Weak Signal Resources.

  • SKD80 The 144 MHz EME Scheduler by W9HLY, N1BUG and AF9Y.
  • Down East Microwave: Equipment,parts and Modules: N2CEI, 908.996.3584;
  • Directive: Antennas,etc: K1HWS, 207.658.7758.
  • G & P Engineering, 109 Finch Court, Stephens City, VA 22655, 540.869.4530.( Former Rutland Array's )
  • Radio Astronomy Supplies.
  • SETI Hardware for Amateurs.
  • Radio-Sky, Radio Astronomy Publishing.
  • DUBUS, the Magazine for Weaksignal on Miscrowaves.
  • VHF Communications Magazine.
  • WB6SIV for your VHF/UHF Books, publications and Conference Proceedings.
  • Technical Books.
  • N6CA, Chip Angle. Preamps, Power Amps, etc.
  • SETI Hardware by the SETI League.
  • Frontends for SETI by Lyster.
  • HP GaAs MMIC's
  • Here We Need your Input for Resources for Weaksignal and DSP Interest.

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