[HSMS] Keyer and Audio Oscillator Circuits

Date: Fri, 07 Nov 1997 23:51:06 +0000
To: hsms@tree.net
From:  John, PE1OGF 
   To: "Shelby Ennis, W8WN" 
   Subject: Re: [METEOR-SCATTER] Keyer & Audio Osc

   Hello Shelby,

  RR on your keying problem one thing you 100% sure CAN'T use in a HS-CW keyer
  circuits are capacitors (normally used to prevent against key-clicks) Just a
  few pf certainly not more... If you ever have to modify a rig for HS-CW just
  look for this capacitor and for 95% you get the rig running on HS-CW on the
  key-jack. But in most of the time you also introduce key-clicks so switching
  over to or just making a right start with audio keying is a good action..

  It seems you Americans took a run on High speed CW meteor scattering... Well
  done !! Hope it will be just as popular as it is here. Just a few
  operators do make SSB skeds almost ALL operators are running high speed CW 
  but in some parts of Europe (mainly eastern Europe and (EX)Russia) most 
  operators have their maximum speed on 1000 some on 1200 lpm. I've tested 
  9999 lpm here in the shack on a Icom 202 without any modification on the 
  keying circuit and was good detectable. Making a high side tone gives a problem in both RX and TX
  because the IF filtering is from about 300 Hz to 2700 Hz so if your tone is
  above this 2700 Hz it will not (fully) pass your IF filter. What can be done
  is listening in FSK mode or as in the DTR using a up converter on RX. I run
  normally 2000 - 2500 lpm on the normal 800 Hz side tone I only shift my RX
  about 500 Hz so I get a 1300 Hz signal.. Than I use my DTR which has a up
  converter (if I need) I just as easy copy CW on 100 Hz as on 800 Hz or

 (Hope you understand what I mean... as English is not my mother-language)
  73! de John pe1ogf@iaehv.nl

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