JANUARY 1999 VOL 27 #1


OR H 443- 3184, FAX 609-443-1713, AND EMAIL:
Allen Katz, K2UYH



HALSKESTR.35, D-12167 BERLIN, (49-30-7955467), E-Mail:
Klaus Tiedemann.


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Let me quote HP3XUG - "Warmest of Holiday greetings to all, and may 1999 be the end of the worst, and the beginning the best of times to come for all, as we wind up this Century and Millenium." This is s an example of the many the greetings received with this month's reports, which I have not included to conserve space. It is also an expression of my own feelings!


The Dec 98 contest weekend produced something for everyone. There were very different conditions at different times. The changing pictured produced a mixed perception of Moon conditions. Reports were received telling of unusually strong signals. Others noted the excellent libration conditions with very slow fading and the resultant clarity of signals. While still others noted problems with Faraday and less than optimum signals.


On 70 cm, OH2PO is again the leader with a score of 138x40. He is closely followed by DL9KR with 130x41, who appeared to have the lead after the end of the Oct contest week- end. OZ4MM, who operated both 432 and 1296, ended with 110x34 on 70 cm and 59x30 on 23 cm. UR5LX and N4GJV also did well with scores of 106x35 and 105x33 respectively. On 1296, OE9XXI has the top score with 86x37. The next highest 1296 reported score is from OK1DFC with 60x34.


The next contest is the 2nd EME SSB Contest sponsored by this NL. It is only one SW away and scheduled for the 2nd Moon pass of the 30/31 Jan SW, on 1296 only. Rules will be basically the same as last year - see the Feb 98 NL.


Besides the possibility of 23 cm EME from Taiwan supported by PA0PLY and discussed in the last NL, there is now a serious effort to put Turkey on 70 cm EME. See HB9SUL's report for details. And DL8YHR is preparing for a 70 cm EME dxpedition to 3V8AA in April or March - see his report below.


Fortunato reports that on 1296, on 5 Dec, only (T) sigs were heard from JA7BMB and JA8ERE, and wonders if they copied anything? On 6 Dec he missed his skeds with KD4LT - feel asleep, nil from HA5SHF, and missed N6BQ, JA4BLC and JA6CZD due to dozing off again. He did work OE9EXXI and OE9ERC on random. Fortunato is working on a TWT power supply (YH1198) for 10 GHz operation.

Frank was QRV during the 2nd part of the contest on 1296, but was visited by Murphy. Every 2 min his computer would crash without explanation. This made antenna tracking very difficult. He did work one initial - OE5EYM.

Heinrich brings us up to date on his 23 cm EME activity -- I worked on 4 Oct 9H1ES for an initial #99 and DF4PV, on 10 Oct JA8ERE #100, on 31 Oct HA5SHF, DF4PV and W2UHI, on 1 Nov KD4LT, OZ6OL, N2IQU, K5JL, VE1ZJ # and WA4NJP #101, on 29 Nov W2UHI and KB2AH, on 5 Dec W6HD, HB9BBD, OH2AXH, JH5LUZ, OK1DFC, OE9XXI, OE9ERC and JA6CZD, on 6 Dec K5JL, VE1ZJ, HA5SHF, F6CGJ, OH2DG, SM3AKW, F5PAU, DF4PV, OE9XXI dupe, F1ANH, OE9ERC dupe, F2TU, OE5EYM #102 and ZS6AXT. The QSO on 29 Nov with W2UHI was my number 500 on 23 cm via the Moon. I can receive stations with about 80 kW cir pol on low loss days. My dish is 4.5 m and I have 438 kW cir ERP. Stations with about a 2.4 m dish and a cir feed should be able to receive me on low loss days. I am looking for 1296 skeds. My Fax is ++49-5155-983256 and my e-mail is:
Heinrich, DJ9JW

Hubert finished his successful EME start with the follow- ing contacts in Dec: K1FO (O/O), N2IQU (O/O), DL9KR (549/539), OH2PO (559/549), OZ4MM (429/429), DL9NDD (O/O), K2UYH (O/O), UR5LX (O/O), DF3RU (539/439), K5GW (O/O), F5FLN (O/O), HA1YA (O/O), OE5EYM (559/529), I5MPK (539/529) and finally DK3FB (O/O) . Hubert ended with 15x11 in the contest. His equipment is 6 x 36 el 9BV 11 wl yagis), about 1 kW out and an MGF1302 LNA. [TNX DL3EAG for relaying this report.]

Ruediger had the following contacts during the Dec contest weekend: N2IQU, N4GJV, K5GW, K2UYH, JA5OVU, F5FLN, G3RGK, DF3RU, OE5EYM and I5MPK. He ended with a total of 18x13. Right after the contest Ruediger found a faulty relay and some other problems in his system, which prevented even more QSOs. He will maintain his equipment during winter. [TNX again to DL3EAG for this report.]

Stephan found conditions during the Dec SW quite normal, although they did go up and down over the weekend -- I ended up with 27x16 this year, much better than the last 2 years. I could have worked at least 10 more, but conditions were changing too fast. During the weekend I had contacts with F5FLN (529/429), K2UYH (O/O), DF3RU (O/O), PA3CSG (549/529) for an initial (#), HA1YA (O/O), F6CGJ (O/O), N2IQU (449/549), OE5EYM (449/439), G3SEK (O/O) #, DL9NDD (449/449) and finally I5MPK (549/439). Additionally, I heard and CWNR W1ZX, W7BBM, F5FEN, SM2CEW, N9AB, JA5NNS and W7FN. I still have a limited elevation system, which caused lots of missed contacts. I heard N2IQU during moonrise really loud and could work him (elevation limit was reached at this time). Then 5 hours later when my Moon window came back into operating range, N2IQU was still there, but at least 10 dB weaker than before! I have no limitation in my JA window, but the US window is pretty bad. Next spring I hope to make changes to solve this limitation. I have about 50 cm more space to the top of the mast, which will give another 15-20 degs of elevation. I tried to lift the antenna last Sept, but they’re too heavy for a single person. Hans-Peter, DL9EBF, has promised to help me next spring. DL9EBF is still fixing problems in his 8x21 el array. He hopes to be Moon-ready next spring.

