APRIL 1999 VOL 27 #4


OR H 443- 3184, FAX 609-443-1713, AND EMAIL:
Allen Katz, K2UYH



HALSKESTR.35, D-12167 BERLIN, (49-30-7955467), E-Mail:
Klaus Tiedemann.


*** NA EME BBS: 704-284-4854 ***




70 cm produced some very unusual propagation during the March SW - particularly on the first night. I found the polarization to be very sharp and require TX at about 90 degs to the optimum receive pol to be heard. Others observed different phenomena. These "strange" effects may have been due to the class "M" flare observed during the weekend. Although there was reasonable activity on 432, 1296 was where most of the action was with the 1296 part of the DUBUS/REF Contest taking place. 23 cm conditions were good and the activity exceptional - as good or better than the ARRL Contest as indicated by the reports. K5JL accumulated a score of 54x32, many others are not far behind. Jay is in the lead, but all the scores are not in yet. In March the DUBUS/REF Contest moves to 432 and the microwave bands (13 cm and up). Look for lots of activity on these bands.

1296 SSB CONTEST RESULTS: The final scores for the SSB contest are listed near the end of this NL. OE9XXI is the top winner followed by OE9ERC and amazingly myself. Although emphasis on this contest is not on competition as much as having fun, the NL will be sending out unique certificates to the top scorers, (excluding myself). I hope to see even more activity next year. What do you think about a 70 cm SSB Contest?

Greg reports working DL2LAC on 10 GHz on 21 Feb for initial #19. Reports were (O/O) with excellent conditions. Ernst is new to EME, but doing well. He is running 20 W.

Luis will be on 5.6 GHz and 10 GHz for the March SW. His plans are to be on 5.6 GHz on Saturday (1830 to 0030 window) and 10 GHz on Sunday (1900 to 0130 window). 5.6 GHz is 100% OK, while 10 GHz operation depends on the WX. Good weather is needed to change the feed (during Saturday).

Cesar had final problems and had to cancel all his Feb 70 cm skeds. His 70 cm amplifier "exploded"! He thinks he will have the PA repaired in time for the next SW and will keep K1RQG informed of his status.

Bernhard reports -- With my small 2 yagi 23 cm EME station I have managed to work #25 different stations so far. I dream of ultimately being able to work WAC. The smallest stations worked so far are DJ9YW (4.5 m and 380 W), OH2DG (8 m and 50 W) and ZS6AXT (5 m and 200 W). I am looking for QSLs from OE9XXI and KB2AH and wonder if they received mine?

Ruediger was QRV on 432 during the Feb SW but heard nil during his sked with K7XD, but did copy N4GJV and SV1BTR. Ruediger will be active during the REF/DUBUS Contest in March, and is interested in skeds for April.

Stephan, as a result of travel to Shanghai, was only active on 70 cm during 1st night of the Feb SW. Nil was heard in sked with K7XD, but W1ZX was QSO'd (559/549). Also heard was N4GJV. Stephan won't be QRV during the 432 part of the REF/DUBUS Contest in March because of holidays, but will active again in April and is interested in skeds then.

Peter (DF5JJ) is back in Majorca and will be thus be answering e- mail from EA6ADW He is now QRV on 70 cm and will be active during the coming contest weekend. He is also looking for skeds. Peter notes that he needs a 1 hour time space between skeds to change pol, and requires an elevation greater 15 degs.

Francis was QRV on 23 cm for the REF/DUBUS Contest and reports -- Fine WX this year for this weekend. My final score is 41x21 on 23 cm with 3 initials to bring my total to #111. QSO'd were KB2AH (559/559), N2IQU (579/569), N6BQ (559/559), K5JL (579/569), K4QI (569/559), F2TU (559/559), OE9ERC (569/579), W2UHI (579/559), F6CGJ (579/579), W6HD (559/559), SM3AKW (559/559), W3XS (569/549), WA9FWD (549/O) for initial #109, KD4LT (559/559), OE5EYM (559/569), OZ6OL (559/559), ZS6AXT (559/559), HB9BBD (579/579), ON5RR (559/559), DF4PV (549/559), IK3GHY (569/449) #110, HB9SV (569/579), OH2DG (559/559), OH2AXH (569/569), DH9FAG (559/449), OK1KIR (559/559), OE9XXI (569/579), VE1ALQ (569/559), CT1DMK (559/559), OK1DFC (559/559), VE1ZJ (559/O), K2DH (559/559), JF3HUC (559/559) #111, JH5LUZ (579/559), F1ANH (569/569), DL0SHF on SSB (56/55), LX1DB on SSB (55/56), OZ4MM (579/569), SM2CEW (569/559), HB9BHU (559/559) and DF3RU (559/449).

J-Jacques (F1EHN) reports -- The F6KSX EME station is now (again) running well. We will be QRV on 3 cm for the 2nd part of the DUBUS/REF contest (principally on 27 March). The operators will be F6DLA, F5HRY, F6EZV and me (F1EHN). The station now consists of a 3.3 m dish with vet pol feed, 50 W TWTA, 0.8 dB NF LNA and F1EHN tracking system. See:

F1EHN Tracking System

for more details. Measurements on 14 March CS/G noise 5.5 dB, Sun/CS 15.5 dB and echoes very good.

Peter's Feb report has not yet arrived, but his report for the 30/31 Jan SW just missed the last NL follows -- Conditions were good with little Faraday and fair libration. On 432 on 30 Jan I worked IK5QLO for initial #336 and W7KK #337 and on the second pass JA5OVU and SM2CEW. Nil was heard from VK4KAZ and WL7U in skeds. On 1296 I worked in the SSB Contest LX1DB JN39, OE9ERC JN47, HB9BBD JN, N2IQU FN13, K2UYH FN14 and OE9XXI JN47. Heard on SSB, but not called were GW3XYW, N6BQ, CT1DMK and S59DCD. To be honest I wasn't prepared to risk the 6 tube PA running continuous SSB, having to push it to the limit to get the weak ones to hear me, so I didn't really try. I still lose 2 dB in the feeder to the dish 50 m away! The highlight of the SW was to work RW3BD (O/O) #142 and a new DXCC on the 31st. He is a really good CW operator, so it wasn't as hard as I expected. I tried with JA4BLC on 13 cm, but no go due to a whole lot of problems from clouds to frequency error on receive at my end.

