and clean signals
the official publication of The 50 MHz and UP Group located in Northern California.

Volume 2 Number 5                    April/May 1997

Visit our website at: http://www.nitehawk.com/rasmit/50UP.html

Next Meeting, SUNDAY, 5/4/97 at 11AM, BBQ  

in Sunnyvale, CA. 

PROGRAM: The BAYCOM SYSTEM, What is it? How does it work? 

A BBQ will be held at the NSC Employee Park, just behind the Credit Union. 
NEED YOUR RSVP TO JIM MOSS 408-721-6906 (w) or 408-746-2789 (h). 
So we can bring enough food for all.(expect about $4 per person). No alcohol allowed. 

Note the location is National Semiconductor Federal Credit Union in Sunnyvale this month. And in the "NS Employee Park" for the BBQ (behind the Credit Union). 

NSFCU is located on Kifer, between Lawrence Expressway and Wolfe. Very close to HRO Sunnyvale. Kifer is located just 1 light south of Central Expressway. From 101, take Lawrence Expressway south to Kifer. Turn right on Kifer. Go past the main National Semiconductor Buildings. On the right just before a park is the Credit Union. Go around to the back entrance. 

President  Jeffrey Pawlan  WA6KBL  408-371-0256  jpawlan@pawlan.com 
Vice President  Bill Rausch  AA6PA  408-637-0622  aa6pa@amsat.com 
Treasurer  Will Jensby  W0EOM  408-296-6071  w0eom@aol.com 
Secretary  Bill Ogilvie  KQ6FY   415-968-3707  bill_ogilvie@qmgate.arc.nasa.gov 
Board Member  Art Lange  W6RXQ  408-735-1594   art_lange@trimble.com  
Board Member  Jim Moss  WB9AJZ  408-746-2789  jmoss@berlioz.nsc.com 

Contests and Events 

22 Apr 97    222 MHz Spring Sprint  
30 Apr 97    432 MHz Spring Sprint 
4 May 97     50MHz and UP Meeting at 1PM, Livermore Swap Early 
10 May 97    Foothill Flea Market 
10 May 97    902/1296/2304 Sprint 
15-18 May 97 Dayton and Bakersfield Hamfests, Carmichael Hamfest 
17 May 97    50 MHz Sprint 
13 Jun 97    CY9AA, St Paul Island including 6/2m thru 21st.  
14-15 Jun 97 JUNE VHF CONTEST! 
21-22 Jun 97 SMIRK 6 meter contest 
28-29 Jun 97 Field Day 
Aug 97       FP Dxpedition including 6 and 2 St. Pierre et Miquelon  
late Oct 97  Pacificon - 50 MHz and UP VHF+ Sessions  
3-5 Oct 97   Western States Weak Signal Society Conference  
23-26 Oct 97 Microwave Update '97, Sandusky, Ohio  

VHF+ WeakSignal NETS 
Sunday  8PM  144.240  Southern California WSWSS 
Sunday  8PM  144.250  Central California WSWSS 
Sunday  8:30PM  432.100  Central California WSWSS 
Tuesday  8PM  144.250  Northern California SWOT 
Wednesday  8PM  144.240  Southern California WSWSS SWAP 
Thursday  8PM  144.250  Northern California SWOT SWAP 

50 MHz & Up Club Minutes 
The club had its monthly meeting at the National Semiconductor Credit Union office in Kifer St., Sunnyvale, on April 6.    Club officers and directors present were:   Bill Rauch AA6PA, Vice President; Will W0EOM, Treasurer; Bill KQ6FY, Secretary; and Jim WB9AJZ, director.   There was no formal meeting at this session; instead the focus was on measuring preamplifier performance.    Lars,  AA6IW and Will, W0EOM had noise figure and bandwidth measurement equipment set up.     This provided an opportunity for several people to tune up their preamplifiers for the best noise figure. 

                                                                 de KQ6FY, Bill Ogilvie 

Club Spirit! 
How about a club T-Shirt?  We've found a source that can supply just about any type and color with whatever logo we may want.  The prices look reasonable ($8-10 depending on type).  We don't have a logo yet.  We'd like to hear from you. Let any of the board members know if you have interest, or mention it at the next meeting. 

We are now an official ARRL affiliated Club 
We received our paperwork and can now help you joint the ARRL (and the club gets $5 for each member joining or renewing through us!) 

