Intallation procedure moontrak_0197.class. (W6/PA0ZN)

Procedure to Install Moontrak_0197.class Applet.

At this point this Moontracker Applet "moontrak_0197.class" is an experimental applet and forms the core for a more expanded Scheduling and Information WEB Program under construction.

This applet is a begin and will need a lot more work. As far as I can determine it is save to run the Applet on systems with JAVA enabled Browsers such as Netscape2.0 or higher and the Microsoft Internet Explorer.

It has been tested with Win95, Mac System 7 and above, Sun Work Station wirh X-Windows.

I like to receive feedback about Run or Installation Difficulties.

You are invited to run the applet on your site. This will provide visitors of your pages with moon positions from your QTH in real time.
To obtain the CORRECT data it is a requirement that the visitors have their computer clock running on
UTC at present.

As JAVA programs run on the visitor's computer, it is this computer's clock that is used in the program. There will an enhancement allowing to correct for offset from UTC.

The following HTML Applet [TAG] needs to be placed in the HTML file to install the APPLET on a given WEB page.

********************************************************************************** *
* (<) CENTER>                                                                        *
* (<) APPLET Code ="moontrak_0197.class" WIDTH ="100" HEIGHT ="100" ALIGN="MIDDLE">  *
* (<) PARAM NAME = "latitude" VALUE = "your_lat in dec. form">                       *
* (<) PARAM NAME = "longitude" VALUE = "your long in dec. form">                     *
* (<) PARAM NAME = "time_offset" VALUE = "0">                                        *
* (<) PARAM NAME ="CALL" VALUE="your_call">                                          *
* (<) /APPLET>                                                                       *
* (<) /CENTER>                                                                       *
                  Paste the HTML code into your File

                   ****** REPLACE (<) BY < ******

Important Note:

NO changes except for ACTUAL parameter values are allowed.


   You want the window size to be 150 pixels wide          -> WIDTH ="150"
                                  150   ..   high          -> HEIGHT="150"

   You want the window at the left side of the screen      -> ALIGN="LEFT"

   Suppose you are on a ship in the Atlantic:

   Your latitude  = 10.56 W ( on a ship in the Atlantic )  -> VALUE="+10.56"
   Your longitude = 30.00 N ( on the same ship )           -> VALUE="+30.00" 

   Etc etc.

   The APPLET is like a "HTML TAG" and is sensitive to the correct statements.

The latitudes and longitudes should be in dec form.


                       Location                 Lat:       Long:

                   Rotterdam, Holland           +51.8      -4.5

                   Glasgow, Scotland            +55.6      +4.3 
                   Cape Town, South Africa      -32.5     -18.4

                   Sydney, Australia            -34.1    -151.2 
                   Seattle, WA                  +48.7    +124.3

                   New York NY                  +41.05    +68.3


How to convert between degrees/minutes and decimal degrees?

     A = position in degrees:minutes:seconds.. B degrees:C minutes: D seconds

          A = B + C / 60 + D / 3600

          A = pos for West / North

          A = neg for East / South

The program has been tested on Sun workstations, Mac's and PC's all with 32 bit systems.

          The Applet can be downloaded via anonymous FTP from ( preferred way ):


          The file name is:


     1)    This is a binary file, so use "bin" transfers in your FTP program
     2)    Be sure the file appears in your server directory as:


     3)    Be certain to check the extention  .class    ( 5 chrs )

     3)    If you like to run the applet locally, not via the WEB, but
           just from your hard drive, then be sure that the moontrak_0197.class
           file is in the SAME directory as the file (.htm[l]) that is calling
           the .class file ( with .class [5] chrs as extension )

The Applet can also be downloaded and placed in your server directory or on the hard drive for local use.
To down load the moontrack_0197.class file, click on "APPLET" and use from "FILE", "SAVE FRAME" to place class file on your harddrive. Then put this file in your server directory. Make sure the filename is moontrak_0197.class.
For file transfers of .class files use binary mode.

As a third method you can upload the Applet via the WEB when used, from:


Direct your browser to one of the above URL's and then FILE / SAVE / this .class file.

In this case change to CODE="

Contact me if you experience problems with these procedure.

Remarks, comments, etc, etc: Rein, W6/PA0ZN

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