Collected Data and Links on Low Light CCD Camera's in Amateur Astronomy.

        "Light pollution is caused by the needless and totally wasted light 
         shining above the horizontal. It is estimated that Americans waste 
         up to $1.5 Billion every year lighting up the sky! With almost 50% 
         of light pollution coming from street lights, this also means that 
         $750,000,000 of taxpayer money is wasted every year! And, with the 
         unnecessary and wasted increased demand for electricity, all of our 
         electric bills go up and up and up! At a time when Florida and our 
         country are striving to cope with economic and world events by 
         reducing spending and our dependence upon foreign energy resources, 
         we can ill afford to continue this waste. Poor lighting also creates 
         security and safety hazards, due to the high-contrast environment it 
         creates that allows hazards and criminals to remain unseen in the 
         resulting dark shadows. Contrary to popular opinion, good lighting 
         does not cause increases in crime! Tucson, AZ, experienced a 
         reduction in its Uniform Crime Report crime rate in the years 
         following its adoption of outdoor lighting regulations."

         [Source: Southern Night-Sky Restoration Project, Southern Nights 
          Astronomical League of Florida]



1004X JG CCD Board Project

1004X test board

Test set up for cooling with Peltier element and 1004X board camera.

Video Capture, Odds and Ends

CCD Frame shift ( From Mainland Paper )

Python programming

Visual Basic Capture stuff.

Video Format etc.

JAVA Software.

Mintron 12V1-EX, Market Place and Applications in Astronomy.

Dutch skies with a Mintron

Texas Instruments TSB15LV01 Evaluation Board for CCD's

PC164C cctv camera

CCTV cameras marketplace.

Other low light CCTV and Ex View stuff


Deepsky Pro System

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