The Linrad for Windows Page [circa early 2006]

This page is dedicated to Linrad for Windows.

Linrad is an extraordinary weak signal receiver by SM5BSZ. It is now available in a Windows version. By adding some code to the wusers_hwaredriver.c file I have added some additional capabilities to the program. If you type 'q' you can send CAT control data to a Yaesu FT1000MP Mk V to set its frequency to the same frequency as the signal you are listening to with Linrad. This URL tells you how to do that and has links to the files needed to complete the task. I also added some code recommended by Leif that mutes the Linrad Receiver when 'u' is typed. Clicking on a new signal restores the audio output. You can download the modified Linrad.exe file that has this mute function incorporated as well as its support files here. The Linrad.rtf file has some brief instructions. Let me know if you have any problems.

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