Ian fills us in on his operating news -- I seemed to spend a lot of my radio time during 1998 doing non-EME power amplifier work, while the old K2RIW sat there with two very tired tubes. The only EME QSOs I made during this period were skeds for new initials. I QSO'd in Jan K3HZO, in Mar SV1BTR, and in Sep KA0RYT/0 and W7CNK. Finally I decided to buy a GS35b RF deck from Geert, and got it going for the Dec part of the ARRL Contest where I worked 36x18 including N7LQ (NV) for initial #280 and WAS 44. I still need HI, KY, ND, NM, OR and RI, none of which have been active for a long time. For Jan I increased the anode voltage and am now getting about 1.5 kW out, and solid 1 kW at the antennas. On 24 Jan I worked NC1I, K1FO, SM2CEW and W7CNK in the US contest. On 28-29 Jan I had preamp trouble and missed some skeds. On 29-30 Jan I worked K1FO, G4ERG (449/549) - best ever, I5MPK, I5TDJ, DL7APV, WE2Y #281, and then the final proof that the amp is really working: W1ZX CALLED ME!! The next step is to improve the preamp so that I can identify those weak I5 stations faster. Unfortunately I can't be QRV for the March contest weekend, but expect to be consistently QRV on future SWs.

Charlie writes that he and Petra, G4KGC are still very much QRV on 10 GHz EME. Their window's elevation limits are >10 deg for most positions and <36 deg for azimuth from approx 52 N to 0.5 W. They are interested in skeds.

Peter's update on stations worked since the ARRL contest -- I QSO'd OE3JPC for initial #129, OH2DG, DF3RU, N4GJV, OE5EYM, W7CNK (many times), I5MPK, G3SEK, VK4AFL #130 and a new country, continent and locator, N2IQU, K1FO, OK1KIR, I5CTE, K2UYH, G3HUL (at last) #131, K1OR #132, W7CI, K5WXN, WE2Y, UT3LL #133 and DL7APV. I am looking for skeds with KB4CNI, WW2R and anyone else who wants to try. I should be QRV for some of the REF/DUBUS Contest in March.

Csaba sends his group's results for the DUBUS/REF Contest on 1296 - - We were QRV only the 1st day. There was nice WX and good activity. We heard many stations, but unfortunately completed only 13 QSOs. We tried a new preamp using an FHX35, which appeared to give better results. Worked were on 27 Feb at 1619 HB9SV (569/539), 1628 OH2DG (O/O), 1637 HB9BBD (579/559), 1649 F6CGJ (559/O), 1709 PA3CSG (569/549), 1726 OH2AXH (559/429), 1735 OE5EYM (569/449), 2040 ZS6AXT (449/O), 2300 K2DH (559/549) for initial #47, 2330 K3HZO nil, 2343 OZ4MM (569/549) and 2357 W2UHI (559/449), and on 28 Feb at 0011 OE9XXI (579/559) and 0035 ON5RR (O/O) #48 and DXCC 21.

Dominique writes -- The contest was really big fun. Excellent conditions on 23 cm and no technical problems. I could not make it for the 1st leg on Saturday morning and my window did not improve to the west, HI. My score was 46x28 for 128,800 points. All contacts were TRUE RANDOM. The log reads as follows: 27 Feb at 1640 HA5SHF (559/559), 1646 ON5RR (559/559), 1648 ZS6AXT (579/599), 1656 OH2DG (569/569), 1701 OZ6OL (579/579), 1712 PA3CSG (589/589), 1717 F6CGJ (589/589), 1729 DH9FAG (569/569), 1739 HB9SV (589/589), 1742 OE9ERC (57/57) on SSB, 1751 F2TU (579/569), 1803 OE5EYM (589/579), 1806 F5PAU (589/579), 2000 OH2AXH (579/569), 2005 SM3AKW (579/579), 2016 CT1DMK (569/569), 2020 IK3GHY (579/589), 2025 OK1KIR (579/569), 2141 OE9XXI (589/579), 2153 VE1ZJ (569/579), 2201 VE1ALQ (599/599), 2228 K3HZO (549/539), 2232 K2DH (579/589), 2242 OK1DFC (569/579), 2248 WD5AGO (579/579), 2248 VE6TA (559/559), 2320 OZ4MM (579/589), 2323 K4QI (589/589), 2326 K5JL (589/589), 2341 W2UHI (579/589) and 2358 WA9FWD (539/569), and on 28 Feb at 0011 OE5JFL (589/589), 0015 N6BQ (589/569), 0025 W6HD (579/579), 0036 W3XS (549/589), 0047 WA8WZG (539/599), 1612 JH5LUZ (579/599), 1617 JF3HUC (589/599), 1646 VK5MC (569/579), 1658 F1ANH (579/569), 1711 LX1DB (599/599), 1747 DF3RU (559/569), 1759 DL0SHF (58/57) on SSB, 1955 SM2CEW (579/589), 2153 DF4PV (569/579) and 2340 N2IQU (599/599). I chased a very weak signal for about half an hour only to find out that it was a spurious from N2IQU about 1 kHz down and -32 dB. It fooled me again and again, HI. [Dominique was also active in the 1296 SSB Contest but his log was misplaced at my end. His report from last month follows: Conditions seemed to be rather mediocre. I QSO'd on 30 Jan at 1711 S59DCD (53/57), 1722 ON5RR (52/55), 1736 OK1DFC (51/55), 1742 HB9BHU (55/56), 1809 IK3GHY (54/56), 1825 DF4PV (55/58), 1841 DF9QX (56/56), 1850 OE9ERC (56/56), 1906 OH2DG (54/57), 1935 HA5SHF (549/57), 1955 DL6YDH (52/55) #126, 2012 GW3XYW (55/57), 2025 LX1DB (59/58), 2048 DF3RU (52/56), 2103 OE9XXI (59/57), 2214 N2IQU (59/59), 2245 G3LTF (52/56), 2338 K2UYH (52/56) - (a long copper nail into the tree of your neighbor will help!!) and 2353 KB2AH (57/58), and 31 Jan at 0016 K2DH (56/57), 0032 OZ6OL (54/56), 0044 K5JL (58/58), 0048 VE1ALQ (56/58), 0055 W2UHI (56/56), 0124 WA4NJP (44/55), 0139 WD5AGO (55/56) and 0152 VE6TA (51/55). Squares worked were JN JO IO KP FN EM EN EL DO for a total of ((27x2) +1)x9 for 495 points.] I am using a noise compensating headset now. The blower noise at lower frequencies disappears almost completely. Air cooling becomes less of a problem with this gadget!

