHz.

Piero EME Contest report -- Conditions were fair to good on Saturday, but only fair to poor on Sunday of the contest weekend. I worked on 10 Oct on 432 OH2PO, G4ERG, SM3AKW, DL9KR, DL9NDD, N4GJV, K5GW, N9AB, OZ4MM, UR5LX and DJ6MB, and on 11 Oct K1FO, K0RZ and OE5JFL for a total of 14x12. CWNR were F1ANH, OE5EYM, K2UYH, F5AQC, JL1ZCG, F5FLN, DL4MEA, W7HAH and KD4LT. This is all for my QRP station.

Andrea found good conditions and activity, especially during the 1st part of the contest -- I scored 12x11 on 432. If only every SW would have this activity level! QSO'd on 3/4 Oct KD4LT, N2IQU and W7CNK, on 7 Oct JH4JLV on sked for initial #32, on 10 Oct DL9KR, OH2PO, N4GJV, N9AB #33, K5GW #34, OZ4MM and UR5LX, and on 11 Oct OE5JFL, K1FO, K0RZ #35, DJ6MB #36 and JA5OVU. CWNR were K2UYH, OE5EYM, F5AQC, W7QX, W7BBM, JL1ZCG, SM3AKW, DF3RU, JH4JLV and W7HAH. All with only 2 x 28 el 9 wl yagis and 900 w.

Alessandro's 70 cm ARRL Contest story -- This year I had a lot of problems. On Saturday of the contest, I had to work. This reduced my operating time to allow for only one QSO, K5GW (O/R) - (I've been waiting one year for his QSL card). On Sunday a third harmonic of an FM broadcast station caused interference in my preamp and limited me to only 4 QSOs with OH2PO (O/R), K1FO (439/549), DL9KR (559/569) and OZ4MM (O/R). I hope for better luck in Dec.

Yoshiro had a business conflict on the Oct weekend of ARRL Contest, which greatly limited his operating hours -- I worked on 432 K1FO, JA5OVU, K5GW, N2IQU, W8MQW for initial #247, W7HAH, N9AB, UR5LX, SM3AKW and DJ6MB and on 2304/2424 ZS6AXT. I hope to be active in the Dec weekend full time. Unfortunately because of a family commitment I will be out of town during the Microwave EME contest in Nov.

Harry worked 22 x 12 during the 1st contest weekend on 23 cm. He added initials with OE5EYM, SM6CKU, F5PAU and F5PL to bring him #49.

Russ was active on 70 and 23 during the contest -- On 432 on 10 Oct I was only on for the Asian window and worked JL1ZCG, W7CI, N9AB, HO3A, K5AZU, WA9FWD, 7M2PDT, JA2TY, K5GW, K1FO, W7GBI, JA5OVU, K0RZ, JR1RCH, JS3SIM, and N4GJV. Heard but not QSO'd were W7QX and VK4AFL. On 1296 on 10/11 Oct I worked S59DCD, VE1ALQ, F5AQC, OK1DFC, F6CGJ, SM3AKW, SM6CKU, OE5JFL, K5JL, LA8LF, DF4PV, OH2AXH, ON5RR, VE1ZJ, HB9BBD, SM4DHN, OE9ERC, W6HD, OK1KIR, OE5EYM, K2UYH, WA8WZG, OZ4MM, K9BCT, W7CS, DC6UW, KB2AH, KD4LT, HB9BHU, G3LQR, OZ6OL, G4CCH, OH2DG, OE9XXI, F5PL, K3HZO, EA3UM, W2UHI, N2IQU, W5LUA, JA6CZD and JH5LUZ. Heard but not worked was F5PAU. I am really getting spoiled by 1296 since I have been almost exclusively on that band for the past several months. Conditions always seem to be good with strong signals and echoes. Contacts are quicker and there is no polarization hunting.

Rick reports -- I worked KA0RYT/0 for my 50th state on 432 in Sept. Took my cards up to the ARRL and have been awarded WAS #22 for 432. I will be on 432 for the 1st half of the contest and in the 2nd part I plan to be on 144.

