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From:  Steve Harrison 
Subject: Re: [HSMS] Geminids?
Cc:    Andrew Flowers K0SM 

   At 03:20 AM 11/18/97 +0000, Andy K0SM wrote:

     I'm curious what people's experiences have been with the Giminids
     shower.  It appears to be the next major shower on the list with ZHR
     over 100.  I also see the the meteors are generally slower at 34 km/s.
     Is this too slow for good 2m propagation and would this be a good time
     to try some longer HSMS skeds?

Despite the slow speed, this is the only shower during which I've completed
a 432 MS sked! It's a good shower spread over a week or so and lots of fun
for snow-bound, stir-crazy V/UHFers, very similar to the Perseids but with
more long burns in my experience. It's particularly interesting since it
sometimes coincides with the winter 2m sporadic-E season, often appearing to
stimulate short-lived but long-distance Es (sometimes double-hop) on both 6
and 2. Lack of activity usually does not do it justice; if the same amount
of activity put into the Perseids were instead channelled into the Geminids,
I'm sure a lot more Qs would result than do during the Perseids. The reason
it's not as popular is because it also occurs during the holiday season with
HF contests on each side, sometimes simultaneously when the peak comes on a

Well worth planning and making a major effort for, in my opinion. Daily
skeds really bring out the best in the Geminids.

73, Steve Ko0U/1

"Life's too short to waste with voice modes!"


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