Dave worked in the contest 42x30 with 5 initials (DH9FAG, HA5SHF, VE6TA, IK3GHY and DJ5MN for #125 - added after the contest ended) on 1296. He caught JF3HUC but missed JH5LUZ. Dave reports that he is very pleased with his 1296 KB2AH amps. Both the 4 and 6 tube amps work as advertised. All is working well and he is interested in skeds. Dave's web page is at:


Harry writes -- In the past several days, I have rectified problems with the station, which have been causing difficulties since late Dec. The T/R relay at the dish was found to be intermittent after about 2 hours of operation. It became very, very hot. I pulled and replaced it with a better relay that does not get nearly as hot, and mounted it on a heat sink. When hot, the relay I replaced would make approx 1 out of every 4 closures. However, the indicator circuit back to the operating position always indicated the relay was energized even though it was not making contact. This is why I was hearing stations occasionally on skeds and for one sequence only - 9H1ES for example. It's fixed now and the new relay is working fine. I worked on 1296 CT1DMK for initial #57, my 1st initial of '99. I have asked Klaus to resked all my Feb skeds in March. The relay that was causing the problems finally shorted internally last weekend causing the 26 VDC power supply that provides the control voltage for the station to fail. My apologies to VE4MA. At the time of our sked I still had not recognized the problem. I had attributed my intermittent RX to conditions. I should have known better. When the power supply failed the evidence was on the table. I also now understand the reason for my poor JA sked results. I discovered that the readout pot in my Az rotator is not linear. It's right on at easterly azimuths where I routinely take Sun noise measurements and operate. To the west I have only a limited window for the Sun and the Moon. I discovered this problem after replacing the bad relay above and making a Sun noise measurement to the west. I found an 8 deg error in Az pointing. Now I have a correction chart to deal with this. I think I am finally through these problems and can return to my previous level of activity. I mention these problems so that others don't make the same errors. During the contest I worked 5 stations on 23 cm including CT1DMK. 9H1ES and VE4MA were heard. I need QSLs from WA4NJP, SM6CKU, SM4DHN and VE1ZJ.

Russ made it on for the Eur window on both the 27 and 28 on 1296 -- Signals seemed pretty good as usual with activity at a higher level on the 2nd night. I worked on 27 Feb K5JL, W6WD, W2UHI, OK1DFC, VE6TA, SM3AKW, F6CJG, N2IQU, KB2AH, F5PAU, W3XS, F2TU, N6BQ, KD4LT, OE9ERC, W7SZ, VE1ZJ, K2DH, ON5RR, OK1KIR, ZS6AXT, OE5EYM, DL9RAG, HA5SHF, HB9BBD, VE1ALQ, K2UYH and PA3CSG, and on 28 Feb OE5JFL, IK3GHY, OZ4MM, CT1DMK, OZ6OL, HB9SV, WA8WZG, VE4MA and W7GBI for 37x27 in the contest. I should be on 432 next month.

Jay worked in the contest on 23 cm 54x32, including 2 JAs and VK5MC on the 1st night. Jay now has his 70 cm feed in the dish and is looking for skeds there. Recently the #60 chain drive for his dish broke, but there was no damage to dish, and he is back in operation with 19.8 dB of Sun noise on 70 cm.

Pat sends an update on his efforts to put Utah (DN30) on 432 EME -- I had high hopes of putting together a combination 2/432 EME array... But the lot here is just too small. So I will go with 432 only. I just picked up an amp, a Henry 2004A in like new condition with a brand new tube. I am working on getting a 220 line in to the shack this weekend. That should take care of the power for now. The antenna system will consist of 4 x 9WL M2 yagis. I will start working on the H frame assembly soon. The array will be fed with 7/8" Celwave Flexwell. This will be used for the TX side. I will use a separate receive line. I am in need of some connectors for the 7/8" line. Transmit side will be a Yaesu 736R, receive side will be a receiving converter and Icom 746. I hope to have the antennas up by the summer. My main tower is going to be replaced, and I want to get the antenna system squared away 1st. One way or another, we will be on by the fall.

Cowles was QRV on 70 cm during the SW -- I worked WA4NJP, VE1ALQ, WE2Y, PA3CSG and SV1BTR. SV1BTR was weak with a lot of QSB, but he did send me (RO). I did not hear or work DL7APV. I heard something during my IK5QLO time slot, but could not pull out the call. All and all it was a good weekend. Earlier I had worked JA5OVU. I hope John WE2Y understands my disappearing act during our QSO and excepts my apology - fuses blew after exchanges. I had the PA up and running in about 5 minutes, however my preamp switching depends on the power amp, so I was off the air until the next morning. I replaced the MGF-1402 GaAs FET in the preamp and was QRV again.

Hoppie's Feb 23 cm EME Activity Report -- I worked on 25 Feb DF4PV for initial #129 and W6HD, on 26 Feb KB2AH, on 27 Feb W2UHI, VE1ZJ, HB9SV, F5PAU, F6CGJ, W6HD, SM3AKW, N2IQU, VE6TA #130, K5JL, OK1DFC, K4QI, W3XS, OE9ERC, NL7F, W7GBI and JH5LUZ, on 28 Feb worked OE9XXI, HB9BBD, K2DH, ZS6AXT, WA8WZG, VE1ALQ, CT1DMK, OK1KIR, ON5RR, F2TU, IK3GHY #131, OZ6OL, OZ4MM, VE4MA, K2UYH, OE5EYM #132, W7SZ #133, K9BCT and JF3HUC #134. All contacts were on random except W7SZ. My contest total was 36x27. Getaways were OE5JFL and KD4LT. After much work during the week the TH327 was repaired and worked beautifully throughout the weekend with 1 kW+ output. All items in K5JL's TH327 notes [where find? Pse send a copy to the NL?] were incorporated in the PA. I am looking forward to the March SW.

Bill's 1296 EME report for Feb -- I worked on 27 Feb W2UHI (439/449), K5JL (549/549), F6CGJ (439/449), W6HD (439/439) for initial #39, N6BQ (439/529) and W7GBI (439/549), and on 28 Feb F6CGJ (559/449). During skeds nil was copied from ON5RR and OZ6OL was only (T) copy. My e-mail is: NL7F or Bill

John writes -- 2 weeks ago I finished the installation of 2 additional yagis for 4 x DJ9BVopt 7.7 wl yagis (24 el) on 70 cm. Things should now be a lot easier though my pwr is still only about 500 W. What now remains to be solved are some minor problems (adjustment, coating of the connections of the open wire feeders to prevent corrosion, etc.). Sun noise/cold sky (Leo) is about 13.7 dB (flux 130) and should improve by 0.3 or 0.4 dB after all is finished.

