Older Information on CoolEdit

  • Andy, K0SM reports on CoolEdit Pro.
  • CoolEdit 1.53.
  • Andy, K0SM on the use of CoolEdit in HSMS.
  • Matt, KB0VUK shows Cool Edit displays
  • Analysis of a W8WN-K0SM HSMS QSO by VE5UF
  • Ko0u with updated info and experiences with MS_DSP
  • K0SM with Audio Files on MS
  • K0SM with a Tutorial on CoolEdit for HSMS.
  • Andy, K0SM with some high speed code.
  • The CoolEdit Home Page
  • FTP site for CoolEdit
  • Sound Blaster SB16 Cards
  • A Discussion on Tone Injection.
  • Formulas for HSMS