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W3SZ at the Microwave Update 2000.  We were visiting Steve Kostro at DownEast Microwave.   He had a 10 GHz weak signal source hidden and we were having an MDS contest.   The DSP-10 with transverter won hands down!"  The laptop computer is perched on the DSP-10.


In early 2000 I completed building the DSP-10 project by Bob Larkin (W7PUA), as featured in the September, October, and November 1999 Issues of QST.

It was easy to order the parts, as there is a nice HTML parts list with sources, parts numbers, quantities, estimated costs, etc on Bob's Web Site.  If you are planning on building this excellent project, you must check out all of Bob's site!  If you have problems, the Diagnostic Pages are invaluable!!

I had only one problem building the 2 meter DSP transceiver, and that was due to a supplier putting the wrong SMD part into an envelope, and my not being astute enough to recognize the error.  Once the VERY helpful members of the DSP-10 email list walked me through the problem and I put in the correct part, everything worked fine.

The transceiver's spectral and waterfall displays and CW filter and LMS noise reduction algorithm are awesome, in my opinion.  I have used the rig as the IF for my 2304 MHz and above work since early 2000 with excellent results.  

I have also used a "bare" EZ-Kit Lite and Bob's DSP-10 software to make use of the filters and display on 2 meter weak-signal work with my SSB Electronics/Elecraft K2 combination.  

Below are screen shots from the DSP-10 program using either the DSP-10 2 meter transceiver or the "bare" EZ-Kit Lite and Bob's software and the SSB Electronics/Elecraft K2 combination to receive the PackRats 144 MHz beacon 49.4 miles distant.  The wiggles in the signals are a result of my tuning around a bit.  Also, there was some multipath, which was especially prominent at the moment the SSB Electronics/K2 screen shot was taken.  This is why there are two adjacent peaks on the spectrum at the top of that spectrum. There are other screen shots elsewhere on this website, and also in the DUBUS article below.

DSP-10 144 MHz Transceiver

SSB Electronics Transverter/Elecraft K2/EZ-Kit Lite/DSP-10 Software

pdf file of my DUBUS DSP-10 article of 2003

Word 'doc' file of my DUBUS DSP-10 article of 2003, updated March, 2005

Figure 3 from my DUBUS DSP-10 article of 2003


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