Gerald is still having problems with an unknown noise source and could only work for a very limited time during the contest -- Before the contest weekend I worked I5MPK. A sked with I5TDJ was not complete. In the contest I QSO'd during only 4.5 hours K5GW, N9AB for initial #50, OH2PO, OZ4MM, DJ6MB #51, DL9KR, JA5OVU, N2IQU, N4GJV, PA3CSG and DF3RU. Signals were excellent, especially PA3CSG. This QSO was most interesting because I heard him (599) on tropo and (559) via the Moon - like 2 tropo signals. The Faraday seemed to be strong. I heard several stations, which I couldn't reach in spite of many calls. These stations were K1FO, K1OR, G3HUL, SM3AKW, DL9NDD, SV1BTR and KB4CNI. All had good signals. I CWNR K1FO for more than 30 minutes. My rig is a Kenwood TS-850S, homemade transverter, MGF 1302 preamplifier and GS23B PA (1000 W) with a 4x29 el 9BV yagi array. My Sun noise is about 12 dB. I will QRV the Christmas weekend and hope to meet some of the gang then.

reports that all is looking fine for his 70 cm EME dxpedition to 3V8AA (JM46). He plans to be QRV in March or April for about 10 days, on both 2 m and 70 cm EME. On 432 he plans to use 2 x 38 M2 yagis and 1 kW. He is also looking for a location in 3A. Can anyone help with a QTH to set up an EME station in 3A? [ON5OF may be able to help with 3A2MS.].

Michel (IN94sr) writes -- I finally had some time for EME during the Dec leg of the ARRL EME Contest, and it was great! I have improved my station by adding a new RX. I still have my FT1000 and 16 x 26 KR yagis with 1500 W. The WX was OK for this part of the world. I ended with a score of 66x27 and now am up to initial #77. I know I missing a lot of stations, but anyway it will be better for next year. I plan to be QRV the next SW.

Conrad reports -- I have everything ready for 1296 EME. I have a brand new 3.8 m Paraclipse dish. The mount for the dish is finished, and I have seen good power from my YD1336 PA. I also have a YL1050 amplifier, which I will pick up in Jan. I have a feedhorn, preamps with 0.33 dB NF and the VE1ALQ/F1EHN autotraking working. I just don't have planning permission! My neighbors have decided that my proposed installation presents a microwave radiation hazard and they have involved the NRPB (National Radiological Protection Board), who say it is safe provided I don't point it at them, which is very easy to ensure. They are furiously lobbying the councilors on the planning committee. So I am in for a bumpy ride. I will be putting in my application soon and will keep you informed.

Peter found condx in the 2nd leg excellent -- The weekend coincided with a libration node and the fading was really slow, which always makes 1296 sound good and on 432 the rates were like tropo! My final scores were: 432 42x21, 1296 49x31 and 2320 1x1. I worked on 1296, on 5 Dec ON5RR, G3LQR, CT1DMK, F2TU, F5AQC, K4QI, WA4NJP, N6BQ, KB2AH, W7GBI and VE1ZJ, and on 6 Dec OZ6OL, K3HZO, K2DH, K2UYH, DC6UW, SM2CEW and OH2DG. CWNR NL7F - pity and heard DL0SHF. QSO'd on 432, on 5 Dec were K2UYH, DL9NDD, G3SEK, DL7APV and W7CI, and on 6 Dec DL7APV, OH2DG, DF3RU and IK2EAD. CWNR were KA0RYT and W8MQW and heard K1OR and WD5AGO. Finally on the evening of 6 Dec I went on 13 cm and worked ZS6AXT, random crossband. I have improved my 13 cm system slightly with better cable fittings and lower VSWR. If I can get another 2-3 dB of power I shall be able to really use it in contests. The WX was calm, but cold and clear, just right for once! I enjoyed the contest, but missed out on the JA window due to social engagements, which lost me some multipliers. I note that the activity and multipliers seem to be higher on 1296 now, at least for my size of station. Finally it was nice to hear old friends like DL7APV and N6BQ again.

Peter's contest report -- I was QRV for the 2nd leg of the contest and worked on 70 cm - N2IQU (569/559), VE1ALQ (559/539), G3SEK (549/549), ON5OF (549/559), S52CW (M/O) for initial #124, F6CGJ (549/559), NC1I (559/439), K5AZU (559/559) #125, WD5AGO (549/339) #126, K5WXN (O/O), N9AB (549/559), W5ZN (549/549), WA9FWD (559/549), W8MQW (539,549), W7CI (O/O), W7CNK (549/539), PA3CSG (559/549), JA5NNS (O/O), SM2CEW (559/549), JH1XUJ (549/549) #127, S57RA (339/449), DL7APV (O/O), GD4IOM (O/O) #128, 7M2PDT (O/O), JA4BLC (O/O) and I5MPK (559/539). Also heard were G4ALH, DK3FB, WA4NJP, KB4CNI, JS3SIM and W1ZX. My total for contest was 63x27 or 170,100 points. I added 14 initials during the 2 legs giving me #128.

Dave spent most of Nov on the West Coast (CA/NV/AZ) -- As a result of my travels I didn't find time to get the new HPA fin- ished. In fact I haven't touched the EME system since Aug. So I was quite surprised that it all worked when I switched on. I was only able to get 300 W out of the RIW, so I struggled a bit to make myself heard. Time was a problem as well, I was only on for 3 hours during the 1st pass (until the rotator seized due to ice) and 2 hours during the 2nd pass. I worked (432) on 5 Dec DL9NDD, N2IQU, SM3AKW, OZ4MM, DL9KR, K1FO, K5GW, F5FLN, N4GJV, OH2PO, JA5OVU, HA1YA and SM2CEW. CWNR were K2UYH, W7HAH, DF3RU and K0RZ. Heard were UR5LX, NC1I, I5CTE, W7CI and G3SEK. Echoes were good (for 300 W) on the 1st pass, but on the 2nd pass at moonrise condx were very poor, probably not helped by the ice that formed after a sleet shower earlier froze solid as night fell.

Csaba's group, Matav, results on 23 cm for the ARRL EME Contest 2nd round follow: QSO'd on 5 Dec at 0138 F5PAU (559/O) for initial #40, 0156 K4QI (549/439), 0226 F5AQC (559/449), 0344 KB2AH (569/549), 0432 K5JL (569/539), 0442 OE9ERC (579/559), 1920 HB9BBD (559/539), 2035 OE9XXI (579/549), 2050 OH2AXH (559/549), 2158 OE5EYM (549/429), 2317 JA6CZD (559/549), 2336 S59DCD (449/439) and 2356 EA3UM (549/439) #41 and DXCC 19, and on 6 Dec at 0053 F6CGJ (559/449), 0137 VE1ALQ (559/439), 0255 WD5AGO (O/O) #42, 0309 OK1DFC (M/O) #43 and DXCC 20, 0353 OK1KIR (449/439) #44, 0538 OZ4MM (559/449), 2108 JH5LUZ (O/O) #45, 2141 DJ9YW (O/O), 2206 F1ANH (549/O) #46 and 2244 DF4PV (O/O). Our total for the contest was 44x23. This brings us on 23 cm in 1998 to QSO 89, DXCC 20, WAS 6 and initial #46.

