and clean signals
the official publication of The 50 MHz and UP Group of Northern California.

Volume 2 Number 12                   December 1997

Visit our web site at: http://www.nitehawk.com/rasmit/50UP.html

Next Meeting, SUNDAY, 12/7, 1PM at Lockheed Bldg. 202.
Note: January meeting will be 1/11/98!!! Delayed a week to allow more vacationers to attend! The program will be about INMARSAT-C.

PROGRAM:  Black Mountain ATV repeater - 10 GHz uplink and design of 10 GHz equipment.  A demonstration is expected. Steve Muther (WF6R) who is active in 400 MHz and up. 2.4 ATV, 10G SSB/ATV. He is an engineer with Multipoint Networks a wireless data products company.

DIRECTIONS: The meeting place will be the Lockheed Auditorium in bldg. 202 on Hanover St. in Palo Alto, California. Access Hanover from Page Mill Road (between 280 and El Camino). Follow Hanover as it curves right and up the hill. Watch for the Lockheed sign indicating Bldg. 202 on the left side, about 2/3 of the way up the hill.

President  Jeffrey Pawlan  WA6KBL  408-371-0256  jpawlan@pawlan.com 
Vice President  Bill Rausch  AA6PA  408-637-0622  billraus@ix.netcom.com 
Treasurer  Will Jensby  W0EOM  408-296-6071  w0eom@aol.com 
Secretary  Bill Ogilvie  KQ6FY   415-968-3707  wogilvie@best.com 
Board Member  Art Lange  W6RXQ  408-735-1594   art_lange@trimble.com  
Board Member  Jim Moss  N9JIM  408-746-2789  jmoss@rockie.nsc.com 

Contests and Events
21 Feb 98    The Naval Postgraduate School ARC is having its 7th Winterfest on Feb. 21, 1998, in Monterey. Visit http://www.mcktech.com/wf98.htm website for details. It's a free public service event with the flea market paying for the event. Contact Doug McKinney at KC3RL@mcktech.com, or phone at (H) (408) 663-6117 in Prunedale, CA.
3-4 Apr 98   Southeastern VHF Conference, Atlanta, GA http://www.akorn.net/~ae6e/svhfs
Livermore Swap Meet - 1st Sunday of each month at Las Positas College in Livermore, CA, 7:00 AM to noon, all year. Talk in 147.045 from west, 145.35 from the east. Contact Noel Anklam, KC6QZK, (510) 447- 3857 eves.
Foothill Flea Market - 2nd Saturday of each month from March to October at Foothill College, Los Altos Hills, CA.

VHF+ WeakSignal NETS
Sunday  8PM  144.240  Southern California WSWSS 
Sunday  8PM  144.250  Central California WSWSS 
Sunday  8:30PM  432.100  Central California WSWSS 
Tuesday  8PM  144.250  Northern California SWOT 
Tuesday  8PM  144.200  Arizona WSWSS 
Wednesday  8PM  144.240  Southern California WSWSS SWAP 
Thursday  8PM  144.250  Northern California SWOT SWAP 
Thursday  8PM  432.120  SCAL General, Oceanside, DM13 

50 MHz & Up Club Minutes
of Nov. 2, 1997

 The 50 MHz & Up group held their June meeting at the Lockheed-Martin auditorium on Nov. 2, 1997.   Club executives and directors present were:  Jeffrey Pawlan WA6KBL, President; Will Jensby W0EOM, Treasurer; Bill Ogilvie KQ6FY, Secretary;  Jim Moss WB9AJZ, director; and Art Lange W6RXQ.   There were 17 members and visitors in attendance.   The activity scheduled for this meeting was a talk by Paul Schuch, N6TX.

    The meeting began with a talk by Jeffrey about his trip to France, where he was able to work moonbounce on 10 Ghz.   After some discussion concerning the clubís ability to host a microwave conference, several motions were made and some were voted on:

Motion 1:
   It was proposed that the 50 MHz and Up Group would participate in Pacificon, in 1998, regardless of any other conference activities that might also take place in 1998 or early 1999.    This was seconded and then voted on.   It was accepted by a vote of 10 for, 0 against.

Motion 2:
   A motion was made that the 50 MHz and Up Group propose to the Sacramento Group that the Western States Weak Signal Society Conference for 1998 be co-hosted, in Sacramento, at a mutually agreeable location.   This motion was seconded and then voted on.   It was accepted by a vote of 7 for, 0 against.

Motion 3:
  It was moved that regardless of the 50 MHz and Up Groups participation in Pacificon, that a technical conference would be organized by the club in 1998, somewhere in the Bay area, with the date to be determined later.   This was voted on and was rejected by a vote of 1 for, 4 against.

Motion 4:
  It was moved that regardless of the 50 MHz and Up Groups participation in Pacificon, that a technical conference would be organized by the club in 1999, somewhere in the Bay area, with the date to be determined later.   This was voted on and was accepted by a vote of 9 for, 0 against.

  The Art Lange, W6RXQ, was designated the contact person for Pacificon and WSWSS activities, and Will Jensby, W0EOM, was designated the planning person for the 1999 conference.

Paul Schuch, N6TX, the Technical Director of SETI, gave a talk about SETIís efforts in developing low cost, wide aperture monitoring hardware.

de KQ6FY, Bill Ogilvie

Hawaiian Halloween: The 144.170 CW Hawaiian beacon was heard in California (N&S) on 30 and 31 October!

Announcing, the second annual, KI6FF New Year's Day Contest:

This coming  January 1st, New Year's Day annual KI6FF Happy New Year Contest. Sponsored by Southern California Two Meter WSWSS net Control Operator KI6FF,  for all WSWSS members and friends. Open to all
operators, all bands above 50 MHz, in all areas, Have a Happy new Year.

On January 1st, from 1200 GMT to 1900 GMT, work as many different stations in as many different grids as possible, normal ARRL VHF contest scoring, exchange calls, grids, and this message: "The sun rises" the
response from the other station is:  "on a new year."

Send logs to David Peters, KI6FF, 14291 Middletown Lane, Westminster, CA, 92683. Or by email to ki6ff@juno.com if you send your score to the WSWSS reflector you must also send me a copy.  A nice certificate for first three place finishers overall plus highest score in each ARRL section.

73, KI6FF, David

Club Spirit!
How about a club T-Shirt?  We've found a source that can supply just about any type and color with whatever logo we may want.  The prices look reasonable ($8-10 depending on type).  We don't have a logo yet.  We voted to give away a free tee shirt to the design of the club logo, as a contest. We'd like to hear from you. Let any of the board members know if you have interest, or mention it at the next meeting.

ARRL Pacific Division Web page:  http://www.pdarrl.org/
Ham RF Exposure Guidelines Effective Jan. 1, 1998: http://www.arrl.org/news/rfsafety
Vanity Call Sign Gate 4 to Open Dec. 2, 1997

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