10 GHz Surplus Transceiver Kit

Parts and Materials used in this kit were made available by Industry for AMATEUR RADIO (non commercial) use only.

The original Package has been dis-assembled and the remainder has been rendered inpractical for commercial application.

The Main Board, contains the following blocks:

  • A 3 Stage Receiving Preamplifier.
  • A Receive Mixer.
  • A LO Multiplier
  • A Receive IF Stage,
  • A Distribution Amplifier Block for both Receive and Transmit Mixers.
  • A Transmit IF Stage.
  • A 2 Stage Transmit Amplifier Stage.

    All these blocks are located on a single miniature PCB 3.75 inch wide and 5.5 inch long.

    The Receive PreAmp is capable of about 28 dB gain and a 1.5 dB NF.

    The mixers have somewhat high conversion loss but work well at 10 GHz.

    For more information on this Kit Chuck, WB6IGP

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    Comments: Rein, W6/PA0ZN