Very High Speed Keyer for HSMS

by Shelby, W8WN

From:  Shelby, W8WN 
Subject: [HSMS] Vy HS Keyer

Before the Perseids, and the advent of the transmit portion of the 9A4GL
MS_DSP program, there was discussion about the CMOS Super Keyer 3.  Several
Europeans had said they were using it (the 3 version is capable of speeds
up to 990 wpm/4950 lpm!).

While we were out of town, we found out that the semi-kit IS still
available, but the ordering address has changed.  The kit contains a PC
board, EEPROM, and the parts to mount on the PC board.  You have to supply
the box, 6 push-putton switches, speaker, hardware, etc.

Commands are entered by way of the paddles, and there appears to be an
extensive list of commands.  Most of the work would probably involve the
metal work for the box and figuring out the commands.  This keyer seemingly
never caught on, probably due to the more complicated command structure

If you are interested, read the article on p. 26 of the August 1995 QST.
(Older versions are found in the Nov 1990 QST and 1992-1994 Handbook).

The semi-kit for the CMOS Super Keyer III can be ordered for $55 plus $3
S&H in the US.  Note the address change from the QST article, however.  It
is available from:

                            Idiom Press
                            P O Box 1025
                            Geyersville, CA 95441

Since we have never built or used one of these keyers, we can give no
further information.  Note that some (many?) rigs will not be capable of
handling HS CW keying via the key jack, and an audio osc may have to be
constructed, as many of the Europeans apparently do.

I realize that lots of American Hams are enthralled with computers and
their power to operate the rig.  I personally think it's neat, especially
with a freeware or shareware program of such power as has been made
available to us.  But this is not the only way to go, especially as we get
more experience and get more people on.  Obviously, there are advantages
and disadvantages each way.

If anyone decides to go this route, please give us a report.
73, Shelby, W8WN


Comments: Rein, W6/PA0ZN

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