Eino writes -- Very changeable WX here during the Jan SW. The 1st day temperature was -25 deg C and on Sunday near zero, so every metal parts of the dish was covered with hard ice and the rotator did not initially operate. After heating and drying it was ok. As a result I missed my sked with I6PNN. On the other hand the WX was co-operative in that it allowed use of my CCTV camera for antenna control. On 70 cm I QSO'd KB4CNI, VE1ALQ and JA5NNS for initial #174. On 1296 in the SSB Contest, I worked on 30 Jan OK1DFC (539/539) JO, OE9XXI (57/43) JN, HB9BBD (57/54) JN, S59DCD (54/33) JN, OE9ERC (56/54) JN, DF3RU (539/549) JN, ON5RR (539/519) JN and LX9DB (56/55) JN, 31 Jan K2UYH (33/519) FN and DJ5MN (O/O), and 1 Feb DF4PV (559/439), K2DH (559/559) FN for initial #62 and N2IQU (559/539) FN.

Franta sends a report on his EME activity during the Feb SW -- On 1296 MHz, my activity was low. I worked on 27 Feb JH5LUZ (449/559), OH2DG (449/549) for initial #58, OZ6OL #59 and HB9SV (559/539). I plan to be QRV on 13 cm in March for the 2nd part of DUBUS/REF Contest.

Zdenek has completed WAC on 1296 EME -- After 2 years, I worked my last continent, South America. The QSO was at 0300 with PY5ZBU (O/O). During the 1st part of the DUBUS/REF Contest on 23 cm I worked 39x25. I plan to return to 70 cm for the 2nd part of the contest. I will use the 3.8 m dish, which I use on 23 cm with a W5LUA feed, 1.5 kW FO PA and 0.4 dB NF BV LNA. This will be my 1st operation on 70 cm in 2 years. I left 70 cm because of a problem with strong QRM from our digital telephony system. Now that they have installed a fiber optic cable, the noise should be much lower.

Marc sends news of his Feb SW activity -- Michel and I were active in the DUBUS/REF Contest on 1296 from Saturday at 1600 till Sunday at 0230. The WX was not good with rain and wind, but not bad enough to prevent setting up the dish. Our idea was to be active for only one pass of the Moon. All worked great until the wind came up again and we were forced to shutdown the station. In total we made 31 random QSOs, 1 sked and 22 multi- pliers, and 4 initials: IK3GHY, DH9FAG, HA5SHF and VE1ZJ. Nil was heard from RW3BP and DJ5MN in skeds. Our apology to NL7F, but we forced to be QRT at the time of our sked. Last year we had similar WX problems. When we are active, the dish is 12 m above the ground and gets quite a bit of wind. We are going to try to solve this problem by cutting the antenna mast down to 6 m. The dish will then be a bit protected by nearby homes. I will also do some tree cutting. When we take the dish down, we will re-stress it. I hope to be back on in less than 2 months.

Stig was on 1296 during the Feb SW -- I was only active few hours and found conditions good, but had some troubles with high wind. My broken actuator for elevation is still not repaired. I have made a homemade bushing for coupling between output shaft on the motor and the gear spindle, but I didnít trust my own work, HI. I hope to have the elevation repaired before the next activity weekend. Then I will be on 2304 and probably 432 too. Stations worked on 1296 in the contest were OK1DFC, HB9BBD, VE1ALQ, RW3BP for initial #147 and DXCC 37, HA5SHF, OZ6OL, OK1KIR, ON5RR, IK3GHY, SM3AKW, VE6TA, WA9FWD, K4QI, K2DH, K5JL, VE1ZJ, VE4MA, ZS6AXT, W3XS, F2TU, CT1DMK, W2UHI, W6HD, W7GBI, N6BQ, W7SZ, W0KJY, F6CGJ, VK5MC, OE9ERC, JH5LUZ, JF3HUC #148, OE5EYM, HB9SV, F5PAU, LX1DB and DJ5MN #149. Just before my sked with DJ5MN the wind raised to an extreme, but the dish held and we completed a QSO!

Sergei worked during the Feb SW HB9SV and K5JL on random and K2UYH and OZ4MM on sked. Nil was heard in skeds with KD4LT and WA4NJP. ON5RR was heard only one period. Heard and CWNR or QRZs were OE5JFL, HB9BBD, F2TU, OK1KIR and W2UHI. He had problems with the transistor driver of his GI7B PA, so his power was lower then usual.

Ray reports disaster in Feb -- 1st of all, we owe a big apology to K3HZO because we did not answer his calls during our sked. Our last activity was in the EME SSB contest, where we made 17 SSB QSOs (HB9BBD, OE9XXI, HB9BHU, OK1DFC, LX1DB, GW3XYW, OE9ERC, N2IQU, KB2AH, K2UYH, HB9BBD, OE9XXI, DF9QX, OH2DG, OK1DFC, W2UHI, K2DH and CT1DMK) from 8 different locators for 272 points. Our dish is on the ground at this moment, because under the high pressure of about 60 cm of snow, our polar mount system failed. When the snow was falling, we were too busy with other things, and so the dish was forgotten. One night was enough for catastrophe. But I think we were born under a lucky star, because the dish remained in good condition without any damage. This gives us a chance for reconstruction of polar-mount system and to make it better. We'll be QRT for about 2 months and hope to copy you again in May.

Peter's NL report -- After the last SW I discovered that the polarization relay on 432 (a Transco Y) had a burned connector on the horizontal pol port. This was due to the shortening effect cold temperatures have on copper. The center pin of the N-plug had just pulled out of the socket and my TX- power had tried to bridge the gap with flames as a result. There was not much left of the center pin. No wonder I thought the SWR was a little flaky. This problem occurs at times when operating at -30 C or there about. Anyhow, I changed the relay and the cable and was pleased to work VK4AFL on 28 Feb. My moon was still in the trees, but Trevors signal was very good. It was somewhat problematic to get on the moon for the sked, as it turned out that my version of VK3UM's EMETRAK had a problem with 28 Feb, it did not show the correct moon position. I discovered this 10 minutes before the sked. I quickly got on the Web and downloaded a new version from VE1ALQ's site, only to find that it would not run by any means on any of my computers. In my archives I found a version from May 1997 that showed the right moon-position, but had the date wrongly presented in the tracking screen. It showed 1 Feb. Anyhow, I used it to track the moon all day and all was fine. Since then I have received the latest version from Doug and I will put it on my homepage for download. The files on Darrel's homepage would probably work, but lack the EMETRAK.DAT file necessary to make it play and the EMETRAK.EXE is of an older date than the files I have. I went from 432 to 1296 and worked the following stations: OE5OEYM, OE9ERC, F6CGJ, OK1DFC, ZS6AXT, F5PAU, IK3GHY, LX1DB, HB9BBD, JH5LUZ, DH9FAG for initial #111, F1ANH, F2TU, HB9SV and OZ6OL. Just when I switched from 432 to 1296 I heard Chris, VK5MC working OZ4MM, but before I had everything warmed up and was transmitting his moon had set. I have not heard Chris since I visited him a year ago - signals were (559). I now have a new tube for my YL1050 cavity and should be seeing more power for the next SW. Also I worked about 40 station on 144 in the DUBUS/REF Contest. I have been Beta-testing the new VK3UM "EME 2000", a 32 bit Windows version of his famous Planner. There are a number of new features in this software and it looks very impressive. Stay tuned.

