432 and Above EME Newsletters by K2UYH et al.

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Allen Katz PhD, K2UYH Educator, Entrepreneur and Moonbouncer.

K2UYH, impovements on the 10 GHz Dish with KB2AH on the camara

432 MHz and Above EME Newsletter Archived Section

4U1UN with K2UYH at the UN in NY,NY.

W6HD's echo's, 6m, 9 Watts at feed, SysT 75 K., on AF9Y MCA

Most recent Newletters in .PDF format.

Most recent Newletters in MS WORD format.

Al, K2UYH in front of his 28 ft Kennedy Dish. ( from Aug 99 NL )

2001 Moonbounce Odyssey.

Lunar EME Calendar for 2004 prepared by G3SEK.

A New Dish Project for Tom?

The Story of EME98, The EME conference in Paris 1998

Most recent 20 meter Net Notes compiled by Joe, K1RQG

The Solar Terrestrial Activity Report.

Listen to
from K2AH's audio clips collection.

Here is the Gallery of EME antennae, published in the Newsletters.

DL4EBY's EME station data with e-mail adresses

Or view some pictures or listen to moonsignals from EME stations.

Or Visit my Weak Signal Pages.

Or pay a visit to WWV and check your computer clock in the process. (JAVA)

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