K0SM reports on his first HSMS QSO

Date: Sat, 23 Aug 1997 08:53:05 -0400
From:  Andy, K0SM  by way of "John R. Moore" )
Subject: My first HSMS QSO

It took a little over 40 min, but I completed with KB5IUA in EL29 last
night at 2:15z.  Looks like the jump from 25w to 160w made the
difference.  There were only about 6 pings a piece, most of which were
1/2sec long.  John was running at 2000 lpm and I was sending at 2400
lpm.  It seems like these speeds seem to be quite good.

I'm looking for skeds this weekend....

  Andy K0SM EN10   by way of "John R. Moore"