Jimmy writes -- This was indeed a strange weekend on 70 cm in terms of polarity changing fast and severely degraded conditions in both polarities at times. It seemed that the band was dead. I worked on 25 Feb DL8OBU, on 26 Feb HP3XUG and last night WA4NJP all in V pol RX. I sent (O) from 2nd period to KB4CNI being copied also in V pol, but it seemed his signal disappeared. The same was true with WA4NJP, who I lost for 20 min, but then copied again towards the end of the QSO. I heard well on 26 Feb W1ZX and the next night DF3RU. Nil was heard from W0KJY, W7EME, OZ6OL, DL7APV, UA4API, N7LQ, GD4IOM and JA5NNS. I copied but did not complete with IK5QLO. Sked were cancelled with G4RGK, DL4KG and W7KK. Jimmy plans to be active in the REF/DUBUS Contest in March.

Bay is located in KO80ac and is using 4x27 el BV opt70 yagis with open wire feeders, a 0.4 dB NF LNA and 400 w PA. During the Feb SW he added initials with K2UYH and G4ERG. This brings him to initial #30, DXCC 13, WAS 9 and square 13.

Darrell was blasted by winds, equipment failure and the flue -- I was only on 70 cm for my skeds and QSO'd KB4CNI, N2HLT, WW2R and JA5NNS. Nil was heard from IN3AGI and KR5V. I worked 23x20 on 23 cm in the contest in 3.75 hours of airtime. Conditions appeared to be excellent, but I heard nothing on any of my 23 cm skeds. I did work IK3GHY on random (57 min before sked time). I had a lot of fun and am sorry I missed a few stations.

Barry has been experimenting with the GI7B and says the GI7B can potentially be a good performer on 13 cm. He is also working on a GS9b PA for 13 cm. If anyone wants skeds with Barry on 23 or 3 cm, please do so in next couple months as he plans to move his attention up in freq in the near future.

Grant (DO33gs) writes -- I had a great time during the DUBUS/REF Contest albeit very short as I had to work night-shift. I found very good signals with consistent echoes from my station. Since my last report I have worked the following on 1296: on 5 Feb VE1ALQ for initial #20, on 21 Feb W2UHI, N2IQU and OZ6OL, on 26 Feb (before the contest period) VE4MA #21, and during on Feb 27 K4QI #22, K5JL, N6BQ #23, HB9BBD, OE5JFL #24, PA3CSG #25, OE9XXI, and OE5EYM #26, and on 28 Feb OZ4MM #27, OK1DFC, W2UHI, K2DH, OK1KIR #28, SM3AKW #29 and F2TU #30. There seemed lots of activity present for the contest. I really regretted not having more time to work the ones I heard such as VE1ZJ, W6HD, WA8WZG, F5PAU, F6CGJ and VE1ALQ. I will try and get the 432 gear out of the moving boxes and fired up for the 432 leg next month.

Trevor is now beyond contact 34, initial #23 and DXCC 11. He is using 4 x DL6WU 9.2 W/L yagis and a 400 w PA -- About 3 months ago I purchased a KA0RYT cavity preamp, which is the best money I have spent. It has made a big difference to this station. The claimed NF was .25 dB, which I had verified here in Brisbane. I am working on new antenna system of 16 x 4 W/L rear mount yagis, which I expect to have operational later this year.

Willie has a new Email address . During the SW he was on 432 and worked the 1st night DL3EAG, WW2R and W7KK. Nil was heard in skeds with OZ6OL, DJ3FI, CT1WB and WL7U. He also observed "strange" polarity effects. Willie will be on 70 cm on 20/21 March and for the next SW (27/28 March). Willie is still working on his 1296 equipment, 4 tube PA, power supply, etc. Willie will see you on 1296 off the Moon soon.

Frank in Feb worked on 23 cm K3HZO, DJ9YW, K5JL, OZ6OL, W7SZ, NL7F, VE1ZJ, WA8WZG, W3XS, W6HD and others. SW conditions were good with ideal WX, winds were down and temp mild. He worked in the contest 18 stations the 1st night and 19 the 2nd for a total of 37x27 including one initial with DH9FAG. Frank is working on 3 cm gear.

Chuck worked in Feb on 432 DL9KR, G3SEK on SSB - best ever heard, G4ERG, WE2Y and JA5OVU. VK4AFL was heard. During the 1st night of the SW Chuck found condx strange with signals at cross pol. Signals sounded like reverb on a SSB contact. He worked OK1KIR, G4ERG, K1FO, W1ZX - 1 way SSB, W7BBM on SSB, K2UYH. Heard were OZ6OL, WA4NJP, WE2Y and SV1BTR. The 2nd night activity was down and he only QSO'd DF3RU (O/O) - but strong signal. CWNR were W7CI, WW2R and W7QX. Chuck has also noticed enhancement on echoes at sunrise and sunset consistently and it does not seem to matter what is the Moon declination. He has only seen the effect on his own echoes thus far and wonder if anyone else seen this significant enhancement? [Up to 6 dB of ground reflection gain is an accepted fact. It depends on terrain. On 70 cm the advantage of ground gain is often masked by the increase in antenna noise due to the Earth's temperature.]

Shep missed his last update, but here is his report for Feb -- I worked on 31 Jan I5TDJ (M/M) for initial #197, W1ZX (579/559) - powerful signal, K1OR (O/O) #198 - need a QSL from him, on 1 Feb partial S52CW (M/- ), on 21 Feb EA3DXU (O/O) #199, and on 2 March W5ZN (O/O) #200 and my 47th state. I also need QSLs from WD8ISK/4 and K5GW. On the 27/28 Feb SW freezing rain had the VSWR out of sight. I will be QRT from 15 Mar through 5 April. I am always looking for skeds and need NE, RI and KY for WAC.