Cowles, (FM08jf, Churchville, VA), made his 1st EME QSO during the ARRL Contest -- With K1FO, W4TJ and your help I finally got an operational 432 EME station. I made my 1st contact with K5GW in TX on 30 Sept. I was unable to hear the EME net on 14.345 MHz due to some local interference this weekend, but I am planning to check-in in the near future. My EME station consists of 8 home built FO-33 yagis with a calculated gain of 28 dBi, a home built preamp using an MGF- 1302, LA-70P Lunar Link Power Amp and a FT-736R Transceiver. I worked 14 stations in the contest, and blew my 1st LNA. It is now repaired and I am looking for skeds. My e-mail address is:
Cowles, KB4CNI

Louis has a new address -- The up-coming closures over this next year of the US Bases in Panama have required that I open a new APO valid until late 1999. The current address, PSC 61 Box 324; FPO AA 34061 will cease to forward after Feb/99. The new address is valid now: CAPT Louis N. Anciaux, USN(RET), HP3XUG/KG6UH, PSC 1, Box 57, APO AA 34001-0057. My local Panama address remains valid, although it is quite slow at times: CAPT Louis N. Anciaux, USN(RET), Apartado 417, David, Chiriqui, Rep de Panama. My e- mail address is via and my FAX is ++507-720-2112. My contest weekend effort on 70 cm wasn't very satisfying. I had echoes virtually the entire time and spent many hours CQing and calling others, but made a whopping 9 QSOs! It seemed that when I heard someone with great sigs, I would get nil in response... But when copy was lousy, then I would get a reply. I guess it was the old non- reciprocity problem. UR5LX and DL9KR were good examples. They were just ear-busting loud but barely a QRZ. When we did make the QSO, their sigs were nothing to write home about! K0RZ and N9AB were good. DF3RU was frustratingly loud, but nil responses. I got tired of calling K2UYH. It made me wonder if he swings the pol of his feed. The only JA I heard either day was JA5OVU with (M-O) copy. I was also disappointed in not completing with W7CNK, as I heard him quite well calling me after a CQ, although almost 1 kHz higher. I now expect to be QRV in Dec (based on my present travel plans).

Anders was active during the 1st leg of the contest and worked 52x26 on 1296 -- My results are not great, conditions seemed generally worse than usually and the activity lower than last year. I worked only 2 new initials, DJ5MN and OE5EYM a for total of 124. As I will spend 3 weeks starting 2 Nov on EA8, I will miss the 13 cm and above EME contest in Nov. However, I will be back for the 2nd part leg of the ARRL EME Contest in Dec. This will be the 1st time on 23 cm that I can operate both weekends in the ARRL Contest. Initials worked in 1998 are PY5ZBU, 9H1ES, OK1CA, JA7BMB, I2FGT, K3HZO, TM8EME, W6HD, OZ6OL, OH2DG, DF4PV, HA5SHF, LU4DHD and W7CS. If WX permits, I will be QRV in Jan on 13 cm EME with 100 w at the feed this time.

Marc is back in Argentina after visiting the US and attending the Microwave Roundup Conference in Denver, CO -- The conference was great. Lots of surplus stuff, good speakers, and met a lot of EMEers. I also visited the Rocky Mountain National Park where there was a fair amount of snow, but excellent WX. Dany already has the new 6 m dish parts on top of the roof. Now we have to assemble it. I will let you know as soon as we have it operational. We don't expect to have it ready for the 2nd part of the ARRL Contest, but should be active with our smaller dish if the WX permits. KB2AH's preamp was the lowest NF measured at the conference... some guys were amazed.

Bill's 1296 EME report for May through Oct -- In May on sked I worked DJ9YW (M/O) for initial #36. After a long dry spell, the 23 cm band opened up in Oct. - must have been a contest going on... I worked on random K5JL (549/549), N2IQU (559/449) and JA6KZQ (439/449) #37. Signals seemed weaker than usual, but with much less QSB. Then my TX reflected power went up to 250/500 w. The RF energy had melted ice, which had gotten into the connector at the far end of my Heliax. Apparently water in the feed line is much worse than ice. This cut short my activities. [Ice is a good dielectric, try melting some in your microwave oven, but water is not!]

Bob is moving and QRT on EME from Puerto Rico -- My last working day at the Arecibo Observatory will 9 Oct. I expect to begin working at Los Alamos National Laboratory (RF Techniques) on 26 Oct. My new E-mail address is:
Bob, NP4B
We survived Hurricane George, but times are still difficult here in Puerto Rico with no water or power.

John has moved (?) to a new grid (JN87ew), and reports he has a new e-mail address,
John, OE3JPC
-- Skeds on 70 cm EME are welcomed. His new tel/FAX is ++43-2254-75769. John has improved his antenna slightly by adding a few elements. He now have 2 x 24 el BVopt70 (7.7 wl) yagies with open wire feedline, FHX35LG cavity preamp and 500 w PA.

