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1. Using Software DSP Solutions to Enhance Weak Signal Communications: A User's Discussion of Linrad, SM5BSZ's Linux PC Radio

SM5BSZ Home Page

Linrad Information Start Page

Linrad Getting Started Home Page

The Time Machine Home Page

Details on RX2500 and other Antennspecialisten Modules

Linrad Timing/Computation Intensity Issues

OSS Driver Homepage

Linrad Second Time Function and Selective Limiter

Linrad Files from 2001 ARRL EME Contest at SM5FRH

W3SZ's DSP Start Page

Linrad Mailing List Archives

Bob Larkin's DSP-10 Weak Signal Page

Joe Taylor K1JT's WSJT Home Page

Richard Lyons' Quadrature Signals: Complex, But Not Complicated

2. A User's View of the DSP-10: Bob Larkin W7PUA’s Innovative 144 MHz DSP Transceiver

W7CQ and KO7N's DSP-10 Command Summary Page

Bob Larkin W7PUA's Main DSP-10 Page

TAPR Homepage

K8CU's Z3801A Page

Buy Legacy, source of Z3801A

Brooks Shera's GPS-Disciplined Oscillator Page

Bob Larkin's DSP-10 Weak Signal Page

Linrad Home Page

W3SZ's Article, "Software DSP Solutions for Weak Signal Communications"

Lyle Johnson's DSP Module Page

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