Neil reports -- I have been working on setting up a trailer mounted 1296 EME station for about 1 year now. We have the trailer, dish mount, and dish almost finished. We are now working on the feedhorn and power supply for the amplifier. I am seeking help in 2 areas: 1) I need a source of material for the feedhorn. Does anyone know a source of sheet brass 0.020" or copper? How about using galvanized sheet metal like they use on furnace duck work? [It will work, although rust can be a problem where the galvanize is burnt away.] 2) I need to locate either a HV power supply or two identical microwave oven transformers or other transformer with suitable winding so I can build a suitable power supply. I would prefer ending up with about 1200 VDC. If anyone could assist please e-mail to: Neil, WA2WIM

Ray will be using a TH-293 cavity PA on 23 cm soon. He is presently running only 25 W and getting 0.3 dB of Moon noise. On 70 cm he worked KB4CNI, SV1BTR, S52CW and WW2R - possibly others. On 23 cm skeds he heard 9H1ES, DJ5MN and WA9FWD, but did not complete any of his sked QSOs.

Donzil in Prescott Valley, Az (DM34) writes -- I am active on weak signal VHF-UHF and have been interested in EME for approx the last 6 months or so. Through the 20 m net and NL off the web I hooked up with Jerry, W7QX, who has been very helpful. I have also visited with Chuck, W7CS, who has offered help. Jerry, W7QX has helped me to come up with a Paraclipse 3.8 m dish. I already had an Icom IC-1275A with a Hi-spec pair of 7289 tubes, misc 7/8 Heliax, etc, so I'm not too far away. I hope to be QRV on 23 cm by the summer. I'm still looking for information for building my feed, pre-amps and measuring sky noise, etc.

Dave had a much better month in Feb -- On the skeds on 27 Feb I worked on 70 cm at 0000 DK3WG (O/O), 0300 W1ZX (O/O), 0330 N4GJV (O,O) - good job Ron was loud enough to overcome TV TX QRM on a bad sked freq, 0500 VE1ALQ (O/O) and nil UR5LX. Heard were W0KJY, W7GBI, W7QX and W7SZ. On 28 Feb also worked on random at 0000 DF3RU (O/O) and heard W1ZX calling CQ (559). On 1 March at 0130 worked K1FO (O/O), nil from W7QX and W0KJY, but heard DF3RU FB. I called a station on .014, who came back with my call and report, but didn't get his call and signal just got weaker by the minute, so I never did complete despite his sterling patience with me! In a single weekend I went from 6 to 12 initials. I will be QRV for REF/DUBUS Contest on 432. After March, I will probably concentrate on 1296. I have built a VE4MA feed, and am looking for a hybrid, any offers? For those sending QSLs, please note my current address is (2506 Sherbrooke Ln, Mckinney, TX 75070).

Ivo reports -- The 1st Moon pass was only about hour on Saturday morning, so I did not bother to get on. Then I worked on 23 cm on the evening of Sat. 27 Feb HB9BBD, SM3AKW, OH2DG, IK3GHY, OZ6OL, ON5RR, F6CGJ, OE5EYM, DH9FAG, F5PAU, OH2AXH, OK1KIR, DF3RU, JH5LUZ, HB9SV, OK1DFC, F2TU, OE9ERC, CT1DMK, HA5SHF, OE9XXI, VE1ZJ, K2DH, K4QI, VE1ALQ, W2UHI, K5JL, K2UYH, PA3CSG, OE5JFL, N6BQ, W6HD and WA8WZG, CWNR K3HZO, W3XS, VE6TA and VE4MA, and on Sunday evening F1ANH, JF3HUC for initial #143, DL0SHF, SM2CEW, DH9FAG (dup), LX1DB and N2IQU, CWNR were DJ5MN and W3XS for a total of 41x23. Conditions were good on Sunday night. There were a few times of decreased signal strength due to Aurora, as I learned later. No activity heard from G-land and not many JAs, etc. Despite all this I managed to work more stations than ever during one weekend! The WX here was ideal, no wind, but very hot; my water cooling however worked fine. My only comment is that weaker stations should use (M-O) reports in the contests rather than RST. I am looking forward to the 2nd part of the contest. I will be on 13 cm and hopefully also on 6 cm. I just hope that WX will cooperate here again. I now have installed a mechanical "bias" for my AZ drive, which should greatly reduce any play when wind is present.

I decided to operate on 70 cm the 1st night of the SW because of my skeds, despite the REF/DUBUS 1296 Contest. 432 pol was very sharp and required TX at 90 deg to the optimum RX pol to be heard. It is difficult for me to get home much before 0000 on Fridays - particularly with my spring schedule, and consequently I was on 10 min late for my IN3AGI sked and heard nil from him during the remaining 20 min - I hope he did not quite early. On 70 cm, I worked on 27 Feb at 0027 G4ERG (559/549), 0030 UT3LL (O/O) for initial #611, 0100 N2HLT (O/O) #612, 0130 nil CT1WB, 0200 nil W7ALW and 0248 W7CNK (569/559), 0655 WE2Y (559/559) and 0714 VK4AFL (O/M) #613. I worked on 27 Feb on 23 cm at 2300 RW3BP (O/O) - extra sked arranged via e-mail, 2323 OK1KIR (559/559), 2335 ZS6AXT (559/559), 2337 K5JL (569/569) and 2343 K4QI (559/549), on 28 Feb at 0110 W2UHI (559/559), 0119 W6HD (559/559), 0124 SM3AKW (559/559), 0128 partial IK3GHY (O/-) - left for sked, 0130 nil DH9FAG, 0153 OZ6OL (549/559), 0200 ON5RR (559/539), 0200 nil IK2RTI, 0258 K2DH (559/559), 0305 OK1DFC (549/559), 0315 OE5EFM (559/559), 0316 HB9SV (569/559), 0320 N6BQ (559/559), 0505 F6CGJ (559/559), 0600 K9BCT (559/559) for initial #165, 0630 nil WA9OUU, 0645 W7GBI (559/559), 0730 nil JF3HUC, 0815 JH5LUZ (559/559), and on 1 March at 0030 DJ5MN (O/M). My 70 cm sked with UA4API was cancelled as we had already worked, and my 23 cm sked with DJ5MN was moved to 1 March because of WX problems at his end. Contest time was limited because of my 70 cm operation on the 27th and a visit from Paul, S57RA on Saturday. I took Paul over to KB2AH's QTH to see Tom multiple dishes and also gave him his first taste of 1296 EME on the 28th.



