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 Equipment for ITFS, MMDS,  Amateur Radio,  AMSAT and ATV Reception

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A Brief History

SCTV-SkyCable has been selling custom tuned downconverters for use in the Microwave Bands since 1995. Additionally we
have been servicing home and commercial satellite reception equipment for a number of years. We  sold the R.L. Drake
MMDS Downconverter that are being successfully used around the world.  These, however, are now sold out and are no longer available.

e-mail us: (Best Way to contact us) Bob, WB5OHH/K6OHH

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                                  4950 Laurel Cyn. Blvd.  #102
                                  Valley Village, CA 91607  USA

Phone:  +818-766-6244

I am currently working a full time job and ask that you e-mail me.  The address in the call book
is old so please use the one listed here

Updated: 10 June  2000