Andrea is planning a dxpedition to Turkey (TA) -- I'm still alive, but living behind the Moon. My 4 bay array is still down, but the spirit is still alive. Therefore, I am planning a one-man operation from TA on 432 EME next year. (If someone would like to join, PSE drop me a note). I am asking for help in get- ting the station together. What is needed most is antennas. Preamp, Hi pwr T/R coax relays, and aluminum mast for both main support and as H-frame would also be very helpful. I am also looking for Az rotor. I'm open to any king of discussion. I have a new GSM Nr: +41-79-3104421 and my e-mail remains:
Andrea, HB9SUL

Louis did not do too well on 70 cm during the Dec contest weekend -- I called DF3RU for over 2 hours with nil in response! Sunday was a 100% total bust, no QSOs! I had not so great echoes this day, as did on 5 Dec, and a lot of very weak stuff around .020-028. I couldn't find a decent spot to call on. I think Faraday non-reciprocal sigs of K0RZ and W7CNK were among the mess. Sorry, but just wasn't getting anywhere on Saturday eve. Sunday morning wasn't any better. I CWNR W7FN numerous times. JS3SIM and N9AB were super good copy , but not even a QRZ - at least the QRZs were always answered by some other station. This was a bitter end to the great start of the 5th!

Piero sends his Dec EME activity report -- I was on for the 2nd contest leg, but only for very short time. I worked N2IQU, F5FLN, K2UYH and JA5OVU. Heard were OH2PO, N9AB, NC1I, DL9KR, VE1ALQ, DL9NDD, K1FO, K5GW, SM3AKW, UR5LX and DF3RU. I CWNR HA1YA. Then the flu forced me to QRT. Conditions were rather poor. Only the well-equipped stations were coming through, and their signals were weaker than usual.

Andrea's "QRP" EME report for the ARRL Contest part 2 -- I spent about 8 hours QRV over this weekend, and found mixed conditions, sometimes very good and at other times quite bad. Anyway, it was fun. I had good WX and made some initials. Techni- cal wise: I used for the 1st time the HamView FFT/filter software by I2PHD and IK2CZL, which was is useful for tuning in weak signals and as a digital recorder. It is similar to the excellent FFTDSP by AF9Y, but with the bonus of DSP audio filtering by just clicking at the signal on the screen. You can download it, it is freeware at:

Spectrum Analysis

in the 2nd part with 2 x 28 el 9wl M2 yagis and 900 W: F5FLN for initial #40, OE5EYM, K2UYH, SM3AKW #41, DF3RU, HA1YA #42, I5MPK #43 and N4GJV (dupe). CWNR were W1ZX, G3SEK, G3LTF, N2IQU, DL9NDD, ON5OF, OH2DG, DL7APV, SV1BTR, W7FN and JL1ZCG. My final score was 19x16. I am looking for QSL cards from N4GJV, K5JL, K5GW and N2IQU.

Alex's contest log reads as follows -- 10 Oct at 0914 K5GW (O/O), on 11 Oct at 0311 OH2PO (569/569), 0324 K1FO (549/539), 0425 DL9KR (569/559), and 0545 OZ4MM (O/O), on 5 Dec at 0617 N4GJV (O/O), and 2012 JA5OVU (O/549), and on 6 Dec at 0659 UR5LX (O/O) for 8x8 or 6,400 points.

Yoshiro writes -- I enjoyed the 2nd part of the contest. Worked on 70 cm were WD5AGO, DF3RU, OH2PO, DL9NDD, JA5NNS, G4ERG, I5CTE and OE5EYM for initial #248, and on 13 cm ZS6AXT (dup), LX1DB for initial #19 and W5LUA on 2304/2424. My final sore including 144 MHz was 46x33 for 151,800 points. JR4AEP, JR4BRS and I visited Yoshitaka JF3HUC on 28 Nov to help with his debut on 1296 EME. It was successful. He worked his 1st ever 1296 EME QSO with JA6CZD. It is 10 years since his last 432 EME QSO. Yoshitaka has 6 m dish (0.5 f/D), full size W2IMU circular feed, HEMT preamp and a pair of N6CA water-cooled amplifiers.

Bill QSO'd in the 2nd part of the contest on 5 Dec, on 432, KD4LT, F6CGJ, VE1ALQ, W7QX, W7HAH, W1ZX, DL9NDD, KB4CNI and W7KK/6 for initial #263, and on 6 Dec F5FEN, W8MQW, K7XD, K1OR and G3SEK. Condx were good both days of the contest, but activity seemed low. I CWNR many times HO3A, who was calling CQ on the 6th. Heard were VE1ZL, K9BCT and N7LQ. I logged 31 on 5 Dec and 22 on 6 Dec for a contest total of 59x24.

Harry completed the ARRL EME contest with a score on 23 cm of 30x17 -- I was somewhat disappointing by my results. During the 1st run in Oct I ended 22 QSOs. However, I only completed 8 QSOs in Dec. I am not sure why the difference? Perhaps the 2nd weekend results define the limit of what is workable with a 3 m dish. I am looking forward to the spring and a larger (15') dish. During Dec weekend I worked 2 initials: DF4PV and OK1DFC. On skeds, EA3UM was nil once again. I copied HA5SHF FB all se- quences, but since I started 1.5-2 kHz below his frequency, I could not move onto his freq. Unfortunately, Csaba did not hear me. I also did not complete with 9H1ES. I copied 9H1ES on his sked with N6BQ, just before my sked, but copied nil during my sked. I also heard CT1DMK very loud, but with contest QRM could not even generate a QRZ from him. I am looking for QSLs from F2TU, SM4DHN, SM6CKU, DF9QX, F5PL, OE9XXI, VE1ZJ, and WA4NJP, and need the QSL address OK1DFC. His e-mail address is: OK1DFC

Mark had some cooperative WX and made it back on 1296 for the Dec contest weekend -- I was finally able to get on tonight, worked 7, and heard a few more. (For those who aren't familiar with MN. I live 60 miles from a 20 megawatt wind generator. Tracking can be difficult when the wind has a tendency to blow more often than not. I survived 2 90 mph storms last summer.) I have a receive problem, I think the wind pushed the feed off center again. Also I am having Az readout problems, but the clouds cooperated and I was able to track with the camera every so often.

