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Detect Mars Climate Orbiter on UHF
The Story of EME98
Moon positions from different sites on earth.

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Learn about the upcoming EME Symposium.

EME 2000, the upcoming EME conference in Rio, Brazil.

144, 432 MHz and WRC 1997 !

Pse, Take Note of this!

More on Spread Spectrum Amateur Communications.

Echo Testing by DSN, Goldstone, CA.

G3SEK's Amateur Radio Technical Notebook.

Amateur Radio Information from the United Kingdom.

Weak Signal Aspects of Mars Global Surveyor.

50 MHz and UP Group of Northern California.

Visit the Home Page of the Central States VHF Society.

DARC, German Amateur Radio Club on VHF, UHF and SHF. ( in German )

DUBUS, VHF and Above Magazine.

German Internet Fleamarket ( in German )

EME e-mail listings.

PARABOLIC AB, a new site for VHF/UHF and L Band equipment.

Home Page for Hale_Bopp Comet.

SETI discussion Forum.

432 And Above Newsletters by K2UYH et al.

In Memory of SETI Pioneer Carl Sagan.

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EME, SETI, Radio Astronomy, DSP and Radio Amateurs.