Well, Microwave Update is again upon us. This year's conference 
is being sponsored by the so called "Bedlam Microwave Society" in 
Phoenix, Arizona. The conference dates are October 4th through 6th. The 
following is the hotel information:
			Ramada Hotel
			502 West Camelback Road
			Phoenix, Arizona  85013
			Toll Free: 1-800-688-2021
			Direct:     (602) 264-9290
			FAX:        (602) 264-3068

Room rates for the conference are $ 62.00 per night for singles and $ 
72.00 for doubles. The Hotel also provides free airport transportation.
	As in previous years, the technical presentations will be held 
throughout the day on both Friday and Saturday with Sunday left open to 
plan next year's conference and for extemporaneous discussions. With the 
95 update as a model, there will be surplus tours conducted on Thursday 
starting at 9:30 AM. Phoenix isn't likely to compare with the Dallas
in terms of the quantity or quality of "junk" but occasionally there are 
some goodies that can be unearthed if one is enterprising enough. I 
wouldn't hold my breath for any "free lunches" as provided last year by 
Tucker Electronics however. The largest surplus dealer in the Phoenix 
area is MHz Electronics and if they were to provide anyone with a "Free 
Lunch" you would know well in advance simply by listening to your local 
meteorologist .... I believe the announcement would be that "Hell Has 
Indeed Frozen"!!
	Along with the traditional noise figure measurements we are 
planning dish feed-horn gain and pattern measurement workshop for those 
interested in optimizing their dish feeds. We will have equipment set up 
through 26 GHz and with advanced notice, measurements through 110 GHz
possible. A precision, NRAO calibrated solid state noise source for 
24.192 GHz (WR-42 wave-guide) will be available for noise figure 
measurements on that band.
	Kent, WA5VJB has been appointed the official auction person and 
there will be an equipment auction Saturday afternoon. Kent is a "Member 
at large" of the Bedlam Microwave Society!
	Prize drawings will be held at various times between the 
technical sessions on both Friday and Saturday.
	The ARRL has again graciously offered to publish the conference 
proceedings. Any technical information you can provide for 902 MHz and 
above would be greatly appreciated for inclusion and you don't have to 
make a formal presentation at the conference in order to have your paper 
published. Articles of any length are being solicited. The ARRL prefer 
that the papers be camera ready (printed on a laser jet printer if 
possible) with a 1 inch margin at the bottom and 3/4 inch margins on the 
top and sides. Photographs should be labeled but not permanently
to the paper. Please contact WA7CJO if you can contribute. The ARRL 
cutoff date is September 3rd.
	On Thursday night there will be a tour and X-Band EME 
demonstration at WA7CJO's QTH and earlier, a tour of W7GBI's station is 
planned. Other times over the weekend are also feasible. Be advised that 
you enter WA7CJO's premises at your own risk and that "Ye Who Go Beyond 
This Point Abandon All Hope".
	Although there is no formally planned spouse program for the 
conference, there are numerous places and activities to occupy the day. 
One of the nearby shopping centers, The Biltmore Fashion Center for 
example, sports stores from "Gucci's" to "The Sharper Image"... so be 
sure to bring your credit cards!
	It will be helpful if you register for the conference as soon as 
possible. The early registration (prior to September 22nd ) cost is $ 
40.00 and $ 45.00 thereafter. Please send cheques and registration 
information to:
			Jim Vogler,   WA7CJO
			2540 E. Heatherbrae Dr.
			Phoenix, AZ  85016
			(602) 954-0541 Voice/FAX

	The weather in October should be tolerable to those not 
acclimated to our summer blast-furnace temperatures. 
	Things are shaping up rather well as far as speakers are 
concerned also, with several presentations planed for 24 GHz and 47 GHz 
equipment. So far the speaker's list consists of many of the usual
Who's in North American Microwave" types as well as those same types
Japan, Europe, and Australia as well.
	Looking forward to seeing everyone in early October.

							Jim Vogler,  

OCTOBER 4th and 5th

Name:   _________________________________________Call: _________________
City:   _________________________________
State:  _________________________________Zip:  ______________________
My spouse will accompany me:  Yes _____  No  _____ 

I plan to attend the Thursday October 3rd  Surplus Tour: Yes ___ No ___
I plan to have my own transportation for the tour:       Yes ___ No ___
I plan to bring an LNA or Converter for Noise Figure Testing for the 
following Frequencies:
902 _____  1296 _____  2304 _____  3456 _____  5760 _____  10368 _____  
24192 _____

I will donate a door prize:                 Yes _____  No  _____
I will donate a prize for the auction:      Yes _____  No  _____
I plan to bring items for the Friday and Saturday night Flee Market:     
   Yes _____  No  _____

Conference Fee (if received prior to September 22nd)$40.00 $  __________
Conference Fee (after September 22nd)               $45.00 $  __________
Extra copy of proceedings Quantity: _____ @ $ 10.00 Each = $  __________
						    Total  $  __________

Please mail to:         Jim Vogler,  WA7CJO
			2540 E. Heatherbrae Dr.
			Phoenix, AZ.,  86016

For info contact: Jim, WA7CJO

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