Anders sends word of a dish disaster -- During my 3 weeks vacation on EA8, we had a snow/rain/ice storm at my home. The ice/snow build up made my 6.4 m dish very heavy. As a consequence the mast holding the dish collapsed. The mast is the bottom sec- tion of a Strumech "VERSATOWER" type BP80, which fully assembled and extended is 80 feet high. The dish, feed (my new nice W2IMU brass type), AZ motor, EL drive and possibly the elaborate 90 mm mast tube with expensive bearing systems were destroyed - what a mess! One year of hard work and much expense for just 2 years of operation seems meaningless. I will need some months in re-think- ing what to do.

Ron's EME activity report -- The promise of 2 Sept EME dxpeditions, inspired me to reactivate my "junkbox homebrew" EME station, after 7+ months of complete inactivity. I expected a multitude of problems from probable lightning damage, etc., but I was pleasantly surprised to find that a T/R relay contact clean- ing operation, and the replacement of a failed SO-239 "UHF" connector, used as a HV connector, was all that was required to resurrect the station. (SO-239's, especially the Bakelite varie- ty, were never designed to withstand 2200 V!) On 12 Sept I had a very easy (559/549) QSO with KA0RYT/0. Many thanks to KA0RTY, for the FB effort! Afterwards, I also QSO'd I5CTE, DL3EAG, UA4API and had a partial with I5TDJ - who apparently lost my sig when I QSY'd upward from UA4API's CQ frequency. On 13 Sept I heard K8GP/WVA, but I wasn't able to muster a QSO with Jim. However, I did QSO UT3LL #, DL7APV, DK3FB, DF3RU, SM3AKW and JH4JLV. Heard only was IN3AGI (559). During the Oct. contest weekend, I found condx to be rather good throughout my Eur windows, except for the usual polarity problems. I'm afraid that old age has caught up with me, with a vengeance, as I had to sleep for several hours, during each night of the contest, in order to continue! On 3 of the 4 days, I awoke to find that very dismal condx had arrived, along with the arrival of daylight. My 10 Oct QSOs were with UR5LX, F5AQC #, F1ANH, N9AB, OH2DG, OH2PO, I5CTE, DJ6MB, CT1DMK, G4ERG, W8MQW, W7CNK, WA9FWD, K2UYH, KA0RYT, DL9KR, KR5V #, UA4API, DL4MEA, DJ5MN #, K5WXN, K1FO, UT5DL, UT3LL, IK5QLO, I5TDJ, UA6LGH, DF3RU, HO3A, HA1YA, K0RZ, W7QX, K5GW, W7GBI, ON5OF, SM3AKW, EA3DXU, W7BBM, W6WE, OZ4MM, DL3EAG, 7M2PDT, JL1ZCG, JA5OVU, W7CI and K4QI. On 11 Oct I added OE5EYM, OE5JFL, DL7APV, S51ZO, S52CW, G3LTF, OE3JCP, DL6NAA #, DL1YMK #, WB2VVV, YO2IS, K7XD, DL8OBU, IK6EIW, DK8VS, G4ALH, W7HAH, W7KK/6, G5HUL, S57RA #, F5FLN #, N7LQ #, KD4LT, K1OR, KB4CNI, KL7HFQ, JA2TY, JS3SIM, N2IQU, and JH4JLV. I was QRV on 8 Nov and QSO'd W7ALW #, DL7APV, and UT3LL. UA4API and K7XD were also called. On 28 Nov I added W7CNK, OE3JPC, UA4API, OZ6OL # and KA0RYT . UT3LL was called. During the 2nd weekend of the contest I found condx on Sat to be outstanding at times with exceedingly loud sigs. However, after some sleep, I again awoke to find poor condx during my VK/JA window. Sunday, however, brought the reverse situation! On that day, signals were quite poor early, and seemed to become even worse toward the end of my Eur window. After some sleep, I awoke to find that condx had improved markedly! I QSO'd no-one, however, during the remainder of my VK/JA window, as no "new" stations were heard, except for VK4AFL, who was being called, long and loudly, by N2IQU and K5GW, without apparent success. My QSOs on 5 Dec were with G3SEK, VE1ALQ, DL9NDD, OZ6OL, GD4IOM #, DK3FB, WD5AGO, K5AZU, G4RGK, W1ZX, W7ALW, W5ZN, N2HLT, WE2Y, IK5WJD, IK2EAD, I5MPK, W7FN, F6CGJ, VE1ZJ, SM2CEW, JJ1NNJ, JA5NNS and JH1XUJ. Duplicate QSOs were made with DL1YMK, KL7HFQ, W7KK/6 and W7CNK. On 6 Dec non-reciprocal pol problems were particularly frustrating. Signals in general were sub par, but I seemed to be really locked out xmit wise, and many potential new stations were CWNR. QSOs were completed with DL4KG #, F5FEN, SV1BTR, F5KDK # and UT1PA. Duplicates with S57RA, ON5OF and IK5QLO were also made. Contest got-aways include HB9SV, OM1TL, PA2CHR, K9BCT, WA7TZY, JA4BLC, WA4NJP, JH1EFA, JR5MYC, KU3T, DJ3FI, DL5MAE, W0KJY, VK4AFL and others. At least 14 QSOs, 4 sections and 5 initials, "that could have been". Ouch! My final score was 105x33. I intend to be more active, at least during the winter months, than I have been in the recent past. Ron's e-mail address is:
Ron, N4GJV

Bill Dec 23 cm activity report -- As usual the contest produced a pretty good "band opening" on 23 cm. Stations worked were OE9ERC (M/449), OE9XXI (549/549), K5JL (449/449), F6CGJ (449/449), KB2AH (569/549), F5PAU (439/549), K2DH (439/539) and OE9ERC (449/O) - dup. Signals seemed to be unusually strong and stable.

Johannes was active on 70 cm during Dec -- Before the contest weekend I worked N4GJV, W7CNK and VE1ALQ on random, all with good to FB strong signals. I almost fell off my chair when I received my echoes the 1st time (M-O). I am still using 2 x 7.7 wl BVopt yagis and 1 4CX250R at 500 W. My conclusion is that 4 yagi stations can be easily worked.

Peter's EME report now by e-mail -- On 5/6 Dec in the 2nd part of the ARRL EME competition, I started on 2300 MHz using a new transistor PA (280 W from 8 x MGF S44V2527s of DL2AM design) and worked ZS6AXT (O/O). Signals were unusually weak - later I discovered water in the pol coupler at the feed- horn. On 1296 I ended with a score of 86x37. The highlight of the weekend was the appearance of Sergei, RW3BP on 1296 with his 1.65 m dish (linear vert pol) and 300 W TX power. New stations worked were W7SZ (449/529), WA9OUU (559/559), IK2RTI (549/529), JF3HUC (559/559), RW3BP (449/O) and country 43 and DL8OBU (M/O) #235 (4 yagis and 60 W). Stations heard, but not worked were W4OP, K9ZZH and F6HYE, who replied simultaneously with JH3HUC's transmissions during my QSO with JH3HUC.

