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Re: [linrad] Newbie's first impressions

Thanks Joe, I'll give that a spin.

Thanks also to the others who emailed regarding startx - yes that worked, not that it helped very much as I couldn't access the net as I hadn't setup the ip address etc.

I had some work to do outside( trying to un-blocka drain), so left the Linux installing, got back and it is ready. So now to copy some stuff to CD. But first I have to get that drain unblocked....



On 12 Apr 2004, at 1:34 pm, Joe Taylor wrote:

I haven't put the new machine on the network yet, and it does not have a floppy drive. (This seems to be a direction in the industry.) But it does have a CD-RW drive. So I downloaded the files for svgalib, nasm, OSS, and Linrad using my Windown machine and copied them onto a CD-RW platter. This could be mounted ("mount /mnt/cdrom") on the Linux box, and the files were then directly accessible. Just like a floppy, but 600 MB.
-- 73, Joe, K1JT