Any one interested in a club station for the VHF Contest? 

WB9AJZ/6 to be active from CN70xa for June VHF 

Kevin (N5XSA) and I will be active in the June VHF contest from near Shelter Cove, CA.  We will be active on as many bands as possible, but will definitely include: 50,144,432,2304,10G,Laser.  We will be VERY close to the CM79/89/CN70/80 corner and would love to have more operators join us!  Let Jim know if you'd like to come along. 

jmoss@berlioz.nsc.com or 408-721-6906 

June Contest Invite from W6AMT   Thu 16:54) 

Hello all, 
Please consider our invitation to join W6AMT for some QSOs this June VHF Contest, June 14th and 15th. 
We will be operating from the appropriately named Mt. Diablo, CM97bv, on 50 MHz through 2.3 GHz, most modes. We will also have 10 GHz (WBFM), your basic MCW laser, and hopefully 24 GHz (also WBFM). 
Naturally, we are looking for schedules for rovers and other "hard to snag" contact possibilities. As we get them, we will post them on our W6AMT June Contest Web Page:  http://www.amt.org/June97 

Please feel free to contact us before or DURING the contest at: June97@amt.org 

73, and see you in June, 
-George  w6mt 

Don't forget our VHF Contest page at:  http://www.amt.org/June97 

Spread Spectrum Docket 97-12 

Text format see: http://www.fcc.gov/Bureaus/Wireless/Notices/1997/fcc97010.txt 

This NPRM was submitted in December by ARRL to allow an increase in the allowable types of spread spectrum emissions allowed by amateurs. It restricts power to be automatically controlled if more than 1 watt is used. In no event is more than 100 watts allowed. It allows SS to be used only in bands above 225 (same as current). 

Comments are due by May 5, 1997, and reply comments by June 5, 1997. For formal comments, you must file an original plus four copies of all comments and reply comments. If you want each Commissioner, to receive a personal copy of your comments, you must file an original plus nine copies. Address them to: 

Office of the Secretary of the Federal Communications Commission, Washington, DC. 20554. 

W3XO's response: http://www.nitehawk.com/rasmit/sprdspec.html 

Excerpts from: May Pacific Division Update 

                     ARRL PACIFIC DIVISION UPDATE 
                               MAY, 1997 
         by Brad Wyatt, K6WR, Director, Pacific Division, ARRL 
            18400 Overlook Rd. #5, Los Gatos CA 95030-5850 
                    (408) 395-2501 (Phone and FAX) 
                     Packet: K6WR@N0ARY.#NOCAL.CA 
                        Internet: K6WR@arrl.org 
       WWW Pacific Division Home Page -- http://www.pdarrl.org/ 

