Date: Sun, 10 Aug 1997 03:45:30 +0000
To:, John Peters ,, "Rein A. Smit" ,,,

From: A HREF=""> Shelby, W8WN 

Subject: Tnx QSO, K0GU!


Tnx random high-speed CW MS QSO - K0GU.

Hrd 1st CQ at 0143, your call soon after, CQ J at 1149 so went to 144.110 & called you. You came up to 144.110 at 0235.

QSO completed at 0253.
Never got any pings longer than abt 1 sec. All but 3 quite weak. Number of pings increasing from one ping every 2 periods to abt 3 pings per period. (Had 2nd receiver set up wrong at first - my pardons if I missed any replies to my CQ because of that).

K0GU sez he will be on Sun eve (11 Aug UTC), 0100-0200 UTC, maybe a little more. Plans to call 0100-0115 toward Minn, 0115-0130 towrd Chicago, 0130-0145 towrd Cincinnati, 0145-0200 toward Ark, unless he gets a call.

He is also interested in setting up a HS CW sked with someone, but won't be able to read his E-mail until Mon at work. ( [Steve, even tho it's beyond 1600 miles, he'd like to run with you. He will E-mail you Mon].

I will call some CQs about 0100-0300, 11 Aug UTC. Various headings. And there are 3 others, as noted previously, who have said they planned to be on 144.100.

73, Shelby, W8WN

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