Radio Astronomy Picture Gallery

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Robert Sickels, an amateur radio astronomy pioneer.

SETI Pioneer Dr.Paul Horowitz and Jeffrey Lichtman at Green Bank

85-1 Antenna

The 85 foot antenna (one of two 85 footers) is at the Old Rosman NASA site in North Carolina.
This will be the Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute (PARI), January 1999.

Notice L Band Choke and Feed on mounting plate.

15ft Dish at PARI with RAS Choke and Feedhorn

Rack Mounted Ultra Cyber

The Ultra Cyber is shown as it is recording data from the 85-1 antenna.

The Ultra Cyber is a "SETI Capable" radio telescope receiver.

Dr. Ed Albin, of the Fernbank Planetarium in Atlanta Ga,
accepting the delivery of a RAS 1420 MHz Ultra Cyber Radio Telescope.

From Sweden: Observing at 406 MHz by Arpad Cserkuti.

Sun Noise Observations during the winter with the RAS 400 MHZ Telescope.

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3 Turn Helical Dish feed and 15 turn Helical

both constructed by Jeff Lichtman of Radio Astronomy Supplies.

HORN antenna for 1420 MHz and Cooled Front end enclosure.

Cooled Frontend Enclosure for 1420 MHz LNA with Down Converter

Interdigital Filter and Calibrated Noise Source
all cooled by a super cool Thermo-electric Element.

408 MHz Quagi Antenna by Kerry Smith

DS Kennedy 28ft Dish with SARA Member Patrick Finney

at White lake Obseratory, Penticton, BC, Canada.

Quad Helix antenna, originally used by SARA Member Bill Black

Now used by Jeff Lichtman for remote 1420 MHz Research.

Rear side of Quad antenna with power divider.

The early days in Greenbank: 1420 MHz Parabolic Horn
From a short walk on an afternoon over the Observatory grounds.

The rearside of the reflector surface.

Notice the wooden support structure after 40 years.

Vintage X-band Dual Parametric Amplifiers

Center antenna of 3 dish Interferometer. (USN)

Antenna carriage consists of a battery of tires.

Greenbank a couple of decades later ( 9909 )

Central the new Green Bank Telescope under construction, the 140 ft in the background

Surface and support adjustment today.

Notice the actuators under the reflector surface for surface form tweaking.

Surface adjustment and wiring to remote controllers.

Antenna Reflector Surface Laser Ranging Test Point.


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