FCC Issues Amateur Spread Spectrum NPRM:
   On March 9, 1997, the FCC issued a Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM), WT Docket 97-12, proposing to make significant changes in the regulations governing Amateur Radio use of spread spectrum (SS) technology. The changes are proposed in order to encourage greater use of this mode, a mode that is expanding very rapidly in the Part 15 commercial world. This NPRM was in response to an ARRL petition submitted on Dec. 12, 1995. 
 The text of the Docket can be found on the FCC web site at http://www.fcc.gov/Bureaus/Wireless/Notices/1997/fcc97010. See page 78 in the May QST for more information. Comments are due no later than May 5, 1997, while Reply Comments are due no later than June 5. 
Continuing Avalanche of New Antenna Ordinances:
   There is a huge new wave of antenna ordinances being proposed by cities and counties. These ordinances are being driven by the spectrum auctions and by new and expanding Cellular and Personal Communications Services licenses. 
  All of us need to be aware of this trend. When you first sense any of this action in your community, contact your Section Manager, the ARRL Regulatory Information Branch, and me immediately so that we can get help to you and the rest of the hams in your community. The key to a successful defense is to separate the commercial interests from Amateur Radio in the minds of the city officials. It's vitally important that your city or county officials understand Amateur Radio involvement with emergency communications - this story must be told repeatedly, especially before the antenna ordinance crisis develops! 
Latest Band Threat News:- 
   The Little LEO companies were not able to advance their position at the April 7-11 meeting of PCC.III (Permanent Consultative Committee III-Radiocommunications) of the Inter-American Telecommunication Commission (CITEL) in Cartagena, Colombia. Practically none of the Little LEOs were there because their issues were stalled in Washington 
where they continued to be debated as part of US preparation for the 1997 Conference Preparatory Meeting (CPM) in Geneva the first two weeks of May. In other words, they couldn't get any paper out of Washington saying anything substantive until there is agreement between FCC, NTIA and State how far they can go to accommodate the Little LEOs while balancing that against the opposition from land mobile, broadcasting, amateurs and others. The FCC is making a last- minute attempt to improve the CPM text from the Little LEO viewpoint in a small meeting on Friday, April 18. The basic decision facing the 
FCC is whether to give some support to the so-called 'flexible- allocation' approach (just give us up to half the spectrum below 1 GHz and trust us not to interfere) or to focus on specific bands. Then, they're likely to reassess the situation in late May after the results of the CPM are digested. 
  Page 76, May QST contains further background information. 
  Thanks to all who responded to the last minute plea for comments on the flexible allocation plan. The period for public comment has ended, so no additional comments on the subject will help at this time.   So WHAT do we do now? 
  1. Continue to monitor the progress of this unfolding drama! For the latest news on this volatile issue, read QST, Pacific Division Updates in hard copy. Read ARRL Letter, Pacific Division Updates on e- mail; visit Pacific Division WWW site. Visit the ARRL home page at http://www.arrl.org/ and select "Band Threat News."   2. Join ARRL! The ARRL is the only effective national organization fighting for YOUR 2 meter, 1.25 meter and 70 cm operating privileges. It is easy to join and help us win this battle to preserve our privileges. Think positive thoughts! 
  3. Contribute to the Fund for the Defense of Amateur Radio Frequencies! (See page 76 of October QST for all the details.) 
  Unfortunately, the future of these threats is unknown. We won't be able to breathe easily about WRC-97 issues until the final gavel comes down on Nov. 21, 1997. 

Coming Events:- 
   - Livermore Swap Meet - 1st Sunday of each month at Las Positas College in Livermore, CA, 7:00 AM to noon, all year. Talk in 147.045 from west, 145.35 from the east. Contact Noel Anklam, KC6QZK, (510) 447-3857 eves. 
  - Foothill Flea Market - 2nd Saturday of each month from March to September at Foothill College, Los Altos CA. 
  - The Valley of the Moon Amateur Radio Club, WB6DWY, is holding its annual ARRL Hamfest Saturday, April 26, 1997, from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM at the Sonoma Development Center, 15000 Arnold Dr., Glen Ellen, CA. Talk-in will be on 145.35-, PL 88.5. For more information call Darrel, WD6BOR, at (707) 996-4494. 
  - Fresno Hamfest May 3, 1997. Riverland RV Park 5 miles south of Kingsburg on Highway 99 at 8:00 AM. Talk-in 146.94-. Contact John Pritchett, WA6JWK, at (209) 222-6793. 
  - San Joaquin Valley Section Convention May 17 - 18, 1997, at Bakersfield CA. Contact Ed Harlander, KO6DY, at (805) 589-4163 or charlander@aol.com. See page 92, May 1997 QST for more details. 

WSWSS Conference Announcement 
Western States Weak Signal Society 1997 Conference Announcement 

*Antenna Gain Measurements and Noise Figure Testing 
*Equipment testing and tune-up! 
*ARRL VEC license exams 
*W6JKV Banquet Speaker (Travelogue) 
*Many high-quality technical presentations!! 

The 1997 Western States Weak Signal Society Technical Conference will be held on Friday through Sunday, October 3 to 5, at the Montecito-Sequoia Lodge.  The lodge is located in the Sequoia National Forest between Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks, 65 miles east of Fresno at 7500 feet, just minutes from Grant Grove & the famous Giant Sequoia Trees! 
For rates and reservations, call Montecito-Sequoia at (800) 227-9900. 

The Conference Technical Program will include the following presentations: 

NU8I  ---- VHF amplifier design using Svetlana tubes 
K6QXY ---- 6m EME and large array engineering 
W6JKV ---- VHF expedition travel log (dinner presentation) 
W6GGV ---- Designing N-Way power dividers 
K6WR  ---- Regulatory issues of interest to the weak signal enthusiast  
                  (Brad is the ARRL Pacific  Division Director) 
K6MYC ---- TBD 

Conference pre-registration is $15; or $20 at the door. 

For more information on our 1997 Conference, visit http://www.qsl.net/n7stu/ or contact Robert Brown, N7STU, at n7stu@psnw.com

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