Peter was on 1296 in the ARRL EME Competition on 10/11 Oct and managed to achieve a score of 60x32. New stations worked were OE5EYM (569/589) and W4JSS(439/559). All QSOs were made on random. In the Nov Microwave Contest he plans to concentrate on 5760 MHz. Peter's e-mail address is:
Peter, OE9XXI

Eino's scored 40x28 in the 1st part of the ARRL Contest -- The WX conditions were great with low wind speed. I needed the low wind because I have problem with control of my dish's position. I am planning to add a breaking system to correct this defect. I also a problem with blockage. Buildings and trees cover about 80 % of the NA window. I was able to work some stations with shade over more than half of the dish. I QSO'd on 70 cm DF3RU (559/549) for initial #154, G4ERG (539/549) #155, DL8OBU (539/519), SM3AKW (569/549), UR5LX (O/O) #156, HA1YA (559/O), HB9SV (569/559), OH2PO (579/559) #157, F5AQC (549/549), DL9KR (579/579), F1ANH (559/559) #158, I5TDJ (O/O), DJ6MB (559/559), N4GJV (559/559) #159, DL9ND (559/449) #160, OE5EYM (559/529), K2UYH (569/549) #161, K5GW (569/559) #162, W7QX (O/O), K5WXN (449/559) for a total of 20x14, and on 23 cm HB9BBD (579/569), OH2AXH (559/449), SM4DNH (559/449), JH5LUZ (549/529), S59DCD (449/449), SM6CKU (539/529), F1ANH (559/449) #52, OK1DFC (549/449) #53, EA3UM (559/539) #54, F5PAU (559/559) #55, ON5RR (549/529), OE9XXI (579/559), SM3AKW (559/549), F6CGJ (569/449), LA8LF (559/449) #56, KB2AH (559/549), K4QI (559/549), K2UYH (559/549), OZ6OL (529/529) and OE9ERC (569/559). I will be QRV on 13 cm for the Nov microwave contest weekend with 30 w at the feed of an 8 m dish.

Dirks score for the Oct portion of the contest was 19x13 on 70 cm with 6 hours sleep -- Conditions were very good. I could copy my echoes with only 100 w. I now have a 0.35 dB NF but still have 0.7 dB of coax loss ahead for an overall NF of 1.35 dB. My Sun noise varied this week from 14 dB to 12.5 dB with an average of about 13.5 dB. Can anyone tell me the Sun noise for an antenna of about 26 dBd gain? Is this 13.5 dB reasonable? Saturday evening started with a big BANG. Upon putting the HV on (slowly with a variac), it only got to 1500 V when the F6007 tube failed, although it worked perfectly all the night before delivering 800 w till the morning. I replaced the tube and it worked again. I am now looking for replacement. (The TH308 I got at the conference in Paris was also faulty.) [Dirk also recommends checking out the Hamview program discussed in the last NL.]

Stig did very well during the Oct contest weekend -- I worked on 432 66x29 and on 1296 44x26. I was several hours late on Saturday morning because I had to stay at a party. Back home I found good condx during the morning on 432. On Sunday I felt condx were basically normal on both 432 and 1296 with less activity than expected. Pol rotation stayed for many hours exactly at 90 deg. Even DL9KR was lost on the wrong pol! Initials on 432 were DJ5MN, W7GBI, UT3LL, WB2VVV, KR5V, KB4CNI and W7BBM to bring me to #166. On 1296 only OE5EYM was logged as an initial for #146.

Hans was QRV on 1296 and worked 38x24 with his 5 m dish and 150 w PA. He has now sent QSLs to all stations he has received QSL cards from and welcomes more. His address is (Hans Oldenburg, Osterhojvej 3, DK-4671 Stroby, Denmark). E- mail skeds for Hans can be arranged through OZ4MM at:

Peter says -- I see myself listed in all sorts of "missing QSL" listings. I am behind on QSLing but I will reply to all that send SASEs for sure, others probably too, but not for sure. I am not interested in QSLs and NEVER send a QSL out 1st to any station. If they don't sent cards I do not send one either and I am not unhappy about this. I have DXCC worked on 144 MHz but no QSLs and I live with that. It is my own "fault". Furthermore, it is my belief that one should at least include SASE if a QSL is wanted in return, this is common courtesy on HF these days and we should not be any different. Again, this does not mean that I will not QSL, it is just not top priority.