Jukka (OH6DD) writes -- I operated Matti's big station once again on 70 cm for a score of 138x40. On the 1st weekend we had some problems with the T/R relay on Sunday and did not oper- ate full time. The 1st weekend score was 97x36. On the 2nd week- end we changed part of the TX cable to a better one, increasing our ERP by almost 1 dB. Although condx were good and everything worked fine we ended with 9 QSOs and 3 multipliers less than last year. Matti's station will be on next time in the REF/DUBUS contest. If anyone still needs OH2PO QSLs, please e-mail me at my new e-mail address:
Jukka or to OH2PO

Franta was QRV for the EME Contest on 23 cm and reports -- I was QRV only in Dec on Saturday morning. I worked on 1296 K5JL (559/549), F2TU (559/549), VE1ZJ (339/549) for initial #53, W7CS (O/O) #54, OE9XXI (589/559), K2DH (579/559) #55, N6BQ (559/539), W6HD (339/559) #56, W7GBI (559/549) #57, WA4NJP (549/559) and F5AQL (559/549). Conditions were good with strong signals and echoes. The WX was very cold. My e-mail address is now:
Franta, OK1CA (- Monday to Friday.)

Zdenek's report from second part of ARLL EME Contest – I was ill during the contest weekend with a fever of 38 degs C, but operated the whole time anyway. This was of little handicap. I concentrated on looking for new stations. I was disappointed that PY5ZBU was not QRV, nor any other SA stations. I hope by the time of the EME 2000 Conference in Brazil this situation will be much better. SA is my last continent needed for the WAC Award on 1296. In the contest I worked on 23 cm G3LQR, F2TU, CT1DMK, K2DH, K3HZO for initial #66, VE1ZJ #67, K9KFR #68, VK5MC #69 and DXCC 25 - thanks to Chris for this nice Christmas present, DC6UW, N6BQ, K2UYH, HA5SHF, OE9ERC, W5LUA, W2UHI, GW3XYW, SM2CEW, HB9BBD, DF9QX #70, OZ6OL and DJ9YW. All together I made 60x34 for 204,000 points on 23 cm. During the weekend I had strong wind and snow, but conditions were good. My equipment also worked without a problem.

Stig's Nov and Dec reports -- In Nov I convinced OZ6OL to try a 432 feed in his dish. This resulted in my 1st OZ on 432. Hans had very good signal (429/529) despite his minimum setup. I am sure he can work many more. In the Microwave Contest I worked 12 stations and 11 multipliers. I didn't operate that much, but enjoyed this new idea. Stations worked in the contest on 2304 were ZS6AXT, F2TU, OH2AXH, WA8WZG, W5LUA, VE4MA, SM3AKW, OE9ERC, HB9SV, W4HHK, F1ANH and JA4BLC. Stations heard were G3LTF and K2TXB [?]. I missed several of the Eur stations, but maybe I was not active at the rights times. During the Dec contest weekend we had high wind and lot of snow. But luckily the wind came from north, and as I have lots of high trees in that end of our gar- den, I could hold the dish on the Moon. I found condx good on 432, on Saturday, and good on 1296 both days. I missed many regulars in the contest, but maybe the bad WX in Eur was the reason. New stations worked on 432 were F5KDK (same as F5SDD/F1IKA??), WE2Y, GD4IOM (DXCC 38), DJ3FI, W7ALW, DL7APV, DL1YMK, WW2R/5, VK4KAZ and S57RA. Prior to the contest I worked I5MPK and Hans OZ6OL for #177 initials at 432. On 1296 I worked W4JSS and W7SZ as initials. I felt the wet snow degraded the condx here, but overall 1296 was better than average. I never made it to 2304 as I had RX problems, and didn't want to crawl around in the dish with all the snow, HI. I was in the dish few times to remove snow from the end-stop sensors, which is a light- type! I ended with 110x34 on 432 and 59x30 on 1296 for a total of around 1,081,000 points. This is less than last year, but anyway two very fun weekends.

Hans (JO65dj) is now active on both 23 and 70 cm. On 1296 he worked on 1 Nov DF4PV (529/439) and DJ9YW (529/529) and on 2 Nov WA4NJP (339/339) for initial #58, K5JL (559/559), VE1ZJ (O/O) #59 and W4OP (529/439) #60. On 432, Hans have been experimenting with a 432 feed for his 5 m dish. Hans still favors 1296, but is try to add a 432 feed that does not degrade 1296 performance too much. In his feed experiments, Hans worked with 200 W on 432 on 1 Nov OZ4MM (529/429), on 4 Nov OH2DG (429/429), on 7 Nov DF3RU (529/529), and on 8 Nov JA5OVU (O/O). Hans was on both 432 and 1296 in the last leg of the ARRL contest, but I have not yet received his report. [TNX OZ4MM for relaying this information.]

Sergei made his 1st 23 cm EME QSO during the Dec contest weekend. He QSO'd OE9XXI (O/O) and OE9ERC (O/O). Sergei was using the same 1.65 m dish he uses on 3 and 6 cm with a linear pol feed and 300 W from a GI7BT PA.

Paul writes that he does not have any antenna yet at his new QTH -- I am still busy with the house, but I hope to start my antenna work in the spring. I have good relation with the neighbor living on the top of the hill, he will not have anything against my antennas. [He also had some very bad news from his brother, SP5CJT. Mike's wife has been diagnosed with lung cancer, which has already spread in her body. Mike is very depressed.]

Mats writes (via K1RQG) -- While listening to the 432 20 m net Saturday, I heard a discussion about gaskets and seals for tube water-jackets. I am in the maintenance field and deal with superheated water (360 deg and 200psi to keep it in a liquid state). The best and very expensive o-ring material is called KALREZ. It is good for 450 deg and will stay pliable forever at that temp. The 2nd best material is inexpensive and is called AFLAS. It is good for 400 deg and will stay pliable forever at 360 deg. You will have to go to a gasket or o-ring company to find this material (Yellow Pages). I have used AFLAS in my water- cooled 4 x 7289 amp for 2 years without any trace of leaks. I strongly recommend this material. VITON or BUNA is not recommend- ed because the water will break down the plastisizer in the material and it will become brittle and probably start to leak. I am QRV on EME from EM12 with the following equipment: 5 m 0.42 f/d dish (Solid HUGHES dish), 500 W at the feed from 4 x 7289 water-cooled PA (600 W from amp), 0.22 dB LNA (2 MGF4318D). I receive 17.4 dB of Sun noise at solarflux of 112. My address is (Mats Bengtsson, 649 Parkwood Cir, Duncanville, TX 75116). My e- mail is:
Mats, SM6IKY/W5

The group reports -- After the meeting in Paris, which gave us a lot of new experience and fun, we decide to go on with our activity on 23 cm and also prepare gear for 13 cm. We are not yet ready, but we are making progress. In the 1st part of ARRL EME Contest, on 23 cm, we made 41 x 22. This is not bad for the few hours we were QRV. We made initial QSOs with HB9BHU (439/439), SM6CKU (539/539), HA5SHF (O/O), DH9FAG (329/549), JA6CZD (559/559), JA7BMB (539/449), OE5EYM (539/539), DF4PV (539/549), W6HD (449/559), DF9QX (539/549) and VE1ZJ (O/O) to bring us to #80.

