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First of all, Welcome and Thank You for visiting the W6/PA0ZN Weaksignal Site.
Some of these pages were started in 1995. Over the years more pages have been added and the idea is to provide some direction for this site.

** Moonbounce ( EME ), SETI, Radio Astronomy and DSP for Radio Amateurs. **

Introduction and "Theme" Page.

** A collection of WEB pages of VHF/UHF/SHF EME stations. **

A collection of WEB pages and some technical Data, antenna data etc.

** 432 MHz and Above EME Newsletters by Allen Katz, K2UYH. **

A Monthly Newsletter reporting on EME activities, technical data, skeds etc.

** LINRAD US Mirror Site. **

LINRAD is a LINUX based Software Radio System by SM5BSZ

** LINRAD Users **

This is a LINRAD user data bank and LINRAD related links.

** Antenna Gallery. **

A Large collection of antennas being used in Moonbounce and other communications.

** News Kiosk **

News items and more.

** North American HSMS Page directed by W8WN **

HSMS Info and Archive Page.

** DSP in Weaksignal **

This Page is about DSP in Weaksignal, Spectral Analyses, Receiving and new directions in in Communication.

** Homebrew Spectrum Analyzer Project.**

Information about a homebrew catv tuner Spectrum Analyzer building Project.

** SETI **

SETI links.

** Radio Astronomy **

Radio Astronomy and Links.

** Amateur Radio Supplies by Jeffrey Lichtman, founder of SARA. **

Home Page for Amateur Radio Supplies. Radio Astronomy supplies, books and photo Gallery.

** Amateur Radio Astronomy **

A large collection of Amateur Radio Astronomy Observatories by Hams and others.

** Bookmarks of all kinds **

A large collections of info related to homebrew, weaksignal, receivers and documentation sources.

** VLF, LF and DSP Links **

A collection of links on LF loops, DSP software and Lowfer sites.

TOP Page.



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