VHF in EU vs NA.

From:  Maarten Broess, KD1DZ 
Subject: [HSMS] Europe vs. US
Date: Fri, 28 Nov 1997 22:27:35 -0500

Hello fellow VHF DXers.
In the past few weeks that I am subscribed to this e-mail list I have read
about the difference in VHF DX in Europe vs US.
I was active in Holand on 2m for abt 7 years during the early eighties.
Since 6 month I am active again on 2m in the US. 

 The differences I have noted are the following.
 - Activity in Europe was 100 times higher. A cq almost always resulted in DX
 - Stations did not cluster around calling frequency but spread out over
   50KHz or more.
 - Calling frequency was not used for local QSO's
 - SSB DX around .300
 - CW DX around .050
 - Most skeds were done in early morning to take maximum advantage of
   sporadic meteors.
 - The 4cx250 was the most popular tube used. So most stations were running
   about 400watts 
 - Most stations were running single yagi's
 - Random MS calling frequencies both cw  .100 and ssb .200 were complete
   chaos around major showers.
   Very difficult to make a succesfull QSO when 20 or more local stations are
   calling to the same station.
   You really needed a very strong receiver front end. In my location, in a
   10 mile radius there were at least 20 very active stations running 400
   watt or more in a single or multiple antenna arrays.
   VHF is a lot of fun when there is activity. I sometimes listen to my tapes
   just to bring back the memories of 2m DX.

   I do not want to change the band plan or criticize operating practices
   but I do want to increase activity. 
   The first yagi that a new ham should put on his or her roof must be a 2m
   How can we accomplish this. 
   We must make VHF/UHF DX COOL. I know it was COOL in Holland.
   Let show of our DX accomplishments!
   It would be great if each one of us reports the DX worked during the week.
   Any propagation mode.
   Be proud of it. Show it of!
   Is this available allready? 
   Newcomers and all of us can appreciate the possibilties and the
   accomplishments of other DXers.

   The various web pages and this e mail list are doing a great job.
   I want to thank Shelby and all the others for increasing activity and
   But it is still very quite on 2m. 

   How about a HSCWMS Award?
   How about a HSCWMS Contest?
   How about more beacons?

   Please do not read this message as criticism. But I want to increase
   activity. I hate to talk to myself.

   Send me your e-mail for more ideas. 
   Ready for skeds any time any propagation mode.

   73 Maarten, KD1DZ ex PE1FIG/PA3EFA


Comments: Rein, W6/PA0ZN

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