sbs files for using Linrad with Perseus
(Mar 18 2009)

sbs files.

The perseus hardware needs binary files that contain the code to the FPGA that does the first stage signal processing inside the Perseus hardware.

These sbs files are copyright protected and all rights belong to The sbs files and the corresponding perseus.exe is available at the microtelecom site, but Linrad is not necessarily compiled for the latest versions.

Some Linrad users may want to use old Linrad versions for various reasons. Anyone is free to change, use and mis-use Linrad and change its source code at will. On this page the sbs files that work with old Linrad versions will be kept available for Perseus owners with the permission of microtelecom.

sbs files for use with Linrad

These files belong to You may download them and use them together with the Perseus HF receiver. Any other usage is forbidden. (847360 bytes) sbs files for Linrad-03.02 and older. (847360 bytes) sbs files for Linrad-03.03. (1016827 bytes) sbs files for Linrad-03.04 and later.

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