Carl writes -- I was on for all my available Moon time during the contest and managed to work a few new stations during each hour. On the other hand I was switching between 3 bands. Overall 102 stations were worked, on 432 42x22, on 1296 50x28 and on 144 9x6. Contacted on 432 on 10 Oct were at 0020 OH2PO, 0031 DF3RU, 0034 G4ERG, 0046 HA1YA, 0053 OE5EYM, 0058 DL6WU, 0113 DL9NDD,0117 OH2DG, 0121 HB9SV, 0133 UR5LX, 0147 K1FO, 0233 F5AQC, 0309 F1ANH, 0230 DJ6MB, 0331 DL9KR, 0342 DK3WG, 0355 ON5OF, 0400 I5TDJ, 0420 I5CTE, 0804 N9AB, 0904 K5GW, 0908 N4GJV, 0941 W7GBI, 1011 W7BBM, 1024 K2UYH, 2015 JA5OVU, 2051 JL1ZCG, 2108 DL4MEA, 2154 OZ4MM, 2210 EA3DXU, 2227 DL4KG and 2250 DL3EAG, on 432 on 11 Oct at 0403 CT1DMK, 0427 YO2IS, 0449 DJ5MN, 0921 K0RZ, 0932 K5WXN, 0944 W7QX, 0952 OE5JFL, 2154 UT5DL, 2227 JA4BLC, 2240 OH2LWP and 2311 G3LQR, on 1296 on 10 Oct at 0443 OE9ERC, 0450 OK1DFC 0501 SM6CKU, 0504 LA8LF, 0508 EA6ADW, 0510 K5JL, 0512 HB9BBD, 0518 OZ5OL, 0524 DF4PV, 0531 F6CGJ, 0536 VE1ZJ, 0548 PY5ZBU, 0550 W2UHI, 0554 KD4LT, 0610 W7CS, 0625 HA5SHF, 0642 OH2AXH, 0718 G3LTF, 0723 OZ4MM, 0727 PA3CSG, 0738 OE9XXI, 2308 JH5LUZ, 2311 F1ANH, 2318 JA6CZD, 2321 SM4DHN, 2324 EA3UM, 2335 F5PAU, and on 1296 on 11 Oct at 0019 OH2DG, 0028 ON5RR, 0037 S59DCD, 0040 ZS6AXT, 0049 HB9SV, 0051 IK3GHY, 0104 F5AQC 0156 OE5JFL, 0206 G3LQR, 0305 OE5EYM, 0312 DC6UW, 0329 N2IQU, 0537 VE1ALQ, 0543 KB2AH, 0615 K2UYH, 0625 K4QI, 0718 W6HD, 0734 DF9QX, 0759 F5PL, 0821 K3HZO, 0830 WA8WZG and 0902 G4CCH. Fixed pol on 432 was a big drawback. Sorry, but I couldn't read some of my calls. 1296 was much nicer! I will be on 2304 for the Microwave Contest in Nov with capability to listen on 2320 and 2424. Ma admiration `toutes nous amis F pour une conference EME98 merveilleux organisi es realisi. MERCI!! If anyone is interested I can provide via e-mail a scanned picture of your table at the conference banquet.

Ben is back in business on 1296 EME and was active in the contest -- I had everything reorganized and even made some repairs on the dish. I was not getting more than 150-200 w out of the TH308 but it worked. I QSO'd 52x27, but missed PY5ZBU for my WAC on 1296. I have yet to work SA, HI. I made 18 initials so I am now up to #145. In Nov I plan to give 13 cm a try. I don't know what power will be, but I hope for some QSOs. I am also having printed new QSL cards, so those waiting, please be patient. I will answer all cards received. Ben's e-mail address is:
Bay is now QRV on 432 and made 12 QSOs during the 1st part of the contest. He worked DL9KR, OH2PO, K1FO, UR5LX, N9AB, N4GJV, OE5EYM, K5GW, JA5OVU, OZ4MM, SM3AKW and OE5JFL. [I can't translate the rest of this report, which I believe is written in Ukranian.]

Darrell had problems during the 1st half of the contest -- The Oct part of the contest was nearly a complete wipe out for this QTH. We had approximately 56 mm of rain during the 1st Moon including high winds that were up to 90km/hr at peaks. As a result I lost my EL drive chain at 0600 and got only 3.5 hrs of Moon time the first day. I reinstalled the chain in the rain after day light arrived, but could not get back on until next moonrise. The rain continued all weekend with 47 mm recorded on Sunday, but the wind dropped to nearly zero. The end result for the 1st half was 11 stations on 70 cm (no initials) and 38 stations on 23 cm with SM6CKU (559/559) my only initial for #109. The total is 49x37... Not good, but a lot of fun. I hope the WX is better in Dec.

