From:  Matt, KB0VUK 
Subject: [HSMS] cwmstxrx
Date: Mon, 1 Dec 1997 00:03:48 -0000

I just saw the link from:
 HSMS Page  
download cwmstxrx, so I downloaded it.  I took one year of French in
school, so I *kind of* understood what goes on in the program (I'll have to
dig out the French-English dictionary!)  It *looks* like the com port is
used for both the tx and rx, not using a sound card.  Minimum system
requirements include '286 16mHz, 512k ram, serial port, and an interface
card.  That meens I could use an older computer I have lying around.  The
program looks interesting.  You can set the length of the tx\rx periods,
enter tx buffers from the keyboard, set start and stop times for skeds, set
up as a beacon transmitter, and more.  It sure would be nice to have an
english version of the help file!

73  Matt


Comments: Rein, W6/PA0ZN

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