Sergey was active on 5-6 Dec on 432 EME. His final contest score was 106x35. Initial QSOs were DJ3FI, DL7APV, DL1YMK, DJ5MN and OZ6OL. Sergey's 70 cm EME totals now are #360 initials, 41 states and 60 DXCC. He still needs the USA states of KH6, KY, NM, ND, RI, UT, VT, WY and SD for WAS - [Can anyone help?].

Grant appears QRV from his new QTH and new grid (DO33gs) - - It looks like I am up and running on 23 cm as of 11 Dec. I am using my old 5m dish and have 275 W. I completed a FB QSO with KD4LT. My 432 amp and feed will be my next project as soon as I finish getting the rest of the household out of moving boxes, HI. My new phone number is 403 973 5127, but the area code will change in Jan to 780.

Willie was on 70 cm 5 Dec for only 4.5 hrs during the EME contest. He worked only 1 initial at 0706 DL6WU (559/449) for #289, and on 6 Dec only 1 hr, for a contest total of 20 x 14. Willie heard many European stations off the Moon after 0645 on 5 Dec answering his CQ's, 3 or 4 stations all calling on the same freq. Willie suggests moving off his CQ calling freq 1 or 2 kHz or so. There was too much QRM on the same freq, all about the same signal level. He is sorry he was unable to dig more stations out, but appreciates the calls. He plans to be QRV on 70 cm again in Jan. Willie is still working on his 1296 equipment. He put the 1296 horn in the dish and received 21.5 dB of Sun noise.

Warren made no contest QSOs this year, but was listening on 70 cm with his single long yagi. He heard on 5 Dec between 0420 and 0515 DL9KR, N2IQU, OH2PO, WB2VVV, K2UYH and K5GW. He recorded the session and notes if anyone is inter- ested as to how they sound at a single-yagi station, that he will be glad to send a cassette copy.

Frank had terrible WX during the 2nd contest weekend. Tracking was a major problem, but his equipment is working fine. He scored 45x27 in the contest on 1296. Frank asks that we remember when someone sends "YYY" you should send your call only several times. He also reports Sun noise of 18.9 dB at a flux of 165. Frank has a new e-mail address:
Frank, W2UHI

Charlie writes that he has not been too active because of his health problems, but sends good news -- My cancer is now in remission and I have lots of plans for improving my station and increasing my activity. In the 1st session of the contest I was on 70 cm and worked 42 stations with 10 new ones. In Nov I planned to be on 13 cm, but had WX problems and had to shut down. In Dec I was on 23 cm the 1st night and worked 11 stations before my HV transformer blew. I had been using a pole pig at 7000 volts, but the primary does not have enough insulation without the oil. I have an old Thermador xformer as a replacement, but it does not put out like the pole pig. I am going to install a new indicator system ala VE1ALQ. I am also bringing my receive converters into the shack to try to use the same LOs for RX and TX. This should improve my frequency stability and calibration. I have slowed down a bit since my chemo and everything is harder to do now. One good thing though, my hair is starting to grow back in, Hi.

Larry (CN85ou) is now QRV on 23 cm. He has worked VE1ALQ and others. Larry's address is (Lawrence A Liljequist Sr, 2804 SE 347th Ave, Washougal, WA 98671-9510 US) and his e-mail is:
Larry, W7SZ
He is using a 10' dish with a hybrid circular horn feed, WD5AGO LNA and single 7289 PA at 90 w. Larry is meas- uring 12 dB of Sun noise and 6 dB CS/G noise. He has a Moon window which is basically limited to operation when the Moon is west of zenith (setting Moon) down to about 25 deg. [TNX VE1ALQ for this info.]

Chuck had a bad 1st contest weekend with a noisy antenna relay and ruined N connectors on each of his 8 FO22 yagis due to the use of Dow DC4 grease. Once the connectors were replaced and the relay cleaned, he could hear much better for the 2nd weekend. He ended with a score on 432 of 37x17. Chuck QSO'd in Oct DK9KR (569/569), OH2PO (569/559), K1FO (559/549), UR5LX (O/O), N9AB (559/549), N4GJV (559/449), W7CNK (549/539), F5AQC (559/549) for initial #61, JA5OVU (559/549), W7CI (549/539), KA0RYT (O/O), OZ4MM (569/549), K0RZ (559/449), N2IQU (579/559), K5GW (569/569), WA4NJP (O/O) and JA4BLC (559/549) #62, and in Dec OE5EYM (559/559) #63, KD4LT (579/549), K2UYH (O/O), DL9NDD (O/O), NC1I (569/449), F5FLN (O/O) #64, WD5AGO (O/O), W1ZX (569/549), G3ERG (549/539) #65, JH1XUJ (O/O) #66, K5WXN (M/M), VE1ALQ (559/549), DF3RU (O/O) #67, WE2Y (M/O) #68, W7QX (O/O), HA1YA (O/O) #69, 7M2PDT (O/O), JA5NNS (O/O) #70, JL1ZCG (559/549) #71 and JA3IAF (O/O).

Dave's Dec report -- On Friday night I was on 432 using WW2R/5 (EM13) and worked DL9KR (O/O) I now have worked Jan from 4 grids, N2IQU (559/549), K2UYH (O/O), OZ4MM (O/549), OH2PO (O/559), K5GW (O/O). Condx were amazing, +- 20 minutes around my K5GW QSO time I could hear him direct and his echoes, and for the 1st time I heard my own echoes. I also heard W7CNK at this time. He came back to me on SSB then disappeared. He thought I was so loud that I must be a local, so he didn't work me! Then the conditions just stopped. My station consists of 4x 25 el K1FO yagis, coax phased, DJ9BV MGF1302 preamp, DEM Xverter+TS850, N7ART amp using 2x3CX800 1500 W. After 4 years I need to replace my preamp, which may be ailing. Sun noise was only 7dB, and its not an antenna problem, as the polar plot is just fine. In the last NL in reply to DL4KG you mention FHX35s gives 0.1 dB less NF than 1302s. Have any designs been published? [I put them into KB2AH's version of the WA7CJO cavity preamp design.] I also tried 1296 on Friday night using 2x55 el F9FT yagis and a 0.45dB preamp. I heard OE9ORC and N2IQU, but calling them with 250 W didn't yield a response. On Saturday night I was at wedding until 0600. When I returned only some previously worked stations were heard except for DF3RU, who was CWNR for 20 minutes!