Warren had WX problem in Sept -- Winds of 75 to 100 mph whistled through our neighborhood on 7 Sept which uprooted large trees and damaged my antennas to some extend. Nothing major but I am having trouble finding replacement parts I would like to use. I have things patched up with duct tape, etc. I listened for a couple of hours on both Saturday and Sunday of the ARRL EME Contest. On 432 I heard DL9KR, K2UYH, OE5JFL, K1FO, and others too weak to identify. I only heard one very weak signal on 1296, but could not copy very much. This was using the 35 el Tonna Yagi I won in Paris.

Shep was active on 432 in the contest for only 2.5 hours. He scored 14x11 with QSOs from UR5LX, K5GW, N9AB, DL9KR, OH2PO, OE5JFL, N4GJV, G4ERG, K1FO, DL4MEA, HA1YA, K5WXN, JA4BLC and JA5OYU. Shep will be QRV on 70 cm for the Nov SW and again in Dec. He is interested in sked and can be reached by e-mail at:
Shep, W7HAH

Dave's (CM88vc) Oct 432 Activity Report -- I worked on 10 Oct only DL9KR, and on 11 Oct K5GW, OH2PO, OE5JFL #17, N4GJV, K1FO, N2IQU, and JA5OVU. These were all random QSOs during the contest. Although I didn't favor it, I signed "W7KK/6" to comply with the ARRL rules. Hopefully this is not confusing when it comes to people's initials counting. I also CWNR many including K2UYH, W7BBM, and UR5LX. Many partial calls copied have started to make sense now that people have posted their results to the reflector. I kept everything hooked up and worked on 12 Oct K7XD for initial #18 on sked. I heard nil in skeds on 17 Oct with W7ALW (Barrie, a new station in MT) and EA3DXU.

Larry is getting back on 70 cm EME. He was a regular between off the Moon on 432 back in the late 70's and early 80's -- I have built a 24' dish and Emiac design 8938 PA. I have started listening to EME on 432 and am interested in skeds. My e- mail address is:
Larry, WA7MIC
Can anyone help me locate the Keplarian elements for the Moon?

Chris is active on 432 EME with 8 x 18 el VVV/M2 yagis and 1 kw. During the 1st part of the contest he QSO'd OZ4MM for initial #22, DL9KR, UR5LX #23, OH2PO, N4GJV, K5GW, N2IQU, K1FO and JA5OVU #24. Chris has a WEB page at:


Ivo was disappointed with the low activity on 13 cm during the 1st part of the EME contest -- I hope that in the Nov Microwave Contest more of the Ws, Gs and even Eur stations will be active on 2300. With higher drive to my PA, I am getting now well over 150 w in the shack (with 2.1 dB loss in the feedline) and the echoes are very easy to find, even with the dish not accurately on the Moon. Just before the Contest we had lousy WX with drizzle and strong wind. Water got into my EL sensor (Schaewitz Angle Star) again, this time I had to replace it. Fortunately I had a spare unit. This indicator seems to be more accurate, that helped too. On Saturday I started on 23 cm and worked OK1KIR, G3LTF, HB9BHU, JH5LUZ, OK1DFC, G4CCH, HB9BBD, OE9ERC, LA8LF, F5PAU, OZ4MM, EA3UM, OE5EYM for initial #140, F6CGS, OE9XXI and DF4PV who was my QSO No 2000 on EME (all bands). Afterwards strong winds appeared and I had to put my dish into the parking position. On Saturday evening, I again started on 13 cm and worked IK6EIW, JA4BLC, IK2RTI and OH2AXH. About hour of CQs did not bring any additional replies, so back to 23 cm where I worked SM3AKW, S59DCD, JH5LUZ, JA6CZD, OH2AXH, ON5RR, F5AQC, HB9SV, OE5JFL, F1ANH, DC6UW, OZ6OL, N2IQU, G3LQR and VE1ALQ for my QSO No 1500 on 23 cm! All signals were very good, with good reports. Then back to 13 cm where for the next 4 hours I called CQ with only my own echoes coming back. With the dish on the Moon I was getting up to (569) echoes. WX was perfect here with no wind, so I managed to keep the dish well on the Moon even without my CCTV camera. I also listened on 2320, while calling only on 2304. At the end I was quite tired since Saturday afternoon the 6 m band opened here to Eur and of course I could not miss that too. So I did not sleep for some 48 hours. I hope that the activity in the microwave Contest will be better. I will be looking for more JAs and Gs. They must just call a bit longer so that I have time to sweep 2304 and then change to 2320 or 2424. If all goes well, especially WX, I will be on 6 cm on Sunday. I rebuilt my 6 cm transverter with better filters in the RX part to eliminate image noise and I am getting over 6 dB CS/G noise with the horn only, (not in the dish). The best LNA I found is with the ATF36163 in the input, giving about 0.1 dB better NF than other constructions. I built 2 and both perform the same. On transmit I have only a 20 w SSPA fitted directly in the feed. From OE9ERC's and OE9XXI's observations (they heard me in June), my 5m dish may perform only as a 3 m one. Our WX in the beginning of Nov is usually bad with heavy cold fronts hitting us. But these days with El Nino and La Nino one does not know. I hope to have the CCTV camera on the dish. Without it my AZ EL indicators are not accurate enough for 6 cm operation.

