WB5LUA sends receiption report to NASA

From:  Al Ward, WB5LUA  
Subject:      Lunar Prospector Heard in Texas
Comments: cc: WARD_AL/HP-USA_om24@i3125om3.atl.hp.com

     This is a copy of an email that I sent to NASA

     I am an amateur radio operator, WB5LUA, in the Dallas , Texas area. I
     have a 5 meter dish that I use for earth-moon-earth communication on
     2304 MHz. I built a converter to allow me to receive the 2273 MHz
     signal from the Lunar Prospector. I was able to hear the signal tonite
     and would like to submit this report

     Jan 8 , 1998 freq apprx 2272.998 MHz
     at 0500 UTC my elevation was 82 and azimuth 180 degrees and
     at 0510 UTC my elevation was 81 and azimuth 192 degrees and
     at 0536 UTC my elevation was 77 and azimuth 223 degrees and
     at 0552 UTC my elevation was 75 and azimuth 235 degrees

     my receiver noise figure is 0.4 dB at feed of 5 meter dish

     I am looking forward to listening to the Prospector again this weekend
     as it orbits the moon.
     best regards
     al ward
     tel 972-562-6018
     fax 972-548-9697