G4RGK, David Dibley

9H1ES has dismantled his 23 cm feed and is moving up to 10 GHz, but will back on 23 cm in 2 months. During the Feb SW he completed with PA3CSG and heard K3HZO, but received nil from OZ6OL and WA4NJP.

HP3XUG, Louis confirms a QSO with SV1BTR (O/M) but nil from W7CNK. W1ZX was copied with a nice signal.

WA6ZKY should be QRV on 23 cm very soon.

YZ7REA/45AT142, Vladimir at e-mail: YZ7REA/45AT142 is looking for 70/23 cm EME ideas.

K7XD had to cancel all his Feb skeds due to work emergency.

W1QC, Wayne in Londonderry, NH is interested in getting started on 1296 EME and wants suggestions on equipment he needs and getting set up. [Who needs NH on 23 cm?] E-mail at: Wayne, W1QC

W5LUA is a proud grandfather! He was not active in the contest, but did add initials on 23 cm with DJ5MN and KD5FZX.

WA9FWD has a feedhorn for 13 cm built, but still needs to finish his xmit and PA before he can be QRV on this band. He was active on 23 cm for the DUBUS/REF Contest, but had problems with his dish readout and TX. He did QSO'd F5PAU, OE5EYM, N6BQ and K5JL, and heard KD4LT.

W7QX worked W7GBI and W7CS on 70 cm in Feb and reports SW conditions were more like 144 than 432.

DK3WG canceled his KB4CNI sked. Jurgen has changed his PO Box to 1531. His initial total on 70 cm is now up to #351.

WE2Y worked on 70 cm in Feb W7CNK, JA5OVU - deep QSB, DF3RU, G4ERG, W7QX, KB4CNI and IK5QLO for an initial.

N2HLT had to cancel his DF3RU sked.

VE3FAC is QRV on 70 cm but has no preamp at his ant, but has 700 W and will go to 1500 W and ant preamp soon.

KL7HFQ hit a moose but was not hurt and still QRV on 70 cm.

W5ZN had 70 cm equipment problems the 1st night of the SW. He heard nil in skeds with IK5QLO, VK4AFL and W7HAH, but did work W7HAH in a later extra sked.

NC1I was QRV for the JA window during the 1st night of the SW and heard only K2UYH and WE2Y. He will be active in March during the contest.

W7SZ is now using a diagonal feed on 23 cm. In the contest he worked 11 with 4 initials (N6BQ, W7GBI, K4QI and F6CGJ) on 23 cm. DH9FAG's grid is JN49lx.

LU6DW is rebuilding his 23 cm dish.

K1OR had WX problems on Friday of the SW and worked only G4ERG on Saturday on random. He CWNR W7QX.

WA8WZG worked 1 initial, F2TU, and QSO'd 16 in the contest on 23 cm. Tom missed his 9H1ES sked due to bad WX. Next month he will be on 70 and 13 cm for the contest.

GM0ONN is trying get started on 23 cm EME. He has a 1.2 m dish and 150 W.

DF3RU had a partial on 23 cm with WA4NJP.

KB0PYO was not QRV for the contest due to bad WX.

WA5TKU has a new e-mail address at: WA5TKU

KB0VUK, Matt (EN34) near Red Wing, Minn is coming on 70 cm EME with 4x27 FO yagis and GS23b final. He may be QRV in April.

KB8RQ will be QRV again on 70 cm EME for the REF/DUBUS Contest weekend with 4 x 82 ele crossed yagis and 8938 PA.

K9BCT will not be on next activity weekend. He will be in Ireland near Dublin and is interested in meeting up with local hams.

DD1XF has a new QTH (Kehrwieder 18, 22941 Hammoor, Germany) and tel 04542/ 261377. Frank expects to be QRV on the Moon again in April or May.


K9BCT has for sale a Kenwood TS-790 VHF/UHF Transceiver in absolutely mint condition. It is complete with 144, 432 and 1296 modules along with CW filter, microphone, power cable, original manual and box. It Works as good as it looks. I am asking $US1500 plus shipping. Please call Randy at 954- 472-3846 or e-mail at: K9BCT

KA9LNP is looking for connectors for 7/8" Celwave Flexwell. You can reach Pat at: KA9LNP

WW2R - For sale a FT726R with 50/144/432 modules cw filter and Sat unit for $US750. - Wanted schematic for VK3UM board. Neither myself nor W7CNK have got mine going. We have got to the stage, as Doug put it in his notes "This is where it becomes tricky as all the following IC's are interlocked and it is not possible to diagnose the exact IC if one is faulty". Dave is also looking for a 3 dB 1296 hybrid coupler. He can be reached at 972-548-1760 days, or at e-mail: WW2R

Motor The Surplus Center has brand new 2 hp, 90 VDC motors with solid state controllers for sale at $39.95. I bought one and it turns out they are brand new GE motors that were built for treadmill exercisers - very heavy duty. I wired it up and it will run from 10 rpm to what appears to be 2000 rpm. Very smooth and you can't stall it even at 10 rpm. It has a 1/2" shaft with a key way. I'm converting my Linley Jig Bore as we speak. I called and ordered three more to convert my drill press, and lathe. Surplus Center 1- 800-488-3407...Item #10-1572.

WA8WZG is looking for 5 m dish for use on 23 cm.

W7QX is looking for a list of 2C39 family type tubes that are useful on 23/13 cm and their relative merits. [I like to publish such a list in the NL!] Jerry still has some male "N" chassis mount connectors available.

W4AD is looking for a noise head or homebrew circuit and calibration curves to use with his HP-342 NF meter.

W1ZX has for Sale a MFJ-784 Super DSP filter $US150+s, HP 415E SWR Meter- brown unit (later build unit) $US95+s, Bird 43 wattmeter $US190 with a new meter movement, (2) Bird 43 wattmeter, fair condition (cracked/broken meter face, needs paint job) $US120+s or best offer, Noise Com Noise Diodes NC305, glass package $US33+s, flat package $US42+s. Call Willie at 301-645- 5584 between 2000-2300 EST, FAX 301-645-6853, 24 hrs, Email: Willie, W1ZX

KB2AH has a full line of cavity amps and 1, 2, 4 and 6 tube ring amps, lin/circular feed horns and LNAs for 432 and 1296. Tom also has mounting blocks for K1FO yagis. For full details see Tom's 1296 WEB page at:


for more details and pricing info e-mail at: KB2SH or phone 908-223-5067, FAX 908- 223-0901 (24 hrs) or voice 908-223-8124.