I had a great time operating the contest despite poor WX the 1st night and hearing problems on 70 cm. I believe an external signal is desensing my 432 receive ability. I apologize to those who called us many times and to whom we did not reply. I will work on this problem for the Dec weekend, but am not sure an easy fix exists. I was joined by K2TXB the 1st night and we operated exclusively on 70 cm. We QSO'd on 432 on 10 Oct at 0426 DL9KR (579/569), 0452 DL9NDD (569/559), 0508 N4GJV (559/559), 0523 K1FO (569/559), 0528 DJ9MB (569/569), 0538 VE1ALQ (559/559), 0551 OP2PO (579/559), 0612 OE5EYM (559/559), 0622 DF3RU (559/559), 0628 UR5LX (559/O), 0643 K0RZ (559/559), 0703 DL4MEA (559/559), 0714 DL4MEA (559/559) for initial #597, 0714 G4ERG (549/559), 0728 OH2DG (549/559), 0745 HA1YA (559/549), 0758 CT1DMK (559/449), 0803 F5AQC (549/549), 0822 K5GW (579/O), 0839 DJ5MN (449/O) #598, 0854 K5WXN (449/549), 0859 W7CNK (549/549), 0906 W7QX (559/549), 0916 N9AB (559/559), N7LQ (549/449) #599, 0959 W7BBM (559/559), 1025 SM3AKW (559/559), 1035 W7GBI (559/559) and 1120 W6WE (449/449). The wet tree blockage to the west looked so bad that we decided to quite at this point without giving the JA window a try. This was probably a mistake based on our results on 1296 the following night. Marc, LU6DW arrived a few hours later. Marc visited with us for few days on his way to the Microwave Up-date Conference. We drove over to KB2AH's QTH to visit with Tom. After returning from Tom's, Marc and I caught a few hours sleep and then operated the 2nd night of the contest together. We started out on 1296, but switched back to 432 when activity started to slow (1100), but signal were so poor on 432 that we switched back to 1296 without making a contact. So we were effectively on 23 cm exclusively the 2nd night. We contacted on 11 Oct on 23 cm at 0554 S59DCD (559/559), 0601 DF4PV (559/549) for initial #160, 0607 K5JL (569/569), 0609 LA8LF (579/559), 0618 SM3AKW (559/559), 0621 KB2AH (579/569), 0624 OH2AXH (559/569), 0628 HB9SV (569/569), 0631 OE9XXI (579/569), 0635 OE5JFL (579/569), 0640 SM6CKU (569/569), 0702 F5AQC (549/559), 0705 OE9ERC (579/569), 0710 F5PAU (559/559), 0717 F6CGJ (569/569), 0724 VE1JZ (549/559), 0735 W6HD (559/569), 0741 F5PL (559/569), 0745 K4QI (569/559), 0754 OE5EYM (559/549) #161, 0805 OZ4MM (559/559), 0813 OK1KIR (549/559), 0834 VE1ALQ (569/569), 0859 OZ6OL (449/559), 0910 G3LQR (449/559), 0918 G4CCH (449/549), 0927 OH2DG (549/569), 0941 K3HZO (449/529), 1000 SM4DHN (569/559), 1009 EA3UM (569/559), 1048 WA8WZG (449/559), 1236 W2UHI (569/559), 1300 W5LUA (559/559), 1417 JA6CZD (559/559), 1442 N2IQU (559/549), 1453 JA7BMB (559/559) and 1500 JH5LUZ (449/549). We were called by another JA after JH5LUZ, but we were already on borrowed time! More than 3/4 of the dish appeared blocked by trees. We were never able to figure out the call. It was amazing that we were able to work any JA stations. We plan to be QRV on 13 cm for the Microwave EME Contest and possibly 3 cm. On 13 cm we will probably used the call WA2LTM, who will provide most of the transmit gear.


