Stanford Radio Group sets another UHF DX Record with Mars.

        Subject: Stanford Sets another UHF Distance Record with Mars
        Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2000 17:44:57 -0800     
        From: "John L. Callas" 

  The SRI 46-meter Antenna at Stanford University is engaged in a search for
  the Mars Polar Lander at UHF.  As part of that search, the UHF Mars Relay
  on the orbiting Mars Global Surveyor has turned on its 1-watt CW beacon to
  serve as a "standard candle" for Stanford.

  On 2000-01-27 at 18:30 UTC, the SRI antenna at Stanford detected the Mars
  Relay CW beacon, as expected.  At that time Mars was 298 million kilometers
  distant from Earth, thus establishing a new distance record for the
  transmission and detection of an UHF signal.  This surpasses Stanford's
  previous records of 230 million kilometers and 257 million kilometers.

   John Callas

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