Comments on the DTR Device

Date: Sun, 24 Aug 1997 16:44:28 +0100
From: Steve Harrison 
Subject: [METEOR-SCATTER] Any European Users of MSDSP?

This from Joop, PA0JMV

From: Joop, PA0JMV 
Subject: [METEOR-SCATTER] Any European Users of MSDSP?
To: Steve Harrison 

  Hi Steve,

I think by far most Europeans are using the German DTR (digital tape
recorder). That piece of intelligence is so extremely well designed
for HS-MS, that we can hardly find an alternative.

I have tested MSDSP, it worked OK, but too cumbersome, too much
thinking of what button to need your concentration for the
transceiver and the reflections, not for the PC. (this is my PERSONAL
opinion though). A VERY good point of MSDSP is, that it was distributed
for FREE and experimenting !!! This is just excellent ham spirit by
9A4GL !

Further to this, most PC's create QRM on 144 MHz, where the DTR is just
"HF-dead". I have worked meteors since 1967, upgraded to the long time
"standard" of 1000lpm in the very beginning ( I guess 1980 or so ) and 
upgraded to the current standard of 2000-2500 lpm abt a year ago. I
prefer the one minute period/2000+ lpm type of sked, and these are mostly
complete within just 15 minutes or even less. You may ask for the opinion
of Lance W7GJ (ex WA1JXN); he visited my stn in July, and he was just
amazed abt the performance of this DTR machine..

I have NO !! commercial interest in DTR, I am not a "special friend" of
DF7KF, the manufacturer, but I just wanted to tell you this as another
fellow MS enthusiast, since you're one of the most active NA MS guys,

If you want to distribute my comments to your USA-HS-MS-mates, go ahead...
Any questions, comments ? just welcome....


(1000+ .... HS-MS QSO' is too short for 100 lpm......)

    Reply-To:  Al, K7CA 

The following is an interesting note from Joe PA0JMV, about the 
method used to receive hsms by many European hams:
 Hi Al,

Surprised to get a reaction from you.....didn't know you were also
"catching stones", hi. I have been active since 1967 -1970 as MS-SWL, 
got the license in 1970 and started scattering right away.

If you can afford the money, there is nothing better then a DTR, believe
me. It has been developed by very active MS operators, has been "debugged" 
and optimized by many more operators and MS expeditions, and now the 
current release is "stable" for over a year and a half, I think. The only 
thing that could be improved is the documentation...that will always be a 
weak point for a lot of equipment... I am sure that Dithmar, DF7KF will 
work on that.

The DTR has become state of the art in Europe, ALL expeditions use it, and
most of the active operators. DF7KF told me recently that 356 units are all 
over Europe....
There is no selling point in USA yet, you should contact the manufacturer
DF7KF (he was on 144 EME as well).  Email DF7KF@T-ONLINE.DE

The price in Europe is 430 German marks + taxes. (around 270 US dollar I

You can also find DTR info on the "More miles on VHF" site of DK3XT on the

I hope this has been of any help, if you want to distribute this comment to
the other USA MS fellows, go's no "private" info between you 
and me.

Best 73, look forward to working you again on 144 EME; I will be another
initial for you, since this was the second relocation in my EME career, hi

 Joe, PA0JMV

Forwarded by AL K7CA


Comments: Rein, W6/PA0ZN