by G4RGK, David Dibley

F1EHN has a new e-mail address: F1EHN

VE3BQN, Ted is available for 1296 EME skeds. Ted has a 16' dish, 400 w PA, DSP, etc, and can be reached by e-mail at Ted, VE3BQN

G4FUF, Keith needs cards for 432 QSOs from 9M2BV, VK5MC, UT1PA, UT5EC, RW3RW, RA3LE, UA6LGH, OH2PO, IW5AVM and EA3UM.

G4YTL, David is coming on 70 cm with the x-G0RUZ array and a K1FO amp.

G4RGK was not able to get on in the contest, but hopes to be there in Dec.

IN3AGI in JN56 is QRV on 432 with 8 x 30 el yagis and a TH- 338 1.3 kw PA. His grid locator is JN56.

UT1PA is Slava's (formally RB5PA) new call. He worked 21x16 on 432 in the contest.

UT5DL worked 21x16 on 432 in Oct.

SP5CJT, Mike is very busy with his new house, but hopes to get something going for the Dec leg of the contest.

K1OR hopes to be QRV in the contest on 70 cm.

VE6JW reports that VE6TA is off the air. Grant is very busy and has little time for radio.

W4TJ reports a good signal from K5JL on 1296. Bill says he plans to be back on 23 cm in Dec with either a TH-328 or 4x7289 amp. His Sun noise is 13.5 dB with a 12' dish.

WB4BKC has sold his house in FT Lauderdale and will be relocating to the Atlanta area by the end of the year. He hopes to be back on 70 cm next year.

DL1EJA, Oliver is ready for on the horizon skeds on 70 cm EME with a 4 x 11 el array and 1 kw at the DL0GC club house in JO31cq.

KL7HFQ reports AL7OB has a 8 x 12 el array on 70 cm and 100 w. He has heard one station off the Moon thus far.

W4HHK is looking for skeds on 13 cm for Nov. Paul will be transmitting on 2304.100 and can receive on 2304.1, 2320.1 and 2424.1.

N2IQU had problems in the contest with one set of dipoles. Mark worked 25 on 70 cm and 51x23 on 23 cm.

VE1ZJ was on 23 cm for the 1st contest weekend and worked 27x17. John will be on 70 cm in Dec.

K5JL, Jay worked 58x37 on 1296 in the contest. He also reports that with 25 w of drive and 1400 V on the plate he is getting about 600 w from an OZ9CR amp.

W2UHI, Frank made 30 QSOs in the contest on 1296. He is available on 23 cm just about anytime. Frank is also tuning up his 70 cm amp in preparation for a return. He will be using his 18' dish on 70 cm as well as 23 cm.

WA1JOF reports that W5RCI is back on EME and needs VT on 70 cm.

NA4N is now out of the hospital and hopes to be back to normal in a few weeks. He will have 200 w and a 10' dish on 1296 soon. He is also working on 4 x 22FO yagis for 70 cm.

F5FLN, Michel (IN94sr) reports 16 dB of Sun noise from his 16 x 26 el yagi array. He has 1.6 kw from a K1FO PA and worked JA5OVU among others in the contest. F5FHI, Jean passes his regards to all. He is no longer QRV on 432, but hopes to be soon on 23 cm with a 10' dish.

W7BBM plans to be more active this winter and spring. He is limited to elevations greater > 45 deg.

DB6NT's e-mail address is DB6NT

K7XD worked 11x10 in the contest on 432.

CT1DMK was on 70 cm in Oct and QSO'd 19x16 in the contest. Luis will be on 23 cm in Dec.


DD1XF has for sale a 13 cm cavity with one tube (100 w). DD1XF or .

K3HZO, Harry at e-mail: K3HZO is looking for a reasonably priced bigger dish for 1296.

W6HD, Tay is looking for an ICOM 1275A which was an all mode 23 cm rig of a few years back.