Our apology to those who may have been confused by my comment that the 1296 part of the DUBUS/REF Contest was in March. I was the one who was confused! I did say the next SW, which was at the end of Feb not March. I had everything shifted. The 70 cm and 13 cm up part is definitely the next SW, which is in March.

There has been quite a bit of discussion about the EME Directory on the 20 m Net lately. Apparently a lot of people are not aware that a regularly update version of the Directory is available at:

Klaus, DL4EBY

Klaus has been working 10 to 15 hours per month in addition to his scheduling efforts to keep the Directory current. A printed version is available by sending a SASE (SAE + funds for postage) to Klaus. It is also regularly printed in DUBUS magazine and was included in the Proceedings of the Paris EME Conference. It is also available in an ASCII format (EMEDUBUS.TXT), which is read by various programs, like VK3UM's EME Planner and W9IP's NOVA.

NU7Z, Rick has been working on a Microwave EME Directory. He needs updates for this Directory. His list is now more than 15 sheets. If you desire a copy of this list in electronic format, please e-mail Rick with your request at:
Rick, NU7Z
and be specific as to the type of file you want (.xls, .doc, etc) and he will try to accommodate. If you want a printed copy, send 8.5"x11" envelope and enough postage to cover about 15 sheets of bond paper to Rick.

Don, PY5ZBU is planning a CD-ROM Digest for EME2000 in Rio. As consequence articles are needed very early. If you are planning to do a paper for EME2000 please contact Don ASAP.

K1RQG reports putting up 12' dish with the help of KA1BC. Joe says the next step is to get the actuator going on his polar mount, then mount the feedhorn and look for signals. Maybe we will be hearing Joe on a band besides 20 m soon.

The Dayton Hamvention is not that far off. Tom, WA8WZG wants to invite all EMEers attending Dayton to the VHF Weak Signal Groupís get together (Annual Banquet) on Friday Night 14 May at the Holiday Inn North, Wagoner Ford Rd, Dayton. Activities begin about 6:30 PM CST and include a cash bar, guest speaker, great VHF door prizes, and best of all plenty of time to mingle with fellow VHFers. The cost of the dinner is $30 and is limited to 125. So get your reservations in to Tom, WA8WZG, 4641 Port Clinton East Rd, Port Clinton, Ohio 43452. WEB site is at:


The Aug EME Symposium being organized by N2IQU is in Syracuse not Rochester, NY as indicated in the last NL. Plans are coming along well. I plan to present a tutorial on EME polarization effects and procedures.

My home address ZIPcode and town has changed to West Windsor 08550. I am still at the same QTH, this is due to a change in post office.

The NL still needs more technical material. Please keep sending in your ideas and circuits, they are needed, and reports too! Good luck in the DUBUS/REF Contest.

CU on the Moon.


   OE9XXI (32x2+1x1)x14 = 910 points
   OE9ERC (30x2+1x1)x13 = 793 points
   K2UYH (22x2+2x1)x12 = 552 points
   KB2AH (21x2+1x1)x12 = 516 points
   HB9BBD (27x2+1)x9 = 495 points
   N2IQU (22x2+1x1)x8 = 360 points
   K5JL (16x2+1x1)x12 = 342 points
   S59DCD (17x2)x8 = 272 points
   CT1DMK (7x2)x5 = 70 points
   OZ6OL (9x2)x3 = 54 points
   W2UHI (6x2)x4 = 48 points
   OH2DG (5x2+6x1)x3 = 48 points
   VE6TA (5x2)x3 = 30 points
   N6BQ (4x2)x3 = 24 points
   WD5AGO (4x2)x3 = 24 points
   OH2DG (5x2+1x1)x2 = 22 points
   ON5RR (5x2)x2 = 20 points
   G3 LTF (6x2)x2 = 12 points
   HA5SHF (1x3+2x1)x1 = 5 points

1296 Feed for TVRO Dish at HA5SHF.

HA5SHF on 1296 MHz with a TVRO Dish.


At the Weinheim VHF meeting last September there was a really good session after the DUBUS dinner, putting the whole world of 432 EME to rights! People around the table included DL9KR, CT1DMK, PA3CSG, PE1KXH, DL4MEA, ON6JY, G3SEK and our host DJ9BV. We came to a few good conclusions (and I hope this is an accurate summary):

1. 432 EME needs more new stations! It needs a publicity campaign to encourage tropo operators to start trying to work the big guns on 432 like they do on 144. The difference is that best results on 432 would come from a dedicated EME antenna using high elevation angles, rather than ground gain as on 144. It doesn't need to be elaborate - no tower, no rotators and newcomers need to be shown how small an EME antenna can be for 432.

2. Following on from that, there needs to be some updated and detailed advice on how to build a more permanent EME station for 432 that would have the capability to work lots of stations of its own size and bigger... in other words, something like 4 medium-length yagis and a kW. Again it needs to be practical advice: "build it like this, and it will work." The Web is a good medium for publishing this kind of advice and keeping it permanently available.

3. This also ties in with the need for more DXpedition activity on 432 to encourage activity from existing stations. There is very little point in planning a QRP expedition or a "one night stand" that will only work a few big stations - that kind of expedition actually DIScourages activity from average stations. The KA0RYT/NE expedition was a real model of how to do it well: a solid, consistent signal from 4 long yagis and 1.5 kW; good advance publicity, good operating and long enough on the air to be able to work lots of stations. We talked about the possibilities for two "traveling systems" that could be shipped around Europe and the USA - the essentials would be 4 long yagis and a preamp box, ready integrated together... possibly built as a demonstration system for Project #2.

That's about as far as we reached that evening at Weinheim, so hopefully we can take it on through the NL and MOON-NET now. Any comments, suggestions, ideas?


Mark, N2IQU is organizing an informal warm up to EME2000 scheduled for Brazil in the summer of 2000 (organizer on site is:


Mark's conference is EME Symposium 99, a beginner's workshop, and scheduled for August 20- 21 in Syracuse, NY. The objective is to bring in new blood. Many old hands will be there to tell of their experiences and to advise hams thinking about trying this most demanding mode of communication. The registration fee will be nominal, just enough to cover meeting room rent and cost of the proceedings: An EME Primer.

Learn about the upcoming EME Symposium.

Most recent Schedules from Klaus, DL4EBY

Lunar Calendar for 1999 prepared by G3SEK

Netnotes by K1RQG

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