Dr. John Kraus, W8JK receives Award.

From Newsline On Line, a news service by Bill Pasternak, WA6ITF:

Among this years Dayton Amateur Radio Awards was John Kraus.

Special Achievement

John Kraus, W8JK, has contributed vastly to many advancements in antenna design by exploiting the electromagnetic spectrum.
These improvements are still enjoyed today by all amateur radio operators. He invented several new antennas over the years including the W8JK- beam antenna, the helical antenna and most recognizable the "Big Ear" antenna.
With the building of the "Big Ear" antenna came the "Wow" signal... an extraterrestrial signal that hasn't been able to be explained away.
John became a Professor at Ohio State. During his tenure, he authored many articles and textbooks. He wrote an interesting story of the early years entitled "Big Ear". Professor Kraus has often given presentations at local amateur radio clubs in the Columbus, OH area.

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