G4FUF is looking for the following Bird slugs: 5C, 25C, 100E and 250E.

W7CNK is looking for 1 or 2 mil teflon.

KB2AH has a full line of cavity amps and 1, 2, 4 and 6 tube ring amps, lin/circular feed horns and LNAs for 432 and 1296.mounting blocks for K1FO yagis. For full details see Tom's 1296 WEB page at:
Tom's 1296 WEB Page for more details and pricing info e-mail , or phone 908-223-5067, FAX 908-223-0901 (24 hrs) or voice 908-223-8124.


W7CNK asked about a formula for calculating the noise change obtained by switching between a 50 ohm load and an antenna pointed to cold sky. The equation is:

10 LOG((Tant+ Trx)/(290 + Trx))

where Tant is the temp of the sky the antenna is looking at and Trx is the noise temperature of your receiver.
Trx is normally dependent on the NF of your LNA. Assuming 2nd stage contributions are negligible then

Trx = 290 (10^(NF/10)-1).

Tant is the weighted average of the temperatures the antenna sees in its main, side and back lobes.

From these equations you can determine your LNA NF if you know the Tant. Knowing your NF and sky temperature, you can evaluate the quietness of your antenna. However using a 50 ohm load as a reference is NOT recommended. Most ham type LNAs are very sensitive to antenna impedance. The load may not have the exact same impedance as your antenna. Small impedance change can greatly affect LNA gain and resulting noise power, but not necessarily the LNA NF. This is one of the major causes of error in NF measurement. Thus switching between an antenna and a 50 ohm load is NOT recommended. It is much better to move your antenna from pointing to cold sky to pointing to the ground. The ground is assumed to be at 290 deg K, the same temperature as the 50 load. But by moving the antenna rather than switching, you are keeping the same impedance connected to your LNA - avoiding the error that even a small impedance change can introduce.


I am sad to report that:

RA3YCR is a silent key.

Viktor had been active on 432 EME for many years and will be missed.

Unfortunately I have no other information on his death.

* Plans are already under way for EME2000 Brazil. Don, PY5ZBU has begun promoting papers for the Technical Program. If you have ideas contact Don at e-mail:
Don, PY5ZBU ( EME2000 )

* Please keep the reports and technical info coming - especially the technical material. We need more! Please help..

* I can't make this too long, if I am going to find the time to be active in the Microwave Contest. I hope to be seeing you on 13 cm and possibly 3 cm in Nov.

73, Al - K2UYH


  NOV  7

 Time   432.040        432.045

 0400z                 K7XD  -DK3WG
 0430z  CT1DMK-G4RGK   W7KK  -DK3WG
 0500z  CT1DMK-I5TDJ   K7XD  -IK5QLO
 0530z  W1ZX  -GW3XYW  K7XD  -K2UYH
 0600z  K7XD  -W0KJY   KA0RYT-DL3EAG
 0630z  K7XD  -DL4MEA  W7CI  -UA4API
 0700z                 K7XD  -W7HAH
 1300z  W7CNK -KB4CNI  VK4KAZ-WE2Y
 2100z  EA3DXU-VK4KAZ
 2200z  EA3DXU-DL4MEA
 2230z  EA3DXU-GW3XYW

  NOV  8

 Time   432.040        432.045

 0500z                 N7LQ  -DK3WG
 0530z  KA0RYT-EA3DXU  K7XD  -DK3WG

 NOV  7

 Time   1296.050
 0500z  WD5AGO-HA5SHF
 0600z  W7CS  -K3HZO

 NOV  8

 Time   1296.050       1296.075

 0330z  W2UHI -DJ5MN
 0400z  VE1ALQ-DJ5MN   ON5RR -HA5SHF
 0530z  F1ANH -HA5SHF
 0600z  DF9QX -HA5SHF
 0630z  EA3UM -HA5SHF
 0700z  W0KJY -K3HZO
 0730z  K3HZO -EA3UM
 0830z  LU6DW -W2UHI
 0900z  LU6DW -W5LUA   K7XD  -WD5AGO
 2330z                 HA5SHF-JH5LUZ


HB9BBD with his 10m Dish at 1296 MHz
S52CW with 8 * 7.7 wavelength YAGI's
Spectrum Analyses of 1296 MHz Moon Reflected Signals
A Closer Look, notice the frequency shifting
AA5C on TWT's and their Power Supplies

Most Recent 432 MHz and Above Skeds by DL4EBY et al

Most Recent Netnotes by K1RQG

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