Major Milestone at N6BQ/WA6KBL EME Station

The 1296 MHz and 10 GHz EME station is well underway now that the completed pedestal, counterpoise arm, and fully assembled dish is atop the tower.

The intricate azimuth readout system was modified with newly machined components in order to facilitate highly accurate alignment of the optical encoder. Ed Hilton, W6VKP made the suggestions for the changes while helping with the assembly two weeks ago.

On Thursday, Apr. 22, a Gradall was rented and delivered. This is a forward reaching forklift with a 36' boom and a lifting capacity of 6000 lbs. Tay Howard, W6HD flew down from his home in San Andreas to help. In addition to his considerable technical skills, he is a very capable heavy equipment operator.

Rex Allers, KK6MK and Dennis Firchow, K6MGM once again provided wonderful assistance. Even though Ron, N6BQ is very weak and frail from his advanced cancer, he insisted on handling one of the ropes to steady the dish as it swung from the winds while being lifted.

After the counterweights were placed on the end of the counterpoise arm, Rex and I tested the balance by monitoring the elevation motor current as the dish was lowered from zenith to horizontal position.

Many thanks also go to Larry Moore KM6IU, Charlie Leader KD6VS, Lance Ginner K6GSJ, Kevin Hague N5XSA, Will Jensby W0EOM, Bill Kaiser N6OLD, Dick La Massena W6KH and my wife Monica KQ6PY who crawled in and out of the hub several times in order to loosen and tighten the bolts holding the 24 pedals to the hub.

The next major milestone will be the design, construction and installation of the feed support system to hold the large 1296 feed.

-- Jeffrey Pawlan, WA6KBL