This page shows how I set the parameter screens in dsp.

If you go to the set parameters pages, which come up automatically when you enter mode 'A', the weak signal cw mode, the parameter choices will appear in a series of pages.  You click on each line to set the parameter, and click on continue to move to the next page.


The wide choice of parameters given by Leif allows this program to run on a wide range of hardware.  I do not know what the minimum configuration would be.  I was using a Pentium Pro 200 and things worked OK with it, but I am much happier with the Pentium 4 at 1.5 GHz, although it is undoubtely OVERKILL for the job.  Leif's program gives an estimate of idle time, and with very computation intensive options chosen the dsp program indicates that the CPU is idling 92.4% of the time.  In other words, I am using only 7.6% of its power.  So much smaller machines can do the job...


Here are the parameters:

First FFT bandwidth (Hz) [83]
First FFT window (power of sin) [3]
First forward FFT version [5]
First FFT storage time (s) [4]
First FFT amplitude [1000]
Enable second FFT [1]
First backward FFT version [1]
First backward FFT att. N [6]
Second FFT bandwidth factor in powers of 2 [6]
Second FFT window (power of sin) [3]
Second forward FFT version [2]
Second forward FFT att. N [7]
Second FFT storage time (s) [5]
AFC lock range Hz [150]
AFC max drift Hz/minute [100]
Enable morse decoding [0]
Max no of spurs to cancel [100]
Spur timeconstant (0.1sek) [5]
First mixer bandwidth reduction in powers of 2 [4]
First mixer no of channels [1]
Baseband storage time (s) [200]
Output delay margin (0.1sek) [5]
Output sampling speed (Hz) [6000]
Default output mode [1]
Audio expander exponent [3]
A/D speed [96000]

And that's all there is to setting the parameters.

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