Ivo found the 2nd leg of the ARRL EME Contest more quiet than the 1st one -- On the 1st Moon pass, I contacted on 13 cm OE9ERC (589/569) and OE9XXI (O/O), on 23 cm OE9ERC, K5JL, CT1DMK, K4QI, F2TU, W2UHI and WA8WZG. On the 2nd pass, I worked on 13 cm OH2AXH (579/559), JA4BLC (579,559), LX1DB (55/559), HB9SV (559/559) and W5LUA (579/569), and on 23 cm F5PL, GW3XYW and OZ6OL. On the last pass (Sunday evening), I QSO'd on 13 cm G3LTF (449/559), and on 23 cm SM3AKW and DJ9YW. CWNR many times was HA5SHF. Overall I ended with 10x8 on 2300 and 39x21 on 1296. However I operated only a few hours on 23 cm, most of my time was spent on 13 cm. Its a pity that more stations do not use offset mounting for their 13 cm horns. I have been quite successful with this arrangement! I can switch from 23 to 13 cm in less than 5 min. The next offset will be for 6 cm, but this is not as yet operational. I hope to be QRV on 6 cm for the DUBUS Contest. I am waiting for better WX. The WX during the contest was nearly perfect for a change! I could use my CCTV camera for 95% of the time. Also my equipment behaved well all the time.

I operated the 2nd half of the EME contest single op as none of the regulars who usually show up for the contest could make it. Despite some of the comments, I found activity good especially on 432. I did take a couple hours sleep between the end of the Eur and the beginning of the Asian window on both days. I operated the 1st night exclusively on 70 cm. Conditions seemed good and my noise problem somewhat abated. I QSO'd at 0140 W8MQW (O/O), 0150 partial WE2Y (O/?) - lost before I had his call right, 0152 F6CGJ (559/569), 0200 WA9FWD (559/559), 0248 OZ4MM (559/559), 0258 F5FLN for initial #601, 0309 N2IQU (559/559), 0315 K9BCT/4 (559/559), 0322 DK3FB (O/O), 0346 W1ZX (559/559), 0410 GD4IOM (O/O) #602, 0416 EA3DXU (O/O), 0425 I5TDJ (O/O), KA0RYT (O/O), 0454 I5CTE (O/O), 0502 K1OR (O/O) #603, 0510 DJ3FI (O/O) #604, 0518 W7CI (559/559), 0529 IK5QLO (O/O), 0539 HO3A (549/549), 0555 G3LTF (559/559), 0612 WW2R/5 (O/O) #605, 0621 W7BBM (O/O) - dup, 0621 ON5OF (559/569), 0639 W7FN (559/559), 0649 DL7APV (559/559), 0653 IK2EAD (559/559), 0659 DL3EAG (O/O), 0719 SM3AKW (O/O), 0733 SM2CEW (559/559), 1111 JA5OVU (O/O), 1116 JH1XUJ (O/O), 1126 7M2PDT (O/O), 1132 JS3SIM (O/O), 1126 7M2PDT (O/O) - dup, 1200 JA5NNS (O/O) #606 and 1209 WD5AGO (559/559). The next day I was on 1296. The WX had been good the 1st night with a bright visible Moon, and predictions were for the same on the 2nd night. But just before the start of my Moon window, the clouds rolled in and the Moon was never seen again. Conditions also seemed good on 23 cm, but I did not do as well as I felt I should have done. I QSO'd at 0225 G4DZU (O/559), 0253 KD4LT (559/559), 0258 CT1DMK (O/549), 0324 OK1DFC (559/559), 0328 HB9BBD (53/57) on SSB - dup, 0335 K5JL (57/57) - dup, 0346 K2DH (559/559), 0408 WD5AGO (559/559), 0413 OH2AXH (569/579) - dup, 0445 W3XS (549/549), 0501 F2TU (559/559), 0525 W7CS (449/559), 0548 G3LTF (559/559), 0622 DC6WU (559/559), 0640 partial KB0PYO (O/?), 0723 partial W4?? - never got the call and 0753 SM3CEW (559/569). I was on for the Asian window, but never heard a new station. I ended with 65x26 on 432, an improvement over last year, and 52x26 on 1296, one QSO less and almost 10 multipliers poorer than in 97. Plans are under way to give 13 cm another try, probably during the DUBUS Contest. I am, of course, available for skeds on 70 and 23 cm.


by G4RGK, David Dibley

K7XC is now QRT on 70 cm from DM09bp. He is moving and will be active from DM33 in the Pheonix area later in the year.

WB7VVD, Ward, also in DM33, is putting up 2 dishes for EME operation on 70, 23 and 3 cm.

W4OP's ISP went belly up suddenly and Dale now has a new e-mail address:

SM4DHN has changed his e-mail address to:

K9BCT plans to be QRV on 23 cm during the 1st Jan SW.

KA0RYT worked 22x18 on 70 cm in the contest. KB4CNI was an initial.

LU4HO is changing feed lines on his 4 x 36 el array to open wire and hopes to be on in a week or so with an K2RIW amp.

W7CNK had good results on 70 working OE3JPC and IK5QLO on random. Both are 2 yagi stations. Lucky also worked N4GJV with excellent signal and K5WXN.

KD4LT is seeing 20.3 dB of Sun noise on 23 cm. 70 cm was very enjoyable for Scotty. He scored 34x21 on 70 cm with7 initials, and 48x28 on 23 cm with 22 initials during the contest.

VE4MA was on 6 cm echo testing when his waveguide TR switch failed.

N2IQU has hurt his back, but his station is running well. Mark’s preliminary contest count is 94x32 on 70 cm and 61x30 on 23 cm.

EA3UM has extended his 14.5’ dish to 15’. This reduced the f/d from 0.34 to 0.31. Using the same feed he is getting 11.5 dB of Sun noise. The best Magin had seen before was 11.1 dB.

W5LUA did well on 23 cm where he QSO’d 33 stations including W7SZ for a new one. Al QSO’d on 13 cm ZS6AXT and JA4BLC, and on 10 GHz AA5C, but heard nil from LX1DB.

LX1DB is QRV on 13 and 3 cm. On 13 cm he will TX on .065 and .100 and listen on 2424.xxx and on 2320.xxx. On 3 cm he will operate on 10368.180. Willie reports copying W5LUA on 3 cm during his AA5C QSO.

SV1BTR had noise and WX problems during the contest. Jimmy worked VK4AFL, W7HAH, WE2Y, K1OR, UA9FAD and UT5DL. He had 10 dB of Sun noise with some water in his vert pol section.

VE1ALQ reports contest scores of 47 on 23 cm and 32 on 70 cm. Darrell reminds us that he is a VE9 multiplier not VE1 and that VE1ZJ is a VE1 multiplier for the contest. Darrell’s dish was damaged in a storm after the contest and he is temporarily QRT until he makes repairs.

K5JL worked about 70 on 23 cm and completed WAC during the contest.

K2DH reports being very busy the 2nd contest weekend. Dave worked 44x23 on 23 cm including JF3HUC for a new one, but missed KB0PYO and VK5MC.

W7QX reports 42x17 on 70 cm for the contest.

W7CS did not do all that well on 1296. Chuck had 1” of snow. It was very cold and could he not spend all the time he wanted on the Moon. He heard HA5SHF during his W7GBI sked, but nil from W7GBI. He also copied a lot of SSB, even above .020. The dish seemed to work well with the 1” of snow on it.

DK3WG had very bad WX during the Dec weekend and was not on the 1st night due to very high winds and deep snow. N6BQ was QRV on 23 cm during the 2nd contest weekend, but reports too much windy to keep his dish on the Moon. Hoppy was unable to get his big amp running and operating at low power.

DL9KR gave up 4 hours before moonset and finished up with 130x41. Jan heard OH2PO working WL7U, but heard nil from WL7U.

K1OR worked N7LQ, JA5OVU for 2 new ones and reports KB7UIF was hearing K1OR on single yagi.

WA8WZG spent all night working on 6 cm gear and went to bed frustrated. Tom is sorry for missing all on 23 cm.

K5WXN missed the whole Eur window due to bad WX. He QSO’d 41 and one initial.

K9ZZH reports bad WX (thunderstorms) and few contacts. Dick wonders how well he was being heard?

DL7APV's score is 35x17.

WA4NJP worked 23x13 on 23 cm and 13x11 on 70 cm. He heard GD4IOM with a good signal and 9H1ES during his 23 cm sked with N6BQ 5 kHz low.

ON5OF's contest score was 28x17 on 70 cm.

W7FN worked 27x16 in the contest. Don still feels his receiver is not working to par.

G4FUF is in Belgium and has a new e-mail address,


DD1XF has for sale a 13 cm cavity with one tube (100 W). Contact Frank at e-mail:

PA0PLY has the following equipment for sale: HP432C powermeter, HP X486A powermeterhead 8-12 Ghz, Ailtech 13680 prepamp incl. 50 ohm adapter for Ailtech/Eaton PANFI's, Ailtech 13504 mixer 1-2 Ghz adapter. Please contact Jan by my e-mail at:

WW2R wants a 2,500 W Bird element for 432 MHz. Contact Dave at:

SM6IKY/W5 has available some 0.010 thick KAPTON, much better than TEFLON for plate bypass caps. High dielectric constant and very high break-down voltage. Mat's e-mail address is:

ON5OF has a faulty TH-308 and needs a replacement tube for the F-6007 in his 70 cm PA.
Email address: ON5OF

N2IQU has 800' of EW64 elliptical waveguide looking for a home.

NU7Z is looking for 4 feet of WR-75 flex waveguide.

G4FUF is still looking for Bird slugs. Kieth can be reached at:

W1ZX has for Sale: MFJ-784 Super DSP filter $US150+ shipping, HP 415E SWR Meter-brown unit (later build unit) $US95+s, Several Bird 43 Wattmeters (1) $US190 with a new meter movement, (2) Bird 43 watt- meter in fair condition (cracked/ broken meter face- needs paint job) $US120/best offer+s, HP 349A UHF Noise Source $US20+s, Noise Com Noise Diodes NC305, glass package $US33+s, flat package $US42+s. Call Willie at 301 645 5584 between 2000- 2300 EST, FAX 301 645 6853, 24 hrs, Email:
Willie,W1ZX KB2AH has
a full line of cavity amps and 1, 2, 4 and 6 tube ring amps, lin/circular feed horns and LNAs for 432 and 1296. Tom also has mounting blocks for K1FO yagis. For full details see Tom's 1296 WEB page:

for more details and pricing info e-mail:
Tom, KB2AH
, or phone 908-223-5067, FAX 908-223-0901 (24 hrs) or voice 908-223-8124.


Mark, N2IQU is organizing an informal warm up to EME2000 scheduled for Brazil in the summer of 2000 (organizer on site is Don, PY5ZBU Mark's conference is EME Symposium 99, a beginner's workshop, and scheduled for August 20- 21 in Syracuse, NY. The objective is to bring in new blood. Many old hands will be there to tell of their experiences and to advise hams thinking about trying this most demanding mode of communication. The registration fee will be nominal, just enough to cover meeting room rent and cost of the proceedings: An EME Primer.


This has been some year! It has been a year of change, possibly more change than in any one year of the 27 year history of this NL. A major part of this change has been associated with e-mail. E-mail has become almost the exclusive medium for the submission of reports and technical material to the NL. E-mail has become the preferred means for distribution of the NL – although there is still a significant hard copy mailing of about 135 copies. E-mail has also become the dominant factor in the making and distribution of skeds. It has also been a year of growth. The popularity of the EME microwave bands has grown. Activity on 1296 has grown to a point where it is providing some competition to 432. It has been a year of contests… more contests than ever before. Two new contests were added in 1998, the EME SSB Contest and the EME Microwave Contest. It has been a year in which we had a great EME Conference in Paris, and a year in which the 1st SA EME conference, Brazil 2000, has been planned! I do not know all that 1999 has in store for us, but I do know it will be an exciting year and hopefully a good year for all of us. The very best seasons greetings to all and a happy New Year!
73, Al - K2UYH


Here is a circuit by JH4JLV for a low noise 70 cm preamp which should work will with the FHX35G. (This circuit appeared in the JA EME Column.)

Array mounted

6 * 36 el YAGI Array
DJ3FI, checking the feedline.

Learn about the upcoming EME Symposium.

Most recent Schedules from Klaus, DL4EBY

Lunar Calendar for 1999 prepared by G3SEK

Netnotes by K1RQG

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