Date:         Sat, 9 Aug 1997 02:13:14 +0000
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From:  Shelby, W8WN 
Subject:      MS Test CQs
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W8WN Running MS HS Test CQ's

We put out some HS CW CQs on 144.100 0000-0200 UTC, 1000 lpm (200 wpm), 2 kHz tone, most to NE & NW.
Did anyone get any pings?
If so, did anyone actually manage to read it? Remember, this isn't packet or RTTY. But if you're a "no-code" and have Windows 95, remember that version of CoolEdit.
Will attempt to be on tmw about the same time.
Won't be able to be on much Sunday eve (local time).

Some are finding that MS_DSP V 0.41 will not play back the buffers. Appears to be hardware-specific, as has never happened here. If you have that trouble, try V 0.34.

Date:Sat, 9 Aug 1997 19:16:30 +0000
Reply-To: "Shelby Ennis, W8WN" 
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From:  Shelby, W8WN 
Subject:      HS CW CQs tonite
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North American Meteor Scatter Ops:

Forgot I had to go to a wedding this evening. Will be able to call CQ tonite only abt 0100-0200 UTC (10 Aug). Times only approximate!
Sun eve (local), probably about 0100-0300 UTC.
(This is more labor-intensive than EME, I find. But not a whole bunch more than slow CW MS).

Will be on 144.100-144.101 (1 or 2 kHz xmit tone), calling 0100-0101, 0102-0103, etc. Various headings, no certain order.

Will LISTEN and RESPOND ONLY on 144.106 (calling CQF).

1000 lpm. Answer HS CW, CW, SSB, on 144.106.

KO0U (FN42) plans some CQs on 144.100.

Also, K0GU (DN70) hopes to call some CQs on 144.100, 500 lpm (still a lot faster than SSB). Times and QSY freq unknown.

And there are several other stations who may be ready for some CQs over the weekend, tho they were still working out problems as of earlier today.

Note that the program being used by many, MS_DSP V 0.41 (and V 0.40) apparently have a hardware-specific bug that prevents some computers from properly playing back the receive buffers. It does not happen to all computers. If it does, use V 0.34 (receive only). Xmit with programmable keyer, etc.

Date: Sat, 9 Aug 1997 21:06:44 +0000
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From:  W8WN, Shelbi 
Subject: Re: HS CW

From:  Jay, KoGU 
Subject: Re: HS CW
I appear to be ready to try and transmit. So I will be on tonight and tomorrow night CQing some and listening some at the same time as W8WN. I will try the odd minute for CQing. Would appreciate any RX reports.

I also can't seem to get 0.41 to run on my HP 486/33 and Vibra16. 0.34 seems to work fine. But I am limited to transmitting with my KC Keyer at 99wpm. I could perhaps record my xmit data into some buffers on 0.34 and play them back at +2X and dump that into the mic but this sounds a bit cumbersome. Anyone tried it that way??

I'll receive Email here at work till 2100z today (after that not till Monday morning). If anyone would like me to point their direction at a certain time I'll try to oblige and also Email the schedule to everyone. Otherwise I'll CQ/listen a lot toward the NE through the SE. Is there anyone on west of CO??

I hope to be on lots August 12th UTC.

73, Jay K0GU DN70mq

FT-1000D DEM 144-28 